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Matt Gordon is a recurring character in the Freeform series Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Erik Stocklin.

A respectable teacher with a knack for humor, he is a member of the equity committee who takes a liking to Davia.


Matt was born in Mississippi to a classically Southern family, where he was taught to be a gentleman and give women chivalrous acts, such as opening doors for them and holding the umbrella when it rains. In middle school, he participated in cotillion, an event in which Southern youth are entered into society but their usually wealthy parents. He was forced to learn how to waltz, drink tea the "proper way", and partook in the tradition of drinking in the bathroom. He grew up with a brother and they remained close, with Matt even waltzing as his wedding. He later left Mississippi for Los Angeles, where he worked hard to shed his Southern accent and behaviors that would now be classified as toxic masculinity, while also retaining his classically chivalrous ways. He graduated school with a degree in teaching, going on to be hired as a math teacher at Diane Hash Elementary, where he is a member of the equity committee. The group works to ensure equal learning opportunities for all students regardless of their financial status or race.


Matt is a humorous man with a quick-wit and an ability to lighten any situation. He is also smart, dedicated to helping his students, and unafraid of speaking up for what's important. He is open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes to connect with his struggling students.

Physical Appearance

Matt is a tall man in his late twenties or early thirties, with wavy black hair, brown eyes, and a fit physique. He wears casual clothing such as jeans, a plaid shirt, and a sweatshirt.

Throughout Series

Season 3

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Davia meets with her fellow teachers at The Coterie where they decide to try a better approach to conflict resolution, which is restorative justice. She doesn’t understand what it means, so fellow teacher Matt explains it’s just a different way of approaching misbehavior. Davia uses the tools when Andre and a fellow student arrive in her classroom after being caught fighting. Matt helps Davia clean up after the meeting, asking about how she feels about communal living since he lives alone with a cat that his ex left him with.

At school, Davia eavesdrops on Matt talking with his students and how easily he relates to them. He manages to draw connections between Minecraft and the behavior the students exhibit with one another. He later visits Davia as she does her group, but she brushes him off and hurries him out of the doorway as she doesn't want him to know she asked for help.

Later that afternoon, Davia rounds a corner and runs into Matt and drops her brushes. He makes a corny joke though she apologizes for being rude earlier though his humorous remarks keep things light. She admits to failing her first attempt and bringing Gael in for help, which she thinks is cheating. He assures her it’s not and admits that he doesn’t play Minecraft or any video games, he merely watched influencers on YouTube. Principal Solomon walks by and suggests she check her email which informs her that her contract has been renewed. She is ecstatic alongside Matt, who thinks they should get drinks to celebrate. She turns down the offer as she is dating someone in the Coterie, and the relationship is complicated. Matt understands that a girl like Davia isn’t single, but thinks whoever she is dating - guy, girl, or person, that they’re lucky.


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