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Well, you may be able to play that game that game, but... they want to know what it's like to work here, I'm gonna tell them. And if I get fired... then at least someone had the guts to speak up.

Mariana Adams Foster (born Mariana Gutierrez) is a major character in the Freeform series the The Fosters and its spin-off, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Cierra Ramirez.

Mariana is the biological daughter of Ana Gutierrez and Gabriel Duncroft, and the adoptive daughter of Stef and Lena Adams Foster. She is also the fraternal twin sister of Jesus, as well as the adoptive sister of Callie, Brandon, and Jude Adams Foster.

Mariana is a brilliant coder who discovered her skills in high school after joining the STEAM team. After graduating high school, Mariana attended and graduated from MIT, before being hired to work at the tech up-start Speckulate as a software engineer. Mariana has since witnessed first-hand the blatant sexism and racism in her workplace and is fighting for equality. Upon leaving Speckulate, she pursued her objective of creating an app alongside a team of women. When this failed due to Mariana's secrets surrounding her love life, she was removed from the team and left to find a new career. As she searched for the "new Mariana" she accepted a job at the Law Office of Kathleen Gale, where she worked alongside Callie until she quit, to pursue her beauty app Bulk Beauty with her former team of women.


Mariana was born May 17, 1998,[3] and is the fraternal twin sister of Jesus. She is the biological daughter of Ana Gutierrez and Gabriel Duncroft, although Gabriel was originally unaware of the twins' birth. Ana and Gabe and a consensual relationship when she was 15 and he was 18, which resulted in Ana's parents having him arrested for having sex with a minor despite her objections. Infuriated with her parents, Ana left home and began drinking and doing drugs more heavily, which was around the time she discovered that she was pregnant.

4x12 Flashback1.jpg

After the twins were born, Ana was still a drug addict and for this reason, Mariana and Jesus grew up in a tumultuous and unstable environment. Mariana vividly remembers a Christmas when she and Jesus were five years old and left alone at home for what felt like days while Ana was away getting drugs. Mariana described the experience as "terrifying", but, Jesus soothed her despite being scared as well. Following this incident, it became apparent that Ana couldn't care for her children due to her addiction. The siblings were placed into the foster care system soon after.

While the time they were in the foster system is unknown, Mariana was likely only in the system a year or so. Mariana lamented to Callie how she remembered frequently moving around as a foster child, and the various girls she had to room with, and sometimes being put in some "messed up" homes.

Mariana and Jesus meet Stef

One day, Mariana and Jesus' foster parents decided that they couldn't deal with the kids anymore and dropped them off at the police station for CPS to handle. At this time, Stef Foster was a police officer and noticed the children. She approached them and learned their names before giving them each a lollipop. Mariana was quiet and didn't speak to Stef, nor did she accept the candy until Jesus handed it to her. After this, Stef and her partner Lena Adams decided to foster the twins. They brought them into their home, where they became foster siblings with Stef's biological son, Brandon. The twins were later adopted by the couple when they were 11. Mariana once said that she didn't feel true love and safety until Stef and Lena took her and Jesus in.


Mariana is very smart and girly and cares about appearances, in the least hers, very much. She's shown to be popular and is always organizing social events. Frequently, Mariana has shown strong leadership among her peers and is very proactive during a variety of situations, even organizing a protest against Mr. Timothy's firing at Anchor Beach. Not unlike the rest of her siblings, Mariana is extremely loyal and protective over her family and friends.

While she is usually kind, she can be naïve when it comes to certain topics. However, she usually learns from her mistakes. Mariana also loves to gossip and speaks Spanish fluently. Despite her confident exterior, underneath it all, she can be very insecure and sometimes caves into peer pressure to be accepted. This is shown multiple times throughout the series. For example, when seeing old friend Garret had a new edgier scene and friends, she pierced her nose herself at home to fit in. When making it onto the dance team, she had overheard fellow dance teammates claiming she only made it because she's Latina. This led her to dye her hair blonde so she could fit in while distancing herself from her Latin heritage. However, she has learned not to give in to how others make her feel and to be herself.

Physical Appearance

Mariana is a young, beautiful girl with a pale complexion, dark brown eyes. She has medium length deep brown hair which she wears in a variety of styles: curly, straight, or naturally waved. She has a slim, yet toned and athletic figure. Mariana's clothing sense is very girly; she often wears bright colors, such as pinks, yellows, and blues. She is often seen wearing a mixture of floral dresses and skirts with colorful cardigans and heels, and dark jeans and jackets over bright colored shirts.

While working at Speckulate, her fashion sense was forced to change due to the misogyny at the office. She began wearing jeans, simple t-shirts, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

The Fosters

Season 1


Stef, Mariana, and Jesus

When Lena brings the possibility of the twins meeting their birth mom, Ana, Mariana appears uninterested despite having talked about it excitedly for the past six months (according to Lena). Mariana says she is not ready to meet her yet.

Callie catches Mariana stealing pills from Jesus. It is later revealed when Jesus discovers a large amount of cash, that Mariana was selling the pills because Ana needed money. Jesus was angered and reminded her that Ana abandoned them so she could run off with a "dumbass" and screw whoever she wanted. He was holding a picture of them and ripped it in half. Mariana tearfully tells him that Ana has come back to town. Mariana fakes a stomach ache to sneak out and meet Ana, whom she has been chatting with online. They finally meet, but it is not what Mariana was expecting. Ana takes the money and leaves suddenly. Mariana is devastated and goes home.


Mariana and Jesus talking in the school hallway.

Lena and Stef is told that Callie has been taking pills from Jesus and selling them for money by one of Mariana's friends. Later, Jesus convinces Mariana to tell them the truth. She asks him to accompany her while she tells them and he agrees. Jesus seeing how scared she was, ends up taking the blame for Mariana. Lena and Stef abashedly apologize to Callie.

Hostile Acts

Mariana and Jesus talking.

Mariana is blamed for reading Callie's journal. Mariana told Callie she didn't do it and knows that Callie doesn't trust her. Then, she explains to Callie the reason behind her selling Jesus' pills.


Mariana and Jesus.

Mariana prepares for her Quinceañera and asks Callie to take Kelsey's place in her court. Callie agrees to do so. Mariana also asks Mike to do the traditional father/daughter dance with her because she is a little embarrassed about having two moms.

During the Quinceanera, Mariana finds out about Jesus and Lexi's relationship and is not happy. Mariana tells Jesus she knows about the relationship. Lexi tries to talk to Mariana in the bathroom but gets the cold shoulder. Mariana ends up dancing with Mike instead of with her moms.

Lena and her mom disagree. Lena's mom thinks that Mariana shouldn't have a party. She also says that just became Mariana thinks she is Latina doesn't mean she's Latina. Lexi insists on leaving but Jesus stops her and says it's his birthday too and that he wants at least one dance with her.

They have cake and have a family photo including Callie and Jude. They show a slideshow of Jesus and Mariana. During the slideshow, it shows some pictures of Mariana and Lexi. Mariana smiles at her. Mariana tells Lena and Stef that she is acting selfish, reflecting on what Jesus said earlier. He called her selfish because they raised her and threw her the party and she wouldn't even dance with them. Mariana apologizes to her moms, who disagree and say she is wonderful. In the end, no one saw but she did dance with them.

The Morning After

Mariana and Lena talking.

Mariana is still mad at Jesus and Lexi for dating and doesn't want Lexi around her at all. Lena tries to tell Mariana that Lexi is Jesus's girlfriend and her best friend and that she should accept that. Mariana tells Lena that that's not what a best friend does. The conversation ends with Mariana leaving and saying "If that's love, I don't want it." Later that day, Mariana sees Garret one of her old friends; her moms' friend's an adopted son. They catch up and he invites her to a poetry slam with him.

Mariana painting her nails.

The next morning, Mariana and Jude were talking about nail polish and she offered to paint his nails. Jude accepted the offer and Mariana began painting Jude's nails a bright blue. Callie walked in and told Jude not to wear the nail polish to school, and Mariana tells him that he doesn't have to do everything Callie says. He takes Mariana's advice and wears the nail polish to school.

Mariana getting rejected.

The next day as Mariana goes to a poetry slam where Garret was performing, she performed her first poem. They read the list of people who will be reading again and she is disappointed when she finds out she is not on the list. The next day Mariana gives herself a nose piercing before the whole family goes to Garret's poetry session.


At breakfast, Mariana rebuffs Jesus' wanting to go to a church camp for the weekend with Lexi, and questions his religious beliefs; "Since when are you religious?" Later, Mariana meets with her birth mother, Ana, instead of seeing Garret like she told Lena. They discuss her Quinceañera and Ana even gives her a gift. Back at home, Callie and Mariana discuss Wyatt's party, and Mariana suggests that they should go. Callie reluctantly agrees before they tell the moms that they are going to Wyatt's to watch a movie. At the party, Mariana runs into Kelsey who lets slip that Jesus and Lexi had unprotected sex. Mariana, angry and upset, gets drunk and Callie decides it's time to leave. When Mariana and Callie arrive back home, Mariana makes a scene in front of the dinner party and tells Lexi's parents that Jesus and Lexi had sex. Angry, Stef and Lena put Mariana to bed.

The Fallout

Mariana and Jesus are fighting over the fact that Mariana told Lexi's parents that he and Lexi had sex. Stef ends the fight and tells Mariana that she brought it upon herself. Because of what Mariana did, Lexi's parents refuse to let Jesus date their daughter and have decided to send Lexi to a boarding school. Feeling guilty, Mariana helps Lexi hideout from her parents after running away. While helping Lexi, the girls talk and reconnect. After finding out from Jesus that Lexi and her parents are not legal U.S. citizens, Mariana reveals where Lexi is staying.


During dinner, the phone rings and it's for Mariana.

Mariana on the phone with Ana.

When she answers and realizes it's Ana, she tells her she should not be calling her at home. She tells her birth mother that she has no more money to give her and frustrated, hangs up. Suspicious, Jesus asks Mariana about the phone call and Mariana tells him that Ana is asking for more money. The next day, Jesus and Mariana go to visit Ana at her house. Back home, Jesus tells Mariana they should take their birth mom to a women's shelter. Mariana rebuffs and tells him that they can never go back there. Later, Jesus goes back anyway and worried about her brother, Mariana confesses to Stef and Lena where he might be.


Lena and Mariana pick up Jesus after he lied about his whereabouts. After picking him up, Lena receives a phone call from Mike about Stef's shooting. They immediately drive to the assigned hospital. Meanwhile, Brandon, scared and angry, yells at the twins for their actions. But Callie calms him to which he leaves. Mariana along with Brandon, Jesus, and Lena visit Stef pre-surgery. Mariana (as a child) appears in a flashback of how Stef met the twins. They were dropped off to Stef's precinct after their foster parent said that they couldn't take care of them anymore. Stef, feeling bad, visits the twins giving each a lollipop and they introduce themselves. Back to the current time, Mariana (as a teenager) is going through boxes. Jesus joins her.

The Twins' birth and adoption date

They notice a poem that the moms have written to them about introducing the twins in their lives. Mariana becomes upset about it, and she asks Jesus "What if they don't us anymore?" Brandon joins the twins. He apologizes for bursting as they are family. The next morning, the rest of the family go back to the hospital. Mariana, feeling like nobody wanted her around, was sitting outside until Lena sat beside her. She explains that her actions were to grow up, and she didn't want supervised visits. Lena comforts her saying "DNA doesn't make a family. Love does." Lena and Mariana embrace.

I Do

Mariana tells Callie that she wants Liam put away for his crimes. After class, Lexi reveals to Mariana that it's definite that she'll move to Honduras. Mariana promises to Lexi that she won't tell Jesus, but she ends up telling him anyway. Mariana removes her nose piercing for her moms to please them. Mariana dances with her family. She is asleep when Callie runs away.

The Honeymoon

Mariana and Jesus get into an argument about who gets to spend time with Lexi before she leaves for Honduras. Jesus enters Mariana's room while she and Lexi are working on their English assignment. He asks for time alone with his girlfriend, but Lexi lets him go after feeling she is letting her best friend down. She tells her that it is complicated when you are in love and that she will understand once she has a boyfriend. Mariana is left angered by this. Jude rushes into Callie and Mariana's bedroom checking her closet and her drawers only to find out that it's empty. The family has a family meeting discussing Callie. Brandon asks Mariana if she thinks Callie is back with Wyatt. She says that she doesn't think as she thinks they broke up a month ago. Brandon doesn't understand why Callie would take off. Mariana says that finally felt like she had a sister. They realize they are late for school until Stef's car won't start. At school, Mr. Timothy tells Mariana that she will need a new partner. She now finds out that Lexi is leaving for Honduras and not returning.

House and Home

Marianna and Jesus confront Brandon about kissing Callie. Marianna says he is going to tear the family apart. She leaves, and Jesus tells Brandon that he agrees with Marianna. Marianna is recruited by a cute senior named Chase to audition for the school play. Marianna shows up to audition for the school play. She is greeted by Zac, who is a designer for the play. He is unimpressed with Chase, unlike Marianna. He pairs Marianna and Kelsey together to work on costumes. Marianna and Kelsey argue over working with each other. Marianna and Kelsey shop for costumes for the play, but Marianna is nervous that Kelsey will shoplift. While Marianna is trying on a dress, Kelsey shares that she thinks Chase is “hot.” When the girls leave the store, they are stopped by a security guard who wants to check their bags. Kelsey looks nervous. Marianna confronts Kelsey about the hat when Chase appears and spots the hat. He is impressed and says it defines his character. He thanks Marianna for the hat and walks off. Kelsey smiles and tells Marianna she can thank her later.

Things Unsaid

Mariana takes a liking to Chase and agrees to help him run lines after school. This angers Kelsey, so Mariana decides that neither of them should be with Chase if it means ruining their friendship. She cancels reading lines with him, but to her surprise, Kelsey offers to read lines with him instead. When Kelsey gets detention, Mariana goes to read lines with Chase, and they end up kissing. Kelsey sees this and out of anger, she tells the principal that Mariana was the one who was selling her drugs, getting Mariana suspended.

Family Day

Mariana is seen getting along with the girls for the United Girls home.

Padre Mariana finally thought she was going to get a sister and then Callie ran away. And top of that her best friend moved thousands of miles away and she lost Jesus as well. Her twin is too focused on juggling his relationship with his girlfriend and a very good friend, Emma. Maybe that’s why Mariana asked Brandon if he was the reason Callie wasn’t staying.

Us Against The World

Mariana got caught up in getting the guy of her dreams that all she served to do was make a fool of herself. She also risked her friendship with Zac. He was trying to tell her his true feeling and she ignored him.

Kids in the Hall

Mariana had foolishly ditched her friend, Zac, just to spend time with the boy she had a crush on. Too bad he was a jerk then and is a jerk now. He told everyone at school about her putting her underwear in his pocket. And in his version of events, they hooked up. That’s not the truth but who’s going to believe her. Mariana has to deal with Chase and his friends stuffing his underwear in her locker. Lena and Stef found about it and were forced into talking with her. Panties aren’t the best way to tell a guy you like him. Zac, He was upset with Mariana ditching him but chose to help her get some payback. He wrote a terrible review of Chase’s play and let it go to print. He never liked the way Chase was targeting to her and he’s all too willing to let bygones be bygones between him and Mariana.

Escapes and Reversals

Mariana's glad her best friend is back. Although she could do without Lexi’s evidence. Mariana thought she and Zac were just fine being friends. Then Lexi comes along and tells Mariana to open her eyes. If she could see how much Mariana is in love with Zac then why can’t her friend come out and admit it? Lexi had given Mariana the courage to pursue Zac. And once he became clear of the situation he was all for it. Then he spent some time with his weirdo mom and now suddenly he merely wants to be friends again. Mariana doesn’t know why things changed but, she not going back to being friends without some answers first.

Don't Let Go

who talks to Brandon about when he is going to move back and how he likes living with his dad. After she gets confirmation that he is going to. The episode picks up with Marianna going to dinner with Zac and his mom where she learns that his mom has early onset dementia. Zac was embarrassed about his mom and this was the reason why he did not call her back that day when they kissed.


In the hallway at school, Marianna sees Zac’s mom who is going to volunteer at the school dance. Zach approaches both of them. When his mom leaves, it is clear Mariana wants Zach to ask her to the dance, He appears to be afraid and opts out of asking her. Callie tells Marianna that she should ask Zac out herself because it appears that he may be a little shy after their previous encounters. We then see Marianna with Zac. She was going to ask him out when he showed her a card that pictured him in a suit. It was his way of asking her to the Winter Ball. Marianna and Zac are dancing when Zac mom cuts in to dance with Zac. She accuses Zac of sleeping with Marianna before running off.

Zac and Mariana find his mom who was outside looking at the water. When they finally found her, she didn't recognize either of them. She asks Zac who he is and, and after some confusion, he identifies himself as her son. After a moment, she realizes this and waves it off.

Adoption Day

Mariana learns the truth behind Zac's mom; she has Alzheimer. She deals with the fact that he has to move to Arizona.

Season 2

Things Unknown

Take Me Out


Say Something

Truth Be Told


The Longest Day

Girls Reunited

Leaky Faucets

Someone's Little Sister

Christmas Past

Over Under


Mother Nature

Light of Day

If You Only Knew

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This

Justify the Means

Not That Kind of Girl

The End of the Beginning

Mariana slips on Jesus's skateboard and breaks her ankle before her dance performance. As a result of Mariana's ankle injury, she and Emma pull an all-nighter so that they can implement coding into their dance performance for the dance-off. When Mariana's dance team performs, Mariana isn't in the dance, but she is replaced by a virtual dancer that she and Emma programmed in. Mariana's dance team combines coding with dance and ends up with a successful dance. After the dance-off, Ana drives Mariana and Jesus home. Unfortunately, Ana starts receiving labor pains and they decide to drive to the hospital instead of home. While trying to make it to the hospital, they end up in a car accident.

Season 3


Season 4

Season 5

Good Trouble

Season 1

Mariana Adams Foster moves to Los Angeles with her adoptive sister, Callie, to pursue their respective job endeavors. When they arrive, they realize the reality of LA differs from the version they created. A string of bad luck follows them as their moving truck is vandalized, their belongings stolen, their new communal living space less-than-perfect, and the guy Mariana moved to The Coterie to pursue takes a liking to Callie. Mariana's job at Speckulate also shows a cause for concern as she witnesses firsthand the sexism running rampid in the workplace.

Season 2

Season 3

GT 301 Promo12.jpg

In Capoeira, Mariana stands in the elevator as she remembers her hookup with Evan. The next morning, she wakes Alice up to ask her to sneak into her room and grab her some clothes. She doesn't want to see Isabella until she has a chance to talk with Raj. At Speckulate, Mariana is conflicted over Raj and Evan, remembering Alice telling her that Isabella’s confession might not be about Raj. Isabella had confessed to Alice that she slept with a past boyfriend but insists she wouldn’t do it again. Alice reminds Mariana to ask herself if Raj would cheat on her. Mariana receives two texts from Raj and Evan asking to talk. The moments after her fling with Evan were awkward as she didn't know what to say to Evan after they had sex. In the present, Mariana's meeting at work isn’t going well and she runs out of it early.

GT 301 Promo14.jpg

She hides in the bathroom to avoid Raj who texts her to say that he’s no longer confused about Isabella and loves her. She texts Raj back that she loves him and wants to be with him too. She goes to the team office where she sees a message from Isabella confronting Raj about telling Mariana they slept together. She hurries to the Coterie only to find that Isabella has moved out.

That afternoon, Mariana tells Callie that Isabella moved out, though Raj claims he didn’t sleep with her. She tells Callie about sleeping with Evan with Callie understanding her motives. Mariana asks her for advice. Callie suggests working it out unless she doesn’t want to, with Mariana admitting she’s conflicted over things. She asks about Jamie to which Callie admits emotionally that things might be over. Mariana comforts her sister who is emotional.

The next morning, Mariana meets Raj on the roof with him swearing he didn’t sleep with Isabella, which she knows. She thinks their feelings for other people are telling them they shouldn’t be together. She also tells Evan their relationship is complicated with him being her boss, though she thinks things could still work between them. They decide to be in a secret relationship.

That night, Callie arrives at the Coterie and Mariana gives her a letter that came for her, promising that she didn’t open it. Callie gives it back and asks her to open it. The letter tells Callie that she passed the bar and the Coterie residents come out of their hiding spots to celebrate. Callie reveals that Kathleen asked her to quit Legal Aid and work for her, which Callie has accepted. The group toasts with Gael and Callie exchanging a look that Mariana asks about, though Callie claims that nothing happened. Mariana toasts to Callie moving in, and Gael asks about Isabella and why she moved out, to which Mariana lies that Isabella just left and didn’t leave a note. The group decides to have a family dinner.

In Arraignment Day, Callie dresses in her new pantsuit while Mariana encourages her. Mariana hurries into the work elevator and Evan remarks that he is impressed by the work on her activism app and wants to celebrate with the team for the success. They make plans to meet trying to remain discreet in the presence of an employee who is in the elevator. She arrives at the office and her team tells her that something is wrong.

The team tells Mariana that a white supremacist group is spamming Act=ivism and using their app to spread hate. They are also pushing down Malika’s crowdfunding campaign. They decide to delete as much as they can and block the users before Evan finds out, as he might close down the app.

156912 0001.jpg

Mariana heads to the sit-in to support Malika, but is kept up-to-date on the white supremacy situation by her team. As soon as she hangs up she is confronted by a group of supremacists who call her racial slurs and intimidate her. Gael appears and records the protestors which continue as they chant for DA Hanson’s re-election and continue to scream “All Lives Matter” to Gael and Mariana. Gael helps Marian retreat into the courtroom. She calls her team who tells her that the activists are using the app to continuously protest and enlist others to help. When they shut down one user five more pop up. The team thinks they should tell Evan, though Mariana disagrees and instructs them to switch to shadow banning which they can fix later. Mariana assures the women in charge that they’re trying to shut-down the users but they’re using the chat feature to intimidate people who might show up. She warns Mariana that even if they shut-down the activists it might be too late to save the app. Patrisse emerges to tell everyone that they have raised the bail money but aren’t going to leave until DA Hanson comes out and they convince her to drop all the charges. Together, they chant “shut it down”.

Mariana enters Evan’s office to see a bucket of roses he was planning to bring her. He asks if that was okay which she says it’s very okay. He asks about the comedy show but she tells him the truth about the app needing to be shut down. He explains they can’t shut down the app as while they created the product they aren’t responsible for what people say. They aren’t political so it isn’t their job to censor anyone. She is worried about bad publicity, but he explains that they are about to release a new media app and can’t shut down act=ivism without guaranteeing bad publicity. They can’t be seen as catering to either side. Mariana doesn’t agree with giving the bigots an online presence but Evan is thinking about business as his hundreds of employees have families they need to provide for. She understands that it’s his choice.

Callie and Mariana return to the Coterie with Callie apologizing for what happened to her app. Callie’s nice suit smells as it’s become her cheap arraignment suit. Mariana wonders if Malika will be okay which Callie hopes for. Gael interrupts to tell them that Malika is back with her charges dropped.

Mariana packs up her desk and convinces her team that ever since they got here they aren’t taken seriously or own their work. She tells Evan that she is leaving the company which he is upset by, especially since she doesn’t know what their future looks like. Mariana walks out of the office and one-by-one, the Byte Club girls agree to leave to create their start-up.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Davia, Gael, and Alice sing happy birthday to Mariana, who sees Callie walking in, looking very confused. Mariana hugs Callie tightly, saying it’s her birthday, though Callie whispers back that it isn’t. Mariana blows out her candles happily.

158623 0001.jpg

The Byte Club holds a meeting at The Coterie where they toast to being free from the bro-life at Speckulate. They talk about money and how long they can last without an income, with Mariana estimating three months, while Gina and Claire can last two, but Rachel only three-weeks. They use this as motivation to get funded ASAP. Claire points out that a tech incubator is being held in a few weeks, with Rachel having an idea for an eco-friendly bath and beauty product delivery app. Everyone loves the idea which Rachel calls Bulk Beauty, BB for short, and they toast to not needing Evan anymore. Kelly enters with a bouquet of roses for Mariana.

She remembers having cookies delivered that says DTF and a letter from Evan, saying he is down to fight for her. Callie asks what she plans to do, but Mariana isn’t sure as she can’t tell the team she is dating Evan since they quit in solidarity over him.

In the present, Mariana asks Kelly not to tell her who the roses are from, though Kelly hasn’t had time to read the card. Mariana opens the card which is from Evan, apologizing again by sending the three-dozen roses. She lies to the Byte Club that the roses are from her moms for her birthday. Later that evening, Kelly brings in a huge set of balloons forcing Mariana to lie to Gael and Davia that it’s her birthday since the Byte Club girls are still there.

Alice, Davia, and Gael sing happy birthday to Mariana as Callie walks in. The girls go to their room where Callie is amused by the situation Mariana has managed to get herself in. She also thinks Mariana should tell Evan to stop giving her gifts, though she already talked to Evan. She recalls entering Evan’s apartment which is grand and expensive. He knows the gifts aren’t enough to make up for not shutting down the app, but tells her that he hired a group of moderators to police the hate speech. Speckulate also pulled their promotion for the app with all the profits being donated to the ACLU, which should ensure that the app burns itself out in a few months. She smiles and asks to jump on his trampoline and he joins her in jumping. They proceed to kiss and have sex on the trampoline. At the Coterie, she explains that Evan technically isn’t her boss anymore so she just has to keep her personal and professional lives separate. She plans to tell the fight team girls about her relationship if she and Evan are still dating by the time they get their seed money. A humored Callie reminds Mariana that she can’t celebrate her birthday this year.

Mariana can’t focus on a meeting with her team as she remembers things with Evan after the trampoline, where she told him about the app idea. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea as their coders without experience in retails so they would be in over their heads. He suggests starting with something small to gain capital, like a game app. She’s a little offended by his honesty but he’s confused as she told him not to hold back, which she explains was sarcasm. He doesn't understand sarcasm. He explains that the idea itself is fine but it’s too big of an idea to start with, apologizing for his bluntness. She relays all of this to her team members who agree with her and starting small, creating the next Candy Crush.

In Klompendansen, Callie and Mariana get ready to leave for Jim and Diane’s party, with Callie feeling weird about going after her relationship with Jamie fell apart. At the Coterie, Callie admits that she doesn’t regret what she did and brings up Jerod’s case, which Mariana isn’t sure he knows about. At the house, Mariana convinces Callie to go in but tells her not to tell anyone she’s dating Evan. They ring the bell and Diane answers happily while wearing Dutch wear. Diane explains that in honor of Brandon and Eliza’s Amsterdam adventure, she’s throwing a Dutch-themed party where everyone is dressing up. She tells the surprised sisters to go get changed.

156462 2719.jpg

Calle and Mariana emerge and hug everyone as they say hello. Callie whispers in Brandon’s ear that he should have warned them about the outfits, and Brandon whispers back that he didn’t think they wouldn’t come if they knew. The moms ring the bell and Diane leaves to get the door, making a snide comment about them being almost on time. When Diane and Jim are gone, Callie learns that Jim and Diane do know about her and Jamie breaking up but not why they broke up. Mariana whispers to her that them not knowing explains the warm welcome. Brandon also reveals that he didn’t warn their moms about the costumes either.

156468 5455.jpg

The Adams Fosters and Hunters go on a tour of the house, and when they emerge, Jamie has arrived. He makes his rounds with hugs, even hugging Mariana who nervously looks to Callie who gives Jamie a brisk nod. The Hunters and Brandon leave for the table while Stef, Lena, Mariana, Callie, and Jude talk about Connor. Mariana slyly asks if they are planning to get back together, but Jude doesn't want to talk about it now. They eventually make their way to the table, with Callie waving Mariana over to their assigned seats together.

156468 5758.jpg

Jim asks Jamie how his law firm partners feel about his facial hair, to which Jamie reveals he quit. He didn’t like the track he was on and isn’t sure what he’s doing yet, which upsets Jim. Jim excuses the band so they can talk freely. Eliza chimes in that Jamie might just not know what he wants to do yet, but Jim is convinced that he should have waited to quit until he knew to quit. Mariana adds that she and Callie just quit their jobs which is news to the moms, who thought Callie was still at the clerkship. Callie and Jamie exchange a look from across the table. Mariana tries to cover that she meant Callie’s other job, making Jim question how many jobs she has. Callie explains she left her clerkship early to work at Legal Aid, but now she’s working for a highly regarded defense attorney. Lena asks when this happened. Callie promises she was planning to tell them today. Jim asks Mariana about quitting her job so soon after her app was released, to which Mariana explains it was overrun by white supremacists so she quit. He pointedly asks if he knows any of them. He covers it as a joke but Callie snips back that it isn’t funny. She tells everyone about the verbal attack on Mariana, a revelation that horrifies Stef. Mariana brushes it off as nothing. Diane asks if everyone is ready for their first dish.

The conversation shifts to politics so the children begin to text one another; Mariana asking Callie if she thinks Jamie really quit but she doesn’t know, Carter confronting Jude if he wants Carter to go to UCLA, to which Jude just wants to be sure Carter isn’t coming for him, and Eliza telling Jamie to make their dad stop talking about politics. Jamie asks Eliza if she has a muzzle, Mariana asks if the party can get any more awkward, and Brandon chiming in that it can as he and Brandon have news. The texting continues between everyone, with Eliza asking if Jamie still loves Callie which Mariana points out to Callie that he does. Diane asks everyone to put down their phone so they oblige, though the conversation remains uninteresting to Mariana.

After the meal, Mariana finds her moms hiding in the bathroom as they are "taking a break". Lena asks why she didn’t tell them about the supremacists, but Mariana just didn’t want to upset them. Stef assures her that it’s okay and asks what happens. She explains that the men asked if she was from brown lives matter and told her to go back to Mexico. She tries to claim it’s not a big deal, and Lena comforts Mariana as Stef assures her that she was right to quit. Mariana tries to stand up for Evan just as Callie enters. Lena asks how it is seeing Jamie to which Callie covers that it’s fine. Stef asks why they broke up.

Callie explains why she had and Jamie ended things and the situation behind her reasons for telling the tenants the truth. She asks if what she did was wrong and Mariana chimes in that it isn’t. Lena asks Callie if she thinks it was wrong. Callie isn’t sure which Mariana claims isn’t true. Stef tells Mariana, who she affectionately calls “Miss Thing”, to let her sister speak for herself. Callie thought what she was doing was right but didn't know it would end their relationship. Lena thinks it was the right thing to do with Stef knowing how hard it can be to be in a relationship with someone so different. She tells Callie to decide what she’s willing to compromise, prompting Mariana to remark how she knows about that. Lena asks if things are hard with Raj, and Mariana reveals they broke up, which surprises the moms. Mariana quickly reveals that Brandon and Eliza have news, just as he emerges in the bathroom. He chuckles when everyone says they’re taking a break. He tells about the guest house in the back that he usually hides out in. Stef asks what his news is.

156462 0177.jpg

The Adams Fosters emerge from the bathroom as a group and run into Diane. Diane asks why they were all in the bathroom, to which they cover that they were washing their hands. Diane introduces them to Fleur, who will be teaching them traditional dances. Everyone lines up outside as Fleur explains Stef’s role in the dance, which includes an instrument. Their attempts are humorous as the group begins to have fun with the dances, eventually getting the hang of everything. Mariana and Diane gleefully dance together until the song ends.

When the day is over, Callie joins Mariana, her moms, Brandon, Eliza, and the rest of the Hunters at the door where they say goodbye. Stef, Lena, Callie, Mariana, and Corey leave first. Callie is excited to meet Ka’maya, Corey's half-sister that Stef and Lena have decided to foster, while Mariana knew the nest wouldn’t stay empty long. Lena asks Callie if she got the answer she needed when it came to Jamie. Callie feels that she did get an answer - what she did was the only choice she could have made. Lena is proud of the girls for taking such strong stands, and Mariana blurts out that she’s dating Evan. She presses that she isn’t like Callie and can’t ignore her feelings for principals, especially since Evan is doing the best he can which she’s okay with. Stef and Lena are okay with that since she’s being true to herself which is all they can ask. The sisters hug Stef and Lena, then Corey. As they leave, Stef tells them to text when they get home. Stef whispers to Lena that she’s looking forward to dealing with four-year-old problems and kisses her cheek. Corey waves goodbye to the car as Callie and Mariana drive away.

In Because, Men, Mariana teaches Evan her prototype game which he finds satisfying. As he finishes watching the game she goes to get something to eat, with him instantly being agitated by her lack of footwear or socks. He follows her downstairs in his slippers, asking her to consider in-app purchases while she looks for food. As they talk about the perks of in-app purchasing, including the dopamine release it gives, Evan goes behind Marian restoring his fridge to the exact order and straightening the silverware drawer. He abruptly leaves the conversation to get her socks under the guise of not wanting her to catch a cold.

Callie tries to track down a family member of Jerod’s but doesn’t have much luck as his sister won’t answer. Mariana inquires about the phone call so Callie explains the DA’s offer and Kathleen suddenly wants to take the case to trial, putting Jerod in jail for even longer. Mariana asks if that’s legal, which it is, though it is ethically gray. Kathleen thinks that Jerod can’t decide for himself right now, which is why Callie is trying to track down his sister though Kathleen isn’t apprised of the situation. Mariana points out that Callie doesn’t trust Kathleen, though Callie remembers how Marcus told her about Kathleen leaving her old firm under shady circumstances. She worries she made a mistake.

The Byte Club girls meet at the Coterie to discuss in-app purchases, with Claire on board while Rachel and Gina aren’t sure if it’s the right move. Mariana thinks it necessary if they plan to gain investors. The club agrees and makes a note of it, while Rachel asks if they knew that Evan is the co-founder of an app called Day Trader. Evan texts Mariana about dinner reservations while Rachel prattles about how the people involved in Day Trader knew nothing about the stock market but thought it was a big idea, so they pitched it and figured it out after they were funded. Mariana is surprised to hear the information while Rachel and Gina remark that they did it “because, men”. Mariana remembers her conversation in bed with Evan that morning about setting herself up for success and not diving in over her head.

Evan texts Mariana back about her inquiry on dinner being at 11, as he doesn't’ understand if the question mark on the end meant how that idea sounded to him or if she was being sarcastic. She quickly responds that they have to work late on their pitch for tomorrow but the question mark wasn’t sarcastic. He asks if she’s mad at him but then doesn’t send the text as he ponders why she would be mad.

Mariana and the Byte Club girls arrive at the incubator where she gets his text but brushes it off. They are approached by Alex and Sam who heard about their walkout at Speckulate. Sam thinks it’s because of PMS as they’ve “synced cycles” but Mariana brushes it off as they have an idea to pitch. Sam wishes them luck though they already pitched a female app about interior design then proceeds to shower them with sexist remarks. Mariana congratulates them on their work with Alex feigning gratitude then leaves, calling her “Mary-anna” once again. When they leave, Mariana is annoyed by their “figure it out later” mentality when it comes to their app. She vents how men trust other men to figure things out and decide last-minute to pitch Bulk Beauty. The girls are worried as they don’t have a deck, but Mariana thinks it’s time to be bold and figure out the rest later.

Mariana storms into Evan’s apartment as she is mad. She calls him out for being a hypocrite as he told her to start small when he didn’t. He didn’t think they could figure it out because it’s hard, as he meant that it’s stressful as they bit off more than they could chew. They got lucky but they ended up hating each other. She, however, thinks the girl’s only downfall was not believing in their idea which is why they pitched Bulk Beauty. He asks if they bought the app.

Meanwhile, Mariana and the girls leave the meeting defeated as Gina thinks they should have pitched the app idea. Mariana doesn’t want to quit after one pass and convinces them to do it again next time with more preparation.

In Help, Callie and Mariana have trouble sleeping with Rachel’s abrasive snoring. Mariana throws a pillow at her but she sleeps through it. Callie begs Mariana to do something as she has to be up in two hours. Mariana whisper-yells Rachel’s name until the girl jolts awake.

In the morning, Mariana is eating breakfast when Kelly enters wondering who has been using all the hot water. Mariana apologetically reveals that it’s probably her friend Rachel. She remembers a Byte Club meeting where Rachel reveals her cards are maxed out, she doesn’t have next month’s rent, so she’s going to move back with her parents in Indiana. Claire and the women don’t want Rachel to leave as Bulk Beauty was her idea, but Rachel can’t afford to live anywhere. Mariana impulsively recommends living with her. In the present, Mariana claims it’s only for a few nights as Rachel’s place is being tented. Kelly tells Mariana to make sure Rachel takes shorter showers. Malika and Kelly exchange playful banter on their way out of the kitchen. Once alone, Callie asks Mariana how long Rachel is planning to stay since app funding could take a while. She remarks that she’s sorry to be a downer but she needs her sleep. Evan texts Mariana about missing her and having to ditch Rachel, just as Rachel taps her on the shoulder enthusiastically wondering if Mariana is texting a new boy. Mariana lies that it isn’t but Rachel isn’t convinced but leaves anyway, shouting back that they are out of shampoo.

At The Coterie, Mariana and Rachel skype with Claire and Gina about their progress but they haven’t had any luck achieving funding. Gina asks how living together is going, with Rachel quipping that it’s great while Mariana reluctantly agrees. She gets a message from Evan and quickly dismisses it before Rachel can see it. She asks Rachel to join from her computer just as she gets another message from Evan, prompting an excited Rachel to tell the other girls that she thinks Mariana has a new boyfriend. Unable to tell them the truth, Mariana lies that she’s been messaging her brother Jesus who is going through a hard time. The other girls are sympathetic.

That night, Mariana sneaks out of her bedroom and past a snoring Rachel. She changes outfits and hurries out of The Coterie.

Evan and Mariana lay in bed as he asks how long Rachel is staying at The Coterie, but Mariana isn’t sure as they can’t even find an investor. He offers to help but she refuses despite his insistence. She blurts out that she loves him but when he questions it she corrects that she loves him for trying to help, but she also doesn’t want his help. He tells her to think of it as him helping himself since he’s tired of her sneaking out to see him so he’s acting in his self-interest. He wouldn’t be helping her sell it but she politely tells him not, as she wants to do it on her own. Rachel texts Mariana asking where she is.

Mariana meets the Byte Club at a coffee shop with news that they have a meeting. The girls are excited and ask how that is possible. Mariana remembers coming home from her tryst with Evan to an inquiring Rachel, prompting her to lie that she was in the bathroom. Rachel claims she looked everywhere including the other residents but no one found her. Mariana claims she sleepwalks which worries Rachel deeply. Mariana lays down in bed and decides to text Evan to get them a meeting but that’s all. At the shop, Mariana lies about going to an assistant who went to MIT together. Mariana thinks it would be a great team-building exercise for Rachel to stay with the other girls intermittently too.

In New Moon, Mariana and Callie discuss the ceremony since Mariana isn’t thrilled with the idea. Claire texts Mariana to talk about Raj. She remembers collecting Raj’s things to leave in a box on the kitchen table. She opens up to Callie about feeling sad about moving on from Raj, but even though she’s happy with Evan she still loves Raj. Calle understands it’s hard to let go. In the present, Mariana tells Callie about the text from Claire but Callie thinks it can wait. Malika collects everyone’s phones which sparks Mariana to run out with her phone.

Mariana facetimes Claire and she tells Mariana that they have been talking to one another. She wanted to talk to Mariana before anything happened as she doesn’t want things to get here without Mariana’s blessing. Raj arrives for his box so Mariana hangs up to talk with him. She tries to make small talk with him and denies having his NASA shirt, even though she remembers putting it in a drawer after smelling it. He thanks her for the stuff just as she hears animal noises and something bumps the lamp. It falls over and the pair run into the bathroom and hide in the stalls.

Mariana can’t reach any of her Coterie members and panics over what it could be. She talks to animal control about the kind of animal it could and Raj denies it being a bobcat or bigger than one foot. The people promise to be there in a few hours. He goes to leave the stall but she feels safer with him there. She asks if there’s anything new in his life but he declines though he’s looking for a new job. She asks if he’s seeing anyone and he admits that he is but doesn’t want to say the name since she might know his new girlfriend. She then tells him to go back to his stall so he complies. Mariana angrily texts Claire that she knows they’re already dating.

Mariana’s phone rings, and Claire calls and asks if his relationship is serious. He admits that it’s new but not serious. Claire has her ask if it’s exclusive to which he replies no. Mariana hangs up the call while Raj smiles. Gael goes to the bathroom and finds Mariana and Raj. Raj points out that raccoons can carry rabies. When the racoon situation is dealt with, Raj admits to Mariana that he’s missed her and goes to kiss her but she stops him. Raj apologizes to Mariana for misunderstanding the situation. She knows it will always be hard but knows that he and Claire are talking but assures him that Claire is interested in being more than friends. Raj realizes they are over and she pretends to suddenly find the NASA search in her drawer. He thanks her and they hug goodbye.

In Trust, Mariana and the Byte Club pitch Bulk Beauty to Kelly as a practice run, though Gina stumbles on her pitching. In the bathroom, Claire, Rachel, and Mariana agree that Gina’s pitching sucks which is why they asked Kelly, however, Kelly wasn’t listening as she had AirPods in. Gina asks if the group has any feedback for her, so Mariana recommends having more energy.

At the Coterie, Gina’s pitch is louder and exaggerated but still terrible, so Mariana suggests splitting the part for dynamics which all the girls agree with. Gina suggests that she just be in charge of clicking through the slides and is sad when the girls agree.

In the bathroom, Kelly asks Mariana what the deal is with Gina, as she caught her crying in the bathroom the other day. Kelly explains that she did hear the pitch but it wasn’t her place to tell Gina as she isn’t a business partner or friend. Mariana explains that Gina left on her own accord, but Kelly asks if Gina bowed out because Mariana and the girls made her feel like shit. Kelly validates the strategy but tells her to own it.

Mariana and the Byte Club apologize to Gina for cutting down her pitch instead of telling her the truth. Gina notes that they won’t be good partners or friends if they can’t be direct. Gina asks how she can improve, so they give her honest feedback. Gina asks for help on working with that, so Mariana suggests going around and giving honest feedback. Gina tells Claire that it’s difficult for her to abandon past projects but she knows it’s because Claire is just a great problem solver who wants to make it work. Claire tells Rachel that her focus isn’t always great so she misses deadlines, even though the work is elegant in the end. Rachel, in turn, tells Mariana her code is sloppy and the other girls agree.

In Driver's Seat, The Coterie group plays a game that Kelly invented, with nearly everyone being confused. Gael compliments her on the game being specific, with help from Callie. Mariana tells Callie that she got their mom a candle of the month subscription, remembering Callie turning down all her ideas so Mariana lies that there was a pop-up sale.

Kelly, Mariana, and Alice play the game until Kelly becomes angry with the game and leaves. Mariana asks Alice if she’s okay and learns that Alice feels like she sucks at everything, especially Ruby as things are over between them. Alice was tired of being in the passenger seat but now she and Ruby are in different cars. Mariana tells her to figure out what she wants and ask for it. She invites Alice on a date tomorrow night.

Callie is getting ready when Mariana enters and compliments her appearance. Davia wonders why Gael is playing coy but he just doesn’t want to get hurt again nor does he know what she wants. Callie doesn’t think he’s interested anymore and if she’s wrong, as Mariana points out, she’ll keep a different shade in her purse.

Mariana and Alice go to Douro for a date and she puts down Alice’s idea to go there and Alice fails her first test. She tells Alice confidence is sexy.

Mariana and Alice have their date and she tells Alice to take the photos on her phone instead. She tells Alice that it's not okay for someone to change her look, Mariana looks at her phone and then asks if she’s interested in the person or just wants the person to like her. As the night progresses, Mariana tells Alice to learn to say no without lying. Alice finally gives herself confidence which makes Mariana so proud.

Callie is working when Mariana arrives guessing that things didn’t go well with Callie and Gael. Mariana suggests that Gael is playing it cool but Callie isn’t sure, but she has to get work done or Tommy will go to prison. Callie asks about her date with Alice, which Mariana remarks were fun. She remembers telling Alice that if she wants to be in the driver’s seat, she has to stand up for herself and not play games. Alice knows she’s right and remarks on how great Mariana is at this, to which Mariana admits that she isn’t always that way and there is a relationship she feels like the passenger in.

Mariana tells Callie she lied about the candle of the month present being on sale because Callie is always in the driver’s seat and shoots down her ideas. Callie notes that mom wouldn’t have liked any of them, but Mariana is annoyed by this. Their fight escalates to Callie pointing out that Mariana chose LA, The Coterie, their furniture, without consulting. Mariana thinks that lying is the only way she can get what she wants because Callie makes her feel like her opinion isn’t valid. Callie quips back that when Mariana lies she feels like she can’t trust her. Mariana wants them to be a team that compromises, and they promise to try and work on their ideas. Mariana states that the candles are amazing and mom will love them. Callie laughs at this, but when Mariana asks her the time Callie realizes the final piece of their novel defense.

In She's Back, Mariana admits she didn’t think through the situation which Callie thinks is very on-brand for her. Mariana doesn’t think that she should tell the Byte Club girls about her and Evan even if they do sell the pitch, as she doesn’t think they’ll be accepting; they resent, dislike, and distrust him. Callie reminds her that she can’t keep her relationship a secret forever. Mariana asks about the court case and learns that Kathleen is presenting Callie’s novel defense argument in the hopes of getting a continuance. They wish one another luck as Callie leaves.

Mariana and the group pitch Bulk Beauty to investors, where the leader of the board is a woman. They leave the meeting elated as the woman in charge agreed to fund the app. The woman and the CEO Vincent meet the group and he’s excited to talk with them.

Mariana arrives at Evan’s apartment to follow a trail of rose petals and candles that lead outside, where Evan has prepared a twinkle light dinner. He wanted to take her out but knows they can’t be seen together yet. She thanks him for setting up the dinner and the pitch meeting. He just opened the door for her to walk through. He gives her a BB necklace for Bulk Beauty. He got it on Etsy and she likes it and tells him she loves him and he returns the sentiment so they kiss. They wake up in bed in the morning and he asks when she’s going to tell the Byte Club about her. Mariana answers a call from Jackie that sadly tells her that Vincent passed on the project. He usually signs off but didn’t on this one, but assures Mariana it’s a great idea that will land somewhere. Evan apologizes for the app not getting picked up, but Mariana feels responsible as the girls quit their jobs to follow her, but they're out of money now. Evan offers them their jobs back but Mariana and the girls want to put something good in the world and not listen to a boss who didn’t shut down something Evil. She doesn’t feel the same as them but knows that’s what they will say.

Mariana goes to see Vincent and he tells her that Jackie never pitched her idea to him. Jackie appears to ask what’s going on. They talk outside, with Jackie apologizing for lying and even though she loved it she found out about her Speckulate pay gap initiative. The perception is that Mariana and her team are trouble makers, and Jackie doesn’t have the luxury of making a mistake, and Mariana confronting Vincent only validated her concerns.

Mariana tells the group who are mad about the gaslighting and mocking from Speckulate and think Evan is to blame for the toxic work environment. They want to sue Speckulate and Evan Speck for workplace harassment and then use the money to fund Bulk Beauty. Marina refutes the idea and admits that Evan is her boyfriend.

In "Knocked Down", Alice waits for her toast to pop whilst listening to sad music. Malika cries as she walks into the kitchen. Davia is solemn and crying as she gets her breakfast. Mariana sits down with her coffee, also sad. Kelly asks who died and the four sitting girls begin to cry while Kelly worries that Dennis it was Dennis, but the girls protest. None of them want to talk about it. Callie walks in happy and chipper which makes everyone sob.

Mariana and Evan sit in her room to which she admits to telling the girls about their relationship. She told them and they freaked out, angry that she was dating him. Claire jumps to the conclusion that Mariana cheated on Raj with Evan, but Mariana protests the claim. Gina is mad she lied the whole time. Mariana doesn’t think it was a lie as they didn’t have anything to do with them. Rachel asks if the pitch meeting was because of Evan, but Mariana knows it’s because Evan believed in them. She’s sorry that she didn’t tell them but she’s not going to sue him. Claire asserts that they can sue him.

Mariana tells Evan it didn’t go well and about the impending lawsuit because of the harassment and discrimination they experienced. They want to fund Bulk Beauty themselves. Evan is nervous as he fears that it could delay the IPO, as he removed board members to make a deal to control the company. She thinks he should settle but he’s worried about the message it will send. She argues that the complaints aren’t unfounded. Evan retorts that he handled it when he found out. When Act=ivism happened he couldn’t shut it down out of free speech. He offers to be the private silent investor in Bulk Beauty so they’ll get the money instantly.

Mariana visits Evan unannounced as she needs to talk with him.

Callie and Mariana talk on the phone with her knowing that if Mariana does this she might lose Evan, which Mariana knows.

At Evan’s apartment, Mariana reveals that he has to settle with the girl because she told them about the IPO. If he doesn’t want them to go public they have to be paid what they deserve.

Mariana tells Callie that she’s decided to choose her friends instead of Evan. Callie thinks she’s doing the right thing and is proud of her.

Mariana sits with her Byte Club as they thank her for getting the settlement. The tip gave them leverage with the lawyers. Mariana knows it’s the right thing and the least she could do. She asks what their next step is. Rachel reveals that their next steps don’t include Mariana. She asks if this is about Evan.

At Evan’s apartment, he admits he still wants to be with Mariana. She tearfully admits to loving him and wanting him to. But she can’t as she keeps making excuses and that doesn’t make her a better person. She can’t do this anymore. She hugs him as they both cry. She hurries out of the apartment and breaks down in the hall as she cries.

Mariana tells the girls she broke up with Evan asking if they can move on. Claire knows they can’t fix and forget as she betrayed them. They don’t trust her anymore as she only does the right thing when there’s no other option. They don’t need that in the business, their team, or friendships. The girls leave as Mariana sits in the chair crying.

In "Shame", Gael gathers the Coterie group to tell them Isabella is back. He lies that she’s just looking for a job until she can get on her feet. He will stay with Dennis and pay the roommate fees. He asks them to refrain from the usual gossip and treat Isabella nicely. When he’s gone, Kelly remarks that this will be hard for the tea spillers. Mariana asks Callie if she knew already and she does. Davia isn’t okay with it and learns that Dennis already knew. They bicker with Davia abruptly leaving.

158637 1726.jpg

Mariana prepares for her job hunt which Callie thinks is exciting. Mariana is mad that the Fight Club Girls kicked her out after she helped them. Callie offers to cover her rent for the month, but Mariana assures her it’s fine. Callie is texting Gael to meet up for lunch, and Mariana offers to make herself scarce that afternoon which Callie appreciates. She’s okay with the situation because he’s a nice guy. Mariana doesn’t trust Isabella and knows that won’t change.

She interviews with a new company, though the pitch mirrors that of Speckulate which gives her flashbacks to the toxic environment she was subjected to. She tells the person she’s interviewing that she’s interested so she’s offered the position. Mariana accepts the position.

Isabella sneaks downstairs to the kitchen where she finds Mariana. She blurts out that she didn’t sleep with Raj, but it doesn’t change anything for Mariana. Isabella apologizes for getting closer than she should have. She understands why Mariana can’t forgive her as she’s the reason they broke up. Mariana remembers Evan and admits that Isabella wasn’t the reason. Isabella presses that she’s trying to be a better person. Mariana appreciates the apology and understands losing friends because she betrayed some too. She apologizes for assuming she was wrong. Mariana offers Isabella liquor and asks about her relationship with Gael. Isabella takes the glass but doesn’t drink it. She brushes it off as not drinking and Mariana realizes that the other part of her being here is a pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Callie is forced to truck through mud and dirt as part of her job assignment for the day. She calls Mariana and asks her to drop off a change of shoes for her at the office. Callie and the group return to the office when Callie finds Mariana answering messages. When Mariana came to the office no one was there and the phone was ringing. She answered it and took messages as they flooded in. When Kathleen entered, Mariana gave her the messages and handed over the messages. Kathleen offers her a job on the spot. Mariana tells Callie about the job.

The sisters talk in the office as Mariana explains that she can’t be her old self anymore. She can’t handle it anymore and knows she’s to blame for the Fight Club and needs to change. But she needs a break from the tech world. She thinks it’ll be fun to work together. Callie introduces Mariana to Tony and Rowan. The boys make more passive-aggressive remarks which make Callie snap. She didn’t ask to be Kathleen’s lawyer and think she was asked because the boys only care about kissing her ass with lattes and scones instead of doing the work. Tony thinks that’s fair enough but tells her not to pretend she doesn’t like being the teacher’s pet or the center of attention. Mariana remarks that Callie does as she was always the center of attention growing up. Callie gives her a pointed look so Mariana stops talking. Kathleen enters with a discovery from the prosecution that says a beer bottle near the drop point has Tommy’s prints on it. They claim it was forgotten from the evidence list. Callie is called aside by Kathleen while Mariana delightfully remarks that this is fun.

158637 1326.jpg

That night, Gael calls a Coterie meeting with Isabella present. He tells them that she’s pregnant with his child. She’s going to stay as long as she needs to. The group is quiet for a moment before everyone assures him that they’re supportive of them. Mariana whispers to Callie that she knew about Isabella’s pregnancy, and knew that Callie knew, but didn’t say anything because she’s the new Mariana now. Dennis emotionally shares that he had a son who died at the age of six. He’s kept it to himself because he couldn’t talk about it or handle it. He needs to move through it and everyone here is his family and he can’t hide anymore. They assure him they’ve got him. Kelly apologizes for what she said about his loft. She then stands offering a hug. Malika is touched as she never does that. Dennis chuckles and stands up, hugging Kelly. It isn’t long before it turns into a group Coterie hug. Mariana invites Isabella into the hug.

In "Making a Metamour", Kathleen has a meeting Callie, Tony, and Rowan to prove reasonable doubt. Mariana interrupts since DA Adler is on the line, so Kathleen tells her to take a message. Kathleen refocuses but Mariana interrupts again with another call, so Kathleen tells her to keep taking messages. She invites Mariana into the room to answers the phones. The lawyers are interviewing teenagers who need to reissue their statements to the police since they saw Tommy and Zack fighting at the party.

156925 0024.jpg

The trio begins their interviews as they try to dissuade one of the teens from saying that Tommy and Zack were fighting. Mariana tells Callie to ask the kid if he was high that night as she believes the kid is a stoner. When Callie asks the teen if he was intoxicated that night, he claims he didn't smoke or drink. Mariana continues to text Callie her ideas and thoughts as the interviews unfold.

156925 0198.jpg

After the interviews, Mariana is sure that Tommy's girlfriend Katie is sketchy, but Tony asks about the fake tears. Mariana begins to swell up and cries fake tears. Callie notes that Mariana is proving a point. Mariana asks if Tommy will go to jail or juvie, with Tony answering that he would go to juvie. Mariana blurts out that Callie can attest to how scary juvie is. Callie tries to make her leave by asking about the phones, but Mariana programmed a boarding system for the calls. Callie gives Mariana a pile of files to file for her. Rowan and Tony ask about Callie being in juvie. Mariana once again says that Callie was in juvie twice and is a badass as she took a baseball bat to her foster father’s car. The men want to nickname her Criminal Callie, but Callie notes there were extenuating circumstances.

Mariana comes home to find Isabella eating ice cream as everything makes her nauseous. Mariana jokes that she’s not craving anchovies which makes Isabella gag. Her morning sickness is all day now. She asks if Callie said anything about this morning and brushes it off when Mariana doesn’t know anything. Isabella wants to do something nice for Gael and Callie but needs Mariana’s help. She happily agrees.

Callie comes into the apartment meets Mariana, who wants to investigate the teenager's social accounts. Callie prefers she uses her skills to act professionally and keep her personal life out of the office. Mariana apologizes but thought they knew since her criminal background is an asset. Callie proclaims she is not a criminal. She also can't see the humor in the situation, as she was worried when they started working together. Mariana was worried Callie would underestimate her. She learns that Kate and Zack aren't following one another on social which Mariana thinks could indicate they aren't friends.

The sisters work together to scroll through the teenager's profiles. Callie thinks she and Mariana are old as they have to pay taxes now. She is incredulous over when she got this old. Mariana notes that they're not old, even if Callie acts old sometimes. They find a comment with a hashtag that Callie's not familiar with, so Mariana finds the hashtag on Katie’s photo too. She searches it and discovers that the account is private. Izzy follows the Instagram account, but not Kate. Mariana thinks it could be Katie’s alternative Instagram account. Mariana suggests asking Izzy about the Instagram account to see what she knows.

Callie and Mariana interview Izzy, but she wasn’t at the party that night. They wanted to ask her about Tommy and Zack’s friendship. Rowan and Tony wonder what the “Sleuthing Sisters are up to. Callie asks Izzy how Katie felt about Zack and Tommy spending so much time together. Mariana asks Callie if she remembers her ex-boyfriend Brad, joking that he was always hanging around with the guys and should have put down the Red Bull and Axe body spray. Izzy laughs and begins to relax.

Callie and Mariana walk up the Coterie steps as Callie frets over being late for work. Mariana notes she has an appointment with the love doctor. Mariana takes Callie to the roof, where Isabella has planned a breakfast for Callie and Gael to spend time together.

156925 0212.jpg

The next day, Callie and Mariana tell Kathleen what they learned, but give Tony and Rowan shared credit. Callie notes that after scouring the student’s Instagram. They all discovered that Katie and Zack didn’t follow each other, so they brought in a friend of Katie’s who admitted that Katie was over the relationship.

Izzy admits this to Callie and Mariana, but also that Katie wanted to go to a movie and not the party. But Tommy always did what Zack wanted. Katie wasn’t Zack’s biggest fan but she didn’t hate him. Izzy claims she didn’t talk to Katie since graduation. Mariana asks about the hashtag in the recent photo tagging - #2LDRZAS. Izzy lies that she doesn’t know what it means. She doesn’t get how this helps Tommy and asks to leave.

Callie tells Kathleen that they can get Izzy to follow Mariana on Insta; Mariana created a fake account called @CaturdayNightLive since Izzy loves cats. The boys chuckle and compliment the cleverness of the accounts handle. Mariana is waiting for her to accept her request. She hopes the account has photos from the party. Kathleen tells them they did great work. Tony is curious if they are going to blame Katie. Kathleen notes that they will if she has means and opportunity. Tony thanks the sisters for having his and Tony's backs. Mariana notices that Katie accepted the following request on her Finsta. They find a photo of Katie not being happy on the night of September 3rd, but Katie deletes her Finsta before they can see anything else. Izzie must have tipped her off, so now they don't have anything. Tony asks who’s going to tell Kathleen.

156995 3668.jpg

In "Lunar New Year", The Coterie Group gathers for drinks while Gael monitors Isabella’s water intake. She has 48 more ounces to go, which Mariana notes are a lot of water. Kelly notes that their baby will be born in the year of the Ox; they’ll be earnest and honest like this crowd. Callie asks Gael to elaborate on the pregnant women needing more water. He offers a refill which Callie says yes to but he takes Isabella’s instead. Callie then takes Mariana’s drink and downs it.

Callie vents to Mariana about Isabella being capable enough to track her hydration without Gael’s help. She doesn’t get why Gael is acting weird and that he might be rethinking their relationship. Mariana wonders if he worries she’s overwhelmed, but Callie hasn’t said anything about it.

In the bathroom, the other night, Gael asked Mariana about Callie being okay. She states that she doesn’t know for a fact but if it were her, she wouldn’t want to hear every detail about him, Isabella, and the baby.

Mariana admits to Callie that she told Gael to dial back the baby talk. Callie is horrified and asks why she did that.

The other night, Callie talked about Gael and Isabella taking parenting classes. Mariana can’t believe they’re doing it together. Callie thinks it’s the right thing to do even if it is going quickly. Mariana notes that it must be hard and Callie admits that it is, but if Gael told her less it might be easier.

156995 4620.jpg

Now, Mariana admits that’s why she told Gael because Callie told her. Callie vehemently states that she told Mariana that not Gael for a reason. Mariana wants her to be honest. She doesn’t know what she wants to know. Callie takes another drink as she needs to unwind and not have Mariana monitor her either. Mariana is later present during all of the Lunar New Year festivities.

Callie calls a group meeting with Isabella, Mariana, and Gael, to talk about their living situation. She has a proposition that will solve everything, though no one realized there was a problem. Callie happily says that Isabella will move in with Mariana, Gael will move back to his loft, and she will move in with him. The trio hesitantly agrees as Callie giggles to drink more.

The next morning, Callie undoes the moving situation. She lays in bed with Mariana to tell her she isn’t moving out and did take her advice to talk with Gael. Mariana thinks it’s good she was honest. She warns that they won’t have a happy ending in every problem in their relationship. Callie wonders when her sister got so wise, to which Mariana retorts this is the new Mariana. The one Callie should have listened to when she told Callie to drink water and not whiskey. Callie admits he was right which thrills Mariana, who makes her say it again. She wants to record it and send it to their moms as video proof. Callie obliges and records the saying. Mariana is thrilled.

In "Opening Statements", Callie and Mariana walk downtown as Mariana complains that there’s nothing for her to do at the office. She wants to be in court but Callie tells her to just supervise the painter. Mariana is a little paranoid about the murder case. They bump into Raj and Claire who are holding hands. Claire says things are going great. However, at Bulk Beauty, Claire and the team are falling apart. They can’t find product partners and focus on writing code. Now, Claire lies that they have more brands signing up than they can handle. Mariana states she’s working at Callie’s law firm doing a lot, even though she lays around most of the time. She stacks office supplies and plays in the copy room. The groups say goodbye with Callie questioning Mariana, who spirals that all she’s capable of is answering phone calls.

Mariana vents to the painter over changing her occupation just as Callie texts her asking her to bring the team coffees. Mariana is enthusiastic about leaving. She stops at the coffee shop and gets the coffees, but notices the names on the cups are those of the Byte Club girls. She turns around and is shocked to see the girls behind her. Flashing backward, Callie got a text from Raj after she and Mariana ran into Raj and Claire. Raj tells Callie that BB is not working without Mariana. Callie admits that Mariana is miserable too. Now, Mariana realizes they’ve been set up.

At The Coterie, Callie comes in to find Mariana eating hazelnut spread out of the jar. Her meeting with the Fight Club goes wrong. Rachel is insistent they’re meeting a coder for an interview. Claire realizes the name is an anagram for Mariana. Raj and Callie must have worked together to pull this off. Mariana wishes them luck on the app and apologizes for all of this. She then leaves. In the present, Callie apologizes as Raj said they needed her. Mariana thinks this was Callie’s way of telling her she didn’t want to work with Mariana either. Callie can see that Mariana is miserable. Mariana knows the girls are done with her and didn’t offer her the job. Callie thinks she should ask for the job, though Mariana doesn’t want to be demoted from partner to employee. Callie thinks it is the only way to prove she’s changed or get friends back. Mariana wants that so Callie tells her to humble herself, as being a coder at BB is better than not being at BB at all.

Mariana visits the fight club girls as she’s there to interview for the new coding job. She gives them her resume. They look at her incredulously as they know she’s overqualified and will be underpaid. She’s okay with that if she gets to work with the right people. She also needs to work on her code per their feedback, so this allows her to do that. Before, the team wanted to hire Mariana as a coder and think she deserves a second chance. Claire is the only skeptical one. Mariana is hired on the spot and starts right away. They don’t let her sit at the table with them as her desk is in the corner. Mariana takes her seat but is visibly hurt by the lack of inclusion.

In "Anticipation",

In "Blindside",

In "Closing Arguments", Callie gets dressed when Mariana walks in and asks if Isabella is okay since she went to the hospital. Callie remarks that she is but her blood pressure was just elevated so she’s on bed rest. Her date with Gael didn’t really happen which is fine. Mariana asks if that’s really okay since she knows Callie thrives on complications, telling her to look at history. She sought after every complicated situation she could find. She asks how Callie will feel when the baby is born and Gael has even less time. Unless Callie is hopelessly in love she needs to pump the breaks, as she might not even be over Jamie yet. Callie diverts to ask how Mariana’s life with the Fight Club girls are going, calling her Miss Take-The-Easy-Path. Mariana admits it isn’t great but now she has a new interview which will give her an easier path.

Mariana meets with the rival startup and they gush over Zelda. The women have heard about Speckulate and its toxicity towards women. The women then talk about their app and detail the exact same thing that Bulk Beauty is doing. She remembers pitching the app idea during her budget meeting and reflects on the similarities to BB. Mariana lies that it’s original and asks who’s funding it. She learns Jackie Morris from the Hallis group is funding the whole thing. Jackie was the woman who said Vincent passed on the funding. Mariana states that the name sounds familiar.

She rushes back to BB and is scolded for being late as her appointment wasn’t approved by the team. Her code also had some small syntax errors which Claire makes a big deal out of. Mariana snaps back that if it was a mess it’s because she was rushed by Claire, as she can either have things done fast or right. She doesn’t appreciate the way she’s been treated when she’s proven that she’s valuable. Claire tells her to do the work right the first time, prompting Rachel to tell Claire she’s being harsh. Claire retaliates that it was Rachel’s idea to cut Mariana loose, while Rachel argues it was everyone’s decision. Claire doesn’t see the point if they’re just going to let Mariana back in. Mariana argues that she can just lead because she can do more than just code.

Now, Mariana meets with Jackie about Revitalize Beauty and the similarities in concepts. Jackie insists that similarities are purely coincidental. Mariana isn’t there too sure about Jackie but to ask for a job. She pitches herself to Jackie as she’s no longer working with BB. Jackie is worried that Mariana was part of the drama in the group, but Mariana has a glowing recommendation from Evan to prove otherwise. Flashing back to last night, Mariana texted Evan to ask for the recommendation which he happily gave. Now, Mariana tells Jackie that she’s the right person for the job.

Mariana returns to BB and publicly gives her notice that she’s quitting. Flashing back, Mariana tells Claire she wants a chance to prove she can change. Rachel stands up for Mariana as she thinks they should drop their grudge and let Mariana prove she’s changed. Claire relents as it’s exhausting. She agrees as long as there are no more secrets, schemes, or lies. Mariana confesses that she applied for another job. Now, Mariana states she got the job and will burn revitalize beauty to the ground. The girls hug happily. That night, Mariana texts Evan to thank him for the recommendation, but he needs to talk with her. Meanwhile, Evan sits with Jackie admitting that Mariana hasn’t responded yet.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Gael, Davia, and Mariana are trying to fan the remains of a burnt bagel when Sumi uses the fire extinguisher. Kelly is bitter she didn't get chosen for interim manager, complaining to Mariana about it. Mariana confirms a meeting with Evan via text.

Callie comes into her loft to find Kathleen in Mariana's slippers waiting for her. She asks if Kathleen got the proof she needed from Ken, but things are more complicated now. She took money from the retainer to give to Denise and help her get away. The FBI now have her books. To keep her out of jail, they need Denise to give the FBI something they can use to put her husband away. She needs Callie to convince Ken to do that. Kathleen apologizes for withholding information. She didn't want Callie to loose respect for her, admitting she's scared and needs her help.

Mariana meets Evan at the restaurant. The make small talk and he adopted a pet turtle. Mariana and Evan talk over drinks. She remembers talking to the Byte Clubs about him wanting to meet. They agree she should see him to see if he has information about Revitalize. Now, Evan admits that Jackie wants him to find out if she can be trusted. He isn't here to do his bidding, he's curious as to why he's betraying her friends. She tells him Jackie ripping off Bulk Beauty which he didn't know, or approve. She doesn't either, but lies that the BB girls pushed her out, stole her ideas, and now she's taking them elsewhere. Since neither of them have anything else to discuss, she tells him to tell Jackie she has nothing to worry about and leaves.

Back at The Coterie, Mariana opens champagne to toast Callie for her not guilty verdict. She notices something is wrong but Callie can't tell her as it's privileged information. She admits it's not just that, she looks in the mirror and doesn't know who she is. She's not where she thought she'd be. Mariana asks where she thought she would be, so Callie admits she didn't think she'd be here. Mariana brushes it up to being tired and offers a foot rub to Callie, who is confused by the gesture. Mariana tells her to not be so suspicious of her intentions.

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Mariana is with Callie when she sees a new guy in the lot and asks Sumi, who admits he's Joaquin and is a new tenant for The Coterie. He's an independent investigative journalist who just did a five-piece expose on deputy gangs in the Sheriff's Department. He also has a good credit score. Mariana praises Sumi then decides to introduce herself, to Callie's amusement. She does and introduces herself as a Coterie resident. He thanks her for the welcome and deflects all her questions back to questions about her work. She realizes he likes to play games but he counters that he doesn't like sharing what he does for work with perfect strangers so he's politely redirecting the conversation. They engage in witty banter as he calls her out for coming over to flirt with him, as he's with someone, and she insults that he's full of himself. He decides to go get more toast. Callie walks over and asks what she thinks, and Mariana admits he's a dick. She tells Sumi she did a bad job then sits down. Callie texts Jamie until Mariana pulls her into the dancing.

402 Promo9.jpg

In "Kiss Me and Smile For Me", Mariana and Callie give Ka'maya food and try to navigate her likes and dislikes. Joaquin walks in and helps Mariana check the expiration date for sunflower butter, much to her disliking. Mariana introduces her moms and foster sister to the new Coterie resident. He begins to ask the moms questions about their visit. Stef explains that they just popped over for a visit as they didn't have plans, with Ka'maya correcting that they were supposed to go to Disney Land. Stef assures her they can go whenever they want but Lena had a free weekend. Lena excuses herself to answer a call. Mariana tells Callie that they had other plans too. Flashing back, the sisters aren't thrilled with the surprise visit. The moms arrive and they say hello.

Now, Joaquin asks when the last time they visited was, with Callie saying it was about eleven months ago. Dennis and Isabella arrive, with Stef greeting Dennis happily with a hug. Callie introduces Isabella to the moms, as they explain she's moved back in and is pregnant. Stef thinks Dennis is the father, but they correct that an arriving Gael is the father. Gael greets the moms as Callie asks where they want to go to dinner. They propose a kids friendly pizza place, but Stef wants to have a grown-up dinner. Isabella offers to watch Ka'amaya as she used to have princess parties. Lena isn't thrilled with leaving Ka'maya, though Stef interjects that Lena leaves her all the time when she goes to Sacramento. Lena counters that it's different as she leaves her with Stef, who wanted to have a grown-up conversation tonight. Dennis was going to cook dinner and Davia hears as she enters. Davia is thrilled to see the moms and so is Malika. Malika greets Ka'maya happily and they all agree to attend dinner. Callie will text Jude that they're staying in.

The Coterie preps for dinner but Jude is buried in his phone. He admits that Carter and he might be in a fight. He's having trouble translating Carter's texts, remarking that long-distance sucks. Mariana asks what the conversation is about, and the moms look to Callie. Kathleen Gale arrives so Callie talks to her in private. In the meantime, Alice arrives at The Coterie for a surprise visit so Mariana happily greets her. Mariana tells Callie that she knows why the moms are here, and thinks it's because they're adopting Ka'maya. Callie thinks that might be it but isn't sure.

The Coterie crew sit for dinner and compliment Isabella and Dennis on dinner. Stef asks Alice about touring and she says it's a dream come true. Lena asks Malika about her job transition but she isn't sure yet, and asks Lena about her job. Lena admits that being in the majority doesn't change the uphill battle. The governor has approved Lena's idea, though. Joaquin asks where she stands on defunding the police and she admits it's up to each city, but he calls her out for dodging the question. Mariana explains he's a journalist which is why everything is an interrogation. Joaquin doesn't think there are any good cops, with Mariana admitting that Stef used to be a cop. The conversation keeps going and they talk about trouble with texting, as Jude is still having communication issues with Carter. Steff tells Jude to get off his phone. Jude admits they're having trouble with sexting. When the moms discuss their sext life, the kids are mortified while the rest of the table cheers. Callie tells Jude to stop playing games and reading into things. Jude asks why she can't be honest with Mariana. Mariana is confused and asks what's going on and why the moms are there. They aren't there because of Ka'maya, and Mariana confronts Callie. Callie admits she got a job with the ACLU in Washington D.C. so she's moving there in two days. Mariana leaves the table rather emotionally.

Callie goes to see Mariana in Malika's loft, with Mariana upset about the short notice. Callie apologizes to Mariana as everything spiraled, so she wanted her moms and Jude to be there when she broke the news. Mariana is upset - but not because she got her job or is moving, but because Callie thought she was so fragile and can't throw a going away party. Callie admits there's not time like the present. The family dinner turns into a party with shots, as Mariana toasts to her sister, who is changing the world.

Later in the night, Stef and Lena ask Mariana how she feels, with Mariana reminding them that she went away to college and has lived without them before. The moms aren't just worried about Mariana, but also Callie as she's always lived with or near one of them. Maybe she was afraid to tell her because it would become real. The sisters look at one another from across the room.

Callie clinks her glass to call everyone together. She is going to try to talk without crying. She thanks them for the going away party. Callie had no idea that she was moving into a communal living space. After sharing a bathroom with four siblings, the thought of sharing one other with a dozen strangers was a nightmare. But she had no idea how lucky she was that her sister tricked her into moving here. When you leave the family that you were born into or adopted into, you go out in the world and make a chosen family of friends. She will never find a better chosen family than them. Callie loves them all so much and thanks them for letting her be part of The Coterie. They clap for her and then Malika turns the music back on and they all dance together happily. Callie and Mariana embrace as they dance, then Callie hugs Malika and Alice. She smiles happily.

402 Promo6.jpg

Callie dips her feet in the pool when Mariana walks over and joins her. Mariana asks how she feels about leaving, and Callie admits that she's scared. She's never been on her own since Jude and her became Adams Fosters, but she needs to find herself and her purpose. She cries as she wishes it didn't mean moving away from her. Mariana puts her head on Callie's shoulder as Callie fears that she'll come back with her tail between her legs. Mariana will welcome her with open arms. Callie's the most exceptional person that Mariana knows, and once she finds her purpose, there will be no stopping her. She's ready to leave home and will never be on her own completely because her family - the Adams Fosters and the Coterie - will be there for her. After all, geography doesn't make a family, love does. Mariana made it up off of something the moms once told her. The moms arrive with Jude to give the girls a mom sandwich. Jude joins in on the hug as he reminds Callie of when she stole a sandwich. He brings up Mariana piercing her own nose, with Callie laughing over Mariana having dyed her hair blonde. Mariana rebuttals that this is coming from a girl who got in a car with a pimp. They all laugh over their shared memories and tribulations together.

Callie loads the car with her bags as she and Mariana remember their U-Haul horror story from theor first night in LA. Callie tells Mariana about the story as she finishes packing everything up. Mariana gives her a bag to open on the plane, and they hug one another. Callie promises to call her from the airport and when she lands. She gets into the car and, from the window, tells Mariana she loves her. Mariana remarks that she loves her more. The car drives off as Mariana watches. She returns to find The Coterie Crew waiting for her and they have a group hug.

Callie boards the plane and takes a window seat. She opens the bag from Mariana to find a small porcelain doll. She remembers their first day in LA when they found two dolls in the thrift store, with one that looks like Mariana. Mariana calls the doll precious and then finds another that looks like Callie. Now, Callie looks down at the Mariana doll and reads the note. Mariana is keeping the Callie doll so they both have a piece of each other. Callie cries as she looks at the doll. Meanwhile, back at The Coterie, Mariana takes the Callie doll from the mantle and sits in her bed as she cries while looking at it. She holds it close to her chest then falls back on the bed, sobbing as she holds it. Callie's side of the room is now completely bare.

In "Meet the New Boss", the fight club girls worry about Mariana going undercover at Revitalize, but Mariana believes it's the only way to prove they stole their idea. She just needs a photo of their source code to prove it. Rachel asks how she is with Callie gone, offering to move back in, but Mariana loves having the loft to herself. She gets a little emotional reminiscing about Callie being gone and how quiet it is - she can even hear the mice at night. Claire wonders if Jackie shared her suspicions with them but Mariana doesn't think so - they seemed clueless.

Mariana arrives at Revitalize Beauty for her first day of work. The girls welcome her to the team with first day doughnuts. Liza introduces herself to Mariana, as she's the new project supervisor. She's heard about her from Jackie and gives her a standard contract to sign which says she can't work at another beauty start-up for two years. Liza gives her until the end of day to sign it. She calls brands until the team decides on a coffee break. Mariana passes on the coffee and decides to push through it. The girls love her work ethic. Now alone, Mariana attempts to access the admin login when Liza suddenly arrives looking for the contract. Mariana notes she doesn't have access to the app, which is standard until she signs her contract.

Unable to bypass the login, Mariana asks one of the women about the ordering algorithm to see the coding but learns Liza handles that. She sets up a pitch meeting but lies about a glitch in the merge but the women aren’t sure where the potential client would have heard that from. Later, Mariana finds the password for the app in a drawer. She video chats with the FCGs to tell them about the identical code file. There are blocks of code that are missing or have been replaced with different variables. Revitalized changed the code just enough so that Bulk Beauty doesn’t have any legal copyright claim. Revitalize also has the Hallis Group behind them, so BB can’t compete.

She returns to The Coterie that night, but stares at Callie's empty side of the room. Joaquin is looking at photos of Jenna in the kitchen when Mariana arrives. He remarks that she isn’t used to sleeping alone now that her sister is gone, as she must miss Callie. Mariana tries to brush it off but he sees through her act, knowing she’s more upset than what she’s letting on. He asks about her app but she refuses to tell him, as he’s answering the questions tonight. He claims to be an open book. He’s from Oklahoma, where his parents still live and are retired. His mom was a teacher and his father worked in the fields. He has a sister back in Oklahoma, who is married and has two kids. She asks if that’s true and he admits most of it is. There’s a crash that she blames on raccoons. Turns out, the shelf collapsed in the other room, and books fell. She thinks it’s a ghost but he deals in facts, not imagination. He steals a book then says goodnight. Mariana finds one of Callie’s old legal books that she left behind. She goes back to her loft and makes Callie’s bed and puts her clothes in Callie’s closet. She then pulls everything off Callie’s bed and moves the mattress into the hallway. Once back in her room, she looks at the Callie doll then puts it away in a drawer.

The following morning, Mariana gives Liza the signed contract. That morning, she told the BB girls that she would spy on the Revitalize Beauty group for them as they stole their code and won’t get away with it. She doesn’t care if she has to sign the non-compete, as this is her mess to fix. She wants to save Bulk Beauty and won’t just move across the country as her actions might affect other people. Claire notes that she can’t come back to BB, but Mariana thinks they can knock Revitalize off the map and void the contract. Now, Liza welcomes Mariana to the team. She leaves Liza’s office when she bumps into Evan. After a few awkward moments, he reveals that he has a few apps in development with the Hallis Group. They will be running into each from time to time but hopes it won’t be literal next time.

GT 404 Still11.jpg

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", the Revitalize Beauty girls discuss their next brand target, Riot Face, so Mariana texts the FCG's telling them who to speak with from the company. The FCG's pitch their app, with this routine continuing onto Veganique and Glow Fille, with Bulk Beauty landing all three brands. The BB girls celebrate with drinks and send Mariana a photo of them celebrating while she's alone at a quiet office.

Once at The Coterie, Mariana knocks on each roommates door but doesn't get an answer from anyone. She eats alone in the kitchen while she scrolls through Instagram. Callie calls, but Mariana declines the call. Joaquin arrives and she invites him to eat with her if he wants, ignoring a voicemail notification from Callie. The room in awkward for a moment until Mariana asks about his sister, with him admitting that they used to be close until they grew apart. She admits that people do grow apart. She asks if he's ever had to go undercover for a job, with him stating he's a reporter not a spy. He asks if there's a reason for her asking, but she was just thinking it might be isolating to have to pretend you're someone you're not. Being undercover is probably very lonely. He agrees that it probably would be, and she adds that it's easy to get sucked in and forget why you're there. He puts the food away and recommends she call her sister back if she doesn't want to grow apart. After he leaves, Mariana dismisses the voicemail notification.

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The next morning, Revitalize Beauty tries to pitch their app to a potential buyer. Mariana recalls a conversation with Liza, in which Liza informs Mariana that Bulk Beauty landed Glow Fille. Liza finds it odd that Mariana's old partners are signing the same deals they're scouting. Mariana doesn't find it weird since their companies are identical. Liza asks what she thinks they're doing wrong, with Mariana recommending she talk to the project manager - who is Liza. Liza accepts that responsibility but calls Mariana's performance disappointing. She hasn't set any pitches or contributed much in the pitches they do set. She threatens to fire Mariana if she doesn't see improvement soon. Now, in the pitch, Mariana chimes in to correctly pitch the idea to Marcienne. One of the RB girls even claps, with the representative agreeing to sign with them.

Liza opens another bottle of champagne while the team toasts to their "MVP", Mariana. Liza is pleased with Mariana and expects her to keep up the good work. Mariana makes a toast to more days like today. Ava and Raisa are happy to have Mariana join the team. By evening, the Revitalize Beauty girls are drunk in the office. They discuss the difficulties of being women in tech, and how happy they are that Jackie liked their pitch. In fact, they originally pitched an idea for sustainable household cleaning products, until Jackie mentioned beauty products. Jackie already had the code as she was developing something similar anyway. The girls made some tweaks but are thankful to Jackie for getting them out of the male-dominated tech world. They sympathize with Mariana's time at Speckulate. Liza adds that Jackie gave her a chance too, and that's why she's hard on the girls. Everything is riding on them succeeding, and she thinks Mariana can be their secret weapon.

Mariana tells the BB girls that Liza is getting suspicious, and they suggest letting Revitalize land one out of four brands. Their constant questions prove overwhelming for Mariana. Now, Mariana declines Liza's offer for refill. The girls commend Mariana for great work and want to hang out more. Mariana leaves the office and leans against the elevator sleepily. When the doors open, Evan is inside the elevator. They share a ride with small talk, their hands nearly touching as she reminisces about their "meetings" in the Speckulate elevator. She asks if he has a problem working for a company that steals ideas, with him pointing out that she doesn't have a problem with it either. He notices her getting emotional but she claims to be fine. He stops her from leaving to ensure she's okay, holding her hand as he does. He reminds her that she can talk to him, but she doesn't need too as she's fine. She pulls her hand away and leaves the lobby.

Mariana meets the RB girls and Jackie, who congratulates her on closing Marcienne. Jackie is glad to see her 100% onboard. They have a mentorship group where the mentor can help the team fill in any gaps the project manager might not be seeing. Their new mentor is Evan Speck, and the encounter is awkward. Jackie interrupts his speech as they want the team to use Evan thoroughly. Mariana asks to have a word with Evan by herself. She asks why he agreed tot his, and he admits that Jackie asked him. He has other business with the Hollis Group and it doesn't behoove him to say no. She tells him to go for it as he always does. She hopes he isn't nursing any false hopes about them, and he walks away.

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In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", Davia asks Mariana what her personality trait, animal, food, and language would be. Later that morning, the Revitalize Beauty girls face-off with the Bulk Beauty girls for the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch. Claire thinks they should win the pitch with the other girls agreeing. Claire worries about running into one another, but Mariana finds it unlikely. Now, Mariana texts the BB girls and Liza picks up on the BB girls responses, prompting them to try and hide their reactions. When they came in, Liza explains who Bulk Beauty are to Ava and Raisa, lying tat they pushed her out over money. Liza waves to Evan who has just arrived. Marina warned the girls about Evan's potential involvement. Liza explains that Jackie thought his presence would help them land the brand. Liza notices Mariana texting and asks if she's texting her old friends. Mariana lies that she's texting her gynecologist as something showed up on her latest pap but it turned out normal. A man calls Bulk Beauty back first.

Mariana enters her loft to the angry faces of the Bulk Beauty girls. Earlier, Liza told them that Revitalize won the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch - which they attribute to Mariana's excellent pitching skills. Now, the BB girls are angry over Mariana not blowing the pitch for them, despite Evan being present for the pitch. They can't keep alternating wins with Rachel noting that Mariana can't keep doing it. Gina suggests making their app better by coming up with a big, new idea for the app. They miss Mariana and want her back, with Mariana noting that Ava and Raisa are nice girls who she doesn't like deceiving. Claire tells her to remember whose side she's really on. They brainstorm ow to make BB better.

Mariana gets to work and sees Ava and Raisa meeting with Evan over a new feature that is called Counter Pro. User can scan their faces and the app will suggest products and show a mock-up of how those products will look on the users faces. As they talk, Mariana takes a slow eat as she recalls her meeting with the BB girls. Now, Mariana commends them for the great idea but thinks they should work out the kinks before pitching it to anyone else. They should be prepared for questions, and Evan thinks troubleshooting now would make sense. Mariana then excuses herself as the RB girls celebrate.

Mariana is in an office crying when Evan finds her. He asks her what's going on with her and why she wants to delay the pitch. She thought he agreed with her reasonings but he didn't, he just backed her up. She questions his motives. He didn't become her mentor just because of Jackie, he did it to be closer to her. Not to get back together but because he knows something isn't right and that she isn't okay. He was considered she wouldn't be safe with another mentor. He assures her that she can trust him. She admits that she's not okay. She took the job to prove Jackie stole BB's code, but she changed it just enough they can't prove it. She tells him everything and how shitty she feels because Ava and Raisa are nice people, and she just wanted to make things right with the BB girls. Evan takes the responsibility for the entire mess as he set her up with Jackie who turned out to be a thief. She asks Evan what she's going to do.

In "Something Unpredictable, But in the End It's Right", Mariana attends Dennis's 40th birthday party which is '90s themed. She talks to Joaquin about their respective costume. She's Ginger Spice while he's Forrest Gump. She didn't realize he had a sense of humor. He didn't know she worked for Evan Speck, remarking on seeing him leave the other morning. Evan and Joaquin exchange hellos as he leaves the Coterie. Kelly greets him too and tells Joaquin about Mariana and Evan's history. Now, Mariana excuses herself for a refill.

She sings karaoke for The Coterie. She flashes back to Evan visiting her early looking to talk with her. She invites him into her loft and he compliments her pig slippers. He assures her he won't tell Jackie about her spying and offers to buy Revitalize and merge it with BB. She can't let him do that and he reveals that the FCG's already said yes to his offer as they want her back. Now, Mariana fishes the song.

The Coterie crew sits for dinner. Dennis thanks the girls for the party and everyone for celebrating with him. The girls ask about Callie, and Mariana admits they've been busy and haven't had the chance to talk. Dennis asks that she tell Callie they miss her. Malika wants to cherish these moments since they'll all move out eventually. Isabella admits that she and Gael are thinking of moving out for a year since The Coterie isn't baby-proof. Everyone offers to do their part to make The Coterie safer, with Mariana offering to move lofts so they can live downstairs. Dennis tells them that the first nine months when their baby isn't walking and having extra hands around a newborn is good. Isabella remarks that's a good hand and she loves the idea of aunties and uncles being around. As a future auntie, Alice toasts Dennis for his birthday. Kelly gives Dennis a bottle of champagne that came for him and reads the card, which congratulates him on the new baby. The card is from Jennifer. He emotionally admits that they ran into Jennifer who has a new baby and how she mistook Isabella for being with Dennis. Gael thinks it's a good assumption since Dennis is so involved and tells them to just tell him when the baby is coming so he can show up. He storms away from the dinner.

Mariana is on the roof when Joaquin joins her. He asks if the party is over but she doubts it as there's always a blow-up that they move on from. She apologizes but he's used to his share of drama. She corrects that everyone is like family to her but he knows that they aren't her sister. This is Mariana's first party with Callie and he wishes he could call his sister again. He admits that Jenna isn't in Oklahoma but she left home eight years ago and he doesn't know where she is. He learned not to take some things for granted.

That evening, after the party, she takes the Callie doll out of the drawer and video chats with Callie, surprised when she answers. Mariana needed to talk with her. Callie wonders why Mariana hasn't called her back. Mariana admits she's angry that Callie left with no notice and she feels abandoned. She questions why she didn't get a job with the LA ACLU or if it was because she didn't want to live with Mariana anymore. Callie assures her that isn't true. She took the job in DC because it's the one she was offered. She apologizes for springing it on her. She misses her and is very homesick which is why she keeps calling to talk with her. Mariana notices that Callie dyed her blonde and that it looks nice. Callie asks what she needs to talk about and Mariana tells her about the RB drama and the non-compete agreement. Callie tells her that she doesn't have to go back to Evan as non-compete agreements aren't enforceable in California. Companies just have their employees sign them because most people aren't aware of their rights. Callie reveals this means that she's free. They both need each other, and Callie admits that her boss is a dick. The two sisters gush to one another.

In "Take These Chances", Joaquin pours coffee when Mariana thanks him for the advice as the call was what she needed. She knows it must be hard not to talk with his sister, and it is. She asks why she left home but Joaquin doesn't want to talk about it which she understands.

The Revitalize girls show Mariana CounterPro which they have developed. Mariana tells the BB girls about the non-compete being void so she can come back to the BB. They hug happily, but Mariana has one more problem to address. Ava and Raisa have a big idea that might crush them. She can't tell them anything as they don't steal. She does have an idea to bring Ava and Raisa into BB. She hopes to explain everything to them. Ava and Raisa are angry at Mariana for sabotaging them. Mariana explains that they didn't rip off any ideas but Jackie did. She asks them how odd it was hat he code was already there. She's asking them to join Bulk Beauty where they value women in tech. She asks if they want to be part of a stolen idea. The girls are unsure as it's a lot to digest and they need to think.

Mariana looks to Raisa and Ava who are working, just as Jackie arrives asking why Bulk Beauty is getting more brands. She gave them the code, the idea, and handled it all over to them but they haven't done anything for her in return. The BB girls are working when Mariana arrives in her loft. Jackie had ridiculed the girls and Raisa questions who wrote the code. Jackie doesn't see how that's relevant as their concern is what they're bringing to the table. Ava and Raisa will brainstorm fresh and new ideas. Mariana tells the BB girls that Ava and Raisa are coming to BB tomorrow.

Mariana packs up her things alongside Ava and Raisa, who thank Mariana for the fresh, new idea. Mariana sees Liza crying in the office and enters to see if she's okay. Liza admits that Jackie came down pretty hard on her so she'll be fired soon. Mariana assures her that she's a great project manager. Jackie wants to motivate by fear which wont' bring out the best in anyone. Liza is scared of losing this job and not being hirable. Mariana tells Liza about going back to Bulk Beauty and is taking the girls with her. She wants Liza to come with them. They're all talented and competent women and deserve to be their own bosses, not to work under toxic people like Jackie. Liza agrees to come with her and thanks her for believing in her.

Joaquin visits Mariana and asks to talk with her. She lets him into the loft and they sit on the couch. Jenna left because they grew up very religious and their dad was strict, mean, and violent. When she said she was leaving he said she wasn't his daughter or part of their family. Joaquin left a few years later and went to LA looking for Jenna. His mom thinks she's dead and he thought his mom was being crazy, but he's worried something horrible happened and his mom is right. As he becomes emotional, Mariana apologizes to him.

In "I Don't Belong Here", Mariana suggests Joaquin call the police but he needs something concrete to get them to take him seriously. She offers her help diving into Chris's social media accounts and friends. Joaquin doesn't find any pictures of Jen on his socials. Mariana wrote a program at MIT that tracks any mention or image of another user across media platforms. She will run it but suggests reaching out to Chris's friends to see if they've heard from Jenna. Joaquin is surprised she went to MIT, and they go back and forth completing one another's sentences. He asks if she's going to finish all his sentences. He apologizes for being an ass when they met, as there's more to her than he gave her credit for. Mariana assures him that Jenna is out there, but just really good at hiding. He hopes she isn't a shallow grave and she puts a hand on his knee, telling him not to go there. They're going to find her alive and well.

Mariana asks the group if they've noticed Davia's lost a lot of weight lately. Gael thinks it's been gradual, but is worried when she points out the last post was about her eating disorder. They question what they should do, if anything, and Kelly has noticed her sneaking out with a bag. Davia arrives and notices the tension but they brush it off. She calls them weird then retreats to her room.

Mariana and Joaquin aren't sure if the text is real. He wants to go to Chris and beat him up but Mariana files it under terrible ideas. She suggests texting back and asking something personal, like her favorite childhood lip gloss scent. Joaquin, confused, leaves Mariana to answer that hers was Butterfly Boo. He texts back asking how he knows it's her. He asks what song made them laugh, which is a dumb church song. Mariana hopes she answers.

Bulk Beauty prepares for the arrival of Raisa and Ava with their app ideas. The RB girls arrive to the welcome wagon but appear solemn as they have bad news - they can't join BB. Rasia told Liza the app idea and Liza isn't joining BB. Liza told Jackie everything and since their ideas are legally Revitalize Beauty's, they can't take their idea with them. Ava knows what Jackie did was horrible but the love and believe in the idea. They can't leave it behind. Claire asks them to leave despite their apologies so they do. Mariana tears down the welcome banner. Rachel tells her it's okay but Mariana exclaims that it's not. She's tried so hard to win back their trust but failed repeatedly. She keeps screwing everything up. The girls do trust her and she doesn't have anything to win back. Claire admits to overreacting and apologizes. Gina admits it isn't on her to save them - they love her and they're in this together. Claire suggests going to Evan about buying Revitalize.

In "That's Me in the Spotlight", Evan meets with the BB girls to explain the merger. He'll buy both Bulk Beauty and Revitalize Beauty to merge them, with the BB four remaining as the board of directors and sole partners. His participation will be hands-off. Mariana thanks him but they want an option to buy him out just in case. He agrees and tells them he's shut down ACT=visim. He should have done it sooner and apologizes for his involvement in the toxic work space. They all thank him, though the BB girls notice the sultry look between Mariana and Evan. He plans to make Jackie "an offer she can't refuse" imitating Godfather, a references that goes over their heads. When he leaves, Claire states that it's obvious they still have feelings for one another. Gina and Rachel chime in with catcalls. Claire tells Mariana that they won't stand in the way of their love if they want to be together.

Mariana texts Evan asking if they can talk about them. She gets an unknown text saying that they have information about Jenna. Mariana tells Joaquin that Jenna used to work at a stand called Fruit Flint Farm and always talked about getting off the grid and actually moving there. There's another farmers market in two days so they should check it out for themselves. He's hesitant as it's probably a dead end as Jenna might not even want to see her. Mariana understands his lack of inspiration but believes he can't give up looking for his sister. He kisses her but she pushes him back. He apologizes as she's been helpful and kind. She understands but can't imagine what he's going through. He'll never have peace unless he knows what happened to Jenna.

Joaquin and Mariana attend Davia's burlesque show that evening, both enjoying it. They mainly spend their time together laughing, smiling, and talking.

Mariana waits for Evan to text her back so she texts him again about her last text. Evan is in a car when he reads her newest text. He remembers being in the Coterie elevator and visiting Mariana. He sees Joaquin kiss Mariana, so he leaves immediately after. She sees that he reads her text.

Mariana and Joaquin go to the farmer's market to ask about Flint Farm's booth, learning they haven't had a booth in a year. The vendor hasn't seen Jenna either. Joaquin is giving up hope but Mariana wants him to continue. He appreciates her helpfulness but thinks they should go to the police. He looks up to see Jenna across the market. He runs to her but the woman isn't her. He looks around wildly for her and spots her walking away. He hurries after her and sees her get in a van. She tells the man to drive and he speeds off. Joaquin watches just as Mariana joins him. He knows that was Jenna.



Jariana S5.jpg
  • Jesus Adams Foster - (see Jariana) Jesus and Mariana are fraternal twins. They were born to Ana and Gabe, and were raised in a rough and unbalanced environment. Their biological mother was addicted to drugs and their father was in prison. They were placed into foster care for a few years and moved around frequently. They were eventually adopted by Stef and Lena Adams Foster when they were around five-years-old after their former foster parents could no longer take care of them. The siblings were extremely close growing up, as they only had one another when they were moving around foster homes. Even as teens they remained close, even though they did argue frequently and have a few falling outs. In the end, they are each other's best friends and always have one another's back.
S2 Cariana Promo2.jpg
  • Callie Adams Foster - (see Callie and Mariana) Callie is Mariana's adoptive sister and one of her best friends following Jesus. Mariana was originally off-put by Callie's rough and abrasive attitude. The two had such strong, differing, personalities that they got into many arguments. When Stef and Lena decided to fully foster Callie and her younger brother, Jude, Callie was moved into Mariana's room. This led to them fighting more and simultaneously developing a deeper bond. Their biggest falling outs concerned Callie's relationship with Brandon, as well as Mariana's inability to keep a secret combined with both girls' lies. As the years passed, the girls only grew closer and referred to one another as sisters, especially after Callie was finally adopted into the family. After graduating college, the girls moved to Los Angeles and became roommates, where they currently are embarking on the next chapter of their lives. Their relationship in LA was initially similar to that of what they had in San Diego - close, bickering, yet always supporting one another. This began to change as they drifted apart, with Mariana growing closer to the clique of girls in The Coterie, while Callie yearned for a different lifestyle. They had a large falling out when old resentments came back to haunt them, including Callie's relationship with Gael Martinez despite Mariana's feelings for him. Their lies to one another reached a breaking point, especially when Callie learned that Mariana was part of a group chat called the "Coterie Bitches" that dedicated most of their time to hating on Callie. This being the metaphorical straw, Callie moved out of their apartment leaving only a letter to Mariana explaining that she will uphold her end of the lease until Mariana finds a new roommate. This strain lasted for months, as they seemed to agree that they are "sisters but not best friends." It took their personal lives crumbling for them to reconnect, and Callie to move back into the Coterie.


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  • Tia Stephens - Mariana and Tia met through the dance team at Anchor Beach Community Charter School, where they bonded and became close friends. They practiced together in the backyard of the Adams Foster House. They formed their dance team together after Mariana and Tia left Hayley's, which brought their relationship even closer. After their team competed and won their competition, the pair drifted apart and eventually stopped being friends.
  • Lexi Rivera - Lexi and Mariana were best-friends years prior to Pilot and had mutual respect for one another. Lexi and Mariana's brother, Jesus, had started a secret relationship which they hid from Mariana as they knew she wouldn't understand and would be hurt. When Mariana found out about the relationship during her Quinceañera, she became angry at both of them. She explained that she was uncomfortable with the idea of her best friend and her brother dating. Lexi tried to talk with her, but Mariana refused to forgive her. They ultimately made-up, and became close once again. They remained best-friends even when Lexi had to move Honduras. They parted for the final time after Lexi moved to Honduras permanently under the pretenses that she had a boyfriend back in the country. Lexi had lied about her boyfriend to make Jesus feel better about moving on with Emma.
  • The Byte Club -
  • Isabella Tavez - Mariana placed a request with Alice for a new roommate. Alice referred Mariana to Isabella. When Isabella arrived for the introduction, they were wearing the same shirt. They quickly bonded over their mutual love for Grey's Anatomy and even had the same favorite episode - the plane crash. Mariana liked Isabella so much she disregarded her references and approved her. Isabella moved in shortly after. They bonded for the first time when Mariana vented about her boss and boyfriend.
  • Joaquin Peréz - Joaquin met Mariana on his first night at The Coterie, when they both attended Dennis's food truck opening. He called her out on her blatant flirting, which threw her off her game. The two rivaled one another in sharp banter, a trait that carries through their reluctant relationship. Mariana begins to feel lonely now that she's living alone as her sister suddenly moved out, while Joaquin's decision to be reclusive leads to late nights. The pair ultimately spend time together at late hours, as she slowly chips away at his many barriers and forces him to answer questions for a change. He ultimately helps her reconnect with her sister and, in turn, opens up about his struggle to find his sister. Despite their rivalry, the chemistry between them is undeniable. She helps him find his sister and becomes dedicated to doing her best to help him. She encourages him not to give up and knows that he won't be at peace if he doesn't find out what happened. He kisses her but she pushes him away after a moment. They continue to search for Jenna together, despite the kiss.


  • Raj Patil - (see Mariana and Raj) Their relationship originally began as co-workers when Mariana thought he was just like the other sexist employees at Speckulate, however, they grew closer as they learned more about one another. They grew closer through their work and eventually allowed themselves to cross the line between co-workers and lovers. Mariana was initially hesitant as she didn't want people to measure her success by her relationship with Raj. She has since overcome that hesitation and he's helped her and the byte club in their efforts to make Speckulate an equal environment. They have since dated, had sex, and proclaimed their love for one another. Raj is Mariana's first serious relationship since high school.
  • Evan Speck - (see Mariana and Evan) They first met when Mariana was hired at Evan's company, Speckulate. He took an interest in her from a professional point of view, though they shared a mutual interest in one another. Things progressed into a friendship with her helping him to understand dating and modern day slang. He confided in her about his personal struggles with being autistic and how it effects his daily life. Their attraction to one another grew until they had sex, which Mariana instigated. However, her relationship with Raj Patil left her feeling conflicted over who to choose. She ultimately decided to be with Evan, though they agreed on a secret relationship for the betterment of the company and their careers.
  • Zac Rogers - (see Mariana and Zac) Zac was a classmate Mariana met while on the set of a school play. It is hinted that he had a crush on her. Although, she didn't initially feel the same way. Despite originally not having any feelings for him, Mariana grew close to Zac and eventually returned his feelings. They had a short-lived relationship, with his mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease and requiring proper care. This resulted in Zac moving away to live with his father. Zac was Mariana's first boyfriend.
  • Mat Tan - (Mariana and Mat) Matt is a member of Brandon's band. This is how Mariana originally got to know him. The two initially bantered often, and as the two grew close, Matt, after asking for Brandon's permission, asked her out, to which she accepted. The two connected over having biological parents abandoning them and the uncomfortableness of letting someone know. Mat and Mariana then say "I love you" for the first time in Light of Day. They break up for the first time a few episodes later. They finally tell each other they still love one another in The Show. After Nick comes to school and then her house with a gun, Mariana's relationship with him effectively ends, and she and Mat get back together in Trust. The two have sex for the first time together in Dream a Little Dream. They break up again for the final time in Cruel and Unusual.
  • Nick Stratos - (Mariana and Nick) Nick is the first guy Mariana started a relationship after dating Mat. At first, she thought he is immature, after witnessing his behavior with Jesus in her house and after he participated in a car race while she was in the car. However, after he increased his EQ and apologized, they reconciled and began to date. During their relationship, Nick repeatedly pulls out the big stops for her. Their relationship was always complicated due to Mariana's feelings for Mat, and this escalated until one day, he brought a gun to school. Mariana and Nick talk at school and she explains that she was only saying goodbye to Mat, but Nick doesn't believe her. Nick, on the loose with a gun, breaks into Mariana's house and sneaks up on Mariana with the gun. Nick is ultimately arrested. Under the belief that they are still together, Nick reaches out to Mariana by calling and texting her while he's in a mental facility. Mariana allows him to continue believing this, even though she has begun dating Mat again. Nick had insisted that Mariana was the only thing keeping him alive. Mariana was afraid of what he'd do if she ended things with him. In Collateral Damage, Nick says he understands they aren't together anymore and apologizes for how he's made her feel.
  • Logan Bayfield - Mariana became interested in Logan when he moved next door to her and instantly tried to win him over by acting as if she had the same interests as him. They became friends, but Mariana always wanted to be more than that. When she learned that Logan has a girlfriend she backed off and started helping him to win over his girlfriend when they were fighting. Mariana's relationship with Logan became increasingly awkward, especially after his girlfriend claimed that she liked him which forced Mariana to pretend she was in a relationship. Logan's mother, Tess, even threatened Mariana to keep her away from her son. They eventually dated for a while, however, Mariana decided that she wasn't ready to be in a committed relationship, and wanted to date other people as well as Logan.

Notes and Trivia

  • Mariana pierced her nose herself in The Morning After. However, she takes her stud piercing off before Stef and Lena's wedding in I Do and hasn't been seen wearing it since.
  • Mariana meets Ana, her birth mother, for the first time in 10 years in Pilot. She had been secretly talking to Ana online for some time before this, deeply wanting to know her birth mother. Their relationship was strained for a long time due to Ana's drug addiction, but improved following Ana's rehabilitation.
  • In Vigil, it is shown that Jesus and Mariana were adopted July 1, 2006, by Stef and Lena.
  • She dyes her hair blonde in Things Unknown, but returns to her natural hair color in Someone's Little Sister.
  • In The Honeymoon, Lena states that everyone now has the same last name. In Things Unknown, Mariana's name is shown as "Mariana Adams Foster" on the school dance team roster.
  • Mariana was on Anchor Beach's original dance team before creating her separate team due to differences with the dance team captain, Kaitlyn.
  • Mariana can be very sensitive to peer pressure or a lack of social acceptance. Such examples are when she pierced her nose to fit in with Garrett's crowd and dyed her hair blonde to fit in with her dance team.
  • She wears glasses occasionally while at home, but contacts while in public and work.
  • It is implied that Mariana has abandonment issues, most likely due to her biological mother Ana leaving her and Jesus when they were kids. She was shown to react to the idea of Jesus or Callie leaving the Fosters house very badly.
  • Mariana is, at least for a majority of the series, a vegetarian due to knowing about the abuse animals endure while becoming an edible food. She temporarily breaks this diet by eating fish in Mother Nature, though she says it is strictly because she is in "survival mode".
  • Mariana loses her virginity to Wyatt in the season three premiere Wreckage.
    • She originally intended to lose her virginity to her then-boyfriend, Mat, so that he would "remember" her while on his three-week band tour. However, he turned her down and she ran into Wyatt, who she began drinking with before initiating a hookup. This is a choice Mariana deeply regretted since Wyatt was Callie's ex-boyfriend.
  • Her biological grandmother Elena has stated that Mariana looks a lot like how Ana did as a teenager before the latter started using drugs.
  • Characters have twice expressed fear of Mariana, both times to Brandon, and both times in response to a suggestion of Brandon's. Mat expresses having a healthy fear of her in If You Only Knew when discussing the idea of prohibiting her from attending the "pharm" party. When Brandon asks Callie to wake up a sleeping Mariana in The Show, Callie refers to the act as "unleashing the beast," and that they should be afraid.
  • In Not That Kind of Girl, it's revealed that Mariana had to take her written driver's test twice. She claims the answers seemed too obvious, so she thought they were trying to trick her.
  • Mariana created a "fight club" at Speckulate to help her fellow female co-workers deal with the sexism in their workplace.
  • She had her first, and only, threesome in "Swipe Right" with Eli and his girlfriend.


Mariana Adams Foster has a photo gallery.


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