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Making a Metamour is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble, and the forty-fourth episode overall. The episode aired on July 28, 2021.


Callie and Mariana work together to figure out what really happened the night of Zack’s death; Malika pumps the brakes on her relationship with Dyonte; Gael learns that his relationship with Yuri is not what it seems.


Callie and Gael are having shower sex when Isabella runs into the bathroom to vomit. Callie tells Gael to check on Isabella, and he does. Isabella has morning sickness, so Gael offers her ginger tea which she accepts. Isabella asks if Gael is going to turn off the water in the shower. Callie does, and Isabella awkwardly realizes what she interrupted. She tells Gael to finish his shower, but he shrugs it off and leaves. Once Gael is gone, Isabella whispers an apology through the shower curtain. Callie, mortified, puts her head in her hands.

Gael arrives at Yuri’s gallery to take his offer for a check and the arrangement he wanted. Yuri asks why Gael changed his mind, so Gael tells him about the pregnancy. He was positive for the paternity test.

Davia is working when Andre rushes in to tell her that 63 students have signed the petition so far and they are doing the zombie protest in the cafeteria during lunch. Davia loves the idea and is proud of him. Matt comes in just as Andre leaves, so Davia gushes over Andre to Matt. They hug happily but cut it short since they are technically friends and co-workers.

Kathleen plans to have Dr. Mickelson prepare a computer simulation of the fall since Callie, Tony, and Rowan failed to get the fall recorded on camera. They have to prove reasonable doubt. Mariana interrupts since DA Adler is on the line, so Kathleen tells her to take a message. Kathleen refocuses as they have to figure out the beer bottle near the crime scene that had Tommy’s fingerprints on it. Mariana interrupts again, so Kathleen tells her to keep taking messages. She invites Mariana into the room to answers the phones. The lawyers are interviewing teenagers who need to reissue their statements to the police since they saw Tommy and Zack fighting at the party.

The trio begins their interviews as they try to dissuade one of the teens from saying that Tommy and Zack were fighting. Mariana tells Callie to ask the kid if he was high that night as she believes the kid is a stoner. When Callie asks the teen if he was intoxicated that night, he claims he didn't smoke or drink. Callie asks if Zack was a big drinker since it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if Zack had fallen if Zack was a big drinker. Another teen confirms that Zack was a heavy drinker but he wasn’t sloppy. Mariana texts Callie again as she thinks the teen uses steroids. Callie asks if anyone had a problem with Zack, but another teen notes that Tommy was devastated when their coach replaced him with Zack as starting quarterback. They were gearing up for starting the season so anyone would have been upset. Kathleen is trying to prove the police made a rushed arrest, but everyone says that Zack was well-liked. The trio interviews Tommy’s girlfriend, Katie, who is Tommy’s alibi. They need her to confirm he couldn’t hurt anyone. She didn’t see the fight between Tommy and Zack as they were always doing things like that but it wasn’t serious. Tony asks if anyone else had a problem with Zack, but she avoids the question. Callie asks if anything unusual happened but Katie is sure it was an accident. Mariana texts again, telling Callie that Kate’s tears are fake.

Malika and Dyonte try to get signatures for budget reform as they want to reallocate the budgets to other issues. They want people to imagine healing justice instead of prison justice. She had told Dyonte that Isaac left the country for business. He apologizes as it must have hurt. She thinks Isaac could have stayed to work things out. He asks what this means for them, and Malika chooses to move on with her life with Dyonte. The pair have sex in her apartment. On the streets, Malika and Dyonte kiss. He invites her to drinks with Tanya - his other girlfriend. He would be a metamour date - your partner’s partner date. It would just be Malika and Tanya to eliminate secrecy from the dynamic to ensure everyone likes each other. Malika is okay with meeting her.

Mariana is sure that Katie is sketchy, but Tony asks about the fake tears. Mariana begins to swell up and cries fake tears. Callie notes that Mariana is proving a point. Mariana asks if Tommy will go to jail or juvie, with Tony answering that he would go to juvie. Mariana blurts out that Callie can attest to how scary juvie is. Callie tries to make her leave by asking about the phones, but Mariana programmed a boarding system for the calls. Callie gives Mariana a pile of files to file for her. Rowan and Tony ask about Callie being in juvie. Mariana once again says that Callie was in juvie twice and is a badass as she took a baseball bat to her foster father’s car. The men want to nickname her Criminal Callie, but Callie notes there were extenuating circumstances. A man named Charles arrives to meet with Kathleen, and Tony explains that Charles Sokolov is one of the name partners at the old firm. Rowan adds that an unsubstantiated rumor was that Kathleen and Charles dated.

Andre’s protest has gone wrong as the parents pulled their kids from school while the police bought pizza to bribe the others. Andre is discouraged, so they leave, even though Davia tries to get them to keep going. Matt holds her hand when the kids walk off.

Kathleen asks the lawyers what happened with the interviews, but everyone stuck to their original story. Kathleen tells them to apologize to Tommy, who is about to spend the rest of his life in prison. She chews them out for not getting the kids to change their stories. She wants them to exploit something or find something else.

Gael paints for Yuri, who is trying to teach him a fluid motion brush stroke. Yuri tells him to leave it be and asks him to address invites to his next show. Gael needs to handwrite the invites using a chisel-tip pen on 200 envelopes by tomorrow.

Callie visits Kathleen, who knows her outburst was in poor taste. She admits that Tommy’s fate is tied to the firms as Ken Sung refuses to tell Kathleen where his sister is if Tommy's charges aren't dropped. Kathleen cant tell the FBI as she would still get in trouble or disbarred since she tampered with a witness. Callie asks if this is why Charles stopped by.

Kathleen had met with Charles as the FBI was sniffing around their firm. They want to look at their books, and if they do, they’ll find the same anomalies that caused Kathleen to part ways with the old firm. Kathleen reminds Charles that Kathleen is not the only one with financial anomalies. She tells him they should both do their part in keeping the FBI away from their books. He asks her out to drinks, but Kathleen declines as he has a wife. She is trying to redeem herself from her past. She tells him the junior associates call him Sack O’ Shit.

Kathleen lies to Callie that Charles’ visit had nothing to do with the FBI. Callie doesn’t believe her, but Kathleen keeps to her story. Kathleen likes how much she’s rubbing off on Callie.

Mariana comes home to find Isabella eating ice cream as everything makes her nauseous. Mariana jokes that she’s not craving anchovies which makes Isabella gag. Her morning sickness is all day now. She asks if Callie said anything about this morning and brushes it off when Mariana doesn’t know anything. Isabella wants to do something nice for Gael and Callie but needs Mariana’s help. She happily agrees.

Malika meets Tanya for drinks and overhears Tanya talking to her mom on the phone. They hug since Tanya is a hugger. Tanya notes that Dyonte is a great guy, which is why they love him. She asks Malika to tell her about herself.

Callie comes into the apartment meets Mariana, who wants to investigate the teenager's social accounts. Callie prefers she uses her skills to act professionally and keep her personal life out of the office. Mariana apologizes but thought they knew since her criminal background is an asset. Callie proclaims she is not a criminal. She also can't see the humor in the situation, as she was worried when they started working together. Mariana was worried Callie would underestimate her. She learns that Kate and Zack aren't following one another on social which Mariana thinks could indicate they aren't friends.

The sisters work together to scroll through the teenager's profiles. Callie thinks she and Mariana are old as they have to pay taxes now. She is incredulous over when she got this old. Mariana notes that they're not old, even if Callie acts old sometimes. They find a comment with a hashtag that Callie's not familiar with, so Mariana finds the hashtag on Katie’s photo too. She searches it and discovers that the account is private. Izzy follows the Instagram account, but not Kate. Mariana thinks it could be Katie’s alternative Instagram account. Mariana suggests asking Izzy about the Instagram account to see what she knows.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Malika have drinks and bond over the quirks and annoyances they notice in Dyonte. Tanya inquires about her work with DPN, so Malika happily reveals that they have raised over 20k for her cause. Tanya likes her passion, but she doesn't relate to it. Malika assures her that social media and marketing play a role in activism too. Malika invites Tanya to help with DPN. She then notes that Dyonte needs to figure out his mini-campaign, but Dyonte hadn't told Tanya he was planning on doing one. Tanya is glad they had drinks, and so is Malika.

Gael finishes his envelopes and asks Yuri about his new piece, which is a 50,000 portrait. Gael offers to help paint one of the pieces, but Yuri tells him to redo half of the invites. Gael texts Callie not to wait up as he will be working late.

Davia talks to the mother of her student, Andre Johnson, to make sure Andre is okay. His mom was unaware of the protest as Andre already has one strike against him. Davia wanted to encourage him to be passionate, but his mom is worried. She is hesitant to trust Davia since Davis is white and unaware of the repercussions for Andre.

Callie and Mariana interview Izzy, but she wasn’t at the party that night. They wanted to ask her about Tommy and Zack’s friendship. Rowan and Tony wonder what the “Sleuthing Sisters are up to. Callie asks Izzy how Katie felt about Zack and Tommy spending so much time together. Mariana asks Callie if she remembers her ex-boyfriend Brad, joking that he was always hanging around with the guys and should have put down the Red Bull and Axe body spray. Izzy laughs and begins to relax.

Dyonte and Malika make out in her room when he gets a hedgehog emoji from Tanya which means she needs emotional support. Dyonte explains that Tanya has been through stuff with her family. Malika understands that Tanya is his primary and that he should be with her.

Callie and Mariana walk up the Coterie steps as Callie frets over being late for work. Mariana notes she has an appointment with the love doctor. Mariana takes Callie to the roof, where Isabella has planned a breakfast for Callie and Gael to spend time together. Once alone, Callie and Gael kiss, but Callie wants to talk first over breakfast. Gael talks about going back to work with Yuri to pain but is annoyed Gael is on invite duty. Callie tells him to be confident. Gael thinks they should talk more as it’s nice. Instead, they go into his loft, where they kiss and have sex.

Gael goes to Yuri’s and asks if the envelopes are punishment for quitting. He doesn’t understand why he’s doing invites when he was hire dot paint. Yuri tells him to make strokes on the canvas. He then points out how similar the lines on the envelopes are to the canvas. The envelopes taught him the technique, while the repetition helped him perfect it. Yuri didn’t tell Gael as it would have taken the fun out of the whole ordeal.

Kathleen asks the associates to tell her something she doesn’t know. Callie notes that after scouring the student’s Instagram. They all discovered that Katie and Zack didn’t follow each other, so they brought in a friend of Katie’s who admitted that Katie was over the relationship.

Izzy admits this to Callie and Mariana, but also that Katie wanted to go to a movie and not the party. But Tommy always did what Zack wanted. Katie wasn’t Zack’s biggest fan but she didn’t hate him. Izzy claims she didn’t talk to Katie since graduation. Mariana asks about the hashtag in the recent photo tagging - #2LDRZAS. Izzy lies that she doesn’t know what it means. She doesn’t get how this helps Tommy and asks to leave.

Callie tells Kathleen that they can get Izzy to follow Mariana on Insta; Mariana created a fake account called @CaturdayNightLive since Izzy loves cats. The boys chuckle and compliment the cleverness of the accounts handle. Mariana is waiting for her to accept her request. She hopes the account has photos from the party. Kathleen tells them they did great work. Tony is curious if they are going to blame Katie. Kathleen notes that they will if she has means and opportunity. Tony thanks the sisters for having his and Tony's backs. Mariana notices that Katie accepted the following request on her Finsta. They find a photo of Katie not being happy on the night of September 3rd, but Katie deletes her Finsta before they can see anything else. Izzie must have tipped her off, so now they don't have anything. Tony asks who’s going to tell Kathleen.

Malika and Andre meet with James from DPN for information on the Dandelion Rising program. Davia had referred Andre to Malika after talking with his mother. At the group meeting, Andre talks to the leader of a youth program who is working on a campaign o get police out of their schools. They got the random locker raids band as it was a racism program.

Davis and Matt talk about things at The Coterie. She tells him nothing is going on between her and Dennis as they’re just friends. He asks if Davia is still sorting out her feelings. She’s still confused, but he assures her that he isn’t pressuring her. He is patient but thinks it's too bad that friends don’t kiss. Davia feels the same way but states they can crush big time. They play footsie under the table. She gets an alert from Andre, who is broadcasting a video about wanting police out of the school. He doesn’t find it fair he can get thrown out for carrying around a sharpie. Davia is emotional as she watches.

Malika catches a basketball from Dyonte, and they play around for a bit. He apologizes for the other night for bailing. It didn't happen often, but she promises they are fine. She admits the newness is a challenge as everything is happening faster for her than she thought. Meeting Tanya wasn’t ready for her even though it went great. She was afraid to do Poly wrong. Dyonte assures her as there’s no wrong way to do anything, and they can slow it down. Tanya arrives as she’s working with DPN now. She was inspired by what Malika said and is there for marketing on the projects. Tanya happily hugs Malika.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Emmett Preciado as Rowan
  • Tia Valentine as Izzie
  • Ethan Smart as Cristian
  • Bryson Powers as Ryan
  • Charles Jackson as Dylan
  • James Nelson as James
  • Kahlila William as Kahlila
  • Dallas Oliver as Jessie
  • Giovanni Goree as Jeptha
  • Heidi Mendez as Shopper #1
  • Janab Kareem as Shopper #2

Notes and Trivia

  • A metamour is someone who is your partner's partner, but with whom you have no romantic relationship. This can be your partner's other boyfriend or girlfriend or your partner's spouse. It is a term frequently used in polyamorous relationships.[2]




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