I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but... There's one thing I got absolutely positively exactly right. My family is my world. And they have made this ride so joyful and so beautiful and so crazy and messy and perfect. So, thank you all, thank you so much for taking this journey with us all. And remember... It's not where you come from. It's where you belong.

Lena Elizabeth Adams Foster (née Adams) is the wife of Stef Adams Foster. She is the stepmother of Brandon Foster, and the adoptive mother of Mariana Adams Foster, Jesus Adams Foster, Jude Adams Foster and Callie Adams Foster. She is portrayed by Sherri Saum.


Lena is an altruistic activist who would love to save all the unloved kids in the world and give them the support every kid deserves. With Stef already having a son, Brandon, from a previous marriage, she and Stef took in the foster twins, Mariana and Jesus. After their adoption, the couple decided to no longer accept any more children in the system because raising three kids is a handful.

However, she violated her agreement with Stef and brought the needy Callie home for a “temporary” stay. She decided this after David requested the couple her in since having a male authority figure seemed to be damaging for Callie. Lena defended her decision to Stef. But when Callie disappears with their Brandon in tow, both Lena and Stef fear that Lena’s soft-heartedness may have given rise to big problems.

Physical Appearance

Lena has beautiful caramel skin, a slender body with full lips and big brown eyes. Lena also has notable thick dark brown hair that is very curly most of the time.


Lena is very open-minded and reasonable though she can be assertive and firm when she needs to be. Lena is fiercely protective of her wife and children and will do anything for them. Lena had a strong maternal instinct which allows her to accept and love compassionately and completely. Lena as a general rule is normally soft-spoken but isn't afraid to voice her opinions, view and beliefs. Lena likes to resolve problems and issues by talking through them in a calm and controlled manner.



The fosters pilot lena


Callie, a troubled teen, is sent to live with The Fosters after getting beat up in juvie. The Fosters, Stef, a police officer, and Lena, a vice-principal, are an interracial married lesbian couple raising Brandon, Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, and their adopted twins Mariana and Jesus.

The fosters pilot lena 1

After bringing Callie to her home, Lena introduces Callie to the twins who were in her position. After Callie goes to the bathroom, Lena tells the twins that she was planning a meeting with their biological mother. Mariana seems like she doesn't want to do so. Lena suspects Jesus had to do something with her decision, but he denies it. Brandon returns home from the music competition. Lena asks him how it went to which he answers excitedly he made it to the finals. Lena excitedly congratulates him. When Callie returns to the table, Lena introduces Brandon to Callie. Stef returns home and kisses Lena. Stef and Lena talk about Callie. But they agree to keep her for a little while.

The fosters pilot stef 1

After dinner, Stef and Lena go over the rules at the Fosters' home with Callie. Lena shows where she will be sleeping for the night. When Callie becomes somewhat rude, Lena reassures her that they're on her side. She asks her about a guy named Jude. As Callie was bound to explain, Stef interrupts prompting Callie having some hatred against police officers because of her arrest. Lena lets her continue when Stef leaves but Callie doesn't go back. Callie now enrolls in Lena's school. That night, Stef tells Lena that she is now partnered with Mike, her ex-husband. Stef tries to reassure that there is nothing to worry about. Lena spots Callie trying to find her way to class. It's Brandon's time to shine for his finals, but he is not in the house. The parents become worried since Callie is not around either. They attempt to call his friends but have no information about his whereabouts. Stef later remembers that she installed an application that locates your phone. She finds Brandon elsewhere far away from the neighborhood. Mike, Stef and Lena go to the rescue while Jesus and Mariana stay home. Lena stays out of the way when Mike and Stef arrest Callie's former foster father and rescue Jude. Stef and Lena discuss about the siblings outside of the car and they agree to not put them in the foster home just yet.


Lena adams consequently

Lena,Stef, and Callie.

Lena and Stef decided not to punish Brandon after the previous night's events. While at work, Stef mentions this to Mike, and he disagrees with Lena and Stef's decision. Meanwhile, the two moms are deciding what to do with Callie and Jude after Bill, Callie and Jude's social worker, tells them more about their previous history. Lena introduces Jude to the school, but during the process she finds a note in which could possibly rat Mariana out on her drug trafficking. Later that afternoon, Stef comes home from work with Mike. They have an argument over Brandon's punishment, and Lena gets mad at Stef for taking Mike's side. Mike grounds Brandon which angers him. He strikes back by telling Mike that he's never around or he has never been there for him much, and he wants to know who to take orders from. Afterwards, Lena and Stef reveal their decision on Jude and Callie. They decide that they will let them stay until Bill can find them a permanent home, but they won't be staying forever. Until then, Jude will bunk with Jesus while Callie stays with Mariana, much to her distress. After Lena and Stef blame Callie for Mariana's drug trafficking and she denies, Jesus convinces Mariana to tell them. She asks for him to accompany her while she tells them and he agrees. Jesus ends up taking the blame for Mariana when he sees her terrified face. Lena and Stef abashedly apologize to Callie.

Hostile Acts

Lena tells Callie and Jude that he must pass an exam to get into private school. For the test, Jude has to get at least a 65. But when Lena saw that he almost got a 65, she changes one of his answers. She does this so he can stay at school and stay with Callie.


Lena adams quinceanera

Lena, Stef, and Mariana.

Lena tries to prepare for Mariana and Jesus' quinceanera, as she, Mariana, and Lexi go to a dress fitting. When Lena pays more than she should for a dress, $300, this disappoints Stef since they don't exactly have as much money as is, and it's only an one-time thing. Lena states that the dress can be used for the prom, she is anxious to give Mariana and Jesus the best quinceanera. Meanwhile, Lena's mother, Dana, visits the Fosters, but causes more conflict for her. Lena gets completely offended when her mother states that she will never know what it's like to be a black woman, considering the fact that she is biracial, born to a white father, and she retaliates by walking away in tears. Stef comes to Lena's rescue and tries to understand her feelings. Meanwhile, Lena can be seen enjoying the rest of the night, as well as introducing a video of the childhood of Jesus and Mariana on video. When Mariana feels horrible that she didn't get a chance to dance with her mothers, she and Stef give her a hug and dance with her.

The Morning After


Lena, Callie, and Wyatt.

Stef and Lena are throwing a party with guests. Jesus says that their party sucks and she makes him clean up the dishes. After the party is over, Wyatt introduces himself to Stef and Lena. Wyatt helps the moms with washing dishes. He then leaves marking a first good impression as they like him. Those actions irritates Brandon who has developed feelings for Callie.

Stef brought Jesus home. Jesus explained that he had unprotected sex with Lexi. Lena and Stef disagreed on the course of action. Stef felt that they should give the pill to Lexi, and not tell her parents. Lena thought that was wrong and stormed off to get dressed.

The fosters the morning after 4

Poetry Session.

Stef was at home and Lena rushed home to argue with her since Lexi came to her office to tell her to thank Stef for giving her [Lexi] the morning after pill. Lena reprimanded Stef and she fought back. Stef explained that she did what was best for their son and Lexi. Lena reluctantly agreed with Stef for the time being. Brandon rushes upstairs to get Mariana before the family would go crazy, Mariana had a nose piercing and Stef and Lena were displeased but ignored it for the time being so they could get to the show. At the show, Garrett performed a piece about his moms' recent plan to divorce, and it strengthened Lena and Stef's relationship. They drove home and, when in the driveway, began to engage each other sexually.


Saturday 1

Breakfast time.

Early that morning, Stef and Lena are sitting down in the kitchen at breakfast helping Jesus plan dinner with Lexi's parents. Stef jokingly tells Jesus what they're having and Jesus was surprised. Stef tells him that she was being sarcastic and asked why is he so worked up about this and it's just a dinner with the Riveras whom they've known for a long time.

The fosters saturday 13

Lena talking to Brandon about his audition.

Brandon was practicing piano, and Lena came into his room, and told him that his instructor would be lucky to have him. Brandon tells Lena that he hopes that he doesn't screw up because he only has one chance. After Brandon and Lena finished talking, Lena wished him good luck on his piano audition and told him that he has nothing to worry about.


Lena talking to the Riveras.

Later that evening at the dinner, Stef and Lena were discussing with Lexi's parents what boundaries there were to be with the kids. Then the door rang, and it was Stef's father, who didn't know they had company. Stef was surprised to see her father and offered him a seat. During the dinner, Stef expressed her concerns about the bible camp seminar, and Riveras assured them there would be no prejudice against their family life style. They Riveras went further saying they support Lena and Stef as there is nothing more christian then family. Their response confused Stef's father.

Saturday 6

Stef and Lena talking to Mariana.

After the dinner, Stef and Lena rebuked Mariana for being drunk, lying and ruining Jesus relationship while she laid in bed. Stef and Lena told Callie to call them next time.

The Fallout

The Riveras came to school to officially pull Lexi out of school. Karina and Lena had a discussion about it, and Lena was nervous she might be presented in front of the school board and lose her job.

The fosters stena the fallout

Stef and Lena talking to the Riveras.

Lena and Stef were fighting in the kitchen about the Lexi issue and how Stef put Lena in a bad situation. Jude interrupted and asked if Connor could come over for a project. Lena and Stef stopped arguing for the time. Later that night in their bedroom Stef told Lena they shouldn't go to bed mad at one another. Lena didn't respond. The next morning the Riveras showed up looking for Lexi. They explained that Lexi packed a bag and left home in the night. Stef and Lena sat down with the Riveras in the house. They devised a plan to try and find Lexi.

After the Riveras left, Stef and Lena made up on the couch, when Callie came home with Brandon. Callie sat down with Brandon and began explaining what happen to her with Liam at her previous foster home.


Lena and Gretchen, an ex-lover of Lena's, are waiting for Stef for dinner at a restaurant. Stef and Gretchen hit it off nicely, but it annoys Lena. Stef invites Gretchen over for dinner the next night which adds more irritation for Lena who in revenge has Stef pay for her parking. At the house Gretchen was recalling time with Lena to Mariana. Mariana let it slip that her mothers weren't married and a discussion about gay marriage arose and it upset Lena. Stef began probing Lena about why she didn't express her interest in marriage to her. Then Lena scolded Gretchen who decided to leave as a result. After she left Stef asked Lena why she didn't tell her about how she felt. Mariana interrupts them telling about Jesus. As a result, Stef rushes to get her gun while Lena questions her actions. While Stef is at Ana's, Lena questions Mariana about living a lie. They later leave to pick up Jesus.


Lena and Mariana pick up Jesus downtown. At the same time, Lena receives a call from Mike, and he tells her about Stef. They immediately drive to the assisted hospital. Lena puts her anger and her fears on Mike about Stef getting shot practically blaming it on him. Lena visits Stef reassuring her the kids are safe.

After her visit, a flashback is shown of how Stef and Lena met. Stef was enrolling Brandon into an elementary school that Lena works. Lena showed her a tour of the school. Then, Stef was confused about her sexuality since it took her a long time to figure it out. Mike and Stef were separating and on the verge of a divorce. Stef explains to him that she is gay and she met someone. This leads to an eventual divorce. Lena tells Stef that she won't get involved with a married woman, but Stef reassures her that she told everybody that she is a lesbian. They makeup and start a relationship.

The Fosters visit Stef pre-surgery. Lena puts Brandon in charge when everybody (except Lena) go back home.

News is later given that the surgery was successful and she will survive. Lena visits Stef in her assisted room. Stef wakes up, removes her oxygen mask and asks Lena to marry me. Lena happily accepts. Stef's question about Mariana prompts Lena to think about her. The next morning, the rest of the family go back to the hospital. Mariana, feeling like nobody wants her around, was sitting outside until Lena sat beside her. She explains that her actions were to grow up, and she didn't want supervised visits. Lena comforts her saying "DNA doesn't make a family. Love does." Lena and Mariana embrace.

Lena threatens Ana when they are bound to leave by saying "If you ever go near my kids, it'll be the last thing you ever do." They go home.

I Do

Lena annoys Stef post-surgery when she is required to rest and recover. Lena seems unhappy when Stef makes a comment about the wedding. Stef and Lena talk to Callie about Liam and the pre-trial. In the bathroom, Stef stares at her scar from the bullet's entering. Lena shows that she is self-conscious and that she is worried about Stef eventually going back to work. Stef, Lena and Callie talk to Callie's ADA about the case. The case will be thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

Stef and Lena accompany Callie to her pre-trial. Stef is seen slightly smiling while Lena is unclear when Callie decides to tell the truth about her rape. After the pre-trial, Callie does not win her case against Liam. Lena feels for her since she never got what she deserved. This prompts Stef to think that they should adopt her along her brother. Stef and Sharon get into another argument because of the dress. Sharon leaves while Lena arrives. Stef, clearly annoyed about everything, accidentally calls the wedding stupid. Lena asks her if there is a specific reason why she refers to it as stupid. Lena, clearly upset, tells her if she doesn't want to get married she shouldn't do it. Stef and Lena later make up for their argument and have sex.

Before the wedding, Captain Roberts and Lena are talking about Stef returning to work in a week. Stef hears and tells Lena she was planning on telling her after the wedding. Lena pulls Stef aside and drags her to the bathroom. Lena unbuttons Stef's shirt. She tells her that if she is to marry her, she has to make peace with everything involving Stef including her scar. Stef and Lena eventually finally marry. They enjoy the dances inviting Callie and Jude into the family. They later have sex after the wedding. Lena is fast asleep when Callie runs away.

The Honeymoon

Lena is waken, along with Stef, the morning after their wedding. They admire their last names and get intimate. Lena is shocked by Callie running away. She, along with the rest of the family, have a family meeting about Callie. Stef and Lena assume that they may have freaked her out due to the adoption. Lena says calling Callie's probation officer will make things worse for her. Lena notices Jude in a bad state and comforts him after he asks her if Callie will go back to juvie. Lena calls Wyatt for information on Callie's whereabouts. Stef and Lena arrive at the motel Wyatt and Callie were staying for the night. She thanks him for calling them back. When they find out Callie has bolted once again, they go outside with Stef calling for Callie not knowing she is taking a ride from a truck driver. The newlyweds question Wyatt about Callie. Lena asks him why would Callie leave in the first place. He responds saying things weren't working out, and she was probably going to be sent to another foster home. Lena is shocked by this. Stef and Lena continue their search for Callie. While driving, Stef and Lena get into an argument which leads to Stef leaving the glasses (that were meant to pay for) in the middle of street. Back at the motel parking lot, Stef and Lena realize that they are both wrong, and Stef points out the negative parts about her. They admit that they may have been wrong about Callie.

House and Home

The family excluding Callie is having dinner. Brandon blurts out that the reason why Callie ran away was because he kissed Callie. He is taken outside where his moms bombard him with questions. Lena asks him the real reason why Callie ran away. Later on, Jude joins Stef and Lena out in the backyard. He apologizes to them for telling them about Brandon and Callie kissing. They reassure him that the recent actions will not change their minds about wanting to adopt him. They say that they won't give up on Callie nor Jude. The next morning, Stef and Lena appear in court with Callie. Stef tells the judge a speech about how Callie has affected their lives positively, but they finish by saying they aren't ready to have her back in their home at the moment. After they return home from court and grocery shopping, Brandon bombards his moms with questions about Callie. They tell him that she is in a group home until further notice. They tell him that he can't see Callie until the situation has been resolved. Brandon yells at them for keeping him and Callie apart, and he states that they're in love and keeping them apart won't change their status. Lena calls Jesus' doctor when he has a side effect from his ADHD medications. The following day, Stef and Lena walk on Jude having trouble with his suit for visitations. They tell him that Callie lost her privileges for visitations. They suggest that they do something together, but he rejects their offer.

Things Unsaid

Later, Lena, Mike, and Stef share with Brandon that they’ve taken a drastic step in keeping he and Callie away from one another-they’ve gotten a restraining order issued keeping Brandon apart from Callie legally. He gets angry and storms out. Lena, Stef, and Mike discuss the situation with Brandon, then Stef gets ready to head back to work for the first time since being shot. Stef tells Mike that he should be able to come to work with her, he tells her not to worry, it will work itself out. Lena calls to check on Stef when Timothy arrives to discuss something about work. He asks if she’s okay, she tells him that she’s worried about Stef’s first day back at work, but that’s she’s fine. Back at play practice, Mariana’s sewing machine tears up, Kelsey shows up to confront Mariana about running lines with Chase. She accuses Mariana of going after the guy she likes. Mariana denies doing anything wrong, but Kelsey doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Stef calls Lena back, who is relieved to hear from her and asks about dinner. Jesus shows up at her office, Lena freaks when she sees his black eye. Lena confronts the wrestling coach and demands the hazing be put to an end immediately, or she will have him fired. Meanwhile, Lena confronts Jude about hoarding food in his room. He tells her he does it because other foster homes don’t have a lot of food, and he’s afraid that he’s going to be moved to another foster home. Lena tells Jude that while she can’t promise there won’t be any surprises, but that he can’t go through life afraid of what might happen.Lena and Stef confront Mariana about Kelsey’s accusations. They inform her that she’s suspended from school because of what Kelsey told Principal Sanchez. Mariana is stunned by the news. At the group home, Callie sneaks off to call Brandon, but is caught by Cole, who demands that Callie give up the phone, but Cole’s not doing it to be mean, he’s trying to help Callie. Mike arrives at Stef and Lena’s to apologize to Brandon for being an alcoholic while he was growing up. He also talks to Brandon about the restraining order, and tells him that he knows how Brandon feels. Mike says he felt the same way when he and Stef divorced, and he only got to see Brandon every now and then. Mike gives Brandon money for piano lessons, but Brandon calls his instructor to tell him he can’t take lessons anymore. He puts the money away. Later, Stef and Lena go to bed, but Lena can’t sleep. Brandon texts Callie, then receives a text back telling him things are over between them. He has no idea that Cole sent the message.

Family Day

Lena and Stef sat Jude down. They needed to speak to him about his options. They still want to adopt both him and Callie. The only problem standing in the way is Callie. They’ve chosen her but she has yet to choose them back. That’s why it’s important to hear what Jude has to say. Lena and Stef want to adopt no matter what choice Callie makes.Lena is thinking about having a baby. She always wanted to get pregnant and then she met Stef. Stef had a son and the two went on to adopt Mariana and Jesus. But the pregnancy idea keeps swimming around her head. Lena checked with a doctor to see if it was a possibility and she was told her vital looked good. These things though can change. Particularly when you take in her age. Lena wanted to discuss it with Stef and there was never really a good time. They were worried about Callie and Jude. Then Stef’s father came back into the picture. He missed their wedding and though he could make up for it by giving them a new car. Stef rejected it. She didn’t like how he thought he could buy forgiveness.Lena did get around to convincing Stef to try with her dad but they didn’t know it was too late. Stef arrived at house after he passed away in his sleep. She never got the chance to tell him she forgave him and Lena won’t want to bring up having a baby during such hard time for Stef. She’s going to want to be supportive.


Lena didn’t feel like sharing her own piece of news would do anyone good and wisely decided to put her baby plans on the backburner. Now, if only she could have wisely hidden her prenatal vitamins. Stef found them before everyone headed out to the funeral. Stef’s captain warned Lena to not let Stef anywhere around a newspaper. Lena didn’t understand and later asked Mike what’s so dangerous. He tried to downplay the situation but there is a journalist writing up a story on the shooting. According to Mike, he’s simply trying to sell papers or in other words this journalist is writing up a sensationalized article on police brutality. Lena did fess up to her baby plans but not to Stef. She told her overbearing mother her plans and then till felt hurt when her mother dismissed them. Her mother said if she really wanted a baby of her own then she would have had one by now. Lena couldn’t take that response and she ultimately had to put her foot down. Her mother is only allowed to offer support and no more opinions. Her mother agrees to lay off yet she had one more thought she wished to share. She told Lena that she should have told her news to Stef.

Us Against The World

Lena and Stef talk to Callie about earning their trust back, giving her a cell phone with a tracking app on it so they will know where she is at all times.

Kids in the Hall

The principal of the kids’ High School is worried about Callie. She noticed that Callie hasn’t joined any groups or teams and feels like her participation would help her assimilate to her life with the Fosters. It might even help her to not run away again if she has more roots at the school. Lena wants what’s best for Callie however she didn’t like the idea that anyone was thinking she and Stef couldn’t handle Callie as part of their. But the principle did point out that out of all of their kids the only one that hasn’t come close to failing or had gotten suspended was Brandon. He appears to be the most normal one. Lena invited her co-worker to the house for dinner. Coincidentally it was the same night Stef invited Mike and his girlfriend around as well. So the women decided to make dinner party out of it. Stef was busy interrogating that she found it odd that Lena wasn’t on the same page. She found a moment alone with her wife and demanded an answer. Lena isn’t generally fawning over just anyone and when Stef asked her on it; Lena explained how she thinks she found the perfect sperm donor. They’ve been discussing what kind of donor they want like if he should be black or white but none of that matters now. At least to Lena. Timothy is highly educated and she likes him as a person.

Escapes and Reversals

Lena and Stef wanted to inform that they were filing the adoption forms but first they had to get the kids’ father’s to sign off on his rights. Callie was upset to learn he still had any.Stef informed Jude and Callie that technically going to prison doesn’t terminate parental rights. That’s why they need his signature. Jude didn’t mind that they were going to contact his dad. That’s because he thought his father was still in jail. He’s not and Callie admitted as much. She told them how she tried to contact him after she ran away only to find out that he’s been out for over a year now. Jude is angry that she kept such a secret from him. And he’s starting to get tired of her excuse about how she wanted to protect him. While Stef feels like this yet another reason they should go with anonymous donor. That way they don’t have to deal with fathers and their rights. But Lena broke down and told he wife about Timothy’s offer. He had overheard their talk at the dinner and volunteered to donate his sperm. Well, Stef didn’t like that. She feels like Lena has been making a lot of choices by herself and then telling Stef after the fact. They come to work through their problems but Stef was still worried. On paper and in person Timothy is a great guy. Though is he ready to help create a baby.

Don't Let Go

Meanwhile, Stef and Lena are meeting with Timothy from their kid’s school who is offering his services to donate his sperm to Lena so she can get pregnant. Lena seems to be really on board with this decision be moving back, she is approached by Zac’s mom who invites her over to dinner.but it looks like Stef has some concerns even though she consents. Stef then leaves the school to go over to Mike’s house to chastise him for grounding Brandon without consulting with her first. She reminds him that she still has custody and needs to be consulted at all times. The scene then shifts to Callie who is dealing with her feelings about her dad by talking to one of her friends that she knew in juvenile detention. . Later, Timothy the teacher who is giving Stef and Lena his sperm arrives at the house to masturbate into the cup and when he is finishing the job, Jesus sees him leave the bathroom and wonders what is going on. Lena and Stef then tell everyone that night about their plans to have a baby the natural way. The episode ends with Callie and Jude’s dad showing up and telling them that he loves them but that he is signing away his rights. When asked why he says because it was the truthful thing to do, and that he could never provide for them the way that Stef and Lena have. And this is where the episode ends with Callie and Jude being able to be officially adopted by Stef and Lena.


Lena and Zac’s mom are counting ballots for the winter queen and king. Lena then goes to Brandon and tells him to ask Callie to dance so the principal will see she is participating. Jesus tries talking to the girl he is getting math help from, but she sees through his erratic behavior without his meds and she walks away. Brandon asks Callie to dance, and they dance. Meanwhile back in the bathroom there are kids drinking alcohol illegally. Marianna and Zach are dancing when Zach’s mom cuts in to dance with Zach. She accuses Zach of screwing Marianna before running off. The episode then swings back to Brandon and Callie who says she is tired of being judged by everyone. He agrees but it is because he is mad that she did not meet up with him the other day. They talk about being together, but she really wants a family; and, when she is adopted by Lena and Stef, technically Callie and Brandon would be brother and sister. She does not want to mess up the family dynamic by dating her foster brother. He then tells her to tell him something to make him get over her. She tells him that when she and Wyatt ran away together, that they slept together.

Adoption Day

Stef lets Lena know about the return of Brandon. They then discuss Brandon’s possible punishment from the school (in regards to the fake I.Ds). Expulsion is definitely on the table for B. Similarly to Brandon, Callie sits on the stairs hearing everything, possibly blaming herself for Brandon’s actions.Lena is seen meeting Timothy later on, so he can sign the donor agreement papers. But unfortunately for Lena, it appears that Tim is reconsidering his offer. He explains to her that he just can’t imagine their being a child that he helped create out in the world…yet he can’t have any part of that. This leaves Lena devastated. Stef on the other hand takes the news quite well, after Lena comes home and tells her this new found information. Lena explains that she got blood work and tests done before coming home just to be sure she isn’t already pregnant. But after they continue to talk, Stef’s true feelings them having a baby come out. Lena, not knowing what to respond pulls the classic silent treatment her wife’s way and exit’s the kitchen.

Back home, Lena walks out of the bathroom and informs Stef that the chances are pretty unlikely that she’s pregnant now, since her lovely little time of the month have arrived. Stef, not wanting to upset Lena even more so doesn’t say anything. However she changes the subject to Ana. Lena asks if she’s really going to give the money to her. It’s then she explains the plan: Stef will be wired the entire time. All she has to do is get Anna’s extorting a police officer on tape and she’s golden. At home, Lena sits down with Jude where he out of nowhere asks Lena when she knew she was gay. Being completely thrown off by the question, she doesn’t respond. Jude then explains his current situation with Maddie and Connor. How instead of feeling jealous over Maddie, he was more jealous because of Connor. Lena responds with by saying that jealously is an ugly thing. She further explains that just because he feels jealous during this one instance, doesn’t make him automatically gay. She of course states that even if he were or weren’t, Stef and Lena would love and accept him no matter what. It’s adoption day! The day we thought would never come.

Prior to the official adoption, the entire gang hangs out in the lobby. Stef and Lena come together where they talk about many things, such as Brandon (and Vico) not getting expelled, Ana not showing up to the diner, and how gasp! Lena’s pregnant! Turns out the period Lena thought she had was actually just spotting. Thinking that her wife is going to react negatively, Lena is prepared for the worst. But actually Stef surprisingly couldn’t be more thrilled. “We’re going to have a baby!” The two hug and kiss at the great news. It is then that Stef and Lena pull Callie and Jude aside. They explain to her that there seems to be a mix-up with her original birth certificate. A different person is listed as her father, not Donald Jacob like she always thought. So unfortunately, at this time she can’t get adopted. Tears are shed between both Jude and Callie. Stef and Lena reassure Callie that just because this little hiccup occurred does not change their mind; she will be adopted by them one day. Jude, Stef and Lena sign the papers and the entire Adams-Foster family (including Callie) takes a picture with a judge. They finally did it! Jude is adopted; he has a family again! Everyone goes back to the house for celebrations.


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Stef Adams Foster


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Stef and Lena have been together for over ten years. Stef proposed to Lena in Vigil while in the hospital. In I Do, they get married happily.


Gretchen and Lena dated prior to "Pilot ". They dated for 18 months but broke up due to Lena's desire to get married, something Gretchen didn't want. A contributing fact to the break-up was that Gretchen cheated on Lena with her best friend during the time.


  • Lena is shown to have progressive social values.
  • She gets artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant in Adoption Day after wanting to have a biological child of her own - a desire that she sometimes feels guilty about. However, she loses the baby due to preeclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy complication often caused by stress, in Mother. Devastated by the loss, she struggles to move past the event. However in Faith, Hope, Love, she admits to Stef that she's fallen into a depression over it and can't fully move on knowing she lost her baby. The devastation of this loss made it difficult for her and Stef to decide whether to adopt Ana's baby in season 2B.
  • Lena comes from a mixed family with an African American mother and a Caucasian father. As a result of being half white and half black, her mother often judges her because she doesn't believe Lena is a "real" African American woman.
  • She is the vice principal at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. She briefly quit the job in Someone's Little Sister due to a dissidence with the new principal, Monte Porter, but soon shortly takes it back since her family needed the salary.
  • Lena was bullied at school due to being biracial, earning her the school nick name 'Oreo'. Once the kids at school learned that she was also a lesbian, they switched to calling her a 'Klondyke Bar'.


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