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The Law Office of Kathleen Gale is a professional lawyers office that specializes in pro-bono or low-income cases. It was established by Kathleen Gale and features three of her junior associates.



In Capoeira, while going to work at Legal Aid, Callie meets Kathleen Gale, the new tenant who has issues with the drab interior. Callie learns that Legal Aid is moving into the a new building downtown due to a budget issue. Kathleen is a defense attorney who split from her firm and is now opening a small non-profit defense project at the former Legal Aid building, along with a few of her junior associates.

Callie visits Kathleen that night to ask her advice on a legal matter, though Kathleen thinks the case in question is a loser. Callie continues to convince Kathleen to help Jared, though she’s still apprehensive. Kathleen is impressed by her idealism yet willingness to fight, so she agrees to help but on one condition - Callie comes to work for her.

In Arraignment Day, Callie arrives for her first day and is nicknamed an impulse buy by the junior associates, Tony Britton and Rowan. They critique Kathleen for her impulsive choice to open the clinic but Callie reminds them that they did the same thing. Kathleen enters and announces they are all picking up cases at the arraignment court from PD overflow. Kathleen is still working on Jerod’s case, but pro-bono cases don’t keep the lights on. After a long day of court, Callie is the only one who wins her case in court.

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Notes and Trivia

  • The office is the former location of Legal Aid, having bought out the space upon their founding.