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Knocked Down is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on July 15, 2021.


Callie and Gael decide to give their relationship a shot. Meanwhile, Malika is blindsided by Isaac’s news, Alice returns to the comedy program thanks to help from an unexpected source, and Dennis’ return has Davia questioning everything.


Alice waits for her toast to pop whilst listening to sad music. Malika cries as she walks into the kitchen. Davia is solemn and crying as she gets her breakfast. Mariana sits down with her coffee, also sad. Kelly asks who died and the four sitting girls begin to cry while Kelly worries that Dennis it was Dennis, but the girls protest. None of them want to talk about it. Callie walks in happy and chipper which makes everyone sob.

Gael wakes up in bed next to Callie.

In Gael’s loft, Callie and Gael discuss Isabella being pregnant. He doesn’t want her to do this alone. She didn’t know they were together but he explains that it was just a one-night stand. She understands, as he’s doing the right thing, which is what she loves about him. She’s there for him if he needs her as a friend or babysitter. He admits that he doesn’t want to be just friends. He knows things are complicated but she kisses him before he can finish. She’s used to things being complicated.

Davia storms into the Coterie and into Dennis’s room, angry enough to hit him. She flashes back to him meeting Matt and her telling Dennis she has company. In the present, she yells at Dennis for calling her his light but not wanting her to wait for him. He explains that what he wants and needs is here with her. He doesn’t have to say anything but he’ll be here when she figures it out. He promises not to leave. She does have work and storms out.

Mariana and Evan sit in her room to which she admits to telling the girls about their relationship. She told them and they freaked out, angry that she was dating him. Claire jumps to the conclusion that Mariana cheated on Raj with Evan, but Mariana protests the claim. Gina is mad she lied the whole time. Mariana doesn’t think it was a lie as they didn’t have anything to do with them. Rachel asks if the pitch meeting was because of Evan, but Mariana knows it’s because Evan believed in them. She’s sorry that she didn’t tell them but she’s not going to sue him. Claire asserts that they can sue him.

Mariana tells Evan it didn’t go well and about the impending lawsuit because of the harassment and discrimination they experienced. They want to fund Bulk Beauty themselves. Evan is nervous as he fears that it could delay the IPO, as he removed board members to make a deal to control the company. She thinks he should settle but he’s worried about the message it will send. She argues that the complaints aren’t unfounded. Evan retorts that he handled it when he found out. When Act=ivism happened he couldn’t shut it down out of free speech. He offers to be the private silent investor in Bulk Beauty so they’ll get the money instantly.

Malika and Alice cry on the table as Isaac is still processing things. Alice realizes she walked out of the program and Ruby too. She was sitting in her room when Ruby arrived, so impressed by Alice’s courage for standing up. She is ready to be in a relationship with Alice. Alice, however, isn’t impressed with Ruby and disagrees. She stood up for herself and the whole crew as they weren’t valued for what they brought. She doesn’t want to be with someone who only has her back when nothing is at stake. Malika assures Alice that she did the right thing. Malika wonders if it’s too early for edibles as those don’t have rules of when to ingest them.

Callie arrives at work to a cold greeting by Tony and Rowan, who are in the dark about Kathleen’s situation with the FBI. They question Callie about it but she lies that she doesn’t know anything. The other night, she questioned Kathleen about the disappearance of the witness. Her client, Albert Chen, had a source within the FBI that informed him that his wife Denise planned to testify against him. He wasn’t going to let that happen. Knowing the company he kept, Kathleen was worried for Denise’s safety and tipped her off, so Denise ran. She couldn’t tell anyone without breaking attorney-client privilege as he didn’t explicitly say he intended to harm her. She couldn’t trust the FBI as there was a bad apple on the inside which would have put her life in danger. She hasn’t been charged as the FBI doesn’t have proof. They are trying to scare Kathleen into giving them something on Chen. Callie questions why Kathleen hired her, but it’s because she trusts her.

Rowan worries that Kathleen will close the shop but Callie knows they can still try the murder case if she has been. Kathleen waltzes in and delivers a speech on getting their client off of the murder case by saying it’s an accident instead of a murder. She asks about her scone and latte.

Isabella goes to the doctor as the OBGYN listens to the baby’s heartbeat. She concludes that Isabella is 9-10 weeks pregnant. The doctor asks Gael how he feels, calling him dad for the first time.

Kathleen details that the prosecution is saying that Tommy hit Zack on the back of the head with a rock. Tony calls out that the rock didn’t have prints, with Callie asking if that’s even possible. Rowan counters that they can as there is a new technology that might be able to do it. Kathleen reminds Rowan to only ask questions he knows the answer to. She’s worried that the new tech could link the rock to Tommy. The FBI agents arrive for questions to Kathleen.

The previous night, Callie wonders what she and Kathleen should tell Tony and Rowan about the lawsuit, as well as Callie representing her. Kathleen doesn’t think they have anything to worry about. The boys don’t even have to know.

Kathleen declares that she needs her lawyer present and calls for Callie. She exchanges a nervous look with the guys before leaving to join Kathleen.

The nurse asks Isabella if this is her first pregnancy. Gael watches nervously as he flashes back to his conversation with Callie in which he suggests a paternity test. He felt awkward asking as he doesn’t want her to think he doesn’t believe her. She thinks he has a right to know. At the doctor’s office, Isabella asks about a paternity test. The nurse says a test can be done for 1700 dollars with results coming within a week. The ultrasound is printed off and the nurse leaves to gather information. Isabella tells Gael that she knows he’s the father and wants him to know it too. She assures him she’ll pay for the test but he offers to pay half. Since her parents cut her off she agrees. They didn’t want her to have the baby and when she refused they decided not to support her. She looks at the ultrasound as the nurse returns to ask about her home address. Isabella admits she’s staying in a hotel but also doesn’t have an emergency contact. Gael offers to be her contact.

Callie talks to the FBI agents and counters everything they throw at her. They ask if she had anything to do with the disappearance of Denise Chen. Callie advises her client not to answer any more questions, and if they show up unannounced again, she will file a complaint. As they leave, the agent asks why Kathleen is representing Chen’s nephew in the murder trial. When the agents leave, Callie questions Kathleen about the relationship.

Malika and Alice watch a movie as they talk about only needing one voice to start an avalanche. Alice counters that one person would get buried in the snow. Malika knows no movie exists that shows her current dilemma. Alice assures her that Isaac will understand as Malika has to explore it. Something hits the window and Alice looks out and opens the balcony doors. They find an injured bird on the ledge.

Kathleen closes her office door to tell the full story to Callie. Tommy is Denise’s niece, so Kathleen asked Ken, Tommy’s father, and Denise’s brother if he knew where Denise was. If she could offer proof of life the FBI case would go away. But he refused unless she took his son’s case. Callie asks why she didn’t tell her, but Kathleen didn’t want it to affect her view of Tommy’s case. She isn’t thrilled about the coercion but Tommy does deserve the best defense. Plus, she doesn’t think he did that. Callie reminds Kathleen that she took the case out of trust and asks if there’s anything else she hasn’t told her. Kathleen promises Scout’s honor that she’s told Callie everything. Callie asks what she should tell the boys about representing the FBI case. Kathleen and Callie leave the office to tell them she chose Callie for reasons that are none of their business. She tells them not to worry as she loves them all the same. Dr. Mikkelsen, the accident expert, calls and Kathleen offers to take it in her office. Tony questions Callie on knowing everything. He applauds her poker face and they ask about the case but she can’t tell them as it’s privileged. The boys mention that Kathleen does have a favorite.

Gael lays on Dennis’s bed as they talk about the baby as he doesn’t know one way or the other if he’s the father. Dennis offers to loan him the money for the paternity test. Gael refuses as he feels bad for her as she’s alone. Dennis assures Gael that he’s there for him and Isabella has Gael. Gael worries about how to support the child, but Dennis knows he’ll figure it out. Gael asks if it’s too much for him to talk about. Dennis apologizes for freaking out and calls the wall portrait beautiful. Gael asks about Davia but Dennis knows she’s pissed off for a good reason. Gael tells him to give her time as she does love him.

Mariana visits Evan unannounced as she needs to talk with him.

Callie and Mariana talk on the phone with her knowing that if Mariana does this she might lose Evan. Mariana knows.

At Evan’s apartment, Mariana reveals that he has to settle with the girl because she told them about the IPO. If he doesn’t want them to go public they have to be paid what they deserve.

Mariana tells Callie that she’s decided to choose her friends instead of Evan. Callie thinks she’s doing the right thing and is proud.

Evan asks if she told them about the offer but she didn’t. It’s not just about the money or funding it’s about being compensated for the lost wages and opportunities. They can’t trust him when he only does the right thing when he’s forced to. He asks if she feels that way too and she does. She thinks they are right. He agrees to settle and tell the board. She’s glad and leaves to get her things which confuses him. He explains that he isn’t mad nor does he want to lose her or their relationship. He doesn’t want to lose her toothbrush. He loves her as she makes him a better person. He still wants to be with her.

Alice and Malika look at the injured bird. Malika thinks it represents her. Dyonte bein the window to the face. Alice was allowed to perform for casting directors but couldn’t fly through the door, she went into the window. When she looks down the bird is gone. It flew to the ledge and then flew away. Malika thinks this might have been the sign as they get knocked down but back up again. They go inside where they listen to music, drink, and dance happily. Ruby watches from the doorway as she has news. Alice brushes it off as being busy as they saved a bird. Malika corrects that the bird saved them. Ruby notes that it’s interesting. Margret Cho blew the lid on the program and interviewed about the CBTV program. After evaluations, they fired Scott and tossed out the sketches so they’re done by the talent. What Alice said was right and now the whole world knows. The program wants Alice back. Malika gets a text from Isaac wanting to talk and they squeal happily. Alice tells her this is her moment to fly through the window. But after she sobered up. The girls jump happily and share with Ruby as they go back to dancing.

Davia lays in bed as she replays seeing Dennis at the hospital, him taking photos of her, the flour in his old house, and comforting one another. She thinks about their times and moments. The first time he said he loved her. Singing together. She tells Dennis that she was hurt when he left and can’t deny that she loves him and feels ready alongside him. He apologizes for hurting her and that being away made him realize that he needs and wants her. He doesn’t want to be apart from her again. They kiss happily.

Callie tries to pose sexily on Gael’s bed, but Isabella walks in with Gael as she does. Callie sits up hurriedly and covers herself with the blanket.

Davia realizes she has to talk with Matt. It might be awkward at first but then she realizes Dennis knew they worked together. He admits that Gael told him when he called to check in on her. Davia finds that interesting as he only came back because she’s dating someone new. He realized he didn’t want to lose her. He doesn’t want to keep her waiting as he wants to be ready to be with her. She asks if he is or if this is just a knee-jerk reaction. She can’t trust that he knows what he’s capable of. If he’s ready and ready to stop running from his grief, or her, or happiness, then he has to prove it. She doesn’t know how he’ll prove it. But she won’t wait while he figures it out.

Gael tells Callie that Isabella doesn’t have anyone so he invited her to live in his pool loft.

In the car, Gael tells Isabella that he and Callie are together again. She doesn’t want to be accused of getting between another couple but he’s sure she won’t. She isn’t sure that everyone else is happy to see her. She promises to get her own job and apartment as she doesn’t want the baby to be a burden. She doesn’t think she was completely honest when she said she didn’t want anything from him. She needs a friend.

Gael tells Callie that whether or not the baby is his, Isabella needs someone. She understands and calls him a good guy. Gael reveals that Isabella brought up the paternity test which she thinks is good. He apologies for it being complicated but she doesn’t mind it with the right person. She kisses him happily.

Davia and Matt have a drink at Douro where she tells him about Dennis being back but they aren’t back together. He’s glad to hear that. She tells him that old feelings came back so she isn’t over him completely. She wants to be over him before she is with someone else, as she respects and likes someone else. She doesn’t want to ruin it. Matt understands and offers friendship instead. He’s willing to be patient while she “sorts her shit out”.

Malika video chats to Isaac upon his request. She remarks that she misses him. He missed her too. He called to tell her that he’s leaving the country for six months as he has a contract in London. He thinks it’s what is best for now. He thinks they need time and space apart to process. She is confused as she wants to be with him like it was. He knows that isn’t possible anymore.

Mariana sits with her Byte Club as they thank her for getting the settlement. The tip gave them leverage with the lawyers. Mariana knows it’s the right thing and the least she could do. She asks what their next step is. Rachel reveals that their next steps don’t include Mariana. She asks if this is about Evan.

At Evan’s apartment, he admits he still wants to be with Mariana. She tearfully admits to loving him and wanting him to. But she can’t as she keeps making excuses and that doesn’t make her a better person. She can’t do this anymore. She hugs him as they both cry. She hurries out of the apartment and breaks down in the hall as she cries.

Mariana tells the girls she broke up with Evan asking if they can move on. Claire knows they can’t fix and forget as she betrayed them. They don’t trust her anymore as she only does the right thing when there’s no other option. They don’t need that in the business, their team, or friendships. The girls leave as Mariana sits in the chair crying.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Emmett Preciado as Rowan
  • Quinn Sullivan as Agent Haverman
  • Noel Arthur as Agent Nunn

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  • A text chain between Mariana and Lena is available on the Good Trouble official Twitter account.[2]




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