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"In honor of Brandon and Eliza's Amsterdam adventure, I thought a Dutch theme was in order! Your costumes and clogs are in Jim's study. We're all dressing up!"
Diane to Callie and Mariana

Klompendansen is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on March 10, 2021 and served as a Fosters family reunion.


The Fosters and the Hunters get together for a Dutch themed goodbye party for Brandon and Eliza; Callie has an awkward encounter with Jamie; Mariana struggles to tell the moms the truth.


Callie and Mariana get ready to leave for Jim and Diane’s party, with Callie feeling weird about going after her relationship with Jamie fell apart. At the Coterie, Callie admits that she doesn’t regret what she did and brings up Jerod’s case, which Mariana isn’t sure he knows about. At the house, Mariana convinces Callie to go in but tells her not to tell anyone she’s dating Evan. They ring the bell and Diane answers happily while wearing Dutchwear.

Diane explains that in honor of Brandon and Eliza’s Amsterdam adventure, she’s throwing a Dutch-themed party where everyone is dressing up. She tells the surprised sisters to go get changed.

Across the house, Brandon asks Eliza when they are planning to drop their bomb to which she hopes they can do at the very last minute.

Carter tells Jude about his big decision, clarifying he isn’t to come out to his parents, but considering a transfer to UCLA and already got accepted. From behind Carter, Jude spots Connor Stevens dressed as a waiter. He remembers their times together when they were younger and their relationship. He is surprised to see Connor who explains he is working for the party and going to UC Irvine on a baseball scholarship, and the boys take a moment to catch-up before he has to go back to work. Once Connor walks off, Carter asks how Jude knows Connor to which Jude lies that he’s just a friend from middle school.

Calle and Mariana emerge and hug everyone as they say hello. Callie whispers in Brandon’s ear that he should have warned them about the outfits, and Brandon whispers back that he didn’t think they wouldn’t come if they knew. The moms ring the bell and Diane leaves to get the door, making a snide comment about them being almost on time. When Diane and Jim are gone, Callie learns that Jim and Diane do know about her and Jamie breaking up but not why they broke up. Brandon also reveals that he didn’t warn their moms either.

Stef and Lena look at their costumes with Stef not wanting to dress-up. She also hopes to one day tell Diane how she truly feels about her. Lena warns Stef not to do anything today since the party is for Brandon and Eliza. Corey, Stef and Lena’s former foster child, emerges in a dutch costume which he isn’t too happy about. He remarks that he knows he has to wear the costume for Brandon and Eliza.

Jude asks to talk to Callie alone just as Mariana spots Corey, causing everyone to hug each other. Diane loudly tells everyone they look amazing. Diane explains to Stef that she heard about her back surgery which is why she has different shoes than everyone else. She has another surprise coming just as Connor emerges with drinks, surprising the moms. Diane asks how they know Connor to which Mariana blurts out that he was Jude’s first boyfriend.

Jamie arrives and asks Carter where everyone is, learning that Diane took everyone on the tour. Carter warns him that Callie is here. The Adams Foster and Hunters emerge and Jamie makes his rounds with hugs, remembering Corey from Brandon and Eliza’s engagement party. He hugs everyone until he reaches Callie, who gives him a brisk nod. They take a seat at the table with Diane excusing Jamie from costumes for now. The Hunters and Brandon leave for the table while Sef, Lena, Mariana, Callie, and Jude talk about Connor.

They have assigned seats at the table, with Stef on one end and Jim on the other. Jim asks Jamie how his law firm partners feel about his facial hair, to which Jamie reveals he quit. He didn’t like the track he was on and isn’t sure what he’s doing yet, which upsets Jim. Jim excuses the band so they can talk freely. Eliza chimes in that Jamie might just not know what he wants to do yet, but Jim is convinced that he should have waited to quit until he knew to quit. Mariana adds that she and Callie just quit their jobs which is news to the moms, who thought Callie was still at the clerkship. Callie and Jamie exchange a look from across the table. Mariana tries to cover that she meant Callie’s other job, making Jim question how many jobs she has. Callie explains she left her clerkship early to work at Legal Aid, but now she’s working for a highly regarded defense attorney. Lena asks when this happened. Callie promises she was planning to tell them today. Jim asks Mariana about quitting her job so soon after her app was released, to which Mariana explains it was overrun by white supremacists so she quit. He pointedly asks if he knows any of them. He covers it as a joke but Callie snips back that it isn’t funny. She tells everyone about the verbal attack on Mariana, a revelation that horrifies Stef. Mariana brushes it off as nothing. Diane asks if everyone is ready for their first dish.

The waiters enter and Jude smiles at Connor, prompting Carter to tell Jim that he’s transferring to UCLA, an idea that Jim promptly shuts down. He doesn’t want Carter to transfer from an ivy league to a state school. Diane wants to table the discussion but Jim presses the issue. Carter explains UCLA has a film program. Diane tries to change the subject back to Brandon and Eliza’s going away party, adding that it’s also Stef’s going away party. Diane snaps at Jim when he refuses to pay for Carter’s tuition to study film. Everyone returns to their food though Jamie and Callie exchange another look.

Diane explains everything they’re eating with her revealing they're using their European trip to visit Brandon and Eliza in Amsterdam. Jim asks when Stef leaves for Venezuela, which she explains is in 10 days but she is very excited about going. Jim asks if she's worried about the social issues going on down there, but Stef explains the reason she’s going is that the country is in crisis and she wants to help the children who were left behind when their parents were forced to migrate. Jim shifts the focus to politics and shames progressives for wanting to bring socialism to America, with Stef defending her stance on free medicare and social security. Diane asks for politics to stop but Jim presses the issue. Jamie intervenes that they should table the conversation for now. This prompts Jim to ask why, since Jamie is a proud Republican. Jamie corrects that he’s independent now, much to Jim’s surprise. Jim asks Lena what she’s working on in Sacramento to which she says homelessness and housing.

Jim asks about the housing bill and the children begin to text one another; Mariana asking Callie if she thinks Jamie really quit but she doesn’t know, Carter confronting Jude if he wants Carter to go to UCLA, to which Jude just wants to be sure Carter isn’t coming for him, and Eliza telling Jamie to make their dad stop talking about politics. Jamie asks Eliza if she has a muzzle, Mariana asks if the party can get any more awkward, and Brandon chiming in that it can as he and Brandon have news. The texting continues between everyone, with Eliza asking if Jamie still loves Callie which Mariana points out to Callie that he does.

Diane promptly asks everyone to put their phones down and the subject changes to why Callie went into criminal law. Jude thinks it’s because of the homeless man who went into her apartment, which is news to the moms. Callie nervously tells Stef that it wasn’t her apartment Jamie’s, which surprises everyone. Callie explains Jerod’s break-in wasn’t criminal, as he was suffering from a mental episode. She explains Jerod’s situation to everyone, including Kathleen’s involvement, much of which is new to Jamie. Diane admires the Adams Fosters family’s need to serve and brings up hearing the homeless people’s lack of shoes. Jude and Connor share a look as food is served.

Stef and Lena hide in the bathroom. Lena worries about them being apart for so long, with Stef teasingly saying they should have lots of sex first as they kiss. Lena worries about their kids being quitters; Callie quitting two jobs and a relationship, Mariana quitting her job, and Brandon quitting his internship to go with Eliza. A knock on the door reveals Mariana, who is happy for the break. Lena asks why she didn’t tell them about the supremacists, but Mariana just didn’t want to upset them. Stef assures her that it’s okay and asks what happens. She explains that the men asked if she was from brown lives matter and told her to go back to Mexico. She tries to claim it’s not a big deal, and Lena comforts Mariana as Stef assures her that she was right to quit. Mariana tries to stand up for Evan just as Callie enters. Lena asks how it is seeing Jamie to which Callie covers that it’s fine. Stef asks why they broke up.

Carter assures Jude he isn’t just transferring to UCLA for him and they can still see other people if that’s what is freaking him out. Jude claims he isn’t freaking out just as Connor emerges, and Carter leaves to give them privacy. Connor asks if Jude is seeing Carter, to which Jude explains that he is kind of, though Carter isn’t out to his parents. Connor remembers how hard it was for him to come out to his parents, but also remembers he couldn’t have done it without Jude. Things are okay between him and his dad now even though it took a while. He apologizes for hurting Jude when he moved to LA, but Jude understands the situation now even though it was hard back then. Connor wishes they hadn’t broken up the way they did and admits he should have handled the situation better. He wants to be friends again which Jude would love. They share a tight hug that ends in a kiss, which is witnessed by an emotional Carter.

In the bathroom, Callie explains why she had and Jamie ended things and the situation behind her reasons for telling the tenants the truth. She asks if what she did was wrong and Mariana chimes in that it isn’t. Lena asks Callie if she thinks it was wrong. Callie isn’t sure which Mariana claims isn’t true. Stef tells Mariana, who she affectionately calls “Miss Thing”, to let her sister speak for herself. Callie thought what she was doing was right but didn't know it would end their relationship. Lena thinks it was the right thing to do with Stef knowing how hard it can be to be in a relationship with someone so different. She tells Callie to decide what she’s willing to compromise, prompting Mariana to remark how she knows about that. Lena asks if things are hard with Raj, and Mariana reveals they broke up, which surprises the moms. Mariana quickly reveals that Brandon and Eliza have news, just as he emerges in the bathroom. He chuckles when everyone says they’re taking a break. He tells about the guest house in the back that he usually hides out in. Stef asks what his news is.

Jim pours a drink while talking to Diane, asking if she thinks there is a connection between UCLA and Jude. He asks if she had gay friends in college which surprises her. He admits to wondering if Carter is gay. Diane doesn’t think it would matter if it were, but Jim thinks it would matter a lot. She leaves to find everyone.

Jude sees Corey talking to someone on the phone and asks if he’s okay, as Corey is visibly upset.

The Adams Fosters emerge from the bathroom as a group and run into Diane. Diane asks why they were all in the bathroom, to which they cover that they were washing their hands. Diane introduces them to Fleur, who will be teaching them traditional dances. Everyone lines up outside as Fleur explains Stef’s role in the dance, which includes an instrument. Their attempts are humorous as the group begins to have fun with the dances, eventually getting the hang of everything. Jamie and Callie dance awkwardly together until the song ends.

The families sit down at the table again as more food is served. Jude tells his moms they should talk to Corey since his little sister is going into foster care. The moms tell Corey to join them for dessert, as the boy has isolated himself. Diane tells Fleur that Eliza is going to be the first chair, prompting Eliza and Brandon to exchange a look. Eliza nervously tells her parents that the first chair position fell through, as the exchange isn’t happening anymore so the company rescinded the offer. Diane is mortified and asks Jim if that’s even legal, but he doesn’t know. Eliza claims she’s relieved but Diane asks when she was planning on telling everyone they weren’t going to Amsterdam. Eliza tells her that they’re still going to Amsterdam since Brandon got a job with a composer there. She’s taking a year off from the LA Phil, as she needs a break from the cello which she’s played since the age of eight. She and Brandon want to explore Europe and focus on Brandon’s career. She encourages her parents to still visit them in Amsterdam. Jim coolly states the only reason they were visiting was to see Eliza play in the concert, which is news to Diane. She snips about saving their marriage and leaves the table.

Lena and Stef change out of their costumes, with Stef surprised that Jim and Diane are fighting. They reminisce on how much they have overcome and how strong their marriage is now. They kiss just as Corey enters. Stef and Corey agree that he looks much better without the Dutch clothing. They tell him that they know about his sister, and Lena invites him to sit between them. He explains that his younger sister, Ka’maya, is living with her Grandmother who can’t take care of her anymore. Ka’maya isn’t his mom's kid, so the foster system won’t let Ka’maya live with Corey and his mom. He explains that he didn’t tell them because he didn't want them to feel as though he were asking them to take her in, because he’s not. The moms exchange a look.

Jim finds a depressed Carter sitting on a bed and joins his son. Jim tells Carter things are fine even though he and Diane are going through a rough patch. He’s been working a lot and she was looking forward to the trip. Carter thinks Jim should still take her if it makes her happy, reminding his dad that it doesn’t always have to be his way. Jim wants to talk about UCLA, but Carter claims he’s changed his mind, leading Jim to ask why. Carter becomes emotional and Jim worriedly asks what’s wrong. Carter emotionally admits that Jude doesn’t want him to transfer, but Jim wonders why that matters. He then asks carefully if Jude is his boyfriend, and Carter admits that he doesn’t know anymore as he thinks Jude is breaking up with him. He looks at his father emotionally and Jim apologizes to Carter, bringing him in for a hug. Carter tells his father he loves him as sobs into Jim’s chest.

Stef and Lena hold hands as Lena wonders if they earned the right to be done with parenting after fostering four kids. She also notes that Ka’maya is only four so they would have fourteen more years of schooling. Stef emotionally reminds Lena that Frankie would be around Ka’maya’s age right now. Lena reminds her that she can’t quit the state assembly which means Stef would have to stay home and wouldn’t be able to start her new chapter. Stef claims the only reason she was going there was to help kids. If there’s a kid that needs her help here, she thinks it’s fair to stay.

Callie walks to the table to get her phone when she is confronted by Jamie who wants to talk. They go inside where they stand in silence before she kisses him passionately.

Jamie stands at the sink and apologizes to Callie about Jerod. She accepts the apology but notes that it would help if he dropped the trespassing charges. He promises to do it and she asks if he really quit his job, which is a yes and no answer. After they lost the OmWay account he was forced to negotiate his exit. She apologizes to him as she never meant to hurt him personally, prompting him to ask if she meant to hurt him professionally. He asks what she thought would happen to their relationship after that. She thought they could work past it, but he brings up that she was waiting with her bags packed already. He thinks she knew it would end their relationship and made the choice to do it anyway. They began to argue over the tenants and she thought the only choice was to tell the tenants the truth. He wants someone who will choose him first, but she doesn’t think choosing him should mean compromising what she believes in. She doesn’t think that’s love. He thinks she always felt as though she were compromising herself in their relationship. He coolly states that she’s right about it not being love. He picks up his shoes, calling their sex a mistake that never should have happened, and leaves.

Jude finds Carter who reveals he came out to his dad. Jude jokes about hiding but Carter asks if they’re still together, as he saw him kiss Connor.

Jude remembers kissing Connor but then pulling away. Connor apologizes for kissing him, and Jude admits to having thought of him a bunch of times but he’s with Carter now. He assures Connor that he will always be his first love and Connor returns the sentiment. Jude still wants to be friends which Connor wants too.

Jude tells Carter that was just the goodbye kiss they never had. He doesn't want to hook up with anyone else, he wants to be exclusive with Carter if he wants that. Carter admits he does want that but asks why Jude doesn’t want him to transfer to UCLA. Jude explains his first year of college was terrible until he finally found himself, and he wants to have his own college experience and thinks they both should. Carter understands that and states that NYU has a great film department that he might apply to. He kisses Jude happily.

Stef, Lena, and Corey sit outside with him introducing Ka’maya to the moms. Ka’maya shows them her finger which has a purple band-aid, and Stef tells her that her favorite color is purple too. Lena compliments Ka’maya’s pigtails, and the girl returns the compliment, commenting on Lena’s big hair. Stef laughs that it gets bigger every day and the moms share a kiss.

The group gathers together to say goodbye, with Eliza hoping they didn't ruin the party. Jim reveals they will still visit them in Amsterdam, which makes Diane happy. Everyone hugs goodbye as Jude and Carter emerge openly holding hands for the first time which Jim notices but doesn't comment upon. Brandon hugs the mom’s goodbye as he and Eliza leave. Diane apologizes to the moms for her outburst earlier, but Lena tells them they’re family and not to worry about it. They hug one another and the Adams Fosters leave.

Callie is excited to meet Ka’maya while Mariana knew the nest wouldn’t stay empty long. Lena asks Callie if she got the answer she needed when it came to Jamie. Callie feels that she did get an answer - what she did was the only choice she could have made. Lena is proud of the girls for taking such strong stands, and Mariana blurts out that she’s dating Evan. She presses that she isn’t like Callie and can’t ignore her feelings for principals, especially since Evan is doing the best he can which she’s okay with. Stef and Lena are okay with that since she’s being true to herself which is all they can ask. The sisters hug Stef and Lena, then Corey. As they leave, Stef tells them to text when they get home. Stef whispers to Lena that she’s looking forward to dealing with four-year-old problems and kisses her cheek. Corey waves goodbye to the car as Callie and Mariana leave.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

Special Guest Star


  • Annabella Price as Fleur
  • Baily J as Ka'maya

Notes and Trivia

  • Klompendansen marks the fourth time there has been a crossover between The Fosters and Good Trouble. Previous crossover episodes included Parental Guidance Suggested, Nochebuena, and A Very Coterie Christmas.
    • This is the first crossover to not feature Noah Centineo as Jesus Adams Foster due to scheduling conflicts. The episode also did not reference Jesus or mark a reason for the characters absence, a first for the crossover events.
  • Klompendansen features the smallest main cast to-date, with only three main cast members (Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, and Beau Mirchoff) appearing.
  • The word "klompendansen" is Dutch, translating to English as "clog dance". It is traditional dancing in the Netherlands and is often called "Folkloristisch", sometimes "Boerendansen" or "Klompendansen". Wooden shoes are worn as an essential part of the traditional costume for Dutch clogging, or Klompendanskunst.[3]
  • Connor Stevens appears. He was last seen in The Fosters Season 3 episode Sixteen.
    • Stock footage from several episodes of The Fosters showed the romance between Connor and Jude, including their first kiss, them holding pinkies and admitting that they love each other.
    • Connor is attending UC Irvine on a baseball scholarship. He also tells Jude that while still complicated, his relationship with his father is better.
  • Corey appears. He was last seen in The Fosters series finale, Where the Heart Is.
  • Brandon and Eliza's engagement party is mentioned. It took place in The Fosters Season 5 episode, Meet the Fosters.
  • Frankie is mentioned. She was the unborn biological daughter of Lena, who miscarried the baby late-term.
  • Carter comes out to his father after being heartbroken over seeing Jude and Connor kiss. His parents were shown to already suspect the truth with his mother being supportive but his father being more ambivalent.
  • Stef and Lena decide to foster Corey's sister, Ka'maya, a four-year-old girl who is being sent into foster care.
  • On Instagram and Twitter, the official Good Trouble accounts posted an in-character group chat with the Adams Foster family recapping the events of Klompendansen for an otherwise absent Jesus. It can be viewed here.




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  • Super Duper Party People by Allie X
  • Back To You by Farrah
  • Hand in Glove by HOLT
  • Hidden Shelters by Lovelier Other
  • Day In Day Out by Bootstraps