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Kingdom Come is the twentieth and season finale episode of the third season of The Fosters. It premiered on March 28, 2016. It was the sixty-second episode.


Callie makes a shocking discovery following a tragic loss; Mariana feels guilty after Nick gives her an expensive present; Brandon finds himself in a dilemma after Cortney's ex-husband kicks her out of their apartment.


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  • Stef learned that Jack's placement was due to Arbiter, a multi-million dollar company. The information that Stef tells Callie, causes her to realize that everything Justine had told her was a lie.
  • Daphne comes across a letter from Arbiter to Justine and shows it to Callie. Callie talks about it in her speech to the crowd.
  • Nick's father appears for the first time and it is revealed that he is a jerk towards his son. He yells at him for using the warehouse for the play. He then headed to the Fosters home and found Marianna and Mat kissing.
  • Brandon then paid for a place for her using the money that Brandon had gotten from Stef and Lena.
  • After the media approached Callie with the question about her sleeping with Brandon, she approached Stef and Lena. Callie began to cry as Stef raged and Callie revealed that she and Brandon had sex.


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