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Kids in the Hall is the seventeenth episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on February 24, 2014.


Callie finds a way to use her photography skills for a good cause, but it unintentionally leads to trouble for someone she cares about. In an effort to clear his own conscience, Brandon makes a deal with an unscrupulous classmate and finds himself in over his head. Mariana deals with the unwelcome consequences of her stunt to earn Chase's affection, and tension comes to a head between Jesus and Emma during a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena contemplate another big step for their family.     


Lena drops the kids at school to which Callie asks for permission to visit Daphne and Kiarah. In the hallway, Emma teases Jesus about his diet. Mariana, aware of the relationship, reminds him that he has a girlfriend. After Jesus leaves, Mariana is being laughed at by Chase and his friends. Lena is given paper for consent at Callie's return at Anchor Beach. She is told that Callie has to participate in school to prove that she isn't the same girl as before due to she came back to the family. During a fake fire alarm wakening, Brandon passes Vico a key to access a room belonging to the school to create fake IDs. Vico enters the room as Brandon and the rest of the students leave outside. After the fire alarm, Brandon asks Vico about how it went. Stef interrupts their "moment", and she invites Brandon for dinner at her place. Stef learns that Mike has a girlfriend, and they plan to have dinner to know her. During lunch, Stef and Lena look through of anonymous sperm donors for Lena's baby. They argue on what the baby's race should be, but they eventually agree to have a race that is similar to Lena's. Brandon joins Callie whom are outside debating if they should eat together. They ultimately don't as they have to take baby steps in their post-relationship. Callie hints to Mariana that Zac has a crush on her. Vico gives Brandon his fake ID who is now assumingly from Hawaii and is 22 years old.

As a result, Vico tells him that they will test him out with his new fake ID and go out to a bar. Zac breaks his friendship with Mariana due to the incidents that have happened during the party in Us Against The World. After he leaves, Mariana is confronted by two male students whom have panties in their back pocket to make fun of Mariana which makes her question. She confronts Chase about this whom denies any involvement. She tells him off that she knows he is lying because he is a bad actor. At home, Daphne and Kiarah arrive at the Fosters' home. It is revealed that Kiarah is being adopted by a foster family because Callie took pictures of her. They tell her that she needs to pursue her talent in photography. When Stef arrives in her uniform, Daphne shows hatred and horror towards her because she is a cop. At the bar, Brandon and Vico get in with their fake IDs. Vico tells his companion to calm down, and they order drinks. At home, Stef and Lena are cleaning the dishes. Callie asks for permission to continue her talent in photography to help other foster kids. Back at the bar, Vico asks Brandon about the money he is in need. Vico notices a woman catching their attention. They go over to her table, and Dani is present drinking alcohol meaning she is not sober. At Mike's apartment, Mike tells Brandon that the dinner has been moved to Stef's place instead. Brandon asks Mike about Dani. Mike asks about his piano lessons. Brandon tells him to not call him again. At wrestling class, the coach weighs Jesus and Emma, and he announces that they will have to wrestle against each other.

Mr. Timothy gives Lena a "bribe" of baked goods so he could take some drama props to the nursing home. Lena is surprised she didn't know Timothy was directing Shakespeare's plays.

It seems like Callie wants to ask some girls to help her with the photography gig, but they tell her they're friends with Talya and Callie walks away, and starts talking with Mariana. Callie gives Mariana advice on high school peoples opinions not mattering in the grand scheme of things. Mariana then opens her locker and a bunch of mens underwear falls out. Chase is seen laughing wih a bunch of guys and they leave. Mariana picks up the underwear and goes to throw them away but Lena notices her. Lena, Stef and Mariana ar at home, in the kitchen, and are talking to Mariana of the right ways to talk to boys.

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Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Angela E. Gibbs as Michelle
  • Michael Patrick McGill as Coach Spears
  • Marlane Barnes as Gossip Girl
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown as Gossip Girl #2
  • Sergio Enrique as Bartender

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Featured Music

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  • Way With Words by Mideau (The Fosters arrive at school.)
  • 100 Lovers by Tennis (Callie & Mariana talk boy problems.)
  • Open Up Each Other by Imaginary Future (Daphne & Kiara visit Callie.)
  • Paper Cloud by Glacier Park (Brandon & Vico arrive at the bar.)
  • No Time To Waste by Political Rivals (Brandon discovers Dani at the bar.)
  • It Hurts by Bad Bad Hats (Mariana is buried in an underwear avalanche.)
  • Woman Trials and Tribulations by The Futures League (Jesus & Emma wrestle.)
  • Big Blue Wave (Alternative Mix) by Hey Ocean (The photo shoot is underway.)


  • This episode's information was revealed by Jules Kovisars, a production manager working for The Fosters. She posted it via her Twitter account.
  • This episode's title was revealed by Megan Lynn, a writer working for The Fosters and the writer of this episode along with Wade Solomon. She posted it via her Twitter account.
  • Emma and Jesus kiss twice in this episode (first one from Emma),(second one from Jesus).

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