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Nobody remembers the guy who played Mozart in front of the king, but everyone knows Mozart.
Kat to Brandon in Wreckage

Ekaterina, better known as Kat, is a recurring character in The Fosters. She first appeared in the season 3 episode Wreckage. She is an attractive, yet ruthlessly ambitious piano prodigy Brandon meets at Idyllwild.

Ekaterina "Kat" is portrayed by Katherine McNamara.


Due to being a new character, not much is known regarding Kat's background and family life. It is implied, though, that she has been attending Idyllwild for sometime when Brandon arrives, and that she's from Toronto, suggesting she's Canadian. 

Physical Appearance

Kat has a tall, thin stature with straight blonde hair and green eyes.


Kat has shown to have a ruthless and manipulative personality, at least when it comes to her work at Idyllwild as a pianist. This resulted in her poor working relationship with Brandon, due to her easily dismissing all his work since he is an "amateur" and often criticizing his music pieces without a second thought. This brought him to copy Bach's work for her to play to prove this point, which proved correct when she, again, criticized it as, "unimaginative".

While she is a talented pianist, Kat's ruthless and overly serious attitude toward her work gave her a bad reputation at the program among the fellow students. This is shown when in class a program instructor asked the students if anyone wished to be her new partner, due to her and Brandon's problems, and no one volunteered to work with her, much to her shock. 


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