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Justina Marks is a recurring character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. She made her first appearance in First Impressions as a potential investor for Callie's Fost and Found app.

Justina is portrayed by Kelli Williams.

Physical Appearance

Justina is a gallantly-looking, tall woman with short brown hair. She dresses in very "upper class" clothing.


Justina comes across as a kind and intelligent lady with a high sense of empathy and good social abilities. However, she can be very vulpine and deceitful, knowing how to submit people to her will. Justina is very good at convincing and even manipulating others into doing anything anything to help herself or her own case. When angered, she doesn't shy away from taking drastic measures as a form of revenge.

Character Description

Over the course of season 3B, Justina helps Fost and Found getting more and more attention and publicity, making Callie - the face of Fost and Found - a very influential person within the foster care community. They even get invited to the White House. At some point, Justina asks Callie to openly support her newly submitted foster care reform bill. Callie is skeptical at first, because the bill would put a big part of the Californian foster care system in private hands, something Callie is initially opposed to, as are Stef, Lena and Rita. However, Justina manages to convince Callie to support the bill, causing tensions between Callie and Rita. Callie's opinion on the subject of privatized foster care is reversed, however, after the death of Jack Downey, who was placed in a private foster home by a company called Arbiter. Through Daphne, Callie finds out that Justina works for Arbiter and she is outraged. At a big foster care meeting, she holds an emotional speech, urging people to vote against Justina's bill. Justina then tells Callie she will regret what she did, and tells the media Callie has had sex with Brandon. This assumption is true, even though Justina didn't know that. Although Justina isn't seen anymore after Kingdom Come, she remains an important part of Callie's story line, as it is made clear she is still trying to push her foster care bill through, and to sabotage Callie's resistance in every way possible.


First Impressions

Justina shows interest in Callie's Fost and Found app, and tells her she would like to invest a huge amount of money in it. Callie, of course, takes the offer, and Justina gets involved in Fost and Found as one of the administrators.

Mixed Messages

Under Water

Minor Offenses


Kingdom Come

Appearances (6/101)

Season 3 (6/20)


  • Justina was born in Evanston, Illinois.
  • She has previously lived in Phoenix (Arizona), Anaheim (California) and Los Angeles (California). (Safe)
  • Justina has a schnoodle named Buttons.
  • Justina was also a foster child when she was young.




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