I was watching you in there, when Callie said how nice it is to finally be... you know, happy and safe and to have a family that is really truly there for her. And I want you to have that. Because... I love you.
Jude to Connor in Lucky

Jude and Connor also known as Jonnor is the name of the friendly/romantic pairing between Jude Adams Foster and Connor Stevens.


Connor and Jude are classmates and best friends. The two met in math class and occasionally talk and hang out while in school. For most of the series, Connor is Jude's only real friend in school, something to the concern of Stef later on in the series. The two officially form their bond as close friends when Connor defends Jude after he is bullied for wearing blue nail polish by showing up at school proudly wearing nail polish as well. Ever since this, the two maintain a steady and strong friendship.

However, in season 1b, Jude begins to question if he may like Connor as more than a friend after getting jealous when Connor wants to ask out a female classmate. He goes to Lena for advice, who tells him that this kind of jealousy is common in a friendship, whether platonic or romantic. She then assures him that his sexuality doesn't matter since they'll love him no matter what.

In season 2a, their relationship faces new obstacles while also beginning to evolve on whole new grounds. Connor's homophobic dad proves to be against their growing friendship, speculating that Jude may be gay. Although wanting to be friends, Connor is unable to stand up to his emotionally abusive father. Despite pressure from his father, the two manage to continue their friendship.

In season 2b, Connor and Jude's relationship begins to grow from friendship to romance. It is first told that they did something "wrong" while in their tent on a school camping trip, which is at first claimed to have been a hook up with two girls. However, this is later revealed to be a lie, and what actually happened was the two boys shared a kiss themselves - a moment that they have promptly been ignoring ever since. Their relationship faces a stump when Connor gets a girlfriend, Daria, in order to please his father. Despite smoothing things out with his dad, Connor's relationship with Daria puts a major strain on his personal relationship with Jude. Even though he has a girlfriend, Connor begins to flirt with Jude, such as locking pinkies with him while they are on a double date, before Jude finally demands to know where their relationship stands. Connor responds to this by kissing Jude.

When the two sneak out with Daria and her best friend Taylor and "break into" Taylor's house, Connor is shot and sent to the hospital. Sick of his father's emotional abuse, Connor finally comes out to his dad and reveals he snuck out in order to spend time with Jude. After a brief ban from seeing each other as a result, Connor and Jude are finally reunited. At the end of the season, it is said that they are officially dating. 

In season 3, Jude has trouble coming out to everyone and refuses to label himself as gay despite being in a relationship with Connor, much to the latter's confusion and slight discomfort. However, in More Than Words, after a talk with Cole, Jude sees how labels can be a good thing and finally comes to accept and admit he is gay.

They face the challenges of being in a same-sex relationship at their young age - trying to determine how public they wish for it to be. While Connor wants to go public, already having told his father who is "the scariest person for him", Jude wishes for it to be private in order to avoid being labeled as "gay". This proves to put something of a strain on their relationship. However, they are publicly outed instead by Taylor and a second time by Adam, although Jude still refuses to label himself as gay nonetheless. When it appears that Connor is no longer able to handle this any longer, Jude finally accepts he is gay and is able to say it - making Connor happy. 

In Lucky, when the two are caught making out by an upset Adam, Connor considers moving to Los Angeles to live with his mother since his father, despite his best effort, is still clearly unaccepting of his homosexuality. While Jude is initially upset, he eventually tells him to go ahead with moving in with his mother if it means he can find the true support and happiness he needs. They promise to keep the relationship going, knowing how the distance isn't that far. Jude and Connor then profess their love for each other for the first time.

In First Impressions, Jude has a conversation with Connor while in Connor's room, telling Connor that nothing will be the same without him.

In Sixteen, Jesus intercepts a text message on Jude's phone, and notices that Connor has sexted Jude. Jude decides against going to Connor's homecoming, as he is unsure of the picture's meaning. Later, Jude and Connor talk online, and Connor tells Jude that they won their game, but that he wished Jude was there to share it with him. Jude says that he didn't go because he didn't understand what the picture meant, after originally denying that his (Connor's) sending the picture prevented him from going. Jude then says that they were the only guys in their grade who were gay, and vocalizes that he believes this is the reason for them getting together. Connor quickly says that they were friends first, and Jude tells him that he doesn't feel like Connor is his friend anymore, because of his signing up for football and other things, which prevent him from coming to see him on weekends due to games. Connor then sadly asks Jude if he wants to break up, but Jude doesn't answer.


In Consequently, Jude mentions to Callie that "this boy Connor" was pretty nice to him when he was talking about a book Connor introduced him to.

Connor supporting Jude at school.

In The Morning After, Jude mentions to Mariana, who asks if he's made any friends, that he met a boy Connor in his math class and says he's "pretty cool". Later, the two are seen walking out of class, excitedly talking about Connor catching a big fish when he went fishing with his dad. He asks Jude if he's ever gone fishing, and Jude remarks how he's never even been a boat. Connor then leaves to go get a forgotten textbook from their last class. After he leaves, two boys begin to bully Jude for wearing blue nail polish. Connor returns, but is hesitant to help out. As the boys begin to slam Jude against the lockers, Connor begins to slowly step forward when a teacher intervenes and stops the fight. Jude and Connor share a look before Jude quickly leaves. At the end of the episode, Jude eats by himself at lunch before Connor joins him. Connor then proudly shows Jude his blue painted nails to him. He and Jude smile at each other before eating in a comfortable silence.

In The Fallout, Jude and Connor are at school when the class is given a project and required to choose a partner. He asks Jude if he wants to be partners, which he accepts. He then asks if he can come over for their school project, explaining that his mother doesn't like having kids over since it gives her headaches. Jude agrees, saying he'll ask his mothers, and Connor tells him to let him know. As he walks off, Jude smiles.

Connor inviting Jude to be his science partner.

After he gets to his, Connor and Jude run upstairs to go do their assignment. While upstairs, Connor begins to get a small glimpse into Jude's life in the foster system. Jude tells him that most of the items in the room were Jesus' and shows him a bag's worth of items he has. Jude tells him that, as a result of moving around so much, he has very little personal belongings since they often get either lost or stolen. Connor, sympathetic, tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has, but Jude simply shrugs. Connor then points out how he never says anything negative about anyone, even the people who bully him. Jude tells him how he doesn't see a point in it, which Connor takes in.

Jude telling Connor about his dad.

While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something. He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dads' initials carved on it. He tells him it doesn't work anymore, but he loved the fact that his dad carried it around with him and its basically the only thing he has left of him. Connor asks where his dad is currently. Jude tells him he's in jail... but then makes up a lie, that his dad was in jail, but he's out, he's made a lot of money and he lives on an Island now. Connor seems skeptical of this, but as Jude goes on the lie gets worse as he tells them he has nice cars, a pool, its on the beach, and that he's gonna come get him and Callie and that his stuff is there. Connor asks him why he's lying. Jude denies this, but Connor tells him that he doesn't need to lie to seem cool, making Jude embarrassed. Connor quickly changes the subject and pulls out his PSP, asking Jude if he would like to play the game. As Jude becomes excited while playing it, having never seen something that cool before, Connor seems to be happy and smiles.

Connor giving Jude his PSP.

After working all day, Connor's mom comes to pick him up and Jude tells Stef and Lena he's leaving. Stef volunteers to walk Connor out, but Jude says he'll do it. As he's walking Connor to the door, Connor gives Jude his PSP and tells him to keep it. Jude tells him that he can't keep something so expensive, but Connor tells him that he wants him to keep it and leaves the house. His gift leaves Jude smiling at his growing friendship with Connor. As he leaves, Jude smiles as he realizes he has made his first real friend.

In Vigil, it is mentioned that Jude is at Connor's house for a sleepover. He later leaves Connor and his parents a note that he went home upon hearing about Stef's shooting, wanting to be with his family, and to avoid bothering them.

In Things Unsaid, Connor excitedly talks to Jude during lunch about an upcoming action movie and asks if he wants to see it with him. Jude is hesitant and says he'll get back with him about it.

Jude and Connor attempting to decipher Callie's message.

In Us Against The World, the two are having lunch when a girl comes up and delivers cupcakes with frosted on words on them. When asking what that was about, Jude tells Connor that his birthday was the next day. Connor asks how the "cupcake delivery girl knows before [him]" and Jude remarks he doubts that is the girl's actual job. Jude tells him how he was an at-home birth and when his birth certificate was filled out, his birthday was put down incorrectly. It remained a family secret between him and his sister, Callie. He then tells him she is clearly trying to send him a message through goodies. Connor takes a picture of the delivered treats before they eat them. At the Foster's home, Connor and Jude track down the remaining clues and try to decode Callie's message.

Connor asking Jude if he likes Maddie.

In Adoption Day, Jude finds himself questioning his sexuality - and feelings - when Maddie calls him at home, during which he is playing a game with Connor, to ask if he can go to the movies with her. When Connor asks him what the call was about, he tells him that their classmate Maddie asked him out. After Connor asks if he likes asks her "like that" and Jude verifies that he doesn't, he asks him if it was okay with him then if he asked her out himself then. Jude remains silent for a moment before awkwardly saying yes.

Connor mad at Jude for seemingly lying about not liking Maddie.

Despite giving Connor his okay for him to pursue Maddie, when she asks him if he can attend a date with her the next day while in class, he says yes - all of which is being watched by Connor. Connor then confronts him over originally telling him that he didn't like her, to which Jude claims he changed his mind. Connor then accuses him of only liking Maddie because he told him that he did. Jude tries insisting that wasn't the case before just saying it doesn't matter because she doesn't like Connor anyways. Connor then says that he won't go to his adoption since it's only for good friends and they clearly aren't that. 

Connor and Jude making up during his adoption.

At home, Jude asks Lena when she knew she was gay. Caught completely off guard, she asks what brought it up. Jude explains the situation with Maddie and how he's jealous not over Maddie, but the fact that Connor himself wants to go out with her in general. Lena explains how everyone gets jealous over their best friend wanting to go out with someone and it doesn't mean he is gay, although it doesn't mean he isn't either, but whatever he turns out to be will be perfectly okay. At the adoption, Connor shows up after all and Jude says how he wasn't sure he would after everything. Jude begins to apologize and say if he likes Maddie then he should take a fair chance with her, but Connor blows it off. He says how maybe all three of them can go see a movie sometime, but Jude appears uncomfortable with the idea. 

Jude giving Connor a sympathetic pat after being criticized by his dad.

In Take Me Out, Jude reveals Connor and his father, Adam Stevens, invited him to go to the batting cages with them. While there, Jude witnesses Connor being repeatedly criticized by his dad. Afterwards, Jude tries telling him that he thought he did way better then he did. When seeing his compliment didn't help, Jude gives him a sympathetic pat on the back while Mr. Stevens watches in speculation.

Jude asking Connor if he wouldn't want to be his friend if he was gay.

At school sometime later, Jude goes up to Connor to excitedly tell him how Lena bought him a new video game and invites him to come over to his house to play it with him. Connor tells him how he can no longer go to his house. Shocked, Jude asks why. Connor says how his father doesn't want him going over to his house because he thinks he's gay. He says that while he know that he isn't, he has to do what his father says. Hurt, Jude asks that if he did turn out to be gay if he would want to hang out anymore, which Connor doesn't immediately answer to. This leaves Jude deeply disappointed and hurt.

Jude and Connor almost kiss during a game of Spin the Bottle.

In Play, Connor says he would be fine with it if Jude is gay and when Jude asks what they can do about his father, Connor says they can secretly be friends. However, Jude refuses to be somebody's secret and ends things with him on the spot before walking away from him. Later, Connor sneaks out of his house to see Jude and lies about standing up to his dad to spare his feelings. He and Jude participate in a game of spin the bottle with their classmates Maddie and Chelsea. When it is Connor's turn to spin, it lands on Jude for him to kiss. After some initial hesitation, Connor agrees to do it despite Jude insisting they should just end the game. However, before they can actually kiss, Callie walks in with the news that Connor's father is there, revealing Conor's lie about standing up to him.

Connor watching a silent Jude while in class.

In Say Something, Connor hesitantly approaches Jude at his locker, apologizing for lying to him. He adds on how he just didn't want to hurt his feelings and that it wouldn't matter regardless if he did stand up to his dad because he doesn't have a say in anything. Jude doesn't answer him, having gone mute recently, and just walks away from a disappointed Connor. In class, Connor watches Jude as he continues to stay silent even when a teacher calls on him to answer a question.

Connor confessing to Lena about his guilt for Jude's muteness and wishing he'd talk to him again.

In Truth Be Told, Connor goes to see Lena and asks what else he can do to help him besides making sure kids don't make fun of him. He then expresses his belief that he is to blame for Jude going mute, explaining his situation with his homophobic father and his growing pressure to end his friendship with Jude. He begins to cry as he says he just wants Jude to talk to him again. Lena assures him that he is not his father and that Jude will talk to him again soon enough. She then re-assures him that Jude's muteness is not his fault, making him feel assured. 

In Girls Reunited, the two's friendship is resumed. They share a tent together during a school camping trip despite Jude's warning that his dad won't be happy upon learning about it. All of this is off screen, but later implied in the season.

Jude confronting Connor about not explaining how he got his black eye.

In Someone's Little Sister, Jude reports about Connor having an unexplained black eye to Lena when he refuses to talk about how he got it. After being confronted about his refusal to talk about how he got the black eye, Connor explains how he didn't want to tell him how his father still spanks him. Jude says he is sorry and tries comforting him with how he knows what it's like to be hit and not have anyone to confide in. Connor then changes the subject by asking him if he told anyone about "what they did". Jude assures him that he hasn't and the two awkwardly glance away from each other. 

The two after Connor asks Jude if he told anyone "what they did".

During a fundraiser for Girls United, Jude asks Lena about why she quit her job and admits how he overheard her talking about defending him to Connor's father, such as with the point that he could share a tent with Connor on a camping trip without anything wrong happening between them. He then says how she shouldn't defend him... because something did happen between him and Connor that was "wrong". 

In Over UnderJude tells Lena and Stef what he and Connor did in the tent, which Lena later thanks him for and assures him that what happened wasn’t wrong, but just inappropriate to do on a school trip. She also tells him that she doesn’t want him to feel like it was wrong of him and Connor to be “curious”. Later, at school, Jude walks into the hallway and sees Connor at his locker. Ignoring him, he simply walks to his locker and opens it, avoiding looking at Connor. Connor closes his locker and sees Jude behind him. 

Connor and Jude making up as friends.

He walks up to him and says hi. Jude glances at him but continues to ignore him. Connor tells Jude he doesn’t have to avoid him because he isn’t mad. Jude reminds him of how mad he was the other day, but Connor remarks that he’s over it and he’s just got to stop telling his moms everything. Jude looks around awkwardly before continuing to put his books away in his locker. Connor then asks if his mother really quit her job and if it was because of his father. Realizing he’s right, he asks if she’s okay. Jude says she is and then asks if they were “okay”. Connor says yes and Jude smiles before walking off down the hallway, the two instead switching to talking about a science assignment.  

At home, during math homework, Lena tells Jude and Stef that she got her job back, but is going to have to have to talk with Connor and his father and him regarding the events of the camping trip. She explains that while as a mother she can overlook what happened, as a school administrator she cannot. Jude understands but is visibly upset as Lena and Stef leave, fearing the worst.  

Jude telling Mr. Stevens, the principal and Lena what he and Connor "did" in the tent.

During the meeting, Jude is asked to tell Connor’s father what he told Lena. Jude says that after bed check, they invited two girls into their tent and they played games and whatnot. He then reveals how he and Connor ended up making out with them. He begins to say something else, causing Connor’s father to press for more details, but Jude blows it off, saying that was all that happened while casting a quick glance at a visibly worried Connor. After verifying that there is going to be better supervision regarding future trips with the students, Connor and Jude leave. 

Connor furious with Jude for supposedly telling his mother what they did in the tent.

Walking into the hallway, Jude comments how it’s good his father isn’t being hard on him anymore, but Connor is furious that he told his mother about the tent incident. Jude begins to say something to him, but Connor cuts him off by saying that he “can’t be friends with a little bitch who tells his mom every time something happens”. He storms off as a stunned Jude stands there watching him.   

Connor telling Jude he wants to switch partners for his new girlfriend.

In Light of Day, Jude appears to want to make up with Connor. However, during class, Connor tells him that he wants to switch lab partners for his new girlfriend, Daria. Though clearly hurt, Jude agrees. He instead teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor, who laments on how it sucks being "sexiled" when your best friend ditches you for their "new boo". Jude asks how long Daria and Connor have been together, to which Taylor answers "like 5 minutes ago", but are evidently, according to Daria, really close. Jude nods, visibly upset. He takes one last look at a laughing Connor and Daria before focusing his attention on Taylor and their lab assignment.

Jude and Connor during lunch.

During lunch, Jude looks for a spot to sit. He is then called by Daria and invited to join her, Taylor and Connor for lunch. He appears hesitant to sit until seeing Connor smile at him. Daria soon convinces everyone to attend a new movie as a double date and leaves to go to the bathroom with Taylor, leaving Jude and Connor alone. Jude offers to come up with an excuse not to go, but Connor says it's fine. He tries to make lighthearted conversation with Jude, who smiles brightly. After a moment, the two eat in silence. 

The two holding pinkies during the movie.

At the theater, Daria decides to go in the back row to sit. Jude and Connor end up sitting side by side with their dates on either side of them. During the movie, Jude and Connor end up sharing an armrest. Connor soon notices their hands side by side and slides his pinkie finger and brushes it against Jude's, shocking him. Jude doesn't pull away, however, and the two spend a moment rubbing their fingers against each others. After a clearly emotionally exhilarating moment for both of them, Connor hooks his finger with Jude's - locking pinkies together. Connor smiles happily to himself as Jude stares forward in nervousness. 

Connor making out with Daria in front of a jealous Jude.

In Now Hear This, Jude watches jealousy as Connor makes out with Daria while at school alongside Taylor. Taylor, fed up with the couple's make out, interrupts them with the question if they would like to go on a double date to the fair on Saturday. Daria reveals she and Connor have plans to go to the pier, but insists Taylor and Jude go together themselves. Connor cuts this suggestion off by saying, "The fair sounds fun!", causing Daria to look at him in confusion. Jude says he can't, claiming that he has family plans. Connor asks if Sunday works, but Jude quickly says their plans will last all weekend, quickly saying that they are going camping. Connor brings up how they just got back from a camping trip, but Jude snaps that they're going again and leaves. 

Jude and Connor during a Fosters dinner.

Later, Jude comes by to see Lena after school lets out. Lena reveals they have a guest to bring home and Jude turns to see Connor on the couch. Lena explains his dad called and asked for him to stay the night since he's going to be out of town due to a cancelled flight. As Lena leaves to drop something off, Connor remarks to Jude, "What happened to your family camping trip?" He then walks ahead of an awkwardly speechless Jude. During dinner, Jude sits nervously next to Connor. As Lena tries to break the tension and invite Connor into the conversation, such as bringing up how long it's been since he's been over, Jesus makes a comment about Jude and Connor going out to the back of house and "pretend to be camping". Lena, Stef and Jude stare up awkwardly as Connor blows this off.

Jude and Connor playing a video game.

Later on, Connor borrows some of Jesus' clothes and joins Jude, who is playing a Star Wars game on his tablet, in his room alone. Connor comments on how Jesus doesn't seem happy about him spending the night, which Jude waves off. Jude asks him if he still plans on going the pier with Daria and Connor says no given his dad's absence and is supposed to stay there until he picks him up. The two soon break the tension as Connor gives Jude tips on winning his tablet game, joining him side by side on the bed.

Connor and Jude after sharing a moment.

The next day, the two play catch and bond together. Their game of catch soon turns into a playful round of wrestling, which ends with Connor pinning Jude to the ground on top of him. They share a moment staring at each other until the moment is cut off by Connor's cell phone signaling a text message. He reveals Daria messaged him if he wanted to come over to her house. Jude asks him if he does, to which he remarks what else he could do. Hurt, Jude tells him to go if he wants to. Connor tries insisting that he can stay, but Jude blows him off and leaves in a huff. 

Connor and Jude sharing a kiss.

Some time later, Connor comes back into Jude's room, telling him he turned Daria down. Jude remarks how it isn't nice to lead people on. Connor says he isn't and tries to make light of the situation, smacking on Jude's foot. Jude ends up kicking him in the stomach a bit harder then intended. He frantically apologizes for kicking him so hard, and Connor asks why he kicked him at all. It is then revealed that Jude had lied about what happened in the tent - what really happened is that Connor kissed him. Jude reminds him of this and then brings up how during the movie theater he had held his hand and how he's been acting toward him. He declares how he doesn't get their relationship and doesn't understand him anymore. Staring at him, Connor leans forward and kisses him. Jude returns the kiss and, afterward, the two lean back and stare at each other.

Connor asking Jude if he wants to hang out after school.

In Justify the Means, Connor and Jude meet up at school. Jude asks him for gum, explaining how he didn't get to brush his teeth that morning. Connor tells him to exhale, which Jude reluctantly does. After joking that he needs some gum, Connor asks if he wants to hang out after school. They make plans to meet up at the bench after school. As Jude, later on, goes to the bench like planned, he stops short when seeing Connor and Daria kissing, hurt. Connor sees him and waves at him. The two then head to Jude's house. 

Jude asking Connor about his relationship with Daria.

During studying, Jude finally confronts him about Daria. Connor asks what he means, and Jude asks if he is going to continue seeing her. Connor explains how his father is finally okay with him spending time with him again now that he has a girlfriend and things are working out. He then brings up how Daria and Taylor are sneaking out that night to teepee a girl's house and want them to tag along. The two are eventually kicked out of the house room by room when the other Foster family members begin occupying them doing their own things.

Connor asking Jude to hang out after teepeeing "by themselves".

As they leave and go onto the front porch, Jude remarks that there is nowhere to be alone in the house. Connor then offers that if they sneak out with Daria and Taylor, after teepeeing the girl's house, that they can spend time together afterwards... by themselves. Jude raises his eyebrows when seeing his implied double meaning, giving it thought. The following night, Jude successfully sneaks out and tags along in teepeeing the girl's house and taking off with the group when the family wakes up before getting caught. Later, he sits besides Taylor on a bench and asks where Connor and Daria went, the two having left the group. Taylor remarks how they could be having sex, shocking Jude. She says they aren't, but that Daria wants to lose her virginity, implied to Connor. She then tries to kiss Jude, who backs away. When he tries apologizing, she says he doesn't have to explain - he has a crush on Connor. 

The two drinking alcohol as they "break into" Taylor's house.

Before he can respond, Connor and Daria arrive back on the scene where Jude gets up and says he should head back home. Connor tries subtly bringing up their plans for later on, but Jude bluntly says "[they] aren't", to Connor's disappointment. However, Taylor brings up how her father has "tons of booze" and proposes that they break in and steal some. She also suggests to the group that they all "get drunk and make out" before looking pointedly at Jude while gesturing her head to Connor, who is grinning at him. They then sneak into Taylor's house, as Jude warns Connor this is a bad idea, and head inside.

Despite Jude's attempted discouragement, Connor ends up taking a swig from a bottle of whiskey gotten from the girls from the house bar. Handing the bottle to Jude, he reluctantly takes a swig as well. As he does so, Taylor's dad hears the noise and shouts out, causing Jude to drop the bottle and, therefore, shattering it. The kids try to flee from the house, only for her father to run out from the bedroom and shoot at them. 

Connor confessing he snuck out to see Jude.

In Not That Kind of Girl, it's revealed that Connor was shot, but in the foot and the injury is neither serious nor permanent. Connor's father, Mr. Stevens, harshly reprimands him for his actions and demands to know if Daria is the reason he snuck out. Connor insists that she isn't and, as his father continues to yell at him, snaps and yells that he snuck out in order to see Jude. Stunned, Mr. Stevens asks what that is supposed to mean. Shortly after this, Mr. Stevens goes into the hospital waiting to Stef, Lena and Jude. He assures them that Connor is okay and denies Jude's almost immediate request to see him. He asks to talk to Lena privately and, moments later, she tells Jude that Mr. Stevens doesn't want him to see Connor any longer and that Connor, supposedly, told him that the sneaking out and drinking was all his idea. Despite Lena asking if it's true, Jude doesn't answer and is simply in shock.

Connor texting Jude, under Taylor's number, that he came out to his dad.

At home, Callie demands to know why Jude did what he did and soon tells him to stop spending time with Connor, calling him a bad influence. At this, Jude flat out tells her to shut up and that Mr. Stevens banned him from seeing Connor at all. Callie tries telling him it's for the best and he'll make new friends. However, Jude snaps at her to just leave him alone and storms off, slamming the door behind him, bringing Callie to tears for how he yelled at her. 

Jude's reaction to Connor coming out.

At school, Jude runs into Taylor and he tells her how he was banned from seeing Connor and how he supposedly cast the blame onto him. Taylor is confused that he would do that, saying there must more to the story, and tells him that she and her father are going to see Connor in order to apologize. She offers to leave him a message. Jude tells her to simply ask him 'why'.

Later on at home, while doing homework, Jude receives a text message from Taylor's number. However, it is soon revealed to be Connor texting Jude using Taylor's cell phone, who gave it to him to contact Jude. Texting back and forth, Jude asks why he blamed the incident on him. But Connor tells him that he never told his father it was his idea to sneak out and drink. Connor then tells Jude that he came out to his father as gay, making Jude smile to himself.

Jude standing up to Mr. Stevens and refusing to leave until he sees Connor.

In The End of the Beginning, Jude decides to go see Connor despite being banned from seeing him. He paints his nails blue (as "war paint") and goes the hospital, lying that he's a cousin of the family to get his room number, and begins to go to the room. He runs into Mr. Stevens, who is just leaving the room, who sees him and reminds him that he isn't allowed to see Connor. Jude, standing his ground, tells him that he wants to see his friend and isn't leaving until he does.

Jude confessing to Lena that he and Connor are more than just friends.

Later, Lena gets a call from Mr. Stevens who tells her that he is going to get a coffee and wants to see Jude gone by the time he gets back, threatening to call security. After he leaves, Lena tries consoling Jude that she understands how painful it is to lose a friend. However, Jude tells her that Connor isn't his friend, confusing her. He confesses that he lied about the tent incident during the camping trip. He admits that there weren't any girls in the tent. It was just him and Connor, and they kissed. He says how ever since then, they've been more then just friends. Lena hugs him as he begins to cry, unaware of Mr. Stevens' return and watching them from afar.

Connor taking Jude's hand after their ban from seeing each other is lifted.

After this, she approaches Mr. Stevens and tells him that he can't keep the boys apart forever, reminding him about school. He tells her that he is pulling Connor from Anchor Beach, but Lena tells him with just a few weeks left in the school year, Connor will be forced to repeat the grade. She tells him that while he can keep Jude away from Connor for as long as he wants, he can't keep his son away from other boys. Lena goes on that while he can shut Connor out, he will be the one to get shut out from his own son in the long run. On the verge of tears, Mr. Stevens admits that he doesn't care if her son is gay - he just doesn't want his to be.

The two laying side by side, finally reunited.

In Connor's hospital room, he is lying in bed, clearly depressed. He then sees his dad open the door and holds it open - allowing Jude to enter the room. Seeing him, Connor's face lights up with a smile. Mr. Stevens takes a moment to look at the two boys before leaving, closing the door behind him. Jude smiles as he comes up to the side of Connor's hospital bed, who then reaches out and takes his hand, holding it. Noticing his painted blue nails, Connor asks him, "What's this?" to which Jude answers, "War paint." They smile before Connor scooches over, and Jude lays down beside him in the bed. They begin to watch TV together side-by-side. 

Later at Mariana's dance contest, Callie asks Jude if he's heard any news about Connor. Jude tells her that he saw him and he's doing good. Callie brings up how she thought he wasn't allowed to see him, but Jude cuts her off with the news, "He's my boyfriend". This silences Callie, who blankly stares at him.

In Wreckage,

Connor and Jude discussing whether to go public in their new relationship.

three weeks have passed since the season 2 finale, Jude and Connor (who has since been put into crutches because of his foot injury) have been dating. During breakfast, Jude casually mentions how he agreed to meet up with Connor before school starts. Callie asks if he and Connor have decided to go public or not. Jude admits how the topic has not come up. Lena urges him to bring up the matter, promising to support whatever decision he makes.

At school, Jude and Connor talk regarding the publicity of their relationship. Connor says how he has already told his father, - the "scariest person for him" - so he doesn't see the point in waiting to tell others about them. Jude, however, doesn't think they should go public, to which Connor asks why. Jude responds that it is nobody's business but their own. The bell rings, and Jude leaves as Connor doesn't seem comfortable with this decision.

Connor as Taylor questions why he won't admit why he broke up with Daria.

After school, Connor and Jude walk alongside each other. Jude asks to make sure Connor is being picked up by his dad, offering to wait with him. Connor says he doesn't have to, and Jude tells him that he'll call him later and walks off. As he leaves, Daria and Taylor come up and see Connor, who says hi. Daria, emotional, begs to know why he broke up with her and to just give her a reason. Connor doesn't have an answer, and she tells him to just forget it and leaves. Taylor asks why he won't just tell her that he is into Jude, remarking that it's "completely obvious" how he feels about him. This statment leaves Connor at a loss for words, before finally just saying that he can't. As Taylor leaves, annoyed, he watches Jude walk home from the distance.

Connor defending their relationship.

At the Anchor Beach end of school party, Connor and Jude are walking along the beach, enjoying themselves as Jude helps Connor while he is on crutches. A fellow male classmate sees them together and pauses in his step before making a rude remark, asking if it's true that they are "gay for each other". Briefly stunned, Connor boldly defends their relationship, declaring yes and demanding to know if he has a problem with that. The male classmate begins to back off, revealing he only heard about it and wanted to know if it was true. Connor snaps at him then to get out of his face, and the guy backs off.

Jude and Connor learning Taylor outed their relationship to the school.

Jude is angry at Connor for supposedly going public with their relationship after agreeing not to yet. Taylor and Daria, who were nearby watching, step in as Taylor reveals that she was the one who made their relationship public to the school, not Connor. She insists how she only thought she was honestly helping, believing Connor was the one afraid to come out and that no one would care. She apologizes as Daria backs her up, claiming no one would care if they're gay. Jude snaps that he isn't gay and storms off as Connor calls out after him.

Jude and Connor holding hands on the beach.

That night, Connor has been looking for Jude and finds him on top of some large boulder rocks on the beach. He remarks how Jude could have made it easier for him to get to him, given he is on crutches. Connor then expresses his confusion, asking what he meant when he said he wasn't gay. He then asks if that means Jude doesn't like him, which Jude says he does, and Connor asks if likes him "like that" and Jude assures him that he does. Jude then explains how his whole life he has always been labelled as something, but simply wants to be himself without the need for a label anymore.

After a moment, Connor asks if that means that Jude doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore. Jude tells him that he still does, much to Connor's visible relief. Jude takes his hand, and Connor smiles.

In Father's Day,

Jude sharing a smile with Connor during the Father's Day brunch toast.

Jude reveals to his birth dad, Donald Jacob, that he invited "a friend" and his dad over to the Foster's Father's Day brunch. He assures Donald they know nothing of his time in prison. During the brunch, Jude and Connor are shown to be having a good time. When Stef and Lena make a toast in honor of the "amazing men in their lives", Jude and Connor are shown to share a brief look at each other and smile.

However, when Adam publicly confronts Connor about coming out to school as gay and promptly outs Jude to Donald in the process, Connor looks worriedly at Jude. When Adam assumes Jude was the one who told everyone about his relationship with Connor, Jude immediately denies it. Connor cuts in, insisting to his dad that he simply got outed by a classmate.

Connor as his dad outs him and Jude to Donald Jacob.

When Adam makes it clear that he cares what others think, Donald backs up the boys by asking Adam if he cares how others view Connor or himself as a parent. He further says that it is Connor's business as to who knows about his sexual orientation or not. When Adam asks if he wishes to see Jude be bullied for being gay, Donald declares that he wants to see his son be proud of who he is - proving his acceptance of his son and his relationship.

In Déjà Vu,

Connor and Jude while playing separate video games.

The two are in the same room as Connor plays a violent zombie video game while Jude is playing Bejeweled on his phone. Regarding AJ moving into Jude's room, Connor asks if he really doesn't feel weird about sharing his room with someone he didn't know. Jude remarks how he's been to seven different foster homes - he's had to share his room with a lot of kids he didn't know. Connor then gets very into his game as repeated gun fire is heard, making Jude uncomfortable. When he requests that Connor turn it down, Connor is slightly annoyed and calls him "granny". Hurt, Jude simply puts on a pair of headphones and returns to his Bejeweled game.

Connor lamenting to Jude about his video game.

At school, Connor is excitedly going on about the next level of his game being a "gore fest". He invites Jude to come over and play it with him. Secretly not wanting to play it due to its violence, Jude says he can't since he "has plans". Confused, Connor asks what's up with him. Jude says nothing is wrong - he just has plans. When Connor presses for details, Jude, thinking on a whim, claims that he is going to a shooting range with Stef. He says she's going to teach him how to shoot a gun, leading Connor to ask to tag along. Disdained, Jude brings up how his dad probably wouldn't let him. Connor retorts that his dad hunts and Stef is a cop - therefore being "no one safer to go with". He insists Jude asks his mom to let him join. Jude becomes nervous.

Connor and Jude at the gun range.

At the gun range, Connor acts excited to shoot whereas Jude is nervous about it. After recalling the three rules Stef taught them regarding guns, she offers Jude to go first. He hesitantly accepts and stands in position with the gun in his hand, aimed at the target. However, his emotions proving to be the better of him, Jude finds himself unable to go through with shooting. Seeing his reluctance, Stef asks if he's okay and Jude lowers the gun and says he doesn't want to shoot. Connor asks him why and Jude answers that he "doesn't need to". Stef then lets Connor go up next. Connor does so and fires, but soon has several flashbacks to being shot and his own trauma from the shooting incident becomes too much for him to handle. Feeling very shaken, Connor tries to play it off as though he's fine and quickly leaves.

Connor crying as Jude comforts him.

Concerned, Jude walks outside and finds Connor siting by the sidewalk. Sitting next to him, he asks if he's okay. Connor says he's fine. After a moment, Jude then admits how he never wanted to shoot a gun and that his mom wasn't going to take him to the range - he was just embarrassed because he didn't want to play his zombie game. Connor asks why he was embarrassed. Jude remarks how he had called him a "granny". Connor then admits how he isn't truly okay as he thought he was, beginning to cry. Comforting him, Jude wraps his arm around Connor's shoulders as Connor leans into him and cries.

Jude and Connor as Stef tells them the true impact of gun violence.

Later, Stef shows up and sits beside the boys. She reminisces about the first time her father took her to a gun range and how excited she was to shoot a real actual gun. However, the second she aimed at the target and fired, she immediately burst into tears and figured her dad would give her a hard time about it. Instead, he was proud of her for realizing that handling a gun is no game - it is very real with very real consequences. Jude then listens as Stef and Connor relate their personal shooting experiences and admit how they still dream about it sometimes.

In More Than Words,

Jude and Connor as Cole tells them about his arranged LGBTQ prom.

Jude and Connor are on the beach with AJ, Callie, Mariana and Matt. They are playing a game on their phones as Cole then comes up to them, now fully transitioned into a male body. They all listen to Cole go on about his plans to throw an LGBTQ prom due to regular high school proms always banning LGBTQ kids from attending - giving those kids the prom they deserve. Cole invites Jude and Connor to attend, saying how it'll give them a chance to meet fellow gay kids their age. Connor sneaks a peek at Jude, who appears annoyed by the label "gay". When Cole leaves to go swim, Jude calls for a "re-match" for the game he and Connor were playing. They then go back to playing their game. Jude and Connor are later seen playing Frisbee in the backround, on the beach, during Callie's conversation with AJ.

Connor as he sees Jude in his suit.

One the night of the prom, Connor goes to Jude's house and knocks on the door before being let in by Jude. Connor steps in to see Jude wearing one of Jesus' old suits, causing him to pause in his step, stunned while taking in Jude's appearance. When Jude comments on Connor's casual clothing, Connor admits how he didn't want to tell his dad where he was heading - so he brought a bag with his outfit and necessities to get ready instead. He then tells Jude that he "looks great", smiling at him. He says how he was going to originally buy Jude a corsage, but figured his decided gift would last longer - pulling out a shirt he made. Jude then reads the print on the clothing - "I'm not gay - but my boyfriend is". Not sure what to say, Connor tells him it's a joke. Jude tells him he got that.

Jude and Connor as the family takes pictures of their "prom night".

When Cole arrives, Stef, Lena and Lena's parents all arrive to take prom pictures. When Jude and Connor are called for to head out, they walk downstairs as everyone laments on how cute they look. Stef and Lena then proceed to take their picture repeatedly, bringing Connor to hold Jude's hand when he appears nervous. At the prom, Jude and Connor walk in and are clearly nervous. Two LGBTQ guys see and come up to them, introducing themselves as Jonah and Lenin as well as tagging in their labels. As Connor joins in by giving his name and sexual orientation as gay, Jude simply introduces himself as "Jude" and says his sexual orientation as "Jude". The two LGBTQ guys then conclude that they're together and it is their first gay dance.

Connor after Jonah tells him that Jude will only break his heart.

While grabbing some punch, Jonah comes up to Connor, casually asking if he's having fun. Connor says yeah, although they just got there. Jonah then asks what's up with his boyfriend, bringing up how Jude didn't label himself as gay but just as "Jude". Connor explains he isn't into labels. Jonah the remarks how that means that he isn't sure he's actually gay then, adding on how he's "been there, done that". Connor asks what he means. Jonah tells him how he is only telling him this because he wishes someone gave him such a warning at his age. He says he's been with boys who refused to call themselves gay and how, in the end, they only end up "dumping you and breaking your baby gay heart". He walks away from a now silent and concerned Connor.

Connor and Jude fighting over his refusal to label himself.

Later, Connor is dancing with Jonah and other guys at the party. Connor sees Jude a few feet away and approaches him. Jude asks what he's doing. Connor easily remarks "Dancing... it's a gay dance, right?" Jude then asks to leave, calling the entire event "stupid". Connor tells him that if he wants to leave then to go ahead, but he's going to stay because he's having a good time. He then somewhat bitterly adds on, "Because I'm gay, so..." Jude then leaves to go outside as Connor stands there for a moment. Slowly, he re-joins Jonah and the others in dancing.

Connor smiling as Jude tells him that he is "super gay" for him - labeling himself.

Sometime after this, Connor is standing against the wall, deep in thought. Jude approaches him, now telling him, "Hi, I'm Jude... and I'm gay". However, Connor tells him that he doesn't think he can keep doing this anymore. Jude assures him that he knows this now, but that he doesn't have to anymore. Connor stares at him for moment. Jude then proudly declares to him that he's "super gay for [him]". Connor then chuckles and grins to himself in happiness that Jude has finally accepted himself as gay. He then asks Jude to dance, which he accepts.

Connor and Jude dancing happily.

The two boys then take each other's hand as they proceed to join the crowd on the dance floor. They then begin slow dancing together as Callie and Cole see them from their seats and smile. Callie and Cole then join beside them dancing as Jude rests his head on Connor's shoulder, who rubs his back as they continue dancing together.

In It's My Party, when Jude overhears Callie insult the surprise party he planned for her, remarking how she never wanted a party, he almost leaves to go visit Connor instead.

In Faith, Hope, Love, when Mariana is announcing her baptism news to the Foster family during dinner, she mentions that Jude is at Connor's house and is expected back soon.

Connor looking back at Jude in concern.

In Daughters, Connor walks into class and smiles as he sees Jude. He sits in a seat nearby and greets him, asking he wants to hang out at the beach later. Jude, however, turns him down. Connor appears slightly disappointed, but says they can do something else if he likes, smiling again. The teacher then comes in and begins their math test. As they begin, Connor glances back at Jude in concern. When Jude soon storms out of the class, Connor can be seen looking after him in worry.

Connor smiling as Jude makes up with his family.

Later, when Jude returns home with Callie and Rita and his family hug him in relief that he's okay, Jude looks back and sees Connor watching him with a smile. When Jude begins asking why he's there, Connor quickly explains how he had failed to respond to any of his text messages and had gotten worried. When Jude gives a brief, "Sorry" Lena and Stef both give him a look about it.

In Lucky,

Connor telling Jude he is going to live with his mother.

Jude is coming home after being dropped by Adam after a visit to Connor's house. Lena greets him, however, he simply walks by her and heads straight to his room. When Lena asks Adam what happened, he explains to her her how he walked into Connor's bedroom - only to walk in on Jude and Connor making out while shirtless.

While preparing for Stef's parents 40th anniversary, Jude tells Connor how Lena gave him "the talk", saying how when she pulled out a condom that he thought he was "going to die". Jude asks Connor if his father gave him "the talk". Connor says they "did have a talk", before hesitantly saying that he thinks he is going to go live with his mother. Jude, stunned, remembers how his mother lives in Los Angeles and asks him why. Connor tells him how his father, despite his effort, is not okay with their relationship or that he's gay.

Connor and Jude slow dancing to Mariana's "Love Will Keep Us Together".

During the party, they are both seen smiling and enjoying themselves. Later, during Mariana's song performance, Jude and Connor are seen slow dancing. After her performance, they both clap along with the crowd.

Jude holding Connor's hand during Callie's court speech.

After the party, Jude opens the door to see Adam, who has come to pick up Connor. While they wait for Connor to come down, who went to get his jacket, Jude asks if he could ask him something. He then bluntly asks why he is "sending Connor away". Adam says Connor moving away isn't his choice, claiming he is doing the best that he can, but that Connor was the one who asked to move in with his mom. Connor then comes back and, pausing in his step, asks Jude if he'll see him tomorrow. Jude nods before being Connor and Adam leave, and Jude is left alone with his thoughts while still clearly upset.

Jude telling Connor that he loves him and wants what is best for him.

During Callie's adoption at the courthouse, Jude and Connor get off the elevator and joining the remainder of the Adams-Foster family. As they walk in, Jude takes a seat besides Connor and, as he listens to his sister's passionate speech about being lucky that she found a good family to genuinely love her, takes Connor's hand. When Callie is legally adopted by the Adams-Fosters, Jude is overjoyed and joins in hugging his sister as Connor smiles happily for the him and the family.

Connor and Jude hugging each other after saying they love each other.

After Callie's adoption, Jude pulls Connor aside in the hall and suggests that maybe Connor should go live with his mother. Jude says how when Adam told him that Connor asked Adam to let him go, Jude didn't understand at all. But when Callie was making her speech about the importance of having a family that is truly there for her and supports her, Jude had been watching Connor and finally understood in that moment.

Jude tells Connor how he wants him to have that as well... because he loves him. Connor answers that he loves Jude as well. Jude then says how LA isn't really that far and "there are trains". The two then share a hug.

In Sixteen, The Adams Foster family are seen sitting having a normal family dinner when Jude's phone rings signaling a message Jesus picks it up thinking it's his but after seeing the message he sits it down real quick and says it's from Connor, then Jude pics it up and after seeing it, he has a stern surprised look on his face. Later he asks Jesus if he's ever had sex, Jesus replies with yes, Jude then asks him how he learned what to do. Jesus tells him porn. Later Jude has a sock on the door and looks up "Two Guys Gay Virgin Sex" after he clicks on a video he looks shocked and weirded out about what he had saw. Then he goes into his moms' room and asks them if he can get rid of the train ticket to go see Connor they ask if something is wrong and he says no. Later at the twins' party Jude had a deep conversation with Callie about how much he loves Connor. Later it shows Connor and Jude video chatting and Jude brings up the message he got from Connor revealing that it was a pic of his "Area"Jude and him discuss it and Jude says "I didn't say I didn't like it" and later in the conversation Connor Asks "What Are you saying Jude, do you wanna break up"then it scans over to Mariana and Jesus opening their gifts revealing that they broke up..


Season 1


  • Jude mentions that Connor, a kid he met at school, introduced him to the book A Wrinkle in Time

The Morning After

  • Jude tells Mariana about meeting Connor in his math class and says he's "cool." 
  • Jude and Connor are talking in the hallways. Connor invites him to go fishing with him and his dad the next time they go. 
  • Connor sees Jude being bullied for wearing blue nail polish and nervously watches. The two share a look before Jude is slammed against the lockers by the bullies. After this, Connor walks forward to help Jude but is interrupted by a teacher stopping the bullying instead. As Jude walks off, Connor does as well.
  • Jude eats lunch alone until Connor sits next to him. As they eat, Connor proudly shows his nails painted blue as well. Smiling at each other, they eat in a comfortable silence.

The Fallout

  • Connor asks Jude to be his partner for a science project. Jude smiles when realizing he has a new friend. 
  • Jude and Connor are seen at the Adams Foster's house getting to know each other. 
  • As Jude explains his lack of belongings as a result of being a foster kid, Connor seems to feel bad for him.
  • When Connor points out that Jude never talks bad about anyone, including those who make fun of him, Jude says he doesn't see a point in it.  
  • Connor tells Jude that is lying about his father "living on an island" and assures him he doesn't need to lie to him. 
  • Connor gives Jude his PSP and tells him to keep it since he saw how much Jude liked playing on it. 


  • It was said that Jude was sleeping over at Connor's house during the shooting incident with Stef.
  • Jude heard what happened to Stef and quietly walked from Connor's house to return home and left a note so that he wouldn't wake him or his parents up.

Things Unsaid

  • Connor asked if Jude wanted to see a new movie with him. Jude turns the offer down because he's not sure if he'll be around.


  • After Franks funeral Jude asks Lena if Conner could come over. She replies yes and celebrates that Jude called her mom for the first time.
  • Conner, Jude, and Mariana decide to play with a Quija board. Mariana then leaves because she finds out the name of her first boyfriend is Zac. She then leaves Conner and Jude alone to “contact the spirit world”
  • Now that Mariana is gone the two boys are left alone. They try to decode a message that spells out the word “toy”. Jude then asks the game board a few questions regarding his mother who had passed away when he was a young child. Conner smiles when the game board says yes to Jude’s question of “Mom, are you there?”. Conner gives Jude a smile as Jude asks if it is okay if Lena and Stef adopt him. The game board replies “Yes” this makes both boys smile.

Us Against The World

  • Connor and Jude are eating lunch together when a girl comes up to deliver some cupcakes to Jude. The cupcakes have words written on them as clues to a secret message.
  • When Jude reveals the next day is his birthday, Connor asks how a cupcake delivery girl would know before he did.
  • They try to find the hidden message Callie has left for Jude together.

Adoption Day

  • Jude and Conner play video games in the living room when Jude gets a call. Conner appears to be teaching Jude how to play the game.
  • There appears to be awkward tension when Connor asks Jude about Maddie and if it was okay if he asked her out.
  • The two get into a fight when Jude decides he "likes" Maddie after all.
  • Jude begins to wonder whether or not he may like Connor and goes to Lena for advice about knowing whether or not you are gay. 
  • Connor forgives Jude for their fight, showing up for Jude's adoption, and suggests they both invite Maddie for a friendly outing together sometime, much to Jude's discomfort.
  • Connor is seen smiling and clapping during Jude's adoption.
  • Connor and Jude are smiling and laughing together during the party after the adoption.

Season 2

Take Me Out

  • Connor and his dad invite Jude to go to the batting cages with them.
  • Jude comforts Connor after his dad's harsh criticisms during their time batting, patting him on the back.
  • Jude invites Connor to go over to his house to play a new video game, but Connor reveals how his dad thinks Jude is gay and wants them to stop hanging out.
  • Jude asks Connor if he really was gay then if he would want to stop hanging out, to which Connor doesn't answer. 


  • Connor tells Jude he doesn't care if he is gay or not.
  • Connor says he and Jude can be friends without his dad knowing, but Jude turns this idea down since he doesn't want to be a secret.
  • Connor sneaks out of his house to the Adams Foster's house to see Jude and lies by saying he stood up to his dad.
  • Jude and Connor almost kiss during a game of spin the bottle, but they don't because Callie walks into the room to tell Connor that his dad is at the house looking for him.

Say Something

  • Connor apologizes to Jude for lying, but Jude gives him the silent treatment (due to selective mutism).
  • Connor glances at Jude when he remains silent during class when the teacher calls on him.

Truth Be Told

  • Connor goes to Lena for her advice on what he can do to help Jude beside making sure kids don't make fun of him. When Lena asks if Jude is currently being picked on, Connor tells her that kids no longer do, at least not in front of him. 
  • Connor says how he regrets hurting Jude's feelings by not standing up to his dad and just wishes that Jude would talk to him again...
  • When Connor admits he feels guilty about Jude's muteness, Lena assures him that he is nothing like his father and it isn't his fault. 
  • When Lena mentions to Jude about Connor seeing her, it gets Jude's attention. 

Girls Reunited

  • Off-screen, Jude and Connor are implied to have made amends by now after Jude has resumed talking.
  • At Connor's idea, the two share a tent together during the school camping trip despite Jude's warnings about Connor's father (also off-screen). 
  • It is later revealed that the two shared a kiss in their tent that was initiated by Connor, an event that they mostly ignore afterward. 

Someone's Little Sister

  • Jude comments on how Connor can be "needy" when explaining how not just girls can be needy.
  • Jude goes to Lena's office concerned about Connor because Connor came to school with a black eye.
  • Jude asks Stef and Lena if Connor is being abused by his father. He also admits how it was Connor's idea to share a tent and wonders if they shouldn't be friends anymore to ensure Connor get hurt anymore, but Lena tells him that is not the answer.
  • Jude tells Connor he knows what it's like to be hit and not wanting to tell anyone about it.
  • Connor asks if Jude told his mom about "what they did" during the camping trip. Jude tells him that he hasn't and they silently glance at each other.
  • After overhearing about Lena quitting her job, Jude comes to the conclusion that Lena quit her job due to Connor's dad being angry about Jude and Connor sharing a tent. Jude admits to Lena and Stef that he and Connor did do "something wrong" while on their camping trip together, indicating that Lena shouldn't have defended him or quit her job.

Over Under

  • Jude and Connor make up following the previous episode. Connor says that they're okay as long as Jude stopped telling his moms what happens in their friendship. This comment later causes Jude to be worried when Lena calls for a meeting with Connor's dad regarding the tent incident.
  • Jude lies to Lena and Adam when he says that he and Connor invited two girls into their tent and ended up making out with them.
  • After the meeting, Connor is furious that Jude told his moms about things regarding their friendship again and calls him a "little bitch" for it before storming off, leaving Jude shocked.

Light Of Day

  • Connor has gotten a new girlfriend, Daria, and asks Jude to switch lab partners so that he can partner up with Daria. Jude agrees to this.
  • When Jude teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor, she tells him how close Daria and Connor have become. This makes Jude jealous. 
  • At lunch, Jude gets invited by Daria to eat with her, Taylor, and Connor. When Daria convinces them all to go on a double date together to the movies before leaving with Taylor, Jude offers Connor to make an excuse not to go. However, Connor says it's fine and tries to make lighthearted conversation with him. They soon eat in silence. 
  • At the movies, the group sits in the back row all alone. During the film, Jude and Connor share an armrest when Connor looks down at Jude's hand next to his. He then slides his pinkie finger directly next to Jude's, clearly surprising him. After rubbing their fingers together, Connor hooks his finger with Jude's, locking pinkies. Connor smiles to himself, as Jude stares at the screen in clear surprise of what is going on. 

If You Only Knew

  • It is briefly mentioned by Lena that Jude has gone on another group date-presumably with Connor, Daria, and Taylor again.

Now Hear This

  • Jude gets jealous when seeing Daria and Connor making out.
  • During an unplanned sleepover, Jude and Connor happily play a video game on Jude's bed.
  • A game of catch in the backyard turns into a friendly wrestling match which culminates into Connor pinning Jude on the grass before the two comfortably stare at one another. However, before things can go further, Daria texts Connor to come over, causing Jude to storm off.
  • Annoyed with all of Connor's mixed signals, Jude finally confronts Connor about their relationship and Connor's mixed signals.
  • During his rant to Connor about his mixed signals, it's revealed that Jude lied about what happened in the tent in Over Under. According to Jude, while in the tent on their camping trip, what really happened is that Connor had kissed him and Jude later lied about the event so no one would find out. 
  • After Jude confronts Connor about his mixed signals and where their relationship stands, Connor kisses Jude on screen for the first time.

Justify the Means

  • Jude and Connor make plans to hang out after school and agree to meet on the bench.
  • When Jude sees Connor at the bench kissing Daria, he is clearly hurt.
  • While studying at the Adams Foster's house, Connor plays footsie with Jude.
  • Jude confronts Connor about Daria. This causes Connor to admit he's dating her because his dad is no longer opposed to them hanging out together since he has gotten a girlfriend. 
  • Connor tells Jude about Taylor and Daria wanting them to sneak out to teepee a girl's house that night.
  • When they have no place to hang out together in the house alone, Connor invites Jude to spend time with him after hanging out with the girls that night "by themselves", with an implied double meaning.
  • After sneaking out and teepeeing the girl's house, Taylor reveals she knows about Jude's feelings for Connor. When Daria and Connor come back, Jude says he should get back home. Connor brings up their plans to hang out later, but Jude dismisses them.
  •  When Taylor brings up her idea to sneak into her house and "get drunk and make out", she looks at Jude and gestures her head to Connor. When Jude looks at Connor, Connor grins at him.
  • They take turns drinking from a liquor bottle before Taylor's dad wakes up. They hear her dad shouting, causing them to try to run outside the house. Unfortunately, he shoots at them.

Not That Kind of Girl

  • Connor comes out as gay to his father, telling him that he sneaked out in order to see Jude, not his girlfriend Daria.
  • Jude asks to see Connor almost immediately when Mr. Stevens comes out to tell him and his mothers about Connor's condition.
  • When Jude is told that Connor had supposedly blamed everything on him and that Mr. Stevens had banned him from Connor's life, he is hurt and upset.
  • After Taylor gives Connor her phone to contact Jude, he officially comes out to Jude as gay.
  • When being told Connor came out, Jude smiles.

The End of the Beginning

  • Jude paints his nails blue in full determination to see Connor, even lying about being a relative to learn his hospital room number.
  • When Jude runs into Mr. Stevens, he bluntly tells him that he isn't leaving until he sees Connor.
  • After he is still not allowed to see Connor, Jude literally sits in the hallway, refusing to leave until he does.
  • When Lena comes to console Jude about losing Connor's friendship, he confesses that he lied about the tent incident and it was actually he and Connor who kissed, with no girls being in their tent whatsoever. This causes Lena to conclude that Jude and Connor's friendship has blossomed into a romance, and Jude breaks down in tears as she holds him.
  • Lena, upon learning about Jude and Connor, defends them to Mr. Stevens and gets him to see that keeping Jude from Connor is only going to hurt him in the future. He admits that his only problem is that while he can accept Jude being gay, he can't accept his son being gay himself.
  • Jude is finally allowed to see Connor, and they both smile upon seeing each other.
  • Connor reaches out and holds Jude's hand and smiles when seeing his painted nails, which Jude calls 'war paint'.
  • Jude climbs into Connor's hospital bed, and the two watch TV together, side by side.
  • Jude comes out to Callie by telling her that he saw Connor at the hospital and declares to her that Connor is his boyfriend.

Season 3


  • Jude tells Lena and Callie he agreed to meet up with Connor before class.
  • Jude and Connor talk about the publicity of their relationship and agree to keep it a secret for the time being.
  • They walk beside each other after class, and Jude offers to wait with Connor until his dad picks him up.
  • When Connor is questioned by Taylor about not telling Daria why he broke up with her, she tells Connor that it is "completely obvious" that he is into Jude.
  • When being bullied for being "gay for each other", Connor takes a firm stand and defends his relationship with Jude.
  • After Jude storms off, Connor looks for him the rest of the night.
  • After Jude explains he doesn't want to be labeled anymore and just be 'Jude' for a while, Connor quietly asks if that means he doesn't want to date anymore. But Jude says he does, much to Connor's clear relief.
  • Jude promises he wants to be together and takes Connor's hand, and they smile.

Father's Day

  • Jude reveals to Donald Jacob, his father, that he invited Connor and Adam over for the Adams Foster's Father's Day brunch.
  • During the toast that Lena and Stef make "to the amazing men in their lives", Connor and Jude share a look as they join in the toast.
  • When Adam publicly confronts Connor about coming out of school, therefore outing Jude to his dad as well, Connor casts a worried glance at Jude.

Déjà Vu

  • Connor and Jude are playing separate video games.
  • When Jude complains about the gun noise from Connor's video game and to turn down the volume, Connor calls him a "granny". This remark leaves Jude slightly hurt.
  • In school, Connor excitedly tells Jude about the next level of his game and wants him to play it with him.
  • When Jude rejects his offer and says he has plans, Connor seems concerned by how Jude says this and asks if something's wrong with him.
  • When Jude mentions to Connor he is going to a gun range, Connor excitedly asks to come along with him.
  • At the range, when Jude is positioning himself in order to properly shoot a gun with Stef's instructed help, Connor is seen checking him out.
  • When Connor shoots a gun and is visibly shaken after recalling the incident when he got shot, Connor leaves and Jude follows after him shortly later.
  • When Connor and Jude sit side-by-side on the sidewalk, Jude admits how he never was going to go shooting with Stef - admitting he only claimed so to get out of playing the zombie game due to being embarrassed about not wanting to play it. When Connor asks why Jude admits to being hurt by his "granny" comment.
  • When Connor admits to Jude that he isn't as okay with being shot as he thought he was, Jude comforts him as Connor begins to cry on his shoulder.

More Than Words

  • They are each playing a game on their cell phones while on the beach.
  • When Cole invites them to an LGBTQ prom and how it'll give them the chance to meet fellow gay kids their age, Connor sneaks a peek at Jude's reaction to being called gay.
  • When Cole leaves to swim, Jude calls a rematch to Connor in their game and they continue playing.
  • Jude and Connor play Frisbee in the background, in front of the sea.
  • When Connor steps into Jude's room while he is in his suit for the prom, Connor pauses in his step and stares at him - mesmerized by Jude's dressed up appearance. He tells him how great he looks.
  • When Connor tells Jude he didn't tell his father about going to the prom, Jude makes a face, sympathizing with him.
  • Connor, instead of a corsage, gives Jude a self-made shirt with the print "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is" knowing Jude's dislike for labels.
  • When they go down for pictures of the family, Connor takes Jude's hand.
  • They go to prom and enter the scene side by side, both nervous.
  • When Jonah, an LGBTQ member, warns Connor how Jude's refusal of a gay label means he doesn't truly identify as gay and will only break his heart, Connor is visibly worried. 
  • Jude and Connor get into a fight which results in Jude leaving to calm down.
  • Cole gets Jude to see how labels have power in their own sense and make others feel no longer alone. He also adds how lucky Jude is to be in a family where he is accepted no matter who he is. Jude sees the hurt he has caused Connor.
  • Jude finally tells Connor he understands him now and finally accepts he is gay - telling Connor he is "super gay for [him]". This leaves Connor grinning in happiness.
  • Connor asks Jude to dance, which he accepts. They then slow dance together, with Jude resting his head on Connor's shoulder as he rubs Jude's back.

It's My Party

  • When Jude is about to leave Callie's surprise birthday party that he had arranged for her, due to overhearing her say she never even wanted it, he is about to go to Connor's house to see him.

Faith, Hope, Love

  • During family dinner, Mariana mentions that Jude is at Connor's house and is expected back soon.


  • When Connor walks in class, he smiles upon seeing Jude.
  • Connor invites Jude to hang out at the beach sometime. But when Jude turns him down, he appears disappointed until suggesting they do something else and gives a smile when doing so.
  • When Jude is clearly bothered, Connor can be seen looking back at him in concern.
  • Following Jude storming out of class, Connor is looking after him clearly worried.
  • During Jude's brief disappearance, Connor sends him repeated text messages and goes to the Adams-Foster's house until he comes back home.
  • When Jude makes up with his family, Connor can be seen smiling at the scene.
  • When Jude realizes Connor is with Jude's family, he asks why he's there. Connor says how since Jude wasn't answering his text messages, he had gotten worried. Jude apologizes. 


  • Before Callie and Brandon come into the room, Lena and Stef are talking to Jude about his time at camp and he mentions how Connor attended as well and the two played baseball together.
  • When Jude is coming home from visiting Connor, Lena notices that he is upset and asks Adam, who is dropping him off, what happened. Adam tells her how he walked into Connor's bedroom - only to interrupt Jude and Connor making out with their shirts off.
  • When Lena decides to give Jude "the talk", Jude insists that he and Connor weren't "really doing anything" in the first place. He also says that he and Connor are not having sex nor will be for a while.
  • When preparing for Jude's grandparents' anniversary, Connor tells Jude how he is considering moving to Los Angeles to live with his mother, which upsets Jude at the possibility of losing Connor.
  • During the party, Connor and Jude can be seen side by side and, during Mariana's song, slow dancing.
  • After the party and Connor get ready to leave, Jude confronts Adam on why he is "sending Connor away".
  • After Connor leaves, Jude is standing in the middle of the room, still clearly upset about Connor moving. 
  • During Callie's adoption hearing, Connor attends in support and, during her speech, Jude takes Connor's hand.
  • After Callie is officially adopted by the Adams-Fosters, Jude takes Connor aside and tells him how, after much thought, he has decided to encourage him to go live with his mother if it means he can be truly happy and have the support he needs. He further promises he can come visit since LA isn't that far away.
  • Jude tells Connor that he loves him, which Connor returns. They hug each other.

First Impressions

  • Jude visits Connor before Connor leaves to move to LA.
  • Jude notices that Connor is taking everything with him and tells Connor that nothing will be the same without him.


  • Connor sends Jude inappropriate pictures, which causes Jude explore about sex.
  • Jude becomes frightened by the idea and cancels his trip to LA.
  • In a video chat, Jude confronts Connor about the picture.
  • Jude then asks if the only reason they got together was that they were the only gay guys in their grade
  • Connor says they were friends first, but Jude responds that he doesn't feel like they're friends anymore due to all of Connor's commitments as well as Connor never visiting Jude.
  • Connor sadly asks if he wants to break up but Jude returns the question.


The Morning After
Jude: "It was not!"
Connor: "It was! Swear! It was a 55-pound White seabass. My dad weighed it. It was crazy big.You fish?"
Jude: "I've never even been on a boat."
Connor: "How do you grow up on a beach and never get on a boat? You have to come the next time my dad takes me out."
Jude: "Really?"

The Fallout
Connor: "Hey, you don't ever talk bad about anybody. Like ever. Even when those guys called you names and stuff... you don't ever say anything mean about them."
Jude: "What's the point? (After a moment) We should probably get started."
(Connor takes this in)

Take Me Out
Jude: "Hey! Guess what? Moms just bought me Dawn of Armageddon 4. I haven't even played it yet. We can open it when you come over."
Connor: "I can't spend the night tonight."
Jude: "Oh, okay. What about Saturday?"
Connor: "I kinda can't spend the night at your house... ever."
Jude (after a moment): "What?"
Connor: "It's my dad, okay. He won't let me."
Jude: "Why?" (Sees Connor hesitate) "It's okay, just... tell me."
Connor: "I know it's not true, but my dad won't let me sleep over at your house because he thinks you're gay. I know you're not. I just... I've got to do what he says. I'm sorry."
Jude: "What if I was gay?"
Connor: "What do you mean?"
Jude: "Would you not want to sleep over at my house... if I really was gay?"

Now Hear This
Jude (To Connor before their first on-screen kiss): "You kissed me! Remember? In the tent? And then at the movie theater, you held my hand! And all this week you've been... I just, I don't get this! I don't get you!"

Justify the Means
Jude (after having nowhere to study with Connor): "There is nowhere to be alone in this house."
Connor: "Hey, if we sneak out, after teepeeing, we can hang out. You know... by ourselves."

The End of the Beginning
Connor (takes Jude's hand and sees his blue nail polished nails): "What's this?"
Jude: "Warpaint."

The Fallout
Teacher: "So, everybody needs to pick a partner."
(Jude watches everybody form groups)
Connor (turns to him): "Do you have a-"
Jude: "No."
Connor: "Do you wanna be mine?"
(Jude nods)
Connor: "Okay, cool. How about I come over on Saturday? My mom doesn't like it when kids come over. She says it gives her migraines."
Jude: "Yeah, okay. I mean, I have to ask, but..."
Connor: "Okay. Well, let me know."
Teacher: "Okay, everybody. Back to your seats."
(Connor goes back to his seat as Jude smiles)

Adoption Day
Connor (after Jude gets off the phone with Maddie): "Who was that?"
Jude: "Um, Maddie from school."
Connor: "Maddie? Wha... What did she want?"
Jude: "Um... she just wanted to know if I want to go see a movie with her next week."
Connor: "She did? What did you say?"
Jude: "I said I would ask my moms and let her know at school tomorrow."
Connor: "Do you wanna go? Like... you know, do you like her?"
Jude: "No... no, not like that, no."
Connor: "Are you sure?"
Jude: "Yeah... yeah, no."
Connor: "Then is it okay if I ask her out?"
Jude (squints at him in confusion): "Um... yeah, sure."

(The two walking along the beach at the Anchor Beach end of school year dance as Connor struggles in his crutches)
Jude: "You got it?"
Connor: "Yeah."
Male classmate: "Okay, wait, wait! So, you guys are gay for each other?"
Connor: "Yeah, so what? You have something you want to say about it?"
Male classmate: "Nah, man. It's all good. I just heard and I thought-"
Connor: "You thought what?"
Male classmate: "Nothing, man. It's cool."
Connor: "Then get out of my face!"
(Male classmate leaves)
Daria (who is nearby watching with Taylor): "I knew it wasn't me!"
Taylor: "Shut up, Daria!"
Jude (to Connor): "I thought we weren't going to say anything!"
Taylor: "Don't be mad at Connor! It wasn't him. It was me."
Connor: "What?"
Taylor: "Well, I thought I was helping. I thought you were the one who didn't wanna come out. So, I figured nobody was gonna care. I'm sorry."
Daria: "It's not like anybody cares if you're gay."
Jude: "I'm not gay! Okay?!"
(Jude storms off)
Connor: "Wait, Jude! Jude!"

Justify the Means
Jude: "So... what's the deal with Daria?"
Connor: "What do you mean?"
Jude: "Are you guys gonna like... keep, hanging out?"
Connor: "Well, I think it's good. 'Cause, my dad is cool with us."
Jude: "'Cause you have a girlfriend..."
Connor: "Well, we all have fun together don't we?"
Jude: "I guess."

Connor: "Hey! Wait up!" (Comes up to Jude, who ignores him) "Where've you been? I was looking for you at lunch." (Jude ignores him) "Is this about what my dad said? 'Cause, you know, I don't care if you're... you know... if that's what you are. Are you?"
Jude: "What? Gay? You can say it. It's not a bad word. But, why do I have to be anything?"
Connor: "What do you mean?"
Jude: "Why does everybody go around labeling people all the time? Putting us in boxes. I don't get it."
Connor: "No. You're right. I'm sorry. I won't do that anymore."
Jude: "And what about your dad? He doesn't want us hanging out, right?"
Connor: "He doesn't have to know."
Jude: "Yeah, I... I don't want to be anybody's secret. Tell your dad I said it was nice knowing you." (Walks away as Connor stares after him)

Us Against The World
Female Classmate: "Is one of you Jude?"
Connor: "Uh, he is."
Female Classmate: "Then these are for you." (Hands him a tray with two cupcakes)
Jude: "Thank you."
Female Classmate: "Enjoy." (Walks away)
Connor: "What was that?"
Jude: "I don't know. Well, actually... tomorrow is kinda my birthday."
Connor: "How does the cupcake delivery girl know before me?"
Jude: "I don't think that's her actual job."

Justify the Means
Jude (after teepeeing, to Taylor about Connor and Daria): "Where'd they go?"
Taylor: "Who knows. Maybe they're having sex."
Jude: "They're having sex?"
Taylor: "Well, not yet. But Daria's dying to lose her virginity. At least, that's what she told me."
(Taylor tries to kiss Jude, who backs away)
Jude: "Um...!"
Taylor: "It's okay."
Jude: "It's just that-"
Taylor: "It's cool. It's cool... you have a crush on Connor."
(Connor and Daria arrive back)
Connor: "Hey!"
(Jude and Taylor stand up)
Jude: "I should go home."
Connor: "Wait, weren't we gonna-"
Jude: "We're not."
Taylor: "Come on. My dad has tons of booze. Let's break in and steal some."
Daria: "You can't break into your own house."
Taylor: "Well, he thinks I'm spending the night at your house. So, it's kind of like breaking in."
Daria: "Except you have a key."
Taylor: "Why do you gotta take the fun out of everything? Come on, let's get drunk and make out."
(Looks at Jude and gestures her head to Connor, who is grinning at him)

Connor: "I've been looking all over for you! You know you could have made it a little easier on me. I am on crutches." (Waits for a moment) "So, I don't... I don't get it. What do you mean you're not gay? (Waits for a moment) Do you not like me?"
Jude: "No! Of course, I like you!"
Connor: "Do you not like me like that?"
Jude: "No, I do. It's just... my whole life I have always been labeled as something. The new kid or the foster kid or the kid with a dead mom. And I'm sick of it. I mean, why can't I just be Jude? I just wanna be Jude for a while."
Connor: "Does that mean you don't wanna be my boyfriend?"
Jude: "No."
Connor: "Okay...okay, good. 'Cause I thought-"
Jude: "No. I promise."
(Takes Connor's hand as Connor smiles)

More Than Words
Jude (coming up to Connor at the LGBTQ Prom): "Hi, I'm Jude... and I'm gay."
Connor: "Okay, you know what, I don't think I can keep doing this."
Jude: "I know, and you won't have to."
(Connor stares at him)
Jude: "I promise... because I am super gay - for you."
(Connor chuckles and grins to himself in happiness)
Conor: "You wanna dance?"
Jude: "I'd love to."'

(After Callie's legal adoption)
Jude: "Hey, um... I’ve been thinking. Maybe... maybe you should go live with your mom. At first, when your dad said that you asked him to let you go, I didn’t get it. At all. But, I was watching you in there when Callie was talking about how great it is to finally be, you know, happy. And safe. And, to have a family that is really truly there for her. And I want you to have that. Because... I love you."
Connor: "I love you too."
Jude: "And, hey... LA isn't that far, right? I mean, there are trains."
(The two hug)


  • Both boys snuck out of their house to see each other (Jude once and Connor twice).
  • Their home environments are complete opposites regarding homosexuality. Jude has lesbian parents who completely support him regardless of his sexual preference, whereas Connor has faced physical punishment from his father for even sharing a tent with Jude (since he suspected Jude may be gay). However, in season 3, Adam begins making an effort to accept his son being gay. Although he still does deeply struggle with it. 
  • It is implied that Connor's romantic relationship with Daria was merely a cover so that his father would allow him to spend time with Jude.
  • While their first on-screen kiss was in Now Hear This, it is their second kiss overall. Their first kiss was in their tent on their school camping trip in Girls Reunited - a moment that is left unseen, although mentioned.
  • The couple made television history when they shared their first on-screen kiss in Now Hear This, becoming the youngest same-sex kiss to ever air on national television at thirteen years old (character wise). The reaction to the kiss was mixed to positive reviews from audience members.
  • The writers originally intended for Jude and Connor to share a kiss in the season 1 finale. However, ABC Family did not feel comfortable with the characters getting together so quickly. ABC Family instead asked the writers to save the idea for season 2, which the writers agreed to.


  • --First Relationship:
    • Start-Up: Now Hear This (2x18)
    • Break Up: Sixteen (3x17)
      • Reason: Jude and Connor could no longer handle long distance from San Diego and Los Angeles.


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