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Jude Adams Foster (born Jude Jacob) is a main character in the Freeform series, The Fosters, and a minor guest character in its spin-off Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Hayden Byerly.

Jude is the son of Donald Jacob and his now-deceased wife, Colleen Jacob, as well as the adoptive son of Stef Adams Foster, and Lena Adams Foster. He is the half-brother of Callie and the adopted brother of Brandon, Jesus and Mariana Adams Foster.

Jude has suffered through hard times - having lost his mother to a drunk driving accident and his father to prison before being sent, alongside his elder sister Callie, into the foster system where he would be bounced through various foster homes. Despite his rough upbringing, he always managed to have a good conscience and a bright outlook on life. It wasn't until he met the Fosters that he finally found his "forever home".


Jude Jacob was born on November 17, 2000, to Colleen and Donald Jacob. He is the younger brother of Callie.

When Callie was ten and Jude was six, their mother passed away in a car accident that their father's drunk driving was responsible for. Consequently, their father went to prison for manslaughter since he had also killed other people. As a result of having no relatives to care for them, Callie and Jude were placed into the foster care system for six years. Their time in the system is implied to be rough and abusive. After they entered the foster care system, Callie took Jude under her wing and became completely focused on protecting him, becoming somewhat of a parental figure to him.

Despite often moving house to house while in foster care, which proved to be hard on him and his sister, Jude is a rather quiet and often peaceful child. While usually not being in a particular foster home for long, even becoming accustomed to this pattern, he always enjoyed the good homes he sometimes did get to live in. Callie, however, would often encourage him not to get too attached to the good homes.

While it has been stated that Jude has been abused by at least one foster parent, which Callie described as "getting the crap beaten out of him", he hasn't let such treatment hinder him and is always a pleasant person. Whether he was abused by other foster parents and the extent of his abuse in the system is left unknown and mostly unmentioned.

After being taken in by the Adams-Foster family, Jude finally finds his "forever home", and is eventually adopted even though Callie had trouble getting adopted herself.


Physical Appearance

Jude was a young boy with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Jude's appearance changed over the course of the series as he developed into adolescents. In season 1, he is a somewhat short young boy who has yet to really physically develop. However, from season 2 to season 3, he has considerably grown to where he is at least a foot taller - almost taller than Callie - and his voice has deepened significantly. Also, his cheeks have become more slender.

The clothing Jude wears is usually casual, mostly regular jeans and T-shirts that consist of a similar design. However, when it comes to formal events (such as dances and events like his adoption or Father's Day brunch), he always dresses in a suit or in a more proper manner.

5x19 Stef-Jude2.jpg

During a flash-forward sequence, it was shown that Jude went through an emo-phase in his later teen years. He dyed a portion of his hair blue and cut it to appear shaggier so it would hang further down his forehead. On the back half of his head, he wore a black wool beanie. He also started applying eyeliner, specifically on his upper-lids that created a shadow-like effect. In addition, he pierced his lowered lip on the right side and started wearing rings and black studded bracelets. His clothing was also significantly darker and heavier, wearing long sleeves and a hoodie with red skulls on it.

In "Good Trouble", Jude is out of his emo stage and wears relaxed jeans paired with modern tops.

The Fosters

Season 1


Jude being rescued by Callie.

After Callie is sent to juvie and shortly released to the Fosters, Jude is left to continue living with his abusive foster father. After Callie calls him using Brandon's cell phone, assuring she is coming for him, Jude keeps calling the number to get into contact with Callie. During one of the calls, Brandon mentions the number repeatedly calling him and Callie answers one of Jude's calls and tries to talk to Jude, desperate to know if he is okay. However, he is quickly taken off the phone by the foster father. She tries to leave to go to him and get him out of the house, but Brandon demands answers. Callie finally tells him that Jude is her younger brother, and she refuses to leave him with their foster father and must get to him. Brandon refuses to let her go alone and decides to go with her.

Jude joining the Foster family house.

Once at the foster house, Jude is seen on screen washing dishes as Brandon tries to act as a distraction to allow Callie to see him. However, their plan quickly fails and a violent fight ensures with the foster father who begins waving a gun around, threatening to shoot as Jude covers his ears. Stef and Mike quickly arrive and stop the situation from escalating further and Callie embraces Jude, who desperately clings to her. Callie and Jude are reunited and leave together arm in arm as Brandon explains to Lena that Jude is Callie's brother.

While talking to Callie, Stef tells her how things could have gotten really bad if they hadn't arrived when they did. However, Callie says she doesn't care if she is sent back to juvie - only wanting to be assured that Jude will be somewhere safe. However, Stef refuses to allow Callie to be sent back to juvie. She and Lena allow Jude and Callie to stay with them for the time being.


Jude and Callie as Lena assures them they won't be separated again

Jude is with Callie at the Foster house, having breakfast, and enjoying some pancakes. When Stef and Lena try to contemplate what to do with Jude and Callie, since Lena no longer feels comfortable with Callie after the previous episode, Stef watches Jude climbing a tree in their back yard from the kitchen window.

Later, Jude begins school at Anchor Beach where Lena tells him which section of the school to stick to. When hearing he could run into Callie, Jude becomes visibly happy. During class, Callie looks for him and sees him in class through the window. She taps on the window to get Jude's attention. Seeing her, Jude excuses himself from class and leaves to go see Callie. Outside, she asks if he is okay. He says that he is fine, much to her relief. Callie then asks if he talked to Bill, which he did. Callie wonders if Bill "said anything" to Jude. Jude tells her that he said "hi", but nothing else. He then goes back to class.

Callie checking up on Jude while in class.

At home, Callie helps Jude with his math homework. After helping him, Callie goofs around with Jude. He then asks how long they will stay at the Fosters house, but Callie doesn't know. He then gets back to his homework. Later, Jude wanders into the kitchen where he asks Lena if there are any chores he can do. Lena is confused at his request, and he explains how since all of his former foster homes were aware he wouldn't stay long, they'd give him chores to do in the meantime. Lena asks him to help set the table for dinner. As he helps out, he asks if she and Stef are married. Lena says no, legally, but they are "married in their hearts". Jude answers how that is more or the less the same thing, which makes her smile.

Jude and Callie and his foster siblings as Lena and Stef tell them their decision.

After this, Lena and Stef call a family meeting. They reveal their decision that they are not in a financial position to keep Jude and Callie there, but do wish for it to be their last foster home while Bill tries to find them a permanent family. They tell them that since their stay could be anywhere from a week or a year, they'll need to make proper preparations. They've ordered some beds and arranged for Callie and Jude to share rooms with Mariana and Jesus, much to the latter's dismay.

After school the following day, Jude recalls to Callie how he met a boy named Connor in class who was nice to him. He has also begun reading the book A Wrinkle in Time, but doesn't understand it. When coming home, Mariana is told to take him upstairs while Lena and Stef talk to Callie. As he does, Jude looks down after her in concern.

Hostile Acts

Jude is rushing along with a busy Foster household morning. He sneaks into the bathroom as Brandon is distracted. Brandon gets frustrated with Jude, and Jude promises he will be out soon because he just needs to use the bathroom, only to take a quick shower instead. Afterwards, Jude joins the breakfast table beside Callie.

Jude as he learns he may not be able to stay at Anchor Beach.

Later, he learns from Lena how he must pass an exam to stay at Anchor Beach Charter School. For the test, Jude has to get at least a passing grade of 65 percent. Both he and Callie are deeply upset by being possibly separated again, but Lena promises them that she will prep him for the test. He is then seen studying with Lena for math, his weakest subject. When Brandon comes in and appears bothered, Lena tells Jude that he did some really good work and to head upstairs for bed.

Jude with Lena after taking his test.

When studying with Lena again, he is gradually frustrated by his misunderstanding of math. Jude then suggests that perhaps he is just not smart, but Lena assures him that he is especially given he's been at six different schools in six years. He then corrects her that he's been to seven different schools in six years, getting back to work. He then joins the family in game of Monopoly, having fun. Later, he walks in on Callie having a fight with Mariana for, supposedly, reading her journal. As Callie walks out, he asks her why she can't just get along with her. Callie hands him the journal, where he realizes she had written about Liam.

Jude with the family while doing his writing assignment.

At school the following day, Jude is taking his test when Lena tells him his time is up. As he heads out, he asks how all he needs is a 65 and he can stay there, and Lena assures him that everything will be fine and that she is proud of him. However, when she grades his work, it is clear Jude will not make it. Hesitantly, Lena changes one of his answers so that Jude just barely gets a 65 percent - ensuring he can further remain with Callie at school.

Later on, Jude is with the family while watching a movie and doing his writing assignment. He brings up how he needs to name his antagonist in his English paper and as the family give him names, Tayla suggests the name 'Liam'. Realizing that she is the one to have read Callie's journal, he glances back at his sister.


Jude giggling at Callie needing to wear a dress.

At home, he helps make dinner by cutting up some cucumbers. When Mariana invites Callie to be in her court for her quinceanera and reveals she is required to wear a matching gown, much to Callie's disdain, Jude giggles to himself. Later, he nearly walks in on Lexi and Jesus making out in the bathroom.

Jude sensing Jesus and Lexi's connection.

When Jesus walks back in the room, Jude is watching him in suspicion. After Stef comes in, thanking Jude for helping with dinner, talks with Jesus before leaving. As Jesus closes the door, Jude stares at him. Jesus asks what's up, and Jude says nothing while smirking. When Lena's mother, Sharon Elkin, drops by in celebration of the twin's birthday, he and Callie meet her and properly introduce themselves. She warms up to them, even saying she has plenty of gifts for them as well. After getting dressed, he walks in on Tayla and Callie sharing a tense moment, unaware of it.

Jude telling Callie while she isn't stupid, she makes stupid choices.

He is later seen enjoying the party and clapping as Callie, Lexi, Mariana and Jesus come out for the waltz and dance. When Callie and Brandon are about to dance the scheduled waltz, he is seen looking back to see Tayla's bitter reaction. Later, he and Callie watch Jesus and Lexi together. While Callie is confused, Jude explains they have a thing for each other. Callie wonders how he knows, to which he responds that he "pays attention". He then calls her out for her romantic tension with Brandon, causing her to insist she isn't stupid. However, he says that she makes stupid choices. Just then, a pretty blonde girl taps him on the shoulder; she asks if he wants to dance. He accepts and is later seen dancing, having a good time.

Jude and Callie during the party.

When Stef and Lena show a slide show to the guests of Mariana and Jesus' time with Stef and Lena, he and Callie are shown hugging and beside each other. Jude and Callie slightly sad while seeing the twins memories and happy childhood with Stef and Lena, bringing Callie to nudge Jude and hug him again. When the family brings all the kids up for a family photo, they both initially decide to stay seated. However, the family urges them to come up as well for the photo.

The Morning After

Jude talking to Mariana as she paints his nails.

After a small party and gathering at the Foster house, Jude is seen helping the family clean up and handling the remainder of food left over. When Lena suggests the family going to Garret's poetry slam, Jude agrees to go as he zip locks some bread. He later shakes hands with a leaving Wyatt, saying it was nice to meet him.

The next day, while Mariana is painting her nails, he tells her that the color is pretty when she asks if it looks good with her outfit. After a moment, she offers to paint his nails for him. As she does, she asks him if anything new is going on in his life and if he's made any new friends. He tells her about a boy in his math class, named Connor, who he is becoming friends with. Callie then comes in to get her bag and, seeing the nail polish, tells him not to wear the nail polish to school. He is visibly upset over this until Mariana tells him he does not always have to do everything Callie says. Feeling encouraged, he decides to wear the nail polish to school.

Jude getting bullied.

Jude and Connor are then seen walking out of class while talking about the large fish he caught. Connor asks if he has ever gone fishing, and he remarks he's never even been on a boat. Connor invites him to tag along with him and his dad sometime, much to Jude's happiness. Connor leaves to go get his forgotten class book when some boys seize the chance to tease Jude about his nail polish. Jude stands up to them, telling them to grow up, bringing one of the boys to slam Jude against the locker wall. Connor comes back by then, but watches in reluctance. A teacher comes by and stops the bullying from escalating, sending the bullies to the office, as Jude and Connor lock eye contact. Jude rushes off.

Lena comforting Jude that it's okay to be different despite prejudice for it.

While Jude plays video games, Lena asks him if he is okay. Jude assures her that he's fine. She then sits next to him and tells him that if he wishes to talk, he can to her. At this moment, Callie enters the room. Callie asks what's going on and Lena just says her brother had a rough day at school. Callie wants to learn what happened, and Lena explains how other boys noticed his blue nail polish. Callie then scolds Jude for not taking it off even after she told him too. She then yells at him to take the nail polish off immediately, and Jude yells at her to stop bossing him around before storming off.

Connor supporting Jude during lunch in school.

After this, Lena finds Jude upstairs struggling to take the nail polish off. She helps him with it and talks to him, telling him how at home, she and Stef hold hands and kiss. However, when in public, they sometimes don't. Jude asks why, and Lena says how there are people out there who wish to hurt people like Stef and her and this pressures her into being afraid. She tells Jude how this makes her mad at the people wanting to hurt her as well as at herself for caving into them. Taking his hands, she assures him how there is nothing wrong with him for being different. Going on, she says what's wrong are the people who make them feel unsafe and he shouldn't be ashamed of who he is.

The next day, Jude is eating lunch alone while wearing blue nail polish when Connor comes and sits with him. Looking up at him, Jude sees Connor proudly wearing blue nail polish like as well. Smiling, they eat in comfortable silence.

Jude telling Callie he "already hurts".

At home later, Jude is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when Callie comes in. He offers half and, when noticing painted nails, she asks why he's still wearing that. He says he likes it. She demands he take if off before "he gets a black eye to match it". Standing his ground, he says no. She retorts if he wants to get beat up again, and he sarcastically says yes. She then tells how it can be easy to feel comfortable there, but that it isn't their home and he shouldn't get too invested in the Fosters. Jude asks why not, asking if she actually wants a family. He says he likes them, and maybe it isn't forever, by that they should enjoy it. She tells him that he's going to get hurt. Giving her a flat look, he tells her that he "already hurts". He then walks away from a silenced Callie.

That night, he joins the family in going to Garret's poetry slam. He goofs around with Jesus before, along with the family, being stunned in Mariana's new self done nose piercing. He asks if it hurt, to which she says a bit. As Stef and Lena agree they will deal with her afterwards, he joins in leaving the house. At the poetry slam, as Garret laments on the tragic ending of his family with his mothers' divorce and how lucky he was to have such a loving family, Jude and Callie share a brief look. He is seen also enjoying the rest of Garret's passionate poem, and clapping as it ends.

The Fallout

Jude smiling after Connor asks him to be his lab partner.

Jude is at school in his science class where they are given the instruction to pick a partner for the assignment to make DNA or RNA. He anxiously looks around, watching everyone instantly finding a partner. However, Connor looks over to a lonely Jude and asks if he wishes to be his. Jude nods, and Connor asks if he could if he can come over his house because his mother doesn't like having other kids over. Jude says he can, but he'll have to ask. Connor says to let him know and goes back to his seat. Jude smiles happily to himself, realizing he has a friend.

Later at home, he walks in on Stef and Lena having a brief argument, and asks if he should ask them about Connor coming over later. They say yes, and asks what he wants. He nervously tells them that his class has to build a DNA model, and they have to work in pairs, and he was wondering if his friend Connor could come over. Lena asks if that's all, and he says yeah. Lena and Stef tell him it's fine if Connor comes over. He smiles and is excited that his friend can come over.

Jude smiling when being able to have Connor come over.

The next day, with all the Lexi missing drama, Lena forgot Connor was coming over. As he comes in, Jude runs down the stairs and greets Connor. The two then hurry upstairs and begin to do their assignment.

While upstairs. Connor is going on about a football player, a team and why they shouldn't have let him go, after seeing a Jersey (thinking its Jude's when it's Jesus's). He asks Jude who's his favorite player. Jude doesn't know what to say; he doesn't own the Jersey nor does he watch football. He comes out and tells Connor that the Jersey is Jesus's. Connor sees Jesus's skateboard and thinks it's Jude's. Jude tells him everything in the room is Jesus's, and shows him his little few things. Connor seems surprised as Jude tells him when he moves around a lot, things get lost or stolen. Connor tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has but Jude doesn't realize it. He asks him why he doesn't say anything bad about the other boys and the people who bully him. Jude tells him what's the point as it doesn't make him feel any better. Connor takes this in.

Jude telling Connor about his dad.

While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something. He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dad's initials carved on it. He tells him it doesn't work anymore, but he loved the fact that his dad carried it around with him, and it's basically the only thing he has left of him. Connor asks where his dad is. Jude tells him he's in jail, but then makes up a lie. He says that his father was in jail and eventually got out. He goes on saying that he's made a lot of money and he lives on an island now. Connor seems skeptical of this, but as Jude goes on the lie gets worse as he tells them he has nice cars, a pool, the house is on the beach. He continues saying that his father will get him and Callie someday. Connor asks him why he's lying. Jude denies this, but Connor tells him that he doesn't need to lie to seem cool. Jude seems embarrassed by this. Connor quickly puts this behind him, and pulls out his PSP. He asks Jude if he would like to play the game, and gives it to him. Jude has never really seen something so cool, and Connor seems to be happy that Jude is happy.

Connor giving Jude his PSP as a gift.

After working all day, Connor's mother comes to pick him up. Jude tells Stef and Lena he's leaving, and Stef volunteers to walk Connor out. However, Jude says he'll do it. As he's walking Connor to the door, he gives Jude his PSP and tells him to keep it. Jude tells him that he can't keep something so expensive, but Connor tells him that he wants Jude to keep it. He leaves the house as Jude smiles.


It is mentioned by Callie that Jude is staying the night at Connor's for a sleepover and doubts he is aware of what happened to Stef, regarding her shooting. Later, while all the teenagers are home alone, they hear a knock at the door.

Jude comforting Lena during Stef's shooting.

Cautious due to the late time, they ask who is at the door and Jude reveals it to be him. They let him in, with Callie demanding to know why he came home so late. He says he heard about the shooting and wasn't able to sleep since he wanted to be with everyone. Callie reminds him about Connor and when his parents wake up to find him gone. He says that he left a note for Connor to find and walked home by himself for the remaining blocks. Callie tells him to never do a dangerous thing again and hugs him.

Jude looking at a picture of his mother and sister taken when he was a baby.

As everyone returns to the hospital, waiting for news about Stef's condition, he can be seen waiting with them as well. Seeing Lena alone and worried, he sits beside her before putting his hand on top of hers in comfort. Later, he can be seen asleep against Lena's shoulder as the doctor comes out to give them the good news that Stef will make a full recovery. At home, he can be seen looking at a picture of him as a baby beside a four year old Callie and their mother.

I Do

Jude and Callie happy upon learning Stef and Lena want to adopt them.

Jude is seen in the earlier part of the episode, getting ready for the wedding like everyone else. Stef and Lena all have a family meeting with everyone. They announce that they want to officially adopt Callie and Jude, leaving Jude ecstatic and overjoyed that he is finally going to get his family.

During the wedding, Jude is having a good time like everyone else when he leaves to take out the trash. However, though the lattice, he witnesses Callie and Brandon intensely and passionately making out. He tries not to make any noise, but stumbles in front of the door, startling Callie and Brandon to his presence. Silently angry, he stares at them in disbelief. He then angrily throws the bag of garbage down and storms away in a huff. Distraught, Callie flees after him as Brandon is found by Talya, who had been looking for him, and drags him back to the party.

Jude as he catches Callie and Brandon kissing.

During this, Callie catches up with Jude and tries to explain her actions. Jude, furious, says how they both like it there and they were going to actually be adopted. Callie insists the kiss with Brandon will never happen again, but he says it will; that's what she does. He tells her that she just doesn't know how to be happy. Callie tries to say something, on the verge of tears. But Jude reminds her that they're a package deal and when she screws something up - he pays the price too. He says how she acts as though she cares and loves him, but she doesn't and calls her selfish. He then storms away from a tearful Callie.

Callie telling Jude she's "going to stop being selfish".

During the wedding, Jude is seen in attendance as Stef and Lena make their vows. He gives them the rings and jokes about losing them, smiling and laughing. He is again smiling and clapping as Lena and Stef are legally declared spouses. During the after wedding celebration, Callie goes to Jude and acknowledges that he was right about her being selfish and ruining everything for him. She says she is sorry and that she's going to stop being selfish. However, he continues to ignore her.

When the whole family begins dancing together, he is invited in by Stef and dances with his family happily. Later that night, after the wedding, Callie packs her things and runs away. Before she leaves, she takes one last look at her sleeping brother.

The Honeymoon

Jude yelling at Brandon for potentially ruining his and Callie's adoption.

Jude is folding mats when Brandon joins him, casually saying how he didn't get the chance to talk to Callie the previous night and how things were pretty "weird" after what happened. He says he just wants to make sure things were okay between them. Jude, still folding mats, bluntly says Brandon doesn't - he just wants to make sure he isn't going to tell anyone about him kissing Callie.

Caught off guard, Brandon tries denying it. However, Jude sarcastically asks if he expects to be with his sister now and tells him that he can't. Otherwise, Jude and Callie won't get adopted. Brandon tries saying they'll figure something out as soon as Callie gets back from her guitar lesson. Jude snaps that he is no better than Liam, angering Brandon. Brandon states he isn't Liam, declaring that he loves Callie. Silent, Jude simply storms off.

Jude realizing Callie has run away.

Later at home, Jude is about to play a video game until he notices Callie's guitar nearby, alerting him. Recalling that Callie is supposed to be at a guitar lesson, and seeing that she clearly isn't there, Jude rushes into Callie and Mariana's bedroom. Ignoring an upset Mariana and Lexi because he barged in when they were working, he checks Callie's closet and her drawers. However, he finds them to be empty excluding her abandoned phone. The family piles in the room, wondering what is wrong with him. Jude tells them that Callie has run away.

Jude during the family meeting about Callie running away.

Organizing a family meeting, Stef and Lena ask if no one truly knew anything about Callie's disappearance. They question what set her off, wondering if possibly getting adopted may have scared her off. Stef reluctantly realizes they will need to notify her probation officer despite knowing it will only worsen things for Callie. Lena asks Jude if he is okay, and Jude only asks if Callie will be sent to juvie again. Lena doesn't know, but promises that everything will be okay.

During breakfast, Mike is taking care of the kids while Lena and Stef search for Callie. Mike gives Jude a plate of eggs just as Mariana states how chickens are badly treated for their eggs. This effectively ruins Jude's appetite for eggs, and results in him asking for a bowl of cereal.

Brandon comforting a crying Jude, who believes he drove his sister to run away.

Later that night, Brandon visits Jude in his bedroom. Brandon sits down next to Jude and laments on how ever since Callie left, he has been hopelessly trying to figure out why she ran away. He at first thought that she was still into Wyatt and that's why she ran away with him, but then he realized that she didn't run away with Wyatt. Brandon concluded that Callie ran away from him. Jude begins to cry, and Brandon says that he completely screwed everything up and apologizes.

Jude then insists that she didn't run away because of Brandon, but because of him. Jude tells Brandon how he called her selfish and that she ruined everything for him - so she left. Brandon and Jude share a moment as he hugs Jude and begins comforting him, letting him cry on his chest, as he assures Jude that it isn't his fault.

House and Home

During the Foster dinner, it is uncomfortably quiet given Callie's situation. Stef brings up how she is returning to police duty and everyone tries making conversation based on that, however, Jude flatly asks what is going to happen to Callie. Stef lightly tells him that the next day, she is to go before the judge where it will be decided whether she is to get more probation time or, as Jude finishes it himself, remain in juvie. Jude brings up how the last time she stayed in there, she got beat up.

Jude asking what is going to happen to Callie.

Brandon requests that they go the court, but Stef reveals how Callie already asked for none of them to attend. He brings up how Lena and Stef have to go before the judge as well, which brings Jude to quietly ask if they still want her anymore. Lena and Stef say they do, but it is only a matter of whether Callie wants them or not. Brandon tries saying she does, but Lena and Stef remind him that Callie ran away seemingly without reason. However, Brandon then finally implies that he knows why Callie ran away, bringing Stef to demand if he knows something they don't. Giving a quick look at a nervous Jude, Brandon admits that he kissed her.

After the family blow out upon learning of Brandon and Callie's kiss, Jude approaches a stressed Lena and Stef - apologizing for not telling them sooner. Stef and Lena both tell him that this doesn't change how much they love and wish to adopt him. Jude asks about Callie, and they assure him the same goes for her as well. Later, Brandon approaches Jude in his room once again. He stumbles in his words, helplessly saying he never expected this to happen after kissing Callie. He is clearly sorry, but Jude responds by coldly closing the door on him.

Stef and Lena assuring Jude they aren't giving up on Callie.

That night, Jude comes to Mariana’s room to ask if he can have Callie’s pillow. She says she doubts Callie would mind and Jude moves to go grab it. As he does, Mariana instead asks Jude if he wants to sleep in Callie’s bed tonight. He does, making them both happy. The following day, Jude is in Mariana’s room when Stef tells Jude he can see Callie during her visiting hours for the group home she is in. Jude is excited about finally getting to see Callie before Mariana rants to him about her tight schedule.

Jude watching Callie's probation officer talking to Stef and Lena.

During his promised day to see his sister, Jude is dressed in a suit and ready to visit Callie. However, Stef and Lena tell him that Callie lost her privileges and can’t visit with him today. He asks what she did, and they only tell him she got into a fight with another house mate. They offer to take him out for the day, just the three of them, but he says he has homework. It’s clear he’s disappointed, but Stef and Lena can’t help him.

Things Unsaid

In the morning, Jude is seen heading into the kitchen to get some breakfast as Mariana offers to make him something. However, he soon looks out the window and sees Lena and Stef talking to Callie's probation officer. Jude asks what is going on. Mariana admits who the guy is, but assures him that Callie is likely fine. Despite this, he is clearly worried.

Jude asking Connor for his uneaten lunch.

At school, Jude is with Connor during lunch, who is excitedly telling him about a new action movie that is supposed to have awesome effects. He wants to go see it with Jude, who is hesitant about accepting. He admits to Connor how he isn't sure that he is going to be around when the film is released. As Connor is throwing out his food, Jude asks if he can have some of his uneaten food, which he gives to him.

After discovering his secret stash of food under his bed as a result of ants, Lena confronts him about hoarding food in his room. She asks why he won't just go to the pantry if he's hungry or if he's scared they're going to run out. He tells her how other foster homes don’t have a lot of food or put a limit on how much food they can have. Lena comes to the conclusion that Jude is afraid of being removed from the home.

Lena telling Jude he is safe in their house.

Jude admits how that is how it goes for him - Callie does something wrong, a caseworker shows up and he get's moved to another foster home. Lena tells Jude that she knows how scared he must feel and that while she can’t promise there won’t be any surprises, he can’t go through life afraid of what might happen. She also promises that he’s safe in her home and they won’t surprise him with anything.

Family Day

Jude faced with the option of getting adopted without his sister.

He is joining and making breakfast as Stef, Mariana and Jesus go on about their latest life dramas. When Jude is alone with Stef and Lena, who has come in by then, they sit him down. They wish to talk to him regarding moving forward wit his adoption. Jude asks if it also includes Callie's adoption. They admit they hope so, but that is up to Callie. Jude accepts this. Stef says he must consider his options; if Callie doesn't decide to get adopted, then he must consider getting adopted without her. He agrees to think it over.

While walking into his shared room with Jesus, he unintentionally walks in on Jesus taking half naked photos of himself to Lexi. He frantically apologizes, glancing away. Jesus yells that he can't come in and out as he pleases, but Jude remarks he came to drop off his bag. Jesus and Jude come to an understanding that whenever he sees a cap on the doorknob, he is taking a little "Jesus time". Jude giggles at this, remarking he can guess what "Jesus time" means. Jesus insists that is not what he meant by it, but to accept it. Jude says that isn't fair, but Jesus declares it his room. Jude is clearly upset by it before throwing his bag down and storming out.

Jude telling Callie he is getting adopted with or without her.

During family day, Jude is with the family and clearly happy to see his sister. He responds by hugging her almost immediately when she opens the door. He listens with the family as Callie explains the busy schedule that Girls United has. He also has lunch that the girls made before taking his lunch outside where Callie follows him. She tries to make conversation with him, but he seems distant with her now. She finally apologizes for what she did, saying it's okay if he is angry. He then says how he knew she always pushed others away, he just never thought she would do it to him. Callie says how she was only trying to protect him so he could get adopted. He tells her that he is getting adopted - with or without her, explaining the paperwork is getting filled out already. Callie is happy for him, but is also hurt.

Jude yelling at Jesus it is his room too.

At home, Jude knocks on the door to his shared room with Jesus while the cap is on. Despite telling Jesus he needs to get his homework, his soon-to-be adopted brother tells him to get it later. Sighing, he slides down the floor and begins eating snacks. An hour later, Jude is sick of being kept out and barges in. When seeing he was kept out so Jesus could skype with Emma, not his girlfriend Lexi, Jude is furious. He begins yelling how he can't "write rules as he goes" and that it's his room as well. Jesus easily dismisses this statement, bringing Jude to angrily throw a book at him just as Stef and Lena come in. Deciding to defuse the situation, they bring Jude down to talk.

Downstairs, they explain he can't solve his problems with violence. Jude says he was locked out of his room, which they say isn't condoned and Jesus will hear about it. They still say that isn't an excuse. Taking a breath, he apologizes and leaves. After he does, Stef and Lena happily squeal to themselves over Jude adjusting to becoming a real member of the family by having his first "little brother" fight with Jesus and calling it "his" room now.


Jude asking Mariana if she believes in heaven.

Jude walks in on Mariana crying about Frank's death, quickly apologizing. Mariana waves it off, and Jude awkwardly comes in to clean up. She admits to being nervous about her first funeral, which Jude assures "isn't as bad as she thinks". She asks what his mother's was like, which Jude details as "weird" and "sad". He recalls how everyone kept repeatedly telling them that their mother was in a better place. Jude then asks if she believed in heaven, which Mariana isn't sure. She asks if he does. He answers how he, in the least, believes people are up there looking after them - at least he hopes so.

Flashback to Jude and Callie at their mother's funeral.

At the church for the funeral, Jude can be seen in attendance alongside the family. Before heading in, Callie asks if he is okay. Jude says yes, and she takes his hand as they head inside. The scene then cuts to a flashback as Jude and Callie, in a similar fashion, entered just as so for their mother's funeral. Back the present, the family arrives back home and begin preparing for the afternoon family funeral and celebration of Frank's life. Jude asks Lena if he could have Connor over, calling her "mom". Lena agrees and Jude smiles, walking from a happily emotional Lena to being called "mom" by him.

Jude calling Lena "mom".

Later, he is with Mariana and Connor, messing with an Ouija board. Jude says they need to ask a "test question" that no one knows the answer to. Mariana then asks if she is ever going to have a boyfriend. Jude shares a look with Connor and, when the answer is yes, remarks who is moving it. When the letter of her first boyfriend's name is "Z", Jude teases her about it being Zac. She then rushes out of the room, leaving Jude with Connor.

Sometime after this, Jude then tries to contact his mother with Connor's help. After being told with the board that his mother is there, he asks if it's okay if Lena and Stef adopt him. After a moment, the answer is yes. Jude smiles happily as Connor is shown to be happy for him as well.

Jude "asking his mom" if it's okay Stef and Lena adopt him.

Later, Jude walks into the kitchen as Callie is having a breakdown about losing their mother's necklace. When Callie goes to search outside, Jude hastily explains to the confused family that it was their mom's necklace before following after her. He tries to comfort her, before saying how she is beginning to hyperventilate in the same way she did when they learned their mom had died. Callie is confused by this, and Jude explains that Callie had destroyed her room when learning their mother died. However, she completely blacked it out of her memory and instead believed Jude wrecked her room. Stef then intervenes and decides to comfort Callie, leaving Jude to go inside.

Jude and Callie after she decides to be adopted by the Foster family.

Afterwards, Jude comes to see Callie again that night. He is happy to see she has found the necklace before she happily tells him that she's "coming home". It then switches to a flashback again of Callie and Jude ages ten and six. Social workers are preparing to send them to a foster family for a while before being told their dad caused their mother's death as a result of drunk driving. Callie asks if they're being split up, refusing to leave her brother. They're assured that they won't be separated and they'll be together as Jude and Callie holds hands. Back to the present, Jude and Callie again take hands, happy to finally become a part of the Foster family.

Us Against The World

After Callie arrives home, everyone is excited to see her. However, Jude is distant with her. Callie wishes to catch up, but Jude excuses himself under the claim of a book report. Lena and Stef bring up how he can do it after dinner, but Callie waves it off. She says they can catch up later, but Jude only walks off. Later, Callie walks in as he and Mariana are working on his project together. He says she's been helping him out lately before leaving to go to bed. Mariana tries insisting he is having difficulty re-adjusting, but Callie again dismisses it.

Jude explaining Callie's messages and clues.

The following morning, he joins the family for breakfast. Mariana hands him his finished report, calling it perfect. He thanks her as he takes it. When he goes into his backpack, he finds a wooden figure with the word "And" taped onto it. Confused, he looks around the oblivious family table before shrugging it off. At school, going into his locker, he finds a chocolate bar with the word "All" taped on it in the similar fashion. During lunch with Connor, a girl comes up and delivers cupcakes with frosted on words "Was" and "In" on them. When asked by Connor what that was about, Jude admits to Connor that his birthday is the next day. Connor asks how the "cupcake delivery girl knows before [him]" and Jude remarks how he doubts that is the girl's actual job.

Jude asking Callie for more clues.

Jude tells him how he was an at-home birth and when his birth certificate was filled out, his birthday was put down incorrectly. When he and his sister went into the foster system, it remained a little secret between him and his sister. He voices his theory that she is trying to send him a message through his various goodies. Connor takes a picture of the delivered treats before they eat them. At the Foster's home, Connor and Jude track down the remaining clues in the Foster family kitchen and try to decode Callie's message.

Later, he walks in on Mariana trying to convince Lena to let her and Callie attend a party. Catching each other's eye, Callie walks up to him. He flatly tells her he found eleven clues and if there are more. She claims to not know what he is talking about, which Jude asks again if there at least thirteen. Callie replies with a vague "Maybe" and if he's figured out what it says. Jude denies this, eagerly asking that the message is. Callie continues to play dumb, frustrating Jude.

Callie giving Jude his final clue on his birthday.

The following morning, Callie excitedly jumps into Jude's bed, waking him up. She announces to him how it's his birthday and gives him his final clue to the puzzle. He opens it to see the book of Hansel and Gretel. He opens it to see the taped word "Together" on the inside. She recalls how their mother used to always read the book to them as kids. Jude concludes she's been leaving him "birthday bread crumbs" the whole time. Turning to the last page, he sees what the code was through the clues - "Then all anxiety was at an end and they lived in perfect happiness". Jude then points out how he never got the word "Happiness". Callie eagerly says it is downstairs, takes his hand and leads him downstairs.

Jude seeing his birthday surprise by the Foster family.

Once in the living room, he sees the Foster family with decorations in celebration of his birthday. Taking a balloon, he sees the final word "Happiness" marked on it. Jude asks Callie if she really told them his "secret birthday". She says with a smile about how they don't need secrets anymore - they have a family. Stef then brings out the birthday cake of pancakes as Jude smiles.

Kids in the Hall

Jude making a foster girl laugh for Callie's photo shoot.

The kids are running late to school - Mariana, Jesus and Callie casting blame on one another - and Lena warning that anyone not in the car by 7:30 will be forced to walk to school. Jude, however, says he is always on time. This bring Lena to call him her "favorite", annoying Jesus and Mariana.

Later, he is seen helping out Callie while she is setting up the photo shoot for the foster kids; to help them out as well as towards her community service and credit. He is seen goofing around with Kiara while taking photos together. Jude also helps Callie make a girl laugh when she isn't able to smile for the camera. After this, when Callie thanks him for being her "assistant", he begins taking photos with her camera instead, laughing.

Jude and Callie realizing Brandon may have stolen expensive school supplies.

Following this, that night, Jude is with Callie as they go through the photos on her laptop. They both agree to preferring the pictures of the kids when they don't look at the camera. As they begin to goof around, Callie notices Brandon's car in the background of a photo through the window. She realizes he was at the school the night some of the expensive supplies and kindles were stolen - making him a suspect.

Escapes and Reversals

Jude is with the family when they surprise Jesus with Lexi's surprise visit, joining in yelling "Surprise!" as well. When Stef and Lena warn that Lexi is staying in Mariana's room and they promised her parents no "funny business" would be going on, clearly trying to censor the activity, Jude remarks that he knows what the term means. This brings Callie to nudge him as Stef jokingly warns him to "watch it". He also looks at the photos of Honduras that Lexi took on her phone.

Callie and Jude while Stef and Lena discuss their father's parental rights to them.

At school, Callie and Jude are called into Lena's office. They sit them down and tell them the meeting is regarding their adoption. They tell them how the adoption process has started, but in order to petition to court, they require permission from their birth father for his rights to be signed away. Callie is upset to learn he still legally has any, since he has not contacted them in years. Jude asks if he can deny their adoption by them; something Callie doesn't believe he'll do. Stef tells them if he does, they can fight it, but hopefully it won't come down to a custody battle.

Lena intervenes in the conversation, wanting to if it is fine by them if they ask him to be their new legal parents. They say yes, although Jude asks if their dad will be asked while in prison. Callie reveals to him their father is no longer in prison. She confesses how while on the run, she contacted the prison he was in where they told her he was released over a year ago. Jude asks why she never told him. Callie says their father clearly doesn't care about them, leading Jude to snap how she was "trying to protect him again", upset. He asks Lena and Stef if he can go eat lunch, which they allow. Callie tries to go after him, but Lena says he just needs time to process such big news.

Jude discussing their father with Callie and whether or not to know him.

That night, Jude is looking at his dad's pocket knife. Callie comes in, and he asks why it says "T.J" since their dad's name is "Donald". She explains it is their grandfather's name which stands for "Thomas Jacob". He asks if he ever met him, which she says he did. However, he died pretty young. She then admits she should have told him their dad was out of prison, but thought the more he knew then the more it would hurt him. He tells her, though, that "not knowing sucks". She then softly says they're just better off without him, which he agrees on.

Jude deciding he wishes to meet his father.

Stef and Lena then come in, asking if everything is good, which they say yes on. They then tell them how their lawyer tracked down Donald, who is in North Park not far from where they live. The lawyer has talked about the adoption with him, and he has agreed to sign away his rights. However, the lawyer would like to know if they would like to see him in person first. Callie immediately says they don't, however, Jude says he does. This surprises all three of them. Callie begins to say something, but Jude cuts her off. He says while she doesn't wish to see their father, he does.

Don't Let Go

Jude telling Callie he wishes to simply say goodbye to their dad.

Callie asks Jude if he is sure he wants to see their dad. He nods, and she asks what he expects him to say when asked with questions. Jude admits how all he really wants is a chance to properly say goodbye. Callie asks if he surprises him with a declaration that he wants them back. Jude says he isn't sure, but he is still their dad.

The following night, Jude asks Jesus if he ever wishes he had a had a dad. Jesus says everyone has a dad, some just don't get to know theirs. Jude admits how he really misses his mom, but never really had memories of his dad. Jesus brings up how Donald is going to let them adopt him, which is good news. Jude tells him how he is supposed to meet him soon, and Jesus asks why. Jude admits how he was asked if he wished to, and he said yes. Serious, Jesus sits next to him and warns him to be careful. Bringing up what happened with him and Ana, he wouldn't want to see him go through that.

Jude having second thoughts about meeting his dad as Jesus warns him to be careful.

At the breakfast table the next day, Jude says that he doesn't want to see his father after all. Lena says it is okay to be nervous, but Jude says he just isn't sure he wants to after all. However, Callie says she thinks they both should. The family agrees, saying they may regret not meeting with him later in life. Jude agrees as long as they are both together.

When Jesus finds Timothy's sperm donation, Lena and Stef have a family meeting and discuss their plans to conceive a baby. They are all on board with the idea and happy for Stef and Lena. Brandon asks when Jude is going to meet his father, and he says tomorrow. Brandon hopes it goes well for him. On the expected day for the meeting, Jude and Callie are nervous as they wait with Lena and Stef. He fiddles with his dad's pocket knife. Donald soon arrives, and he comments on how big Jude has gotten. After being given privacy, Donald notices the pocket knife, but fails to recognize it initially. Jude offers he can take it back, since it was grandpa's, but Donald says it is his to keep.

After an emotional reunion, Jude hugs his father.

Donald then tells him that he signed the papers, terminating his rights to ensure their adoption. He says how proud he is to still be their dad and nothing will ever change that, saying he loves them more than they'll ever know. Donald goes on to admit their mother truly did all the raising with them, and that Stef and Lena seem to be good people. Looking around the house, he says the life they have there is more than he can ever give them - accepting it is best for them. Crying, Jude asks to give him a hug. Accepting it, he and his dad hug as Donald says how sorry he is for what he did to them. Deciding to leave, Jude bids his goodbye as Donald tells him to be good.

Adoption Day

Jude as Connor asks him if he can ask out classmate Maddie.

Jude and Connor are at the house playing video games. Mariana then comes into the room and offers Jude the phone, saying someone wants to talk to him. After the phone call, Jude explains to Connor that their classmate Maddie asked him to the movies. Connor asks if he likes her, to which Jude says he doesn't in "that" way. Upon hearing this, Connor asks if he is sure. When Jude says yes, he asks him if it was alright if he asked her out then. Jude looks down before saying yes, although his facial expressions say otherwise. Connor looks at him before going back to playing video games as Jude looks downward confused.

At school, Maddie runs up to Jude before class and asks if it’s okay if he can go to the movies with her. Jude says it is. Connor, witnessing the scene, confronts him about telling him that he was okay with him wanting to ask her out and lying to him. Jude says he just changed his mind, but Connor says that he thinks the only reason he is suddenly interested in Maddie is because he told him that he was. Jude says how that isn't true before saying it doesn't matter either way because she doesn't like Connor, she likes him. Connor angrily blows it off before saying he won't go to his adoption because that is only something good friends go to and they clearly aren't that.

Jude asking Lena when she knew she was gay.

At home, Lena sits down with Jude where he abruptly asks Lena how she knew she was gay. Being completely thrown off by the question, she asks what brought on the question. Jude explains his current situation with Maddie and Connor. He says how instead of feeling jealous over Maddie, he was more jealous because Connor wants to ask her out in general. Lena responds with by saying that jealously is an ugly thing. She further explains that just because he feels jealous in this one situation, doesn't mean he is gay, but it doesn't mean he isn't either. She then assures him that whether he is gay or not, she and Stef would love and accept him no matter what. Feeling assured, Jude smiles.

Callie urging Jude to go through with his adoption despite her not being able to.

At the adoption, Connor surprises Jude as well by showing up after all. Jude says how he wasn't sure if he would come after their argument. He then says how he is sorry and that if Connor likes Maddie then he should have his fair chance with her. However, Connor waves the whole thing off and says how maybe all three of them can go to the movies sometime. Despite this, Jude gives an uncomfortable smile and looks down, bothered.

It is then that Stef and Lena pull Callie and Jude aside. They explain to her that there seems to be a mix-up with her original birth certificate - a different person is listed as her birth father, not Donald Jacob. Unfortunately, at this time, this means that she can’t get adopted. Tears are shed between both Jude and Callie when realizing she can't get adopted along with him. Stef and Lena reassure Callie that just because this little hiccup occurred does not change their mind; she will be adopted by them one day.

A picture taken with the judge as Jude is legally adopted by the Fosters.

Jude cries as he refuses to get adopted without Callie. However, Callie takes him by the shoulder and calms him down and says that today is his day and he will get adopted and become an official member of the Foster family. Jude eventually agrees with his big sister. Jude, Stef and Lena sign the papers as Jude becomes a legal member of the Adams-Foster family. Afterwards, the family as well as Callie takes a picture with the judge. That night the entire family and friends celebrate Jude's adoption.

Season 2

Things Unknown

Jude as Stef gives him his new birth certificate.

Jude comments on Lena's strange breakfast choices before Stef shows him his birth certificate, verifying his legal adoption into the Foster family. He excitedly shows Lena, who says how much she loves him, before showing Callie who is happy for him. He is later seen alongside Stef and Lena when it is time to hear a judge decide whether to delay Callie's adoption since Donald is not her birth father.

Jude with the rest of his siblings as Callie is removed from the home by a social worker.

At home, Jude joins the family for dinner and when Lena brings up his award ceremony, he says no one has to come and tries to make light of the occasion. But the family firmly says they are going to see him read his essay to the school. When Callie is taken from the home due to her denied adoption and the Fosters expired license to foster children, Jude fully intends on going with her, but Callie talks him into staying. Later at school, Jude is preparing for his public reading of his essay and is clearly nervous.

Jude reading his essay to the Fosters how they are his "forever home".

That night, he welcomes Callie back home when Stef gets her back into their home and custody again. She apologizes for missing his essay reading and asks how he did; he answers not so good, despite Mariana saying he did fine. He explains how without Callie in the crowd, he felt like what he was saying wasn't even true. Callie says she'd like to hear it and he reads his essay in front of the family, saying how he finally has his "forever family".

Take Me Out

He is having breakfast with the rest of the family, taking one of the last oranges, and telling the family during planning for dinner that he is supposed to be going to the batting cages with Connor and his dad. They are surprised to hear about him participating in baseball, and he says how he never played that much but maybe he is actually good at it. Lena tells him to just have fun as that's all that counts. Callie then sits down next to him and smiles.

After a rough time batting, Jude comforts Connor.

At the batting cages, Jude proves to have difficulty with batting. He watches uncomfortably as Mr. Stevens criticizes Connor endlessly on his batting performance. Afterwards, he comments to Connor that he thought he did really good, but Connor says he wasn't good enough. Jude assures him that he thinks he did way better then he did. Sitting next to him on the bench, Connor still complains how he is supposed to be good at it. Sympathetic, Jude pats him on the back, unaware of Mr. Stevens watching suspiciously of his actions.

Jude learning Connor's father forbade them from hanging out.

Home during dinner, Jude teases Jesus, who is going on how Hayley can't stop checking him out, commenting that he better not let Emma hear him. When Jesus defends that he can handle Emma, the girls laugh given Emma's strong and independent nature. Stef asks him how his batting time went and Jude says it was fine. At school, Jude invites Connor to come over and play a new video game with him. Connor, though, turns him down. When Jude offers for him to come over the weekend, Connor tells him how he can no longer go to his house at all. Stunned, Jude asks why and Connor says how his father has banned him from going to his house because he thinks he's gay. He insists he know that he isn't, but he has to do what he says. Jude then asks if he really was gay if he would want to come visit him anymore. Connor answers in silence, much to Jude's disappointment.

That night at home, Jude comes into the girls room and invites for someone to play his new game with him. Callie brings up how Connor was supposed to come over and he says he couldn't make it. Mariana offers to play with him and the two head downstairs.


Jude refusing to be a secret.

Jude is once again with the family during dinner and asks what a "babymoon" is when the topic is discussed. The following day, Connor tries talking to him after lunch, saying how he was looking for him. However, Jude blatantly ignores him. He asks Jude if it was about his dad thinking he is gay and says how he himself doesn't care if he is - without actually saying the word - before asking if he really is. Jude, turning to face him, says how he can say the term since it isn't a bad word. He then asks why he needs to be labelled and why everyone needs to put people "in boxes" and doesn't understand why he can't just be himself. Connor apologizes for his behavior. Jude brings up his father and how he doesn't want them hanging out, to which Connor says how he doesn't need to know. However, Jude refuses to be a secret and tells him to "tell his dad it was nice knowing [him]" and walks away from a silenced Connor.

Jude with Maddie and Chelsea during the Foster party.

Later at home, Jude watches silently as the older kids bicker about whether to have a party with the moms away and nods when Callie says she and him are going to follow the rules. After this, he notices Callie calling Wyatt and notes how that is breaking the rules given they weren't allowed to have anyone over. When she excuses herself as "breaking the rules in order to keep them", he asks to have classmate Maddie over. Before the party, Maddie and her best friend Chelsea come over (as her parents would allow if she brought a friend) and they ask if Connor is coming over as well. Jude says no, explaining he is at his dad's for the weekend, asking if she likes him. As the girls then reveal each other's crushes in front him, they take off into a nearby room as Jude sighs to himself.

Jude playing spin the bottle with Connor, Chelsea and Maddie.

During the party, Chelsea complains about how bored she is and suggests they play a game. Jude offers to check the game closet, only for the girls to suggest spin the bottle via an app game. When Jude brings up how there is only three of them, Connor comes into the room, surprising Jude. He tells Jude he told his dad he wanted to come over and didn't ask for his approval, making Jude happy. He then asks the group if they are up to anything and Chelsea says yeah, now that there is four of them. Jude then uncomfortably looks at Connor.

Jude about to kiss Connor during Spin the Bottle.

During the game, Maddie spins first and, after her turn, asks Jude to go next. He briefly excuses himself to go the bathroom, where he freshens himself up before coming across a drunken blonde girl in the room. He tells Mariana about it, and tries to show her to her only to find her gone. Later, Connor takes his turn during the game only for it to land on Jude for him to kiss. Connor asks if they can just pass on it, but Chelsea says the rules are the rules. Connor relents, but Jude suddenly calls the game dumb and for them to just stop. Despite this, Connor insists it's fine and to just get it done. The two then lean in to kiss, only for Callie to come in and reveal his father is there for him. Jude asks why his dad would be there, and Connor reveals he actually snuck out. When his dad barges into the room, Jude and the girls act as a distraction as Connor sneaks off.

Jude with his siblings as they see the party goers knock out the window.

After this, he participates in trying to make it seem like the group isn't having a party when Lena and Stef call and is shocked when seeing the party guests bust out the window. After the party, he joins in cleaning and is awkward as Callie brings up how Connor snuck out and how mad his dad was about it. Jude admits how Mr. Stevens doesn't really like him, but when Callie asks why, she is cut off when Brandon asks what they can do to explain the window damage. Jude suggests maybe saying a bird flew through it, but Callie says there is no point in trying to make an excuse. But Wyatt offers to help put in a new window, much to their relief. The next day, he welcomes Lena and Stef back with the rest of the group only to be equally shocked alongside the group when the replaced window falls out of place, shattering.

Say Something

Jude goofing around with Callie during garage clean up.

He helps the family clean out the garage and says, when Jesus calls the family stuff 'crap', that they're lucky to have childhood mementos. Callie answers how she has "the best memento of all" and hugs him. He can be seen smiling happily when Lena lets it slip that the unborn baby is a girl and going through the boxes.

Jude telling Callie she can get to know her sister.

Later, Callie tells him about her half sister Sophia and shows him a photo of her. He says how she looks just like Callie. Callie says how she didn't want to meet her, but has realized it wasn't her fault that their dad walked out on their mom. Jude says how weird it is to hear her say "[her]" dad, to which she apologizes and says Donald is their father and Robert is "just some guy she got some DNA from". He asks about Sophia and Callie says she is her half sister. He suggests like in the way he is her half brother. Callie firmly corrects him that he is her brother and says if he doesn't want her to meet her then she won't. He says if she wants to then she should. She asks if he's okay with it, and he silently nods.

Callie trying to get Jude to talk - who has gone mute.

At school, Connor walks up to him and says hi. Jude says nothing. Connor apologizes for lying to him about standing up to his dad when he really just snuck out. He says he just didn't want to hurt his feelings, but that it wouldn't matter if he did stand up to his dad because he never has a say in anything. Jude just looks at him and walks away. Later, during class, a teacher calls on him to answer a question. However, Jude simply looks off in silence. Later on, Stef and Lena are notified of Jude's change in behavior and they and Callie try getting Jude to talk, only to realize he has become mute.

Truth Be Told

Jude is brushing his teeth when Callie walks in, bidding him good morning. He simply continues brushing his teeth. Callie asks if he ever feels overwhelmed about brushing his teeth every day and night for the rest of his life, trying to be humorous. She looks at him and he simply looks at her before continuing to brush. Callie glances away, realizing her attempt to get him to talk is futile.

Jude during breakfast as the family copes with his mutism.

During breakfast, Stef and Lena tell the other kids that Jude has been to a therapist and is assured not to be physically incapable of speech, but is diagnosed with selective mutism, which is an anxiety disorder. Mariana asks if he is simply choosing not to talk, but Lena explains it is more of a coping mechanism. Brandon asks what they can do, and Stef says just to be patient and help keep his stress level down. Lena also adds not to be annoyed with him or pressure him into talking and he will continue to see his therapist.

Jude catching Callie bonding with Sophia.

During this conversation, Jude walks in the group and looks at them. He gets breakfast and is quiet, including when Callie gives him a shoulder pat. After she is given a jacket as a gift from Sophia, he is implied to be aware of it and walks past Callie as she comes back inside the the house and he leaves get to school. When Callie discusses the situation with Wyatt, he reminds her of all the past traumas she and Jude have had in the foster system - being jerked from house to house, never knowing what would happen to them and if they'd ever have a real home - and suggests that perhaps the muteness is Jude's way of finally being in control of something in his life.

Jude silently playing video games as Callie watches him in concern.

At home, Jude is playing video games as a concerned Callie watches him. Lena comes in and asks to talk to him privately. After Callie leaves, Lena asks if he did his homework; he nods. After he pauses the game for her to talk, she tells him that Connor came to see her. This gets his attention and she says he told her what his dad, Mr. Stevens, said about him. Lena goes on that while she is angry at Mr. Stevens, she cannot control what he thinks. She adds that, if anything, she feels bad for Connor since he must grow up in that type of judgmental environment. Lena tells him that she wants him to know how happy she is that he is their son and there is nothing he can tell them to make them feel any differently; even if its something they may not want to hear. After telling him that he has a few more minutes before scheduled lights out, she leaves and Jude is left deep in thought.

Jude as Callie attempts to get him to talk.

Later, he is again playing video games when Callie walks in and asks to join him. He nods and she laments about a time they lived with a mean kid "with the weird eyebrow" who challenged them to play a game and how they lost terribly. She goes on how they figured out a strategy in the end of the game and how the characters did a funny dance and how hilarious it all was. Jude fights a smile, clearly remembering the memory. Callie comments that they make a good team, but calls him "the brains of the operation". Despite Jude clearly being happy as she talks, he resumes his mute state.

Jude comforting Callie in his mute state.

Disappointed, Callie sends a message through the game that reads, 'Please talk to me' and looks at him with tears in her eyes. Jude ignores the message and continues the game. Trying again, Callie sends him another message that reveals how she thought she saw Liam. Now concerned, he looks at a tearful Callie and puts his hand on her arm in comfort. Content with this, she puts her hand on top of his own.


Callie telling Jude to talk when he feels ready.

He joins Callie in helping plant the flower bed for Lena as a favor given she is on bed rest for her pregnancy. She tells him how no matter what happened in their life, he was always the one to keep it together and never once lost it. She remarks how he is "due for a break down" and to never let her or anyone else make him feel obligated to talk and to only do so when he feels ready again. He slightly smiles at her and they resume planting.

Jude with the family having fun while having a game night.

During a game night, he is shown to be happy with the family. When Jesus makes a somewhat inappropriate joke about Jude's muteness, the family is tense until Jude silently laughs it off. Stef adds that they do miss his voice and gives him a kiss on the cheek and he smiles again. As they go on to play, he is smiling and happy, clearly having fun. When Lena goes to the hospital due to her preeclampsia, he waits with the other kids in the waiting room. When Stef delivers the news that the baby likely won't make it, he is also deeply saddened about losing a sibling.

Jude with the family at the hospital following baby Frankie's death.

Later, after everyone is still mourning over baby Frankie's death, Callie approaches Jude and takes his hand. She says how she knows he is upset over them not sharing the same birth father, learning she has a half sister and her wanting to meet her as well as their failed adoption together. She goes on that he must feel like he as no say over anything in his life - but he does with her. She promises to stop seeing Sophia if he doesn't want her to and there is nothing he can say to her that will make her take off again. Callie tells him that he has to talk to her and the people who love him as he just can't shut them out. She calls such an act selfish and he just isn't that. Taking this all in and taking a look at his family around him, he finally speaks with, "Okay". As everyone looks at him surprised, Callie smiles.

Jude finally speaking after his mute period.

During baby Frankie's funeral with a cherry tree planted to symbolize her memory, Jude reads the speech written in her honor.

The Longest Day

Callie takes him on a visit to Robert Quinn with hopes that he will not feel so threatened by this side of her family. He appears in front of Marianna, a nervous wreck, wearing only one flip flop. Callie tells him to switch to sneakers. He is clearly nervous about meeting his sister's new half family.

Jude getting to know Robert while on his yacht.

At the Quinn's boat, Jude is somewhat intimidated by their clear wealth. Sophia says how excited she is to finally have him meet her and Callie's dad. Jude is somewhat upset about hearing that, but Callie says Donald is her and Jude's father. As Sophia leaves to set up lunch with her mother, Jill, Jude comments on the striking resemblance between Callie and Sophia. He makes conversation with Robert, who invites him to explore the boat. Later, he invites Jude to steer the boat. During this, he asks if he's ever gotten lost at sea and Robert admits he has once while sailing. He says how exciting it was in the rough waters, but Jude says it sounds pretty terrible. Robert admits he was scared, but that sometimes you have to let go and give up control. He tells Jude that he understands that learning Callie has a whole other family must be crazy, but he doesn't want him to feel scared about it. He admits that he wants to know Callie and him as well, if he is open to it, and will never try to replace their father. Jude nods at him, smiling. He can later be seen ecstatic over seeing the rooms on the boat, finding them amazing.

Jude bonding with Jill how happy he and Callie are at the Fosters.

When Robert, Callie and Sophia go to a store on shore, Jude is hesitant about going into the motor boat and opts to stay on the ship with Jill. During his short time alone with Jill, she comments on how it seems like he and Callie have found a good home with the Fosters. Jude agrees, saying how while they didn't grow up together, their adoptive/foster siblings do feel like their true brothers and sisters. Jill inquires as to if Callie is happy and he says yes; as happy as she can be. She asks him why Callie would run away and he answers that she thought Stef and Lena wouldn't want to adopt both of them. When pressed for further information, he goes vague in detail. When asking if the Fosters still want to adopt her, he says yes and they are only waiting on them. Later on, he practices tying knots with Sophia.

Jude smiling after making peace with accepting his sister's paternal family.

That night, back home, Callie asks him what he thought. He admits that he honestly wishes she never found out about them. Callie thanks him for being honest, and begins to say she can cut off contact. But Jude cuts her off, saying that while he wishes she never knew them, that isn't going to change where they're at. He says it sucks that he has to share her, but if he learned to do so with the Fosters, he can do so with Sophia and the Quinns too. He admits that they're nice and Callie calls him the best.

Girls Reunited

Jude is on the 7th grade camping trip with his classmates and Lena. Lena comments during a skype chat with Stef on how nice it is to see him re-adjusting again and seeing him have so much fun.

Leaky Faucets

It is mentioned how Jude and Lena are still on their camping trip and are expected back soon.

Someone's Little Sister

Jude happy as Callie announces Robert signed the abandonment papers - meaning she can get adopted.

Jude is back home with the family and is seen eating dinner with the family. When Mariana remarks how Hayley can be needy with her boyfriends, he says how Connor can be sort of needy to prove not just girls can be like that. He also mentions how he hopes the new principal is nice when Stef and Lena bring it up. When Callie reveals Robert signed the abandonment papers, meaning she can get adopted, he begins smiling happily.

At school the next day, Jude visits Lena and is introduced to Monte, the new head principal. When asked why he is there, Jude nervously says he wants to talk about Connor. Later on, it is revealed that Connor has a black eye and refuses to explain how he got it. Jude had gone to Lena under suspicion that he may have gotten it from his dad. At home, Jude talks to Stef and Lena about the situation. He recalls how he told Connor his dad would be upset upon learning they shared a tent together. He also suggests they end their friendship given the trouble it has caused Connor. However, Lena tells him that isn't the answer. He asks if she thinks Mr. Stevens did or didn't hit Connor, but she tells him not to worry as she is handling it. He then leaves to do his homework.

Jude as Connor asks if he told anyone "what they did" while on their camping trip.

In the school halls, Connor is upset that he went to Lena and says he should have just talked to him. Jude says he did, but that he refused to discuss it. Connor, embarrassed, says he didn't want to tell him how his dad still spanks him. Jude apologizes and Connor asks if he told his mother about "what they did". Looking downward, Jude says no and the two awkwardly glance away from each other.

Jude confessing he and Connor did something "wrong" in their tent on the camping trip.

At the Girls United fundraiser, Jude is with the family supporting the group and enjoying himself. He later overhears Stef expressing her disdain about Lena quitting her job because of Mr. Stevens. Stef and Lena later ask him if he is okay after Callie acknowledges Robert and Sophia as family during her speech for the fundraiser, he says yes. But he then asks if Lena quit her job because of him, admitting he overheard. Lena tries explaining that she did so to stand up to bullying, not because of him, but Jude says she shouldn't defend him. He admits that he and Connor did do something on the camping trip that is "wrong".

Christmas Past

Jude with the family while decorating the Christmas tree in the flashback episode.

In the flashback episode of Jude and Callie's first Christmas with the Fosters, Jude is helping decorate for the holiday and getting a "baby's first Christmas" picture frame to symbolize their first Christmas with the family. As Mariana recalls Jesus getting her a 99 cent vibrating toothbrush and Brandon asking if she was sure it was a toothbrush, Callie can be seen jokingly covering Jude's ears who laughs. When a worker giving holiday presents for foster kids gives a gift to Callie and hopes she finds her "forever family" soon, he is visibly awkward like the rest of the family. He later comes across a picture frame of Lena and an unknown man. Shrugging, he puts the frame on the tree. When Callie and Brandon do some last minute shopping, he observes Callie commenting how pretty a $100 bracelet is but is unable to purchase.

Jude overhearing Lena's comment about how "half isn't full".

Later, as Stef and Lena talk, he overhears in the hallway them discuss Lena's feelings about her half-brother in the kitchen and how she feels him only being half doesn't make him really count as a brother. Stef asks if being a half-sibling truly makes a difference. Lena says that since they do not share the same mother, yes, to her it does. She simply states that "half isn't full". Jude appears hurt at this comment, given he is Callie's half-brother, and takes off out of the house and slams the door, causing Stef to hear him. As she walks into the living room, she sees him leaving the house on his bike through the window - realizing that he heard them. Now feeling particularly bad about Callie's failed adoption alongside him and about only being her half-brother, he shoplifts the bracelet she earlier liked.

Jude as Lena talks about her estranged half brother.

At home that night, Lena sees him putting the item into a box and compliments how beautiful it is. Jude says how he wanted to get Callie something nice since she didn't get adopted. She is surprised he got it with the $40 he had and says how lucky Callie is to have him for a brother. She tells him that she also has as brother that she speaks rarely of. Jude asks why. She reveals how her father was married before he met her mother and had a son named Nathan, whom she didn't live with and never got to be close to him like most siblings are growing up. Jude asks if that's why she never talked about him since she didn't grow up with him. Lena tells him no, going on that he lived in another state with his mother and when he did come to visit he wasn't "very nice".

One day, they finally had a blow up and said some "mean" things to each other and haven't talked since. Jude suggests her brother was jealous, since she lived with her father whereas he didn't. Lena says he may be right. She then says how she may have been feeling a little jealous since her parents were staying with her brother and how it resulted in her "saying things she really doesn't mean". She tells him that Callie is going to love her gift and he doesn't have to make up for his getting adopted with a gift for her as she loves him.

Jude returning the shoplifted bracelet, only for the cashier to let him buy it with his money.

The next day, he returns the stolen bracelet to the store. He tries to make up that he put it in his pocket and forgot to pay to the female store clerk. He apologizes and tries to leave, but she offers that he can pay for it now. He says he doesn't have the needed money. She asks how much he does have and he says $40. She tells him the bracelet just went on sale %60 off. He asks if she's sure and she says yes. He then gives her the money and takes the bracelet back, smiling.

Jude happy while having Christmas dinner with his family.

During Christmas dinner, he can be seen enjoying his time with his family. When Stef and her mother, Sharon, argue over the money, he can be seen getting awkward with the rest of the kids. It's revealed that Sharon started college investment funds for all the kids, including him. On Christmas morning, he gives Callie her present. She at first skeptical how he could afford it, but he insists it was on sale. She hugs him, saying she loves it.

Over Under

Jude with his siblings following the Girls United fundraiser.

He is seen worried about Robert as medics tend to him before being ushered away by Stef and Lena. At home, upon everyone learning about Callie's sabotaged papers, he says how since Robert had already signed the papers then he ought to stick to his word. He is also worried about her adoption process like everyone else as Stef and Lena try assuring them it will be worked out.

Lena telling Jude it is okay for him to be "curious".

Later, he meets Lena in his room who is checking to make sure he is okay with the Callie/Quinn drama. He says he is, but asks for re-assurance that it's going to be okay. Lena tells him it is. She then thanks him for telling her about what happened on the camping trip, knowing it wasn't easy for him, and appreciates his honesty. He asks if she's going to tell Connor's father, to which she says no as she no longer works at Anchor Beach and sees no reason to worsen things. On her way out, she tells him that what he and Connor did wasn't wrong, but just inappropriate to do on a school trip. She adds on that she doesn't want him to feel ashamed for being "curious". After she leaves, Jude sighs to himself in thought.

Jude asking Connor if "they're okay".

At school the next day, Jude sees Connor at his locker, but instead walks past him to his own locker. As Connor closes his locker, he looks back and sees him. He then walks up to him and says hi. Jude glances at him, but continues to ignore him. Connor tells Jude he doesn’t have to avoid him because he isn’t mad. Jude remarks how mad he was at him the other day. Connor insists that he’s over it and he’s just got to stop telling his moms everything. Jude looks at him awkwardly before continuing to sort through his books in his locker. Connor then asks if his mother really quit her job and if it was because of his father. Realizing he’s right, he asks if she’s okay. Jude says she is and then asks if they were “okay”. Connor says yes and Jude smiles before walking off down the hallway, the two switching to talking about a science assignment.

At home, during math homework, Lena tells Jude and Stef that she got her job back, but is going to have to have to talk with Connor and his father and him regarding the events of the camping trip. She explains that while as a mother she can overlook what happened, as a school administrator she cannot. Jude understands, but is visibly upset as Lena and Stef leave, fearing the worst.

Jude telling Adam Stevens, Monte and Lena what supposedly happened in the tent.

During the meeting, Jude is asked to tell Connor’s father what he told Lena. Jude says that after bed check, they invited two girls into their tent and they played games and whatnot. He then reveals how he and Connor ended up making out with them. He begins to say something else, causing Connor’s father to press for more details, but Jude blows it off, saying that was all that happened while casting a quick glance at a visibly worried Connor. After verifying that there is going to be better supervision regarding future trips with the students, Connor and Jude leave.

Connor furious with Jude for seemingly telling what happened between them.

Walking into the hallway, Jude comments how it’s good his father isn’t being hard on him anymore, but Connor is furious that he told his mother about the tent incident. Jude begins to say something to him, but Connor cuts him off by saying that he “can’t be friends with a little bitch who tells his mom every time something happens”. He storms off as a stunned Jude stands there watching him in shock.

At Mariana's dance performance, he is seen with his family enjoying the show and clapping for her. At dinner, he listens as Callie reveals Sophia's suicide attempt and nods in agreement when Lena and Stef tell them to talk to someone if any of them feel like that. When Jesus walks in and asks about Mariana's performance, he tells him that she was amazing and "totally saved the show".

Mother Nature

Jude and Brandon after walking in on Lena and Stef having an odd moment.

He is in the girls room as Mariana's rants about the negatives of camping for the family camping trip. After Callie says she has never gone camping, he answers he had fun on his 7th grade camping trip - "mostly". When Mariana adds that she was wanting to audition dancers for her team and hushes down to a whisper, Callie asks why and she tells her that Hayley is there. And Jude adds on, "Saying goodbye to Jesus" and makes a face.

Jude with the family as the moms try to get the kids enjoy nature.

He helps Brandon get firewood and, as the two come across Stef and Lena sharing an odd moment, looks at them weirdly. He asks them if he and Brandon can go swimming and they say yes as long as they're careful. When he goes into his tent, he stumbles upon a shirtless Jesus - revealing his tattoo. He asks if it's real and, when Jesus tries saying its fake, gives him a look. Jesus makes him swear not to tell, which he promises not to, but brings up how he expects to swim. Later, he wants to swim in the lake and is about to get in when Callie tells him to stay in the shallow end. He reminds her that he knows how to swim, but she says there can be a sudden drop and she can't keep an eye on him and to just stay in the shallow part. Discouraged, he makes up an excuse that the water's cold and decides to get out. Mariana then teases him about there being "lake monsters" and he leaves, upset.

Jude getting tired of being treated like a little kid.

When Lena confiscates the kids cell phones, he also gives up his cell phone. When the family cook up fish and Mariana wishes for a burger, he brings up how she doesn't eat meat. She tells him she's in "survival mode" as a bug bites him. Callie asks if he put on his bug spray, which he says no. She says bugs love him "because's he so sweet" and sprays him down, which seems to annoy him. That night, Brandon shows him the "trick" to roasting the perfect marshmallow. He tells him not to get too close to the fire and offers to do for him, causing Jude to snap that he knows how to cook a marshmallow.

Jude with the family as they sit by the bonfire.

Later that night, he comes across Brandon and Jesus' conversation about Hayley. He asks what's up and Jesus tells him not to worry about it. When Jesus then says he's going to the bathroom, he offers to go with him, but Jesus says no. When he reminds him that they are supposed to go in twos, Jesus remarks for him to "not be such a boy scout". He then goes to bed. When Jesus doesn't come back, he wakes up Brandon and checks him watch, saying he's been gone for over an hour. Brandon tries saying he is fine and likely not lost, but Jude brings up the possibility that he could be. Brandon then decides to look for him, and Jude demands to know where he went; knowing the bathroom was only an excuse. He tells Jude how Hayley surprised him there and went looking for her. Jude promises not to tell and offers to go with him to search for him. Brandon turns him down and Jude tries to sleep. When they are missing for hours, Jude tells his moms about them; only saying they went to the bathroom and got lost.

Jude yelling at Callie to stop coddling him.

The next morning, Brandon calls him a narc and he walks away. Fed up with the way he's being treated like a kid, he decides to go swimming by himself. Callie sees him and asks what he's doing; he bluntly states he is swimming and gets in. She says she doesn't have a suit on and slowly gets in, saying once she has one on she'll go with him. She tries grabbing him, but he snaps and yells that he knows how to swim and doesn't need her watching his every move and isn't a baby. She says she knows that, and he retorts for her to stop treating him like one. He says everyone keeps treating him like a kid despite him being 13 because she does. Callie is shocked at his outburst, and he remarks for her to just leave him alone. He leaves the lake and approaches Brandon, who is nearby watching, and tells him that he never narced about Hayley and only told moms that he and Jesus went out and got lost - which they were - but next time they "can be eaten by bears for all that he cares". He storms away from a stunned Brandon and Callie.

Jude finally having fun on the camping trip with his family.

After everything is cooled down, Callie acknowledges her faults and let Jude have fun swimming in the lake with no worries. He then has fun swimming in the lake with the family, having a blast.

Light of Day

Jude asks Jesus about his tattoo removal during dinner and he tells him it takes months to fully remove and it is a painful process. Later, he comes into the kitchen and sees Callie, saying hi. She asks him why Connor doesn't come over anymore and he says they had a fight. Callie asks about what, and he says he doesn't want to talk about it. She remarks how that's her line and he says she isn't the only to get to use it. He then changes the subject about her upcoming date with Robert, and says how since all he wants is just a relationship with her then to perhaps go along with it and see him; maybe he'll back off. Callie says she doesn't think it's that simple. Jude asks how she knows.

Jude as he watches Connor with his new girlfriend Daria.

At school the next day, Jude appears to want to make up with Connor. However, during class, Connor tells him that he wants to switch lab partners for his new girlfriend, Daria. Though clearly hurt, Jude agrees and teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor, who laments on how it sucks being "sexiled" when your best friend ditches you for their "new boo". Jude awkwardly asks how long Daria and Connor have been together, to which Taylor answers "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. Jude nods, visibly upset. Taylor then says that she's okay being partners if he is, to which he agrees. He takes one last look at Daria and Connor before focusing on his lab with Taylor.

Jude smiling as he begins making amends with Connor.

During lunch, Jude looks for a spot to sit. He is then called by Daria and invited to join her, Taylor and Connor for lunch. He appears hesitant to sit until seeing Connor smile at him. Daria soon talks about a new movie coming out and convinces everyone to attend the movie as a double date. She convinces Jude to give her his number to set up a time for it and leaves to go to the bathroom with Taylor, leaving him and Connor alone. Jude offers to come up with an excuse not to go, but Connor says it's fine if he tags along. He tries to make lighthearted conversation with Jude, who smiles brightly. After a moment, the two eat in silence.

Jude at the movies with Connor, Daria and Taylor.

At home before the movie, he is styling his hair as Jesus comes in. He asks Jude if he has a 'hot date' and he says no and that he and Connor are going to a movie with some girls as a group. Jesus then tells him that is a label people use so parents don't know what they're actually doing. Jude asks what they're really doing then. Jesus tells him that people go the move theater to hook up, surprising Jude. He then tells Jude to walk in a mist of cologne, telling him girls love a guy who smells good. As he does, he coughs at the smell. At the theater, Daria convinces the group to go the very back to sit. Both Jude and Taylor are awkward about it, but go along with it.

Jude as Connor secretly holds his hand.

As they sit down, with Daria on the end and Connor next to her and Jude and Taylor beside them, Taylor tells Jude how if Daria and Connor start making out then it's going to be pretty awkward. Jude annoyingly remarks it won't be weird for him at all before the movie begins to play. During the movie, Jude and Connor end up sharing an armrest with their hands side by side. Jude notices this and glances away just as Connor also notices. After a moment of looking, Connor then slides his pinkie finger and brushes it against Jude's, obviously shocking him. Jude doesn't pull away, however, checking to make sure the girls haven't noticed. The two spend a moment rubbing their fingers against each others. After a clearly emotionally exhilarating moment for both of them, Connor hooks his finger with Jude's - locking pinkies together. Connor smiles happily to himself as Jude stares forward in clear nervousness.

The Silence She Keeps

Callie explaining to Jude how they still got their happy ending despite her moving in with Robert.

Jude is adjusting to hearing the news that Callie wants to live with Robert. She takes a moment to walk along the beach with him, explaining how she knows it wasn't what they wanted; they wanted to be adopted together and in the same house together. She says how knowing he is with the Fosters, safe and with people who truly love him, is all she's ever truly wanted. She assures him that she is going to be safe as well and while she may be living with Robert, she will always be a part of the Foster family. She reminds him that Stef and Lena always tell them a piece of paper doesn't make them a family and she will still attend Anchor Beach and will be around and spend the night just as he can with the Quinns. He lightly adds on that Robert can buy her a car so she can also pick him up for school and she agrees. Callie tells him that she knows they didn't get their happy ending just the way they wanted it, but they still got it. He smiles and they walk off to school together.

Jude telling Jill how no one wanted him and Callie until they met the Fosters.

Later on, Jude visits the Quinn house and is greeted by Jill. As they make dinner together, Jill asks how he got there. Jude answers that he took the bus - a couple of them. He then admits he knows that Callie is coming to stay with them and is only doing it under fear of being removed from the house again. Before she can answer, he tells her how they got bounced from house to house for 6 years with no say with whom it was with or when it was to happen again. He admits how it simply felt like no one wanted them. Then Stef and Lena came and took them in and how they finally got a true home, yet Callie still doesn't feel safe. Jill says she and Robert only want the same thing for her, but maybe she'll be safer there. Jude is confused and asks why. She says they would never take Callie away from them and if they do get custody of her, to know he is a part of the family as well.

Jude as he watches his sister and Robert.

Jude then gets a ride to Callie's work place with Robert. Seeing the two together, Callie asks if he's fine and Robert confirms Jude's visit to the house. As Daphne orders Jude a drink, he looks at Robert and Callie together with clear disdain. When Robert drops them off at a new house, claiming he has something to show them as a surprise, Jude pulls Callie aside and asks if he bought her a house. They then see the house is the new Girls United home. As Robert and Jude explore the house, he asks if Robert buys Callie a car so she can come visit him. Robert agrees and Jude goes on how she'll need driving lessons as she "barely knows how to ride a bike".

Now Hear This

At breakfast with Callie and Brandon, Jude is asked by Brandon about his supposed new girlfriend, wondering about her name. Jude says her name is Taylor and that she isn't his girlfriend.

Jude watching as Connor makes out with Daria.

Now at school, Jude watches in jealousy as Connor makes out with Daria while sitting beside Taylor. Taylor tries helping him out by remaking how she pretends to be watching "a super boring documentary on the matting rituals of merekats" and eventually, to her, it's like they're not even there. But, fed up with the couple's make out, she interrupts them with the question if they would like to go on a double date to the fair. Daria reveals how she and Connor already have plans to go to the pier, but insists Taylor and Jude go together themselves. However, Connor cuts this suggestion off with, "The fair sounds fun!", causing Daria to look at him in confusion. Jude says he can't since he has family plans all weekend, on a whim, saying that they are going camping. Connor brings up how they just went camping. Jude snaps that they're going again and leaves.

Jude having an awkward family dinner with Connor.

Later, Jude comes by to see Lena after school lets out. Lena tells him they have a guest to bring home; with Jude turning to see Connor on the couch. Lena explains his dad is going to be out of town due to a cancelled flight and called and asked for him to stay the night with them until he gets back. As Lena leaves to drop something off, Connor remarks to Jude, "What happened to your family camping trip?" He then walks by an silently awkward Jude. During dinner, Jude sits nervously next to Connor. As Lena tries to invite Connor into the family dinner conversation, such as bringing up how long it's been since he's been over, Jesus makes a comment about Jude and Connor going out to the back of house and "pretend to be camping". Lena, Stef and Jude stare up awkwardly as Connor blows this off.

Jude and Connor playing a video game together.

Sometime after this, Connor borrows some of Jesus' clothes and joins Jude in his room, who is playing a Star Wars game on his tablet. Connor comments on how Jesus doesn't seem happy about him spending the night, which Jude waves off. Jude asks him if he still plans on going the pier with Daria and Connor says no given his dad's absence and is supposed to stay there until he picks him up. He somewhat awkwardly asks if that's okay with him and Jude says sure. The two soon finally break the tension between them as Connor gives Jude tips on winning his tablet game, joining him side by side on the bed.

Jude sharing an intimate moment with Connor.

The next day, the two play catch and have fun together. Their game of catch soon turns into a playful round of wrestling, which ends with Connor pinning Jude to the ground on top of him. For a moment, they stare at each other until Connor's cell phone signals a text message. He reveals Daria texted him if he wanted to come over to her house. Jude asks him if he does, to which he asks what else he could do. Hurt, Jude tells him to go if he wants to. Connor tries insisting that he can stay, but Jude blows him off and leaves in a huff.

Jude kissing Connor.

Some time later, Connor comes back into Jude's room, telling him he told Daria he wants to stay there. Jude remarks how it isn't nice to lead people on. Connor says he isn't and tries to make light of the situation, smacking on Jude's foot. Jude ends up kicking him in the stomach a bit harder then intended. He frantically apologizes for kicking him so hard, and Connor asks why he kicked him at all. It is then revealed that Jude had lied about what happened in the tent - what really happened is that Connor had kissed him. Jude reminds him of this and brings up how he held his hand at the movies and how he's been acting toward him. He declares how he doesn't get their relationship and doesn't understand him. Connor stares at him for a moment before leaning forward and kissing him, which Jude reciprocates. Afterwards, the two lean back and look at each other.

Justify the Means

Connor making plans with Jude to hang out later.

Jude is first seen being kicked out of the bathroom by an irritated Mariana, walking backwards away from the room. At school, he runs into Connor and asks for gum, saying he didn't get to brush his teeth that morning. He tells Jude to exhale, which he reluctantly does. As Connor jokingly tells him how bad he needs gum and Jude playfully smacks him, they are being observed by Taylor. Connor then asks if he wants to hang out after school and do their homework, which Jude agrees to. They agree to meet at the bench and Connor leaves, as Jude smiles to himself.

Jude confronting Connor about continuing to date Daria.

After school, as Jude goes to the bench, he sees Connor and Daria kissing. He pauses in his step, hurt. Connor sees him and waves at him. The two then head to Jude's house. During studying, Jude confronts him about his relationship with Daria. Connor asks what he means, and Jude asks if he is going to continue seeing her. Connor explains how his father is finally okay with him spending time with him now that he has a girlfriend and things are working out. Connor then brings up how Daria and Taylor are sneaking out that night to teepee a girl's house and want them to tag along. Before he can answer, Jesus comes in and kicks them out of the room, wanting his privacy despite his efforts to stay in. The two are eventually kicked out of the house room by room when the other Foster family members begin occupying them doing their own things.

Jude during dinner with his new principal.

As they leave go onto the front porch, Jude complains about there being nowhere to be alone in the house. Connor then offers that if they sneak out with Daria and Taylor that night, after teepeeing the girl's house, that they can spend time together afterwards, "by [them]selves". Jude raises his eyebrows when seeing his implied double meaning, giving it thought. Jude later joins the family during dinner with Monte. When Mariana reveals Callie joined the dance team, much to her disdain, Jude eagerly asks to watch rehearsals. The next night, Jude successfully sneaks out and tags along in teepeeing the girl's house and taking off with the group before getting caught. Later, he sits besides Taylor on a bench and asks where Connor and Daria went, the two having left the group. Taylor remarks how they could be having sex, shocking Jude. She says they aren't, but that Daria wants to lose her virginity. She then tries to kiss Jude, who backs away. When he tries apologizing, she says he doesn't have to explain - he has a crush on Connor.

Taylor telling Jude she knows about his feelings for Connor.

Before he can respond, Connor and Daria arrive back on the scene where Jude gets up and says he should head back home. A disappointed Connor tries subtly bringing up their plans for later on, but Jude flatly tells him "We aren't". However, Taylor brings up how her father has "tons of booze" and proposes that they steal some and get "get drunk and make out". She then looks pointedly at Jude while gesturing her head to Connor, who is grinning at him. A hesitant Jude then joins them in sneaking into Taylor's house.

Jude participating in drinking while "breaking into" Taylor's house.

Despite Jude's attempted discouragement, Connor ends up taking a swig from a bottle of whiskey gotten from the house bar. Handing the bottle to Jude, he reluctantly takes a swig as well. As he coughs at the taste, Taylor's dad hears the noise and shouts out, causing Jude to drop the bottle and promptly shattering it. The kids try to flee from the house, only for her father to run out from the bedroom and shoot at them.

Not That Kind of Girl

Jude explaining what happened at the house while waiting for news on Connor.

A clearly worried Jude is at the hospital with Stef and Lena in the waiting area, waiting for news about Connor. It's revealed that Connor was shot, clean through the foot, and is getting his results. As Stef consults with another officer about what happened, she comes back and assures him that Connor is going to be okay, although Jude is still more than obviously worried. Afterwards, Mr. Stevens comes out to see them and confirms Connor is fine and getting prepped for his surgery. Jude then eagerly asks to see him before he goes in, but he is turned down by Mr. Stevens, who asks to speak with Lena privately. After he does so, Lena tells Jude what she was told; he is banned from ever seeing Connor again, who claims the sneaking out and drinking was all his idea. Stunned, Jude remains silent, even as they ask if it is true.

Jude yelling at Callie that he isn't allowed to see Connor and to stop coddling him.

At home, Callie demands answers for why he snuck out and did what he did, saying how he has never done such things before. She asks if it was Connor's idea and he continues to remain silent, simply shrugging, before she tells him that he should stop seeing Connor, claiming he's a bad influence on him. Snapping, Jude stands up and bluntly tells her to shut up. Shocked, Callie scolds him not talk to her like that, but he yells at her to stop telling him what to do. He then tells her how Mr. Stevens banned him from seeing Connor, and she says teary eyed how that is best and he'll make new friends. Still fuming, he yells at her to leave him alone and storms away from an emotional Callie, slamming the door behind him.

Jude after being messaged by Connor that he came out to his dad.

At school, Jude runs into Taylor, who tells him how everyone is labeling her father as a 'psycho murderer' all over online. She tells him how guilty her dad feels about shooting Connor and hasn't even gotten out of bed. She asks how Jude himself is doing and he tells her how he is no longer allowed to see Connor, who has supposedly blamed everything on him. Taylor is confused that he would do such a thing, and asks if he has talked to Connor at all. Jude tells her that he isn't answering his texts. She suggests his father took his phone away, but Jude is still upset as to why he would blame him for what happened. Taylor tells him that she and her father are going to see Connor, in order to apologize, and offers to leave him a message. Jude tells her to simply ask him 'why'.

At home, while doing homework, Jude receives a text message from Taylor's number. However, it is soon revealed to be Connor texting Jude using Taylor's cell phone, who gave it to him to contact Jude. Texting back and forth, Jude asks why he blamed the incident on him. But Connor tells him that he never told his father it was his idea to sneak out and drink. Connor then tells Jude that he came out to his father as gay, making Jude smile to himself.

The End of the Beginning

Jude standing up to Mr. Stevens, refusing to leave until he sees Connor.

Jude goes into the bathroom when he sees Mariana's blue nail polish. Feeling encouraged, he paints his nails before going the hospital, determined to see Connor. He lies about being a relative to get his hospital room number and is almost there when he runs into Mr. Stevens, who sees him. Standing his ground as Mr. Stevens reminds him about not being allowed to see Connor, Jude bluntly tells him that he wants to see Connor and isn't leaving until he does.

Jude breaking down in tears to Lena as he confesses that Connor has become more than his friend.

Later, Lena is phoned by Mr. Stevens about his visit and, when she comes, is told that by the time he comes back from getting a coffee, Jude has to be gone or he's calling security. Lena tries to comfort Jude by saying how hard it is to lose a friend, but Jude tells her that Connor isn't his friend. He explains how he lied about what happened in the tent that night on the camping trip. He reveals how there weren't any girls in the tent - it was just him and Connor, and they ended up sharing a kiss. He says how ever since then, as Lena phrases herself, they've been more than just friends. Understanding the true amount of hurt this is for him, Lena comforts him as he begins to break down in tears.

Jude as he is reunited with Connor.

After Lena gets Mr. Stevens to understand that keeping Jude and Connor apart isn't going to change his son's sexuality and is only going to hurt him in the future, Jude is finally allowed to see Connor. Seeing each other, they both take a moment to smile at each other. Jude smiles as he comes up to Connor's hospital bed, who then reaches out and takes his hand. Noticing his painted blue nails, Connor asks him, "What's this?" to which Jude answers, "War paint." They smile before Connor moves over, and Jude lays down beside him in the bed. They begin to watch TV together side-by-side.

Jude clapping at Mariana's dance contest.

Later at Mariana's dance contest, Callie asks Jude if he's heard any news about Connor. Jude tells her that he saw him and he's doing good. Callie brings up how she thought he wasn't allowed to see him, but Jude tells her, "He's my boyfriend", silencing Callie, who simply stares at him. When Robert is informed about Callie attempting to get emancipated, Jude is with Stef, Lena and Callie with the judge about it. Robert finally withdraws his custody suit and signed the abandonment papers, finally allowing Callie to be adopted by the Fosters. Jude, Stef, Lena and Callie go back home in joy, planning to celebrate Callie finally going to get adopted.

Season 3


Jude during morning breakfast.

In the beginning of the season, three weeks have passed since season two. Jude is seen walking down the stairs for breakfast behind Callie. As Mariana and Callie take turns talking to Jesus on the phone, he watches everyone as he eats. As everyone begins to leave, Jude says he must leave as well, having agreed to meet up with Connor before class. Callie questions him if he's gone public about his new relationship with Connor yet. Jude says he and Connor haven't talked about it, which Lena urges him to do. She adds on that whatever he decides, they'll back up.

Jude telling Connor he wishes to keep their relationship a secret.

At school, Jude and Connor discuss this. Connor doesn't see a point in waiting to tell others, having already told his father who is "the scariest person for him". However, Jude doesn't believe they should go public. Connor asks why, and Jude responds that it is simply nobody's business but their own. The bell rings, and Jude leaves.

Jude finding out that Taylor outed his and Connor's relationship to the school.

After school, he and Connor walk alongside each other. Jude asks to make sure Connor is being picked up by his dad, offering to wait with him. Connor says he doesn't have to, and Jude tells him that he'll call him later and walks off. At the Anchor Beach end of school party, Jude and Connor are walking about the beach as Jude helps Connor in his crutches. A fellow male classmate sees them together and makes a rude remark, asking if it's true that they are "gay for each other". Momentarily stunned and speechless, Connor defends their relationship, boldly answering yes and demanding to know if that is an issue for him. The male classmate begins to back off, revealing he only heard about it and wanted to know if it was true. Connor then snaps at him to get out of his face, and the guy backs off.

Jude yelling that he isn't gay.

Jude is angry and demands to know why Connor went public with their relationship, even after agreeing to keep it a secret. Taylor and Daria, who are nearby watching, step into the conversation. Taylor reveals that she was the one who made their relationship public to the school, not Connor, and insists she honestly thought to be helping. She explains how she believed that Connor was the one afraid to come out and believed that no one would care if they knew. She apologizes as Daria backs her up, also saying that no one would care if they're gay. Jude snaps that he isn't gay and storms off as Connor calls out after him.

Jude explaining to Connor he doesn't want to be labelled, but does want to be boyfriends.

That night, Connor finds Jude after looking for him all night, finding him on top of some large boulder rocks on the beach. Sitting next to him, Connor expresses his confusion, asking what Jude meant when he said he wasn't gay. After reassuring Connor that he still likes him as more than a friend, Jude explains how his whole life he has always been labelled as something - "the foster kid," "the new kid", "the kid with the dead mom" - but simply wants to be himself without a label anymore. Connor asks if that means that he doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore, but Jude assures him that he still does. After seeing Connor's relief to this, Jude promises him this and takes his hand. They smile in contentment.

Father's Day

He is having breakfast with Callie as she mentions Sophia is coming over. Jude asks how she is doing, which Callie says she thinks Sophia is fine. She adds on how Robert invited them both to go on his boat for Father's Day; However, Jude declines. As Stef and Lena come in, Jude brings up how if she is spending Father's Day with him. then why she does she keep calling him "Robert" instead of "Dad". Callie offers to decline Robert's invite, but Jude says he doesn't care if she attends. He says that still doesn't make him his father - so she doesn't always need to extend the invite to him. Stef then says how the family is having the annual Father's Day celebration of the important men in their lives. As Lena and Stef recall how Frank is gone and how odd it's going to be to have him not there to insult someone, Jude asks if he can invite Donald-his birth dad.

Jude demanding to know why Callie hates Donald.

Callie is surprised that he would want to invite him, and Jude points out Callie is spending the day with her father, then why can't he? Callie insists that is different, claiming Robert actually wishes to be a part of her life; Whereas Donald "just signed the papers and walked away". Jude reminds her that Robert signed the papers as well, remarking if it's different because Robert's rich. Callie then insists Donald doesn't want anything to do with Jude, resulting in Jude stating she doesn't know what he wants before demanding to know why she hates Donald so much. Callie answers, "Because he killed our mother!" Stef and Lena end the conversation there before saying that if Jude wishes to invite Donald then he is allowed to.

Jude assuring Donald that Adam and Connor do not know he was in prison.

During the Father's Day brunch, Donald shows up, flowers in hand for Stef and Lena, as Jude answers the door. Jude wishes him a happy Father's Day as Donald comments on how tall he's grown since he last saw him. Donald then asks if Callie is there, and Jude says she is spending the day with Robert. Donald appears slightly disappointed, before Jude tells him that a friend of his is coming to attend with his dad as well. He assures Donald they know nothing of his time in prison.

Jude and his dad during Father's Day brunch.

During the brunch, Jude is having a good time with everyone, learning of similarities he shares with Donald such as their dislike of sports. When Adam Stevens asks Donald questions regarding his time "in the Bay area", wanting to know where he worked, Jude appears uncomfortable as the subject grows closer to Donald's time in prison. When Mike makes a toast to Stef and Lena, who then propose a toast to "the amazing men in their lives", Jude can be seen sharing a look with Connor during the latter part as they join in the toast. Mike leaves to help Brandon and Lena and Adam go to help with the dishes. Stef asks Donald about his new place. Donald asks if Callie would be home soon, deeply wanting to see her. Jude cuts in that he is sure she'd love to see him as well. However, he says that because of her time with Robert, it is likely she won't be back until late.

Jude as he is outed to his dad.

When Adam learns that Jude and Connor went public with their relationship at school, he publicly confronts Connor at the dinner table - promptly outing Jude to his dad in the process. Donald appears surprised as he looks at his son, who avoids looking at him. When Adam demands to know if Jude told everyone, Jude immediately denies it. Connor then insists he simply got outed by someone at school. As Adam insists that he cares how people think when questioned why it even matters, Donald defends the boys, asking if Adam cares how people think of his son or himself as a parent. When Adam remarks if Donald wishes to see Jude get bullied, Donald says no, but he wishes to see his son be proud of who he is, staring at Jude as he says this. He then gets Adam to see how bullying his son at home will be worse then any public prejudice he faces in the world on his own.

Jude hugging his dad as he makes full amends.

Afterwards, Jude is walking with his dad out of the house. He thanks him for attending. Donald says it meant a lot to him to be invited. Donald tells him that keeping secrets about who they are isn't good, commenting on how Jude has everything in the world to be proud of except him. He tells him how if he doesn't want to tell people about who he is and his past in prison, then it is okay with him - but he doesn't need to protect him from it either. Donald reminds Jude that his story is a part of his story and he has every right to tell it if he wishes to, wanting him to know he is okay with that. At this, Jude hugs him. Jude then asks if they could stay in touch, which Donald agrees to.

Jude yelling at Callie that Donald will always be their father.

As they walk to the front of the house, they run into Callie and Robert. As Donald is happy to see Callie, she coldly introduces Robert to him. Both men politely shake hands. Donald sees Callie giving him the cold shoulder, refusing to look at him, causing him to excuse himself so he can catch the bus. Furious with his sister, Jude angrily reminds her that Donald was there for her when Robert failed to be and will always be her dad just as much as he is his. He then goes back in the house, upset.

Déjà Vu

Jude with the family as they get to know AJ.

He is at the dinner table as the family gets to know AJ a bit more. When bringing up the topic of bedroom arrangements, until Mike can get his legal foster license, Jude offers up his room since Jesus is away. When going to bed, Lena makes sure AJ is comfortable before Jude enters the room. Lena kisses Jude good night before leaving and he hops into bed. He warns AJ that he grinds his teeth when he sleeps and if he can't sleep because of it then to throw a pillow at him - that's what Jesus would do. He then turns off the light and goes to sleep.

Jude with Connor as they play separate games.

Sometime after this, Jude is playing Bejeweled on his phone as Connor plays a violent zombie video game. Connor asks if he really doesn't feel weird about sharing his room with a kid he didn't know. Jude remarks how he's been to seven different foster homes - he's had to share his room with a lot of kids he didn't know. Connor then gets into his game as repeated gun fire is heard, making Jude uncomfortable. When he requests that Connor turn it down, Connor is annoyed and calls him "granny". Hurt, Jude simply puts on a pair of headphones and returns to his Bejeweled game.

Later, he enters Stef and Lena's bedroom as Stef gets out her gun. He says how Lena wanted her phone and goes to get it on the bedside table. As he does, he watches as Stef readies her gun and puts it into her gun holster. Seeing his reaction, she asks if he's okay. Jude then asks her if she was scared of guns following her shooting. She admits she was, but she went to the shooting range and repeatedly practiced until overcoming it. Jude then recalls hearing the sound of the gun going off (from Justify the Means) and how loud it was. He then says how he just can't understand how Connor can play his shoot 'em up games when he was the one who had actually been shot. Stef reminds him that while he was not directly shot, he was shot at; which is every bit as traumatic as being a shooting victim. She tells him that a fear of guns isn't a bad thing.

Jude claiming that Stef is taking him shooting.

At school, Connor is excitedly going on about the next level of his game being a "gore fest". He invites Jude to come over and play it with him. Jude says he can't since he has plans. Confused, Connor asks what's up with him. Jude says nothing is wrong - he just has plans. Thinking on a whim, Jude claims that he is going to a shooting range with his mom. He says she's going to teach him how to shoot a gun, leading Connor to ask to tag along. Disdained, Jude brings up how his dad probably wouldn't let him. Connor retorts that his dad hunts and Stef is a cop - therefore being "no one safer to go with". He insists Jude asks for him to join, leaving Jude nervous.

Jude asking Stef and Lena to teach him to shoot.

In the kitchen at home, Jude offers to help with dinner for Stef and Lena. They explain the grown ups are having a dinner date and will just order the kids some pizza. He then asks Stef how, after giving their last conversation some thought, he wants to go to the shooting range to shoot a gun. Shocked by his unusual request, Lena asks why he'd want to shoot a gun. Jude says he just doesn't want to be scared. Lena retorts that he should be scared of a gun, which Stef cuts of with simply saying they'll talk about it. He agrees and gets up, before pausing in his step and saying he already told Connor she would take him and now he wishes to come along as well. Stef later gets Lena to agree to it given her personal experience and believing this could help the boys, as well as teach them gun safety, like it did her.

Jude about to shoot a gun.

At the shooting range, Stef teaches the boys how to properly shoot a gun while shooting at the target first. After recalling the three rules Stef taught them regarding guns, she offers Jude to go first. He hesitantly accepts and stands with the gun in his hand, aimed at the target. However, his emotions get the better of him, and he finds himself unable to go through with shooting. Seeing his reluctance, Stef asks if he's okay. Jude lowers the gun and says he doesn't need to shoot. Stef then lets Connor go up next. Connor does so and fires, but soon becomes visibly overwhelmed after firing due to suddenly recalling what happened when he got shot and his own personal trauma from the shooting incident. Connor then asks to leave and walks away.

Jude comforting Connor when realizing the true danger of being shot at.

Concerned, Jude walks outside and finds Connor siting by the sidewalk. Sitting next to him, he asks if he's okay. Connor says he's fine. After a moment, Jude then admits how he never wished to shoot a gun and that his mom wasn't going to take him to the range - he was just embarrassed because he didn't want to play his zombie game. Connor asks why he was embarrassed. Jude remarks how he had called him a "granny". Connor then admits how he isn't truly okay as he thought he was, beginning to cry. Comforting him, Jude wraps his arm around Connor's shoulders as Connor leans into him and cries.

Jude as Stef tells them the real consequences of gun violence.

Later, Stef shows up and sits beside the boys. She reminisces about the first time her father took her to a gun range and how excited she was to shoot a real actual gun. However, the second she aimed at the target and fired, she immediately burst into tears and figured her dad would give her a hard time about it. Instead, he was proud of her for realizing that handling a gun is no game - it is very real with very real consequences. Jude then listens as Stef and Connor relate their personal shooting experiences and admit how they still dream about it sometimes.

More Than Words

Jude and Connor as Cole talks about his arranged LGBTQ prom.

He is on the beach with Callie, AJ, Mariana, Mat, and Connor. He and Connor are playing a game on their phones as Cole then comes up to them, now fully transitioned into a male body. He and the rest of the group listened to Cole go on about his plans to throw an LGBTQ prom due to regular high school ones always banning LGBTQ kids from attending - giving those kids the prom they deserve. Cole invites him and Connor to attend, saying how it'll give them a chance to meet fellow gay kids their age. Connor sneaks a peek at Jude, who appears agitated by the label. When Callie invites them along, he appears reluctant for the invite. When Cole leaves to go into the water to swim, Jude calls a "re-match" for the game he and Connor were playing. Jude and Connor are later showed playing Frisbee in the background in front of the sea.

Jude as he and Connor get ready for the LGBTQ Prom.

On the the night of the prom, Jude is trying on one of Jesus's old suits, examining his appearance in the mirror. He then hears a knock on the door and tells the person to come in, who turns out to be Connor. Taking in Jude's appearance, Connor is stunned as he looks at him, which Jude doesn't seem to notice. Jude comments on his casual outfit as Connor admits he didn't want to tell his dad where he was heading, so he brought a bag with his outfit and necessities instead. He then tells Jude that he "looks great". He then says how he was going to give Jude a corsage, but figured his decided gift would last longer - pulling out a shirt he made. Jude then reads the print on the clothing - "I'm not gay - but my boyfriend is". Not sure what to say, Connor tells him it's a joke. Jude tells him he got that.

Jude with Callie, Cole and Connor taking prom pictures before leaving.

When Cole arrives, Stef, Lena, and Lena's parents all arrive to take prom pictures. When Jude and Connor are called for, they walk downstairs. Stef and Lena then proceed to take their picture repeatedly, leading Connor to take Jude's hand. At the prom, Jude and Connor walk in and are clearly nervous. Two LGBTQ guys see and come up to them, introducing themselves as Jonah and Lenin as well as their sexual orientation status. As Connor joins in by giving his name and sexual orientation as gay, Jude simply introduces himself as "Jude" and says his sexual orientation as "Jude". The two LGBTQ guys deduce they're together and it is their first gay dance.

Jude and Connor at prom as Jonah and Lenin introduce their LGBTQ status.

Later, Jude sees Connor dancing with a couple of LGBTQ guys, getting a tad jealous. Connor sees and approaches him. However, Jude asks what he's doing. Connor easily remarks "Dancing... it's a gay dance, right?" Jude then asks to leave, calling the entire event "stupid". Connor says if he wishes to leave then he can, but he's going to stay because he's having a good time. He then adds on to Jude, "Because I'm gay, so..." Jude then leaves to go outside.

Jude as Cole tells him how labels have power for people.

Outside, Cole approaches Jude, asking what he's doing out there. Jude says he's just going to call his mothers to come get him. Concerned, Cole asks what happened. Jude explains how Connor freaked on him because he refuses to label himself, asking again why there is a need to label himself. Cole then says he understands the desire to "not have to check a box" on yourself, but that "there's power in labels too". He goes on how while at Girls United, all the fellow girls there refused to refer to him as a boy, and his label is what got him through it and into an LGBT home where he can just be himself.

Jude telling Connor he is "super gay" for him - accepting himself.

He then assures Jude that he understands that labels are not for everyone. However, sometimes they can make people feel not so alone in the world. He tells Jude how lucky he is to be in a home where he can be whoever he wishes to be with no judgement. Jude, thinking, finally concludes on how "not everyone has it so good".

Jude dancing with Connor at the prom.

Going back into the prom, Jude approaches Connor who standing by the wall. He tells him, "Hi, I'm Jude, and I'm gay". However, Connor tells him that he doesn't think he can keep doing this. Jude assures him that he knows that, but he doesn't have to anymore. Jude then proudly declares that he's "super gay for [him]". Smiling in happiness, Connor asks him to dance, which Jude happily accepts. They then proceed to join the crowd hand-in-hand, slow dancing together as Callie and Cole smile at the scene from the distance before joining in dancing beside them. Callie and Jude share a brief smile at each other as Jude then goes to rest his head on Connor's shoulder, closing his eyes, continuing to dance with his boyfriend below the disco ball.

Jude with his family during family dinner.

At the end of the episode, Jude is seen arriving back home with Callie, smiling and happy. He joins in the family dinner as Callie gets her license in the mail. He laughs at Callie's rather bland expression as he sits down.

It's My Party

Jude as he surprises Callie with his plan party for her.

Jude is sitting beside Mariana as she complains about her siblings taking more time then scheduled in the bathroom during dinner time. He asks when the construction on the bathroom is going to be done as he goes into the fridge, taking out ketchup, and Stef explains they had to fire the contractor for unspecified reasons. The family then exclaims in mock disgust for him revealing to be putting the ketchup onto his dinner tacos. Later, he excitedly comes down after dinner to tell Stef and Lena about how he gave everyone proper instructions when arriving tomorrow and that "Callie has no idea", while grinning in excitement.

Jude as he asks if Callie is truly having fun.

When Mariana and Callie arrive back with condiments and soda for a seemingly small party, they are shocked when Jude jumps out in front of a large crowd, surprising them with a huge surprise party. Jude explains how it is the first truly happy birthday she's had in a long time and they all wanted to join in celebration.

During the party, he anxiously tells his mothers how a delivery man is thirty minutes late and to call to see the problem. Looking back at Callie, he asks if they believe she is truly having fun. Stef, wrapping her arm around him, tells him that he is "the bestest brother ever". She gives him a re-assuring kiss on the head. Later, he watches in amusement as the Girls United group play a funny rap song about Callie, laughing with the family as they watch.

Jude and Callie during the party.

Sometime later, he and Rita are looking at a small board of photos of Callie and him during their childhood years. She asks him where they're from and he explains Donald gave them to him in a box recently. She tells him how nice it is to have photos of such times. They both laugh over Callie's hairstyle as a little girl before Rita points out how happy Callie is in the photo. Jude explains how, growing up, Callie was obsessed with her birthday and how, to her, it was never just one day; sometimes she would make it her birth week or even her birth month. Rita tells him that he knows how to throw a really nice party, bidding him a "good job". When Brandon and AJ get into a fight, he is with the crowd as they watch Stef and Mike try to defuse the situation.

Jude with Rita as he recalls he and Callie's childhood.

He is with Stef and Lena as they present the birthday cake, pulling Callie to his side to the table and smiling as she blows out the candles. He is at the table as Callie confronts Mariana over her hook up with Wyatt, watching. He overhears her comment about "the surprise party she didn't want", and is clearly hurt by it. Later, after Callie comes back to the house, he walks directly past her with his coat and bike helmet in hand. She asks where he's going and he answers that he is heading to Connor's house. She asks if he's leaving her party. Jude answers with a, "The party you never wanted? Yeah, I am."

Jude hurt by Callie's words.

Realizing that he had overheard her, she tells him that she didn't mean it. She explains that she truly loves everything he has done for her, but that all those people paying attention to her simply makes her uncomfortable. Confused, he reminds her how she used to love her birthdays. She admits that she doesn't remember that girl anymore. Jude then simply tells her that he has to remember that girl for her then. They make up, sharing a smile and a hug. He then admits to having one final present for her - but she might hate it.

Jude and Callie in the bouncy house.

Outside, he shows her a Little Mermaid themed bouncy house. He recalls how it was never truly a birthday unless their parents got her one of those. He apologizes, but Callie only shows genuine excitement, dragging him inside. They then have a good time jumping inside the bouncy house, laughing. They then invite everyone else in and they all have a great time, bouncing around and laughing.

Faith, Hope, Love

During family dinner, Mariana mentions how Jude is spending time at Connor's house and is expected to be back soon.


Jude overhearing Brandon's argument with Stef and Lena.

He is having dinner with his family, discussing Callie being removed from the house and Brandon's interview with the social worker regarding his relationship history with Callie. Jude asks if Brandon confirming his relationship with Callie being platonic would mean the "idiot judge" would allow Callie's adoption to finally go through. The answer among the table is yes. When Mariana complains about the man who sold her and Callie's stolen car is getting away with their $1,400, Stef tells her justice is not always served in the world. Jude adds on, "Just ask Callie." Stef says how they know how hard it is to lose Callie again, but she assures everyone thay everything will be worked out and that she is safe and sound with Rita.

Later, Jude overhears Brandon's rant to Stef and Lena. From this he learns that AJ and Callie kissed and that Stef and Lena are having problems in their marriage and they've taken up counselling. That night, he is in his room studying for his upcoming math test when AJ comes in the room, fresh from showering. AJ offers to help him study, but Jude snaps at him to be quiet so he can study.

Jude snapping at AJ.

In class the next day, Connor comes up to him and asks if he wants to go the beach. Jude turns him down and when his math test begins, he is unable to concentrate. Taking up his bag, he abruptly leaves class during the test. After he storms by Lena's office, Lena sees Jude and hurries out of her office. She asks why he isn't in class taking his math test. He bluntly says he doesn't feel like it. When Lena begins scolding him, he cuts her off by saying why he should care about a math test when his sister is back in the system and Stef and Lena are getting a divorce. He questions why he should care about anything and immediately leaves a surprised Lena.

Jude yelling at Lena.

He heads to Rita's house, asking to see Callie. He tells his sister how he messed up really bad, explaining how he just left during a math test and yelled at Lena. He admits he doesn't want to head home after what he did. She asks if he's afraid because he yelled, saying how she's put them through far worse. Jude asks what she thinks they may do, but she assures him every kid yells at their parent. Jude protests not kids like them. Callie says how he can't be afraid to speak his mind or make a mistake. She says every kid needs to learn to stand up for themselves, including him.

Jude as Callie tells him he can't be afraid to make mistakes.

Rita steps in, saying how parents don't love you more if you're biologically related to them or not. She reminds him how his parents don't love him because he's easier to deal with or more quiet than his siblings, but because he's him. After she leaves, Jude tells Callie how moms are splitting up. She asks what brought him to that conclusion, and he tells her how he overheard Brandon's argument with them. Callie says how that doesn't mean they're splitting up and asks if they were directly arguing about splitting up. He says they were fighting about her and AJ. She asks what they told Brandon and he answers how AJ and her were caught kissing. After a moment, he asks why she keeps doing this.

After heading home, the family heads up to him. Jude immediately apologizes to Lena for yelling at her. He then requests if he could re-take his math test. Lena accepts his apology, but that the latter will be up to his teacher. She and Stef hug him, saying they're just glad he's okay. He then sees Connor behind them, asking why he's there. Connor says he wasn't answering his texts and was worried about him. Jude apologizes to him. Brandon then heads in, and asks what's going on. Mariana explains that Jude had a rough day. Brandon says he's sorry to hear that, patting him on the back.

Jude returning home after his rough day.

Later, he walks by Callie's room and hears her voice. He walks in, believing she is home. However, he instead sees Mariana watching a video that Callie recorded. He watches as Callie proceeds to tell her story in the video; explaining how she and her younger brother have been to seven different homes, one in which she was raped, had to damage a car to stop a foster father from beating her brother and went to juvie for it while the foster dad went unpunished. Mariana then takes Jude's hand as they continue watching.

She then says how she and her brother finally found a home where their foster mothers love and wished to adopt them. While her brother was successfully adopted, she was not. Callie tells the viewer how the judge is continuing to block her adoption without considering what she wants. She declares how such things are what make the foster system so flawed and how they need to call out the people wronging them directly by name in order to get the treatment to stop. She says they can't be afraid to speak up and that is why she is telling her story; with hopes it'll inspire other foster kids to tell theirs.

Jude and Mariana as they watch Callie's video - telling her story.

Jude asks what the video is for. Mariana explains Callie asked her to upload it to her web app. Jude is worried that Callie being so bold will only bring future problems, doubting she should post it. Mariana tells him it's too late - she already posted it. She points out the video already has thirty views and smiles at Jude. She then frowns when seeing his continued worried expression.


Mariana, during a rant about being the only child currently residing in the Adams-Foster house, mentions that Jude is away at camp.


Jude as the family announce Callie can get adopted.

In the kitchen, Jude is with his moms and Rita when Callie and Brandon return home. Stef infos Brandon and Callie that the social worker has allowed for the adoption to go through. He is clearly happy because of this news and joins in on a group hug.

After this, Jude comes home after being dropped off by Adam after a visit to Connor's house. Lena greets him. However, he simply ignores the greeting and walks by straight to his room. When Lena asks Adam what happened, he admits to her how he walked into Connor's room - only to walk in on Jude and Connor making out with their shirts off. Following this conversation, Lena goes to Jude's room and sees him glumly laying in his bed on his side. He tells her that he and Connor "weren't really doing anything". Lena easily waves the situation off, much to his surprise, and Jude asks if he isn't in trouble. She tells him no, but he's going to wish he was.

Jude as Lena gives him "the talk".

Lena expresses how happy she is that he found a boyfriend as kind and wonderful as Connor is, and she begins to say what happens when sex comes into the picture for a couple. Jude cuts her off, saying he and Connor are not having sex. After hearing this, Lena is relieved, but says how she isn't sure how to explain "the logistics of two men being together", but that physical intimacy of any kind is a big deal and wants him to know how to care for himself when the time comes. Jude assures her how it won't for awhile. However, Lena then pulls out a condom from her pocket and asks Jude if he knows what it is. He says yes. She then asks him if he knows how one works, to which he simply looks at her.

Jude after Connor tells him he plans to move to LA with his mother.

While preparing for Stef's parents 40th anniversary, Jude tells Connor how his "talk" went with Lena, saying he when she pulled out a condom that he thought he was "going to die". Jude asks Connor if his father gave him "the talk". Connor says they "did have a talk", before hesitantly saying that he thinks he is going to go live with his mother. Jude, stunned, asks why. Connor tells him how his father, despite his effort, is not okay with him being gay or their relationship.

During the party, he is seen smiling and enjoying himself. Later, during Mariana's song performance, he and Connor are seen among the party guests slow dancing. After her performance, he claps along with the crowd.

Jude during Callie's adoption.

After the party, he opens the door to see Adam, who has come to pick up Connor. While they wait for Connor to come down, who went to get his jacket, Jude asks if he could asks him something. He then bluntly asks why he is "sending Connor away". Adam says Connor moving isn't his choice, claiming he is doing the best that he can, but that Connor was the one who asked to move in with his mom. Connor then comes back and, pausing, asks Jude if he'll see him tomorrow. Jude nods before being left alone with his thoughts.

Jude telling Connor he should find the happiness and support he needs, even if it means living with his mother in LA.

Jude is then seen with his family at the courthouse during Callie's adoption, getting off the elevator and joining the remainder of the family. As they walk in, Jude takes a seat besides Connor and, as he listens to his sister's passionate speech about being lucky that she found a good family, takes Connor's hand. When Callie is legally adopted by the Adams-Fosters, Jude is overjoyed and joins in hugging his sister.

Jude with the family as Jesus returns.

After his sister's adoption, he pulls Connor aside and tells him how maybe he should go live with his mother. He says how when Adam told him that Connor asked Adam to let him go, he didn't understand at all. But when Callie was making her speech about having a family that is truly there for her and supports her, makes her feel safe, Jude had been watching Connor and finally understood. Jude tells Connor how he wants him to have that as well, because he loves him. Connor answers that he loves him as well. Jude then says how LA isn't really that far and "there are trains". The two then share a hug, clutching to each other.

At home, Jude is with the family as Jesus makes a surprise visit. As the family has a good time making a meal in honor of Jesus' arrival, Jude can be seen happy as he joins in as well.

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  • Callie Adams Foster - Jude is Callie's younger half-brother as they share the same mother but a different father. They share a strong bond with each other, having had to rely heavily on each other during their six-year time period in the foster system. Callie often acted as a mother toward Jude, something that occasionally annoyed him following their arrival at the Adams Foster House. Their relationship faltered a few times, however, they ultimately remained extremely close. Callie was openly supportive of Jude's sexuality and liked almost all of his boyfriends, while Jude was supportive of her relationships - except for her one with Brandon. Jude was adopted into the Adams Foster Family before Callie due to complications with her biological father, which upset Jude. When Callie was finally adopted, he was thrilled and they were able to live together once more. They drifted apart during college, and due to Jude's emotional state and it being more of a challenge for her, Callie took a job offer in Los Angeles to be closer to him.


Tumblr nlj035wVuQ1tmnkfoo1 500.png
  • Connor Stevens / Jonnor - Connor and Jude are former classmates, best friends, and ex-boyfriends. The two met in math class and occasionally talk while in class. For most of the series, Connor is Jude's only real friend in school. Connor and Jude's relationship grows from friendship to romance when it is told that they did something "wrong" while in their tent on a school camping trip - which is later revealed to have been a kiss. Their relationship faces a stump when Connor gets a girlfriend in order to please his father. Despite this, he begins to flirt with Jude before Jude finally demands to know where their relationship stands, resulting in Connor kissing him again. Following Connor finally coming out to his dad and being banned from seeing Jude because he came out, Connor and Jude are finally reunited. It is later said that Jude and Connor are officially dating. Jude says that they were the only guys in their grade who were gay, and vocalizes that he believes this is the reason for them getting together. Connor quickly says that they were friends first, and Jude tells him that he doesn't feel like Connor is his friend anymore, because of his signing up for football and other things, which prevent him from coming to see him on weekends due to games. Connor then sadly asks Jude if he wants to break up, but Jude doesn't answer. Years later, the two are unexpectedly reunited and clearly still have a romantic spark. After reconciling over their past mistakes, Jude and Connor kiss in front of a heartbroken Carter. However, Jude breaks the kiss because of his relationship with Carter and the two agree to remain friends and that they will always be each other's first love. Jude calls their kiss "the goodbye kiss we never had."
  • Declan Rivers - Declan Called Jude his cute nerdy Sidekick in this gaming deal however Jude said he wouldn't do it without Taylor, Declan then says I'll get them to let her in "I'm used to getting what I want" this might mean he likes Jude sexually and wants to make him his boyfriend despite the fact that Jude has a boyfriend.
  • Carter Hunter - He had a girlfriend. However, they were in a mutually-decided "open relationship". It is unknown if they ended it when he got involved with Jude but, fact is that he and Jude are now in a relationship. Carter considers transferring to UCLA to be close to Jude, even stating that they can still see other people, but is devastated when he sees Jude and Connor kissing. After Jude explains, the two agree to be exclusive and later hold hands in front of Carter's parents who simply smile at them.
  • Noah Walker - Jude and Noah met through a mutual friend, Taylor Shaw when she brought Jude to a church youth meeting. Jude and Noah are partnered for an exercise during the church youth group and later become friends. While Noah and Jude are hanging out with Taylor, Jude finds out that Connor (his ex and first boyfriend) is in a relationship. Jealous, Jude to change his Facebook status to "Dating Noah", which Noah is not happy about when he finds out. He tells Jude that he should've at least asked him out first, which Jude does and Noah says yes. Lena and Stef (Judes Moms) hold a SexEd class at their house for the LGBT+ community and suggest that Jude invite Noah since they're dating. Afterwards Jude and Noah talk about it and Jude finds out that he was wrong and Noah has in fact not had sex yet, making Jude feel better. Noah smokes weed for medical reasons and ends up giving some to Jude, but Jude stops smoking and eating food with weed in it. Later in the show Jude gets into gaming and Noah offers a deal to him, he doesn't smoke and Jude doesn't game. To which Jude agrees, but later breaks and Noah finds out when Taylor congratulates Jude on his upgrade in the game in the past week. Causing a fight between Noah and Jude, with Jude claiming it doesn't matter what he does when they're not together. Noah responds saying it doesn't unless he lies about it.


  • Taylor Shaw - Taylor is best friends with Jude. She is a straightforward, somewhat blunt yet friendly young girl. She quickly caught on to Jude and Connor's romance, but easily accepted it. She has become one of Jude's new friends in season 2; after Jude came out, they continue their friendship. In season 4, Taylor introduces Jude to Noah, a boy from her Church Youth Group. Jude accuses her of bringing him to Youth Group because Noah is gay. Taylor admits that she hoped Jude would like Noah, or have him as a friend. A few days later at Lena's party, Taylor meets up with Jude and Noah there. She takes a picture of them together after she calls them "cuteness overload".


  • The character made history as the youngest person to be featured in an LGBT kiss on television.
  • Jude is a person who is never rude or talks bad about anyone, according to his best friend Connor.
  • In Things Unknown, Jude's post-adoption birth certificate declared his new surname as "Adams Foster" and relegated his birth surname, "Jacob," to his middle name.
  • In Things Unknown, Jude's birth certificate reveals he was born at St. Abigail's Hospital located at 16752 N Kling St., San Diego, CA, 92109. This contradicts with Jude's revealed detail about being an at-home birth in Us Against The World.
  • It has been revealed by Hayden Byerly that Jude was originally going to be a transgender character and ponder whether he felt like he was a man or a woman inside a male's body (this is hinted at in the Pilot when Callie mentions Jude being beaten by their foster father when caught wearing a dress owned by the man's ex-wife). He was going to be a male-to-female transgender. However, the writers dropped this idea, instead deciding to explore the storyline elsewhere in the show, and opting to have Jude be a young boy exploring his own unique sexuality.
  • Lena's nickname for him is "Bubba".
  • Mariana's nickname for him is "Judicorn". He uses this nickname as his XBOX username.
  • It is mentioned that he has been to seven different schools by the seventh grade as a result of moving around so much in the foster system. (Although this detail is contradicted once in the series before being repeated again to be seven.)
  • It is implied that his first kiss and relationship is with Connor Stevens, his Ex Boyfriend.
  • Starting in seasons 2b, Jude begins to stand up for himself more as he becomes a more independent character, no longer letting people walk over him as he has in earlier episodes. This can be seen particularly with Callie whenever she coddles him, resulting in Jude telling her to stop or to leave him alone.
  • In It's My Party, it is shown that Jude likes ketchup on his tacos, a trait that actor Hayden Byerly also shares.


Jude Adams Foster has a photo gallery.


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