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Josh Mandela is a former employee of Speckulate.

Josh is portrayed by Charlie Bodin.


Josh was hired at Speckulate during the beginning of the companies foundations and helped Evan Speck manage the more personal sides of the company, due to Evan's inability to communicate well with others.


Josh is a condescending and sexist man who believes that himself to be superior to those beneath him in the company. He doesn't take well to The Byte Club outing the salary disparities within the company, and even tries to deflect the blame to the only female head in the company, Angela Miller. He became panicked and overwhelmed when the women of the company also felt empowered enough to admit they had been sexually harassed by Josh when he tried to kiss them. He attempted to claim that the women were running a smear campaign, though Evan saw past the ruse and fired Josh.

Physical Appearance

Josh is a reasonably tall man with curly black hair, bright blue eyes, and a professional sense of attire. He wears an expensive watch.

Throughout Series

In Imposter, Josh attends the Speckulate costume party where he favors the company of the male employees, giving odd looks to Mariana and the other female employees.

In Less Than, the Speckulate engineers hold a team meeting where Josh favors Alex Wood's statements over Mariana and the other women. After the meeting, Evan confronts Mariana, Angela, and Josh about why Mariana didn't come to him about her app idea after he approved it. When he learns that Alex ordered Angela to keep her away, Evan retracts Josh's privilege to pitch their new app to investors and orders Angela not to admonish employees who want access to him.

In Broken Arted, Josh strong-arms Angela into dealing with the Mariana situation after he believes that Evan's interest in her isn't strictly professional.

In Vitamin C, The Byte Club released their spreadsheet addressing the pay gap between men and women - and also between white employees and employees of color. This caused turmoil at the company, and a meeting was called to address the issue. Josh demanded to know who was responsible for the leakage, as it was a PR nightmare. Claire asked why they don't raise the women's salaries to match that of the men since that would solve the issue. Josh claimed that he was unaware of the issue before the spreadsheet released. He elaborated that Angela should have made him aware or corrected it herself. Because of her lack of duty, he started to publicly fire her when Mariana stood from her chair and took the blame. One by one, each key member of The Byte Club, along with Raj Patil, stood and shared the blame. This made it impossible for Josh to place the blame on one person. He subsequently said they were all fired, but Angela countered by saying that would create an even larger PR issue. Flustered, Josh looked over his mused employees just as Evan Speck entered the room and demanded to know what was happening. Claire then announced that since they were clearing the air, Josh had tried to kiss her. Rachel seconded that, and when asked how many people Josh has tried to kiss, several other women raised their hands as well. Josh claimed the women were running a smear campaign against him and that he was the victim. Later that day, Evan told Mariana that he was working to fix the pay gap issue and also planned to fire Josh.


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