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Joey Riverton is a night-time AM radio talk show host. They identify as non-binary, choosing to use "they/them" pronouns.

Joey initially is introduced as Alice's date on Shipper. They went out on two dates before Joey ended their relationship as Alice wasn't over her ex-girlfriend. After Alice opened up to Joey about not being out to her parents, Joey understood and let Alice be the exception to their rule.

Joey is portrayed by Daisy Eagan.



Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

Swipe Right

Joey and Alice match on "Shipper" and meet-up at Duoro for drinks.

Willful Blindness

Less Than

Broken Arted

Vitamin C


After Alice records an endearing video about being out as a lesbian, Joey decides to give her a third chance. They have sex and afterward, Joey reveals that she is thinking about changing her pronouns to "they/them". Alice is seemingly accepting and wants to know if this is a decision that is pending or effective immediately. Joey admits that she isn't sure and wants to see how it feels.

When Alice is practicing for her stand-up show, she admits her fear of introducing her parents to "them".


Season 1 (5/13)

Season 2 (9/18)

Notes and Trivia

  • Joey has their own AM radio talk show.
  • Joey came out to Alice as non-binary in "Percussions".
  • They start wearing a chest binder in "Twenty-Fine". Joey admits that it makes them feel sexy.
  • Joey is a vegetarian.
  • They have the same ex-girlfriend as Lindsay Brady, and have a complicated history with the breakup.



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