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Jerod Murphy is a minor character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble.

Jerod is a mentally ill homeless man who breaks into Callie and Jamie's apartment. While she deescalates the situation, Jerod is arrested for trespassing after Jamie presses charges and later charged with assault for striking a prison guard in self-defense. He become Callie and Kathleen's latest case.



Jerod is a kind man whose untreated mental illness makes him erratic and unable to hold a sustainable job.

Physical Appearance

Jerod is a young man in his mid-twenties to early thirties with short blonde hair, brown eyes, and a tall build.

Throughout Series

Season 2

In Truths and Dares,

Season 3

In Capoeira, Callie learns that Jamie is pressing charges against Jerod for breaking into their apartment. He claims that Jerod returned after his release and caused more problems. Callie doesn’t think he’ll be safer in jail, but Jamie disagrees.

Callie visits Jerod in prison where she learns about the aggressive tactics the guards have been using. He remembers her as the nice lady who buys her coffee. He elaborates that the guards refused to give him medication so he refused to leave his cell, so the guards sprayed him in the face and began hitting him. Jerod tried to get the guards off him which led the guards to claim Jerod hit the guard first. Callie takes photos of Jerod's bruises though she can’t be his lawyer as she hasn’t passed the bar yet. He apologizes for breaking into her apartment.

Callie brings her case to Kathleen Gale, who warns her that the case is a loser as the jury will believe the guards over an inmate, and excessive force would be denied. Callie continues to convince Kathleen to help Jerod, though she’s apprehensive. Kathleen is impressed by Callie's idealism and agrees to take the case as long as Callie comes to work for her.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Kathleen attends a meeting with DA Matthews for Jerod’s case. Kathleen and Callie meet with the DA who offers one year in prison though he’ll only serve six with good behavior. When they leave, Callie is upset that Kathleen isn’t doing more for Jerod as she doesn’t want to go to trial. She doesn’t want to drag Jerod through prison for longer than a year which he will be if they pursue a trial. She tells Callie that Jerod should take the deal.

Callie meets with Jerod to get more information about Deputy Gaffney, with Jerod claiming the deputy took the medicine for himself. He doesn’t give much information as he just wants to go home. She claims they’re still working on it but he needs to be patient.

Kathleen and Callie meet with the DA where Kathleen refuses his deal due to Jerod’s claims that Deputy Gaffney took his medication. They think Deputy Gaffney planned to sell the anti-psychotics to addicts. When mixed with cocaine or meth the euphoria experienced is heightened. They have a potential pattern since Deputy Gaffney was fired from a corrections job in New Mexico for suspicion of stealing inmates’ medication. Kathleen remarks how great Callie is despite having just passed the bar. The DA notes that suspicion isn’t proof, but is willing to give a deal for six months jail time for Jerod. Kathleen asks for his real best offer, his bottom line, which is three months plus time served, which gets him released in 30 days. She thanks him for going out on a limb for her, but decides to take the case to trial.

Callie confronts Kathleen about going to trial since it means Jerod would be in prison longer. Kathleen explains that they could get the city to settle for millions with a lawsuit as they can expand their caseload. She refuses to take the offer to Jerod, as she knows that when he gets out he’ll have money for a home and follow-up care as opposed to what he’ll have if he takes the deal, which is nothing.

In Because, Men, Callie tries to track down a family member of Jerod’s but doesn’t have much luck as his sister won’t answer. Mariana inquires about the phone call so Callie explains the DA’s offer and Kathleen suddenly wants to take the case to trial, putting Jerod in jail for even longer. Mariana asks if that’s legal, which it is, though it is ethically gray. Kathleen thinks that Jerod can’t decide for himself right now, which is why Callie is trying to track down his sister though Kathleen isn’t apprised of the situation. Callie arrives at work and Kathleen calls her out on contacting Jerod’s sister, Zoe, who called Kathleen. She invites Callie into the meeting so they can see if she’s here to derail their case.

Zoe explains that Jerod has his first manic case in college and then their mother died and he started having hallucinations. He was stable with the right meds and was doing well, but when he turned 27 he was removed from their dad's health insurance so he couldn’t afford his medication and became homeless. His family lost contact with him. Kathleen sympathizes and tells Zoe to blame the system. She thinks a trial will give Jerod a better chance at starting over with enough money to get proper medical treatment and housing. Callie interrupts that it could also mean he’s in jail for over a year awaiting trial. Zoe asks for another option which forces Kathleen to tell her about the DA’s plea deal of three months plus time served but he’ll have to plead guilty and have a record. The next time he's arrested they’ll treat him worse as he’s already a felon, and if he gets two more serious felonies he’ll face 25-years to life. Zoe thinks a trial is the best option but wants to consult Jerod about his options since the decision is his. Kathleen isn’t sure if he can make those decisions. Zoe thinks they should be careful about assuming mentally ill people aren’t capable of making decisions and taking away their right to advocate on their behalf. Kathleen and Callie exchange a look.

Callie meets with Kathleen as she and Zoe went to see Jerod and he decided to go to trial. Kathleen tells her that she convinced the judge to move Jerod to an IMD - institute for mental disease, while he awaits trial. She had no intention of letting Jerod sit in jail.

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