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Jennifer Cooper is the ex-wife of Dennis Cooper and the mother of Jacob. After her marriage to Dennis fell apart following Jacob's death, they processed their divorce. Jennifer eventually became engaged to Dennis' long-time best friend, Nathan, and is now starting a new family with him.


Jennifer was married to Dennis Cooper and they had a son, Jacob. They were happy together, although Dennis was often away on business or working, leaving Jennifer to handle most matters at home by herself. Jacob was soon diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and passed away at the age of six. Afterwards, Jennifer and Dennis' marriage truly started to crumble while they both struggled with grief and guilt, leading to Dennis losing his job and spiraling. After Dennis revealed he had an affair while on a business trip, Jennifer separated from him. Eventually, the couple decided to divorce.

Jennifer sometimes visited Dennis after he moved into The Coterie while their divorce was being finalized. Dennis initially didn't want any of the money from their shared assets, despite Jennifer's mild insistence. When he changed his mind though, she told him to talk to her lawyer. The two of them later had an argument in which Jennifer blamed Dennis for their son's death, claiming he didn't pay enough attention to Jacob. When Dennis fell into depression afterwards and nearly contemplated suicide though, Jennifer was left deeply worried.

After Dennis returned to the Coterie from a psychiatric hospital, he and Jennifer finally made amends over their past, apologizing for hurting one another. As their divorce was finalized, Jennifer started moving on with her life, preparing to marry her ex-husband's best friend Nathan, with whom she was expecting another child.


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Jennifer traveled to The Coterie in an attempt to find Dennis, who left a cryptic voicemail on her phone. She ran into Davia, who wasn't friendly until she played the voicemail for her.


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  • Dennis - Jennifer and Dennis were married for several years. They had one child together, a son named Jacob. While Jennifer loved Dennis, she was often disappointed with his workaholic tendencies, concerned he wasn't attentive enough to Jacob. After Jacob passed away from cancer, Jennifer's marriage began to to fall apart, especially after learning her husband cheated on her. She and Dennis separated while their divorce was being finalized, though tried to be civil to one another. Overtime, tensions between the couple from Dennis deciding whether or not to take any money from their divorce, Jennifer's new relationship with Nathan, and lingering issues from Jacob's death surfaced and they had a falling out. Jennifer claimed Dennis was a terrible husband and father to Jacob, leading to him going into a depressive spiral. When Dennis left a lengthy apology message on her phone, Jennifer was worried about him despite their rocky past and became consumed with fear for Dennis' safety when she couldn't find him at The Coterie. After Dennis returned to the Coterie from a psychiatric hospital, he and Jennifer made amends as their divorce was finalized, acknowledging that they will always care about one another.
  • Nathan -


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