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Jenna Peréz is a minor character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Maiara Walsh.

Jenna is the missing sister of investigative journalist Joaquin Peréz, who follows her trail to The Coterie in downtown Los Angeles.


Jenna was born and raised in Oklahoma into a religious family. Her father, who worked in the oil fields before retiring, was extremely strict, mean, and had a tendency to be violent towards his family. Her mother, Annette, was a school teacher who was devotedly religious and instilled this into her children. Jenna was also the older sister of Joaquin. She wanted to leave home and expressed this to her family. Mr. Peréz was irate over the idea, stating that Jenna was no longer his daughter, part of their family, or welcome back in their house. Jenna never talked to her family again after she left, but her movements were tracked by Joaquin a few years later. He learned that she went to Los Angeles and worked as a bartender and partied. She at The Coterie for a while, though under the name Diana Graham, reportedly because of a poor credit score. She met Dennis Cooper and they had a brief fling. She later dated a bartender named Chris and they lived together for a few months. Their relationship was unhealthy and he drove her to Palm Springs by request. They fought on the way there, with her threatening to jump out of the car if he didn't let her out. He left her on the road like she asked and he didn't hear from her after.


Physical Appearance

From outdated photographs, Jenna is a vibrant, beautiful young woman in her twenties with long, curly black hair and bangs. She has vibrant blue eyes and an oval face. She has a big smile and dressed in colored clothing.

Throughout Series

Season 4

In "Kiss Me and Smile For Me", Joaquin asks residents of The Coteries questions about how long they've lived there. Joaquin sits in his loft looking at post-it notes of when everyone moved into The Coterie. He creates one for Jenna with a question mark under it. He flashes back to drinking coffee when his moms calls. Jenna left her a postcard each year at her birthday, but she didn't get one this year. The last place she got a card from was The Coterie at the Palace. His mother cries over thinking The Coterie is some kind of cult that Jenna abandoned God and her beliefs for. She worries something terrible has happened and asks him to pray with her. They pray as Joaquin takes a note for the open loft. He then notes that the postcard came in September of 2018, and puts it on the wall with the notes.

In "Meet the New Boss", Joaquin tells Luca about Jenna's hardships and her being missing. He later finds his sisters old bible when the shelves of The Coterie mysteriously collapse. Inside the book was a massage coupon addressed to Diana Graham, a former resident of The Coterie. He also looks at photos of himself and Jenna together over the years, including a selfie that Jenna took of herself.

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", Joaquin asks Kelly about Diana Graham. Kelly does remember her but doesn't have any contact information for her. Diana just up and moved one day, though Alice might know. He later shows Kelly a picture of Jenna, asking if she saw Diana with her, and Kelly reveals that they are the same person.

In "Something Unpredictable, But in the End It's Right", Joaquin tells Mariana the truth about his sister and how he doesn't know where she is. Jenna left home eight years ago. While attending Dennis's 40th birthday, Joaquin sees a photograph projected on a wall of Dennis holding Jenna from behind. He takes a picture of the projection.

In "That's Me in the Spotlight", Mariana gets an anonymous tip that Jenna used to work at Fresh Flint Farm's and always talked about going off the grid there. She and Joaquin go to the farmer's market to ask about Flint Farm's booth, learning they haven't had a booth in a year. The vendor hasn't seen Jenna either. Joaquin is giving up hope but Mariana wants him to continue. He appreciates her helpfulness but thinks they should go to the police. He looks up to see Jenna across the market. He runs to her but the woman isn't her. He looks around wildly for her and spots her walking away. He hurries after her and sees her get in a van. She tells the man to drive and he speeds off. Joaquin watches just as Mariana joins him. He knows that was Jenna.


Notes and Trivia

  • Jenna was raised by a very-religious and strict family in Oklahoma.



Jenna's appearances in 4x02, 4x03, 4x04, and 4x07 are as photographs.
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