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Jenna Paul is a good friend of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster, and the mother of Garret. She appears to be exceedingly enthusiastic and seems a little much to take, especially to the Adams Fosters. She is around the same age as Stef and Lena, as it is mentioned that they went to college together. She is a lesbian, and she was in a marriage with Kelly, who is Garrett's other mom, but they divorced.

In Season 3, she showed an interest in Lena's coworker Monte, who she went out with for a little while, before Monte broke up with her because she had feelings for Lena. Jenna is very energetic, which the Adams Foster kids love about her, and she has built a very good relationship with them.

Jenna is portrayed by Suzanne Cryer.


Jenna was born around the same year as Stef and Lena, as it is mentioned that she went to college with Stef. Either during or after college, Jenna married her long-time girlfriend, Kelly. At some point, they had a son together, Garret Paul. According to Garret, the two women were married twenty-years before they divorced.

Physical Appearance

Jenna is a woman with short brown hair and brown eyes.


Déjà Vu

Stef joins Jenna in a bar and she sees Monte and catches Jenna's eye. Stef explains that it's Lena's boss and soon helps her meet Monte. Stef and Lena host a dinner at the house for the four of them so Jenna and Monte get to know each other better.


Jenna suggests having a mini couples getaway when she says she knows someone in Idyllwild where they can get them a cabin to stay in to see Brandon's performance. Jenna calls anyways. Lena and Monte show up during the day, and Jenna arrives at night, seeing Lena and Monte laughing. The day of the performance, Jenna shows up alone and tells Lena and Stef that they broke up. Afterward, before Jenna left, she talks to Stef and explains to her why they broke up. When Stef asks who, Jenna looks over at Lena.

Appearances (6/101)

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Season 3 (2/20)

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Season 5 (2/22)


Monte Porter

  • First Relationship:


  • In The Morning After, Garret says in his poem that Jenna and Kelly were married for 20 years, which is historically impossible, because gay marriage wasn't legal by then anywhere in the world (the timestamp of the series regarding this topic is later implied in I Do, when Stewart says that "the Supreme Court has finally seemed fit [to acknowledge same-sex marriage]"). It seems like Garret means that his moms had at that point be together for 20 years. For how long Jenna and Kelly were actually married, is in that case unknown.
  • It's unknown whether either Jenna or Kelly is Garret's biological mom or if he's adopted.



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