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Jeff Maxwell[1] is the estranged husband of Lily and ex-boyfriend of Davia Moss. Jeff frequently travels for business and is rarely ever in one place for too long. Whenever he is in LA, Jeff and Davia hook up despite him being married.


Jeff was born and raised in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, where he attended high school alongside Davia Moss and the two become close friends. A few years later, Jeff married Lily, his high school sweetheart, and Davia sang at their wedding. Even after his wedding though, Jeff remained close to Davia and the two eventually began a physical relationship whenever he was in the same town as her.


Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

Season 1 (4/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • Jeff is married to his high school sweetheart Lily but also has an on/off affair with Davia.
  • Jeff revealed in "Re-Birthday" that he apparently plans to divorce Lily to be serious with Davia so they can live together in Fitchburg.



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