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It's not my fault the world is full of bigots. I got to stand up for myself.

Jazmin Martinez is the older sister of Gael Martinez. She often struggled with discrimination and harassment in her workplaces due to being transgender. She is currently fighting for her rights.

Jazmin is portrayed by Hailie Sahar.


Jazmin was born "Alejandro Martinez" and raised in an old-fashioned and strict household. Jazmin was always close to her younger brother, Gael, and they did everything together. From a young age, Jazmin knew that she was transgender, but didn't fully accept her identity until after her teen years. Jazmin joined the military after graduating high school, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When she finally came out to her family, they didn't handle it well, and Jazmin has been estranged from them ever since.

Shortly after she transitioned, Jazmin was visiting a night club when two intolerant men began harassing her for being transgender. This led to a fight in which the police were called. When the officers arrived, they told Jazmin that she had to leave instead of the men harassing her. Jazmin protested that she knew her rights and had every right to be in the club. One of the officers grabbed her by the arm and she jerked away. As a result, Jazmin was quickly slammed against a wall and charged with resisting arrest. Due to not being able to afford a lawyer, she pled guilty to the charges and served a one-year probation sentence, with a felony charge on her record.

Jazmin has transitioned physically but has yet to transition legally, due to her criminal record. At some point, she attended the Pride March, where she saw and spent time with Gael. She also got a job working as a saleswoman for a small store and had the highest sales there. However, one of her customers found out she was transgender and filed a complaint. Jazmin's boss then cut her hours, but when she found out, she confronted her boss and was subsequently fired.


"It’s not my fault the world is full of bigots. I got to stand up for myself."

Jazmin has a larger-than-life personality with a strong will and backbone. She isn't afraid to speak her truth or stand up for herself. Her ability to speak up about indiscretions often gets her in trouble with her employers.

Physical Appearance

Jazmin is a beautiful Latina woman in her mid-twenties with a curvy body and shoulder-length, wavy, brown hair. She has full lips and dark brown eyes.

Throughout Series

Season 1

In Allies,

In Imposter,

In Broken Arted,

Season 2

In Doble Quince, Jazmin is celebrating her "Doble Quince" for her thirtieth birthday. This Quince is in place of the one she was unable to have at fifteen. With her brother on her arm, Jazmin emerges on the rooftop of The Coterie. She makes a grand entrance, circling the rooftop once to show off her dress and greet her guests, before proceeding to the dance floor for the group dance. Jazmin and her brother, along with two other couples, elegantly waltz. Suddenly, the beat changes and the begin to dance to an upbeat club song. She originally dances with Gael before changing to her now-boyfriend, Zeke.

While Jazmin finishes her dance in the arms of Zeke. Later, she is giving a speech and mentions that she once served in the military. She did six weeks in both Iraq and Afghanistan, following her father and grandfather's footsteps. Her quince doubles as a fundraiser to fight the transgender military ban and raise money for trans vets.

In the lead up to her quince, Gael returns to collect her dog tags. Their father refuses to give them back, clinging to the tangible reminder of the son he once had. Jazmin’s father talks about her as if she were a murderer and disowns her for disgracing the family. Jazmin's grandfather seemingly disagrees with the decision but doesn't protest against his son.

On the night of her quince, Jazmin’s grandfather arrives and surprises her. She is initially rigid, believing him to be there to scrutinize her. Instead, he delivers the dog tags she earned, saying that she served her country with honor. He hangs the tags around Jazmin’s neck and wishes his “beloved granddaughter” a happy doble quince. He tells her he loves her very much and asks her for a dance. They sway together and Jazmin cries as she dances with her grandfather once again.

After the quince is over, Jazmin witnesses Gael walking their grandfather out of The Coterie. She overhears them talking and realizes that Gael came out as bisexual to their parents. After their grandfather leaves, she hurries to her brother and gives him a supportive hug. Gael then asks Jazmin what her plans are for major holidays.

In Nochebuena,

In A Very Coterie Christmas,

Season 3

In Anticipation, she is there for her brother when he reveals his news of his unborn child.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Jazmin is the older sister of Gael Martinez, a resident at The Coterie.
  • She is a transgender female.
  • Jazmin is estranged from her parents since coming out as transgender but has remained close to her brother.
  • She is incredibly talented in sales and had the most sales of anyone at her store.
  • She faced discrimination at her workplace for being transgender.
  • She has a felony conviction for resisting arrest after she yanked away from a police officer who was trying to kick her out of a club.
  • She was on probation for one year.
  • Jazmin took a ten-thousand-dollar case settlement from the catering company she was fired from in "Imposter", as opposed to taking her chances at a trial.


Jazmin (to Gael): I haven't seen you since you were showing your face off at Pride, telling people you were Rainbow Dash.

Jazmin: I am done tolerating intolerant people.

Jazmin (to Gael): Yeah, well... It only takes one indignant customer to ruffle feathers. I got the message - they don't want me there. Especially my manager, and he's a gay guy! Apparently, "T" is optional when you're "LGB".

Jazmin: And how am I supposed to do that? My being half of myself?

Jazmin: It’s not my fault the world is full of bigots. I got to stand up for myself.



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