Jamie Hunter is the oldest son of Jim and Diane Hunter, as well as the older brother of Eliza and Carter.

Jamie is a lawyer based in Los Angeles, who works for a corporate law firm. Jamie is a close friend and romantic interest of Callie Adams Foster.


Jamie was born in the 1990s to Jim and Diane Hunter. In 1996, his younger sister, Eliza was born. A few years later, his youngest sibling and only brother, Carter was born. Jamie graduated high school and attended Harvard school of law where he earned his law degree. He clerked with a few judges while he worked on passing the bar exam. At some point, after he passed the bar, he was hired by Hoff, Braverman and Tensely, a prestigious law firm based in Los Angeles, California.


Passionate, kind, flirtatious, and cocky, Jamie knows exactly how to win someone over. He is a good lawyer with impeccable instincts, but his over-assertive nature often gets him trouble. Jamie has a bantering-flirtation with Callie since her quick wit matches his. He is always available to help Callie when she calls, though his motives for helping her are mainly driven by his crush on her.

Physical Appearance

He is tall standing just over six-foot, with a muscular build and dark features, with contrasting green eyes. In "The Fosters", his hair is wavy and he is clean-shaven, and he wore relaxed casual clothing while in Turks. In "Good Trouble", his hair is a bit longer and curlier and he has a trimmed beard. He is seen only in expensive suits.

Throughout Series

The Fosters

He is first introduced in "Meet the Fosters" as the charismatic older brother of Eliza, Brandon's fiancee. Jamie is a high-profile lawyer that works in corporate law. He hits it off with Callie and the two engage in harmless flirting and teasing.

In Turks & Caicos" Jamie comforts Callie and they open up to one another. The flirting intensifies and they eventually kiss and share drinks. Callie also states that she is torn over which clerkship to take since one is with a democratic female judge and the other is with a conservative male judge.

In "Where the Heart Is", Jamie advises her to take the clerkship with Judge Wilson in LA, since Wilson will challenge her more. Jamie also slyly mentions that he will be in LA and they could always meet up for drinks.

Good Trouble


Jamie meets Callie for drinks after she calls him for law advice.


The Fosters

Season 5 (3/22)

Good Trouble

Season 1 (6/13)

Season 2 (16/18)

Season 3 (0/0)


Callie Adams Foster

Main article: Callie and Jamie

Jamie and Callie first met when Eliza's family came to meet the Foster family for Brandon and Eliza's engagement party. They had friendly bickering due to their opposing stances in both politics and social standing. Jamie mentioned that he worked for the "big bad corporation" while Callie's main interest was to change the large corporation's agendas. They continued to bicker as well as flirt until they arrived in Turks. The pair grew closer there until they eventually kissed, with Jamie suggesting that she take the job in LA, hinting at the fact that he would be there as well.

Notes and Trivia

  • Jamie is the older brother of Carter and Eliza Hunter.
  • He is a lawyer who works with a law firm based in Los Angeles.
  • He is first seen in Good Trouble giving Callie some much-needed advice about her job and a complicated work situation.
  • Jamie helped Jazmin find a lawyer who specializes in transgender casework.
  • During a challenge for Davia's birthday party, he danced shirtless with a go-go dancer.
  • Jamie is the anonymous buyer of Gael's art piece from "The Eight".



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