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And I just want it to be over and amicable so we can both just go on with our lives. I mean, uh, I don't really see us being friends, but I do think we can be professional.
Jamie to Callie[1]

Jamie Hunter is a guest character in The Fosters and a former major character in it spin-off, Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Beau Mirchoff.

Jamie is the oldest son of Jim and Diane Hunter, as well as the older brother of Eliza and Carter. Jamie is a lawyer based in Los Angeles, who worked for a corporate law firm before he resigned to work for the district attorney's office as a deputy DA. He is a close friend and romantic interest of Callie Adams Foster.


Jamie was born in the 1990s to Jim and Diane Hunter. In 1996, his younger sister, Eliza was born. A few years later, his youngest sibling and only brother, Carter was born. Jamie graduated high school and attended Harvard school of law where he earned his law degree. He clerked with a few judges while he worked on passing the bar exam. At some point, after he passed the bar, he was hired by Hoff, Braverman and Tensely, a prestigious law firm based in Los Angeles, California.


Passionate, kind, flirtatious, and cocky, Jamie knows exactly how to win someone over. He is a good lawyer with impeccable instincts, but his over-assertive nature often gets him trouble. Jamie has a bantering-flirtation with Callie since her quick wit matches his. He is always available to help Callie when she calls, though his motives for helping her are mainly driven by his crush on her.

Physical Appearance

He is tall standing just over six-foot, with a muscular build and dark features, with contrasting green eyes. In "The Fosters", his hair is wavy and he is clean-shaven, and he wore relaxed casual clothing while in Turks. In "Good Trouble", his hair is a bit longer and curlier and he has a trimmed beard. He is seen only in expensive suits.

The Fosters

He is first introduced in "Meet the Fosters" as the charismatic older brother of Eliza, Brandon's fiancee. Jamie is a high-profile lawyer that works in corporate law. He hits it off with Callie and the two engage in harmless flirting and teasing.

In Turks & Caicos" Jamie comforts Callie and they open up to one another. The flirting intensifies and they eventually kiss and share drinks. Callie also states that she is torn over which clerkship to take since one is with a democratic female judge and the other is with a conservative male judge.

In "Where the Heart Is", Jamie advises her to take the clerkship with Judge Wilson in LA, since Wilson will challenge her more. Jamie also slyly mentions that he will be in LA and they could always meet up for drinks.

Good Trouble

Season 1

Callie reunites with Jamie when she arrives in Los Angeles, as he is one of the few lawyers she knows in the city. She retains him as her lawyer for a dollar. She is finding it difficult to clerk for a conservative judge, Judge Wilson, who now wants her to write memos from his point of view. Jamie advises that she write the memos as her competitive side may have influenced her choices. Since Wilson is on the fence about his stance on the particular case, Jamie thinks Callie's view of things could help make a difference. After their initial meeting, she contacts him several more times for legal advice, whether it relates to her work or her living situation.

She also asks him to meet with Jazmin Martinez, a transgender woman whose job is wrongly terminated after her gender identity is revealed. Jamie helps Jazmin by counseling her on her various legal options, and continues to support Callie in her quest for answers regarding both Judge Wilson and Jamal Thompson. Jamie and Callie grow closer and eventually kiss, though she her open relationship with Gael Martinez complicates things. She brings Jamie as her date for Davia's birthday, which allows Jamie to show a more relaxed and outgoing version of himself. From dancing shirtless with go-go dancers to calling Callie out on her selfishness when it comes to their relationship, the night ends smoothly when Callie chooses to be in a committed relationship with Jamie.

Their relationship impacts Callie's work life, as she continues to ask Jamie for help in her independent investigation of the Jamal Thompson case and the LAPD's involvement in his murder. Jamie learns that one of the officers involved in the shooting was present when the chief of police claimed it was easier and cheaper to let police-involved shooting victims die. He warns Callie not to do something she might regret. In the meantime, Callie's relationship with Gael becomes more complicated when Gael makes his feelings for her known.

Season 2

Season 3

In Capoeira, Callie checks her messages to Jamie but he hasn’t responded yet. She gets a call from the ADA office as someone else is pressing charges for the break-in at the apartment building and wants her as a witness. She confronts Jamie outside the building. He is pressing charges but not as revenge for her actions, but due to Jared returning and causing problems. Callie doesn’t think he’ll be safer in jail, but Jamie disagrees and leaves for work. Later that day, Mariana asks about Jamie to which Callie admits emotionally that things might be over. She remembers earlier that afternoon that she stopped Jamie from leaving, but he is hurt as his firm lost the Anwei account so he might lose his job. His employers will piece together that Callie is the reason the activists were tipped off, placing the blame on Jamie for her having access to the documents. He tells her that she ruined him whether she meant to or not.

156468 5450.jpg

In Klompendansen, Jamie visits his parents house to celebrate Eliza and Brandon's trip to Amsterdam. He is late and arrives last, finding Carter and Jude alone on the balcony. He asks Carter where everyone is, learning that Diane took everyone on the tour. Carter warns him that Callie is here. The Adams Foster and Hunters emerge and he makes his rounds with hugs, choosing to hug the moms at the same time much to Stef's surprise. She asks if Jamie remembers Corey and he does, noting that he was at Brandon and Eliza’s engagement party. He hugs everyone else until he reaches Callie, who gives him a brisk nod. They take a seat at the table with Diane excusing Jamie from costumes.

156468 6120.jpg

They have assigned seats at the table, with Stef on one end and Jim on the other. Jim asks Jamie how his law firm partners feel about his facial hair, to which Jamie reveals he quit. He didn’t like the track he was on and isn’t sure what he’s doing yet, which upsets Jim. Jim excuses the band so they can talk freely. Eliza chimes in that Jamie might just not know what he wants to do yet, but Jim is convinced that he should have waited to quit until he knew to quit. Mariana adds that she and Callie just quit their jobs which is news to the moms, who thought Callie was still at the clerkship. Callie and Jamie exchange a look from across the table. Callie explains she left her clerkship early to work at Legal Aid, but now she’s working for a highly regarded defense attorney, which is news to Jamie though he stays quiet.

Jim shifts the focus to politics and shames progressives for wanting to bring socialism to America, with Stef defending her stance on free Medicare and social security. Diane asks for politics to stop but Jim presses the issue. Jamie intervenes that they should table the conversation for now. This prompts Jim to ask why, since Jamie is a proud Republican. Jamie corrects that he’s independent now, much to Jim’s surprise. Jim asks Lena what she’s working on in Sacramento to which she says homelessness and housing.

Jim asks about the housing bill and the children begin to text one another; Mariana asking Callie if she thinks Jamie really quit but she doesn’t know, Carter confronting Jude if he wants Carter to go to UCLA, to which Jude just wants to be sure Carter isn’t coming for him, and Eliza telling Jamie to make their dad stop talking about politics. Jamie asks Eliza if she has a muzzle, Mariana asks if the party can get any more awkward, and Brandon chiming in that it can as he and Brandon have news. The texting continues between everyone, with Eliza asking if Jamie still loves Callie which Mariana points out to Callie that he does.

Diane promptly asks everyone to put their phones down and Jamie obliges. The subject changes to why Callie went into criminal law. Jude thinks it’s because of the homeless man who went into her apartment, which surprises the moms. Callie nervously tells Stef that it wasn’t her apartment but Jamie’s, which surprises everyone. Callie explains Jerod’s break-in wasn’t criminal, as he was suffering from a mental episode. She explains Jerod’s situation to everyone, including Kathleen’s involvement, and Jamie looks at her surprised.

156462 0306.jpg

After dinner, everyone lines up outside as Fleur, a Dutch dance instructor, explains the types of dances they will be performing. Their attempts are humorous as the group begins to have fun with the dances, eventually getting the hang of everything. Jamie and Callie dance awkwardly together until the song ends.

When the dancing is over and the last meal abruptly ends when Jim and Diane fight, the groups disperse. Callie walks to the table to get her phone when she is confronted by Jamie who wants to talk. They go inside where they stand in silence before she kisses him passionately.

Jamie stands at the sink and apologizes to Callie about Jerod. She accepts the apology but notes that it would help if he dropped the trespassing charges. He promises to do it and she asks if he really quit his job, which is a yes and no answer. After they lost the Anwei account he was forced to negotiate his exit. She apologizes to him as she never meant to hurt him personally, prompting him to ask if she meant to hurt him professionally. He asks what she thought would happen to their relationship after that. She thought they could work past it, but he brings up that she was waiting with her bags packed already. He thinks she knew it would end their relationship and made the choice to do it anyway. They began to argue over the tenants and she thought the only choice was to tell the tenants the truth. He wants someone who will choose him first, but she doesn’t think choosing him should mean compromising what she believes in. She doesn’t think that’s love. He thinks she always felt as though she were compromising herself in their relationship. He coolly states that she’s right about it not being love. He picks up his shoes, calling their sex a mistake that never should have happened, and leaves.

In Because, Men, Jamie starts his new job as a Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles DA's office, ready to take his first case. When he enters the meeting room his floored to see that Callie is waiting. She asks why he's here so he explains his new job situation and that he's here to meet his first case, Yvonne Byers, who happens to be Callie's client.

In Help, to avoid talking in front of Yvonne, Callie asks Jamie into the hall where she confronts him about being the deputy district attorney. She’s confused as he’s a criminal attorney, but he rebuttals that the job offers weren’t pouring in after he lost the Anwei account at Hoff, Braverman, and Tensley. He was handed Yvonne’s file five minutes ago and didn’t know that Callie was the lawyer on the case. He offers to reschedule until they can get someone else, but Callie doesn’t want to put her client through this again. Jamie is fine with that and has been authorized to reduce the fines by 30% and community service to 50 hours, but Callie argues that Yvonne is a single mother who doesn’t have the time to pick up track for fifty hours. He argues that Yvonne broke the law just as the DA Rothman walks over to ask what is going on. Jamie introduces himself as Callie argues her case, prompting him to take the file from Jamie. He sides with Callie and offers 20 hours, which she finds reasonable. He warns her that they aren’t dropping Jerod Murphy’s charges but if Kathleen thinks she’s going to get a cash settlement she’s wrong, as only Jerod will get hurt in the end. Once he leaves, an annoyed Jamie asks Callie if she plans to get him fired from this job too.

156577 6494.jpg

That night at a bar, Jamie is waiting in the hallway for Nicolette Baptiste, who emerges form the bathroom alongside Callie. He introduces the woman, Nicolette, to Callie, just as the hostess tells them that their table is ready. Callie returns to the bar and accepts a drink from Tony. Jamie watches her from his table.

Later that evening, Jamie interrupts Tony and Callie's playful banter, introducing himself to Tony. Jamie then turns to Callie to apologize for the other day but she tells him not to worry about it. He tells Tony not to underestimate Callie before leaving. Tony asks who Jamie is but she lies he’s just a DDA.

The next morning, Tony sits by Callie and asks if Jamie is just a deputy DA, so she admits that Jamie is her brother’s brother-in-law and her ex. Tony realizes that was why she was flirting but she claims she wasn’t. He isn’t offended but thinks the way he marched over is her succeeding. She then gets a text message from Jamie asking if they can talk.

Callie meets Jamie at a bar. He doesn’t want to be angry with her anymore and she apologizes again for hurting him. He doesn’t understand how they got to where they am and neither does he. He thinks they are destined to run into one another and which is why he wants this to be over and amicable so they can each move on with their lives. He doesn’t see them being friends but thinks they can be professional, which she agrees that she can be professional. She asks if that is all but he tells her that her boss Kathleen Gale is being investigated by the FBI as he wants her to be aware of what she might be getting into. Callie counters that he’s trying to justify working at the DA’s office by discrediting her boss so she’ll doubt her judgment. He isn’t trying to do that but she tells him that if he wants this to be over and amicable he needs to stop patronizing her as she is a big girl and doesn’t need advice from him of all people. She storms out of the bar while he watches in disbelief.

In "Trust", Kathleen, Callie, Tony, and Rowan wait for DA Marc Rothman to arrive but he is accompanied by Jamie and Nicolette. Callie lags in handing the notice to Kathleen so Tony helps her sort the files as she slides it over to Nicolette. Kathleen tries to get a continuance but the last attorney delayed it eight months. DA Rothman isn’t open to negotiating so the defense left. Marc asks Jamie to be the third chair on the case. In the hall, Kathleen asks Callie what happened between Callie and Jamie.

Kathleen works late and Callie brings a draft of the continuance to her. She asks about Callie and Jamie’s relationship to which Callie notes that they were too different. She warns Callie not to be rattled when Rothman puts Jamie on the case as he wants to rattle Callie and weaken Kathleen’s flanks. Callie goes to her desk where she sees that Jamie follows her on Instagram. She posts a photo of her and Tony, cropping Rowan out of the photo. Jamie is in court the next day and watches Kathleen and Rothman go back and forth over a continuance. Once the defense leaves the court, Rothman tells Jamie her days on the case are numbered due to the FBI investigation and Kathleen being dirty. That night, Jamie sees Callie's photo on Instagram with Tony.

157023 0005.jpg

In "She's Back", Kathleen, Callie, Tony, and Rowan arrive at the courthouse. Jamie, Nicolette, and DA Rothman are already seated. The defense takes a seat and the judge is ready for them to present. FBI agents arrive to arrest Kathleen Gael. Kathleen tells Callie to make the argument and convinces her she can do it. Kathleen waves her rights and leaves with the agents. The judge asks how the defense would like to proceed, with Callie standing to present the argument for the fence. Rothman tells Jamie to take the counter for this one, and Jamie stands to respond for the prosecution.

157023 0012.jpg

Callie presents her case about the time stamp on the security footage being five minutes slow, and Jamie objects as the equipment might have changed or someone tampered with it. Callie presents a signed affidavit saying it’s the same as it was the night of the murder. Jamie argues that their case doesn’t depend solely on the timeline as they have a motive, eyewitnesses, and Callie attempts to plead her case in defense of her client though Jamie cuts her off. She abruptly tells him that she’s speaking, a statement that silences the courtroom. Callie continues to present her case. Jamie points out that it’s another stall tactic while Callie rebuttals that her client deserves a fair trial. The judge grants a two-week continuance. Rothman tells Jamie not to worry about it and the loss of Kathleen might motivate Tommy to take the plea deal.

157023 0034.jpg

Callie, Rowan, and Tony leave the court when Jamie calls Callie over and she excuses Tony and Rowan to meet with him. Jamie assures her that Rothman assigned him to the rebuttal but Callie is fine with it as she knows Rothamn is just trying to get under her skin. He doesn’t believe that Rothman knows that Callie is his ex, but she tells him to think about it as he just started at the DA’s office and wouldn’t normally be working a murder case. As she walks away, Jamie calls her back to tell her that Kathleen is in serious trouble. She isn’t interested and leaves.

Callie meets with Jamie, as she wants to know the truth about why the FBI is investigating Kathleen. He remarks that the official report is for witness tampering, but unofficially, she was representing a major player in the Chinese mob, Albert Chen. Jamie explains that Albert was wanted for money laundering and racketeering and it looked like Kathleen was going to get him off until she learned Albert’s wife was going to testify against him. The wife disappeared and the case fell apart. Callie is confused about what that has to do with Kathleen, to which he explains the FBI thinks she was complicit in the disappearance. Callie presses what that means so Jamie admits that they believe the wife was murdered and that Kathleen knows where the body is buried. He doesn’t want to see Callie get hurt.

157002 5942.jpg

In "Opening Statements", Jamie and the prosecution team deliver their opening statements to the jury and the court. The prosecution alters their timeline of the death to where Tommy allegedly killed Zack then went to the store to get beer, which is the opposite of what they were claiming before. He also watches Callie comforting an emotional Tommy Sung. When the court takes a recess for the day, Callie talks to Jamie about changing his timeline. Jamie clarifies that the medical examiner never said Zack died instantly, so Tommy had time to make a beer run after the murder while Zack died a minute after Tommy returned. Callie calls Rothman out on selling the landscaping of that night, with Jamie chuckling over the line. He states that the jury seemed pretty engaged to him. Callie retorts that Rothman isn’t nearly as good as Kathleen when it comes to putting on a show. In a patronizing and sympathetic tone, Jamie realizes Callie is still under Kathleen’s spell. He asks if she’s heard from the FBI lately, but she hasn’t, which means the FBI doesn’t have a case. She sees Nicolette approaching and snips that she keeps Jamie on a tight leash. Callie leaves and Nicolette arrives.

157002 7435.jpg

The next day, witness testimonies begins as the two teams go head-to-head in interviews and cross-examinations. Kathleen talks to a witness about Zack and Tommy's fight that night having just been two boys horsing around. Jamie asks Rothman if they should redirect. Rothman tells them to let Kathleen hang herself as he has some tricks up his sleeves. The judge tells the prosecution to call their next witness and they call Christian Matthews to the stand. The teenager walks in and gives Callie a smile as he takes a seat. Rothman tells Jamie to take this one. Jamie asks Christian if he was drinking or smoking that night. Christian was sober that night and saw the fight. They weren’t just horsing around. Kathleen tells Callie to take this one as she thinks Christian likes Callie. The two lawyers pass on another as they leave the floor.

Callie asks Christian how close he was with Tommy and Zack. They weren’t friends and she asks if she’s sure it was a serious fight. Christian chuckles that he’s seen the video a bunch of times and it looks pretty serious to him. This gets the entire courtroom’s attention as the idea of a video was never mentioned previously. Callie asks him what video he’s talking about and it’s the one Christian took that night. Jamie didn’t know about either, but Rothman just smiles triumphantly. Kathleen and Rothman approach the bench at her request. Kathleen accuses Rothman of withholding evidence. He denies it but notes that the defense opened the door for the video so now that jury has the right to see it. Kathleen wants to authenticate first and the judge agrees. He clears the court so they can see the video before the jury does.

The court watches the video between Tommy and Zack. Tommy shoves Zack and shouts that he trusted Zack. They tussle as Zack tells Tommy to go home. They continue to scuffle on the film while Rothman smiles. The video ends just as Tommy throws a punch at Zack. Kathleen states it is improperly admitted evidence. Rothman counters that it came from witness testimony. The judge will take it under consideration and rule tomorrow. But he’s inclined to let it in. Tommy leaves the courtroom upset. Kathleen will lose all credibility and the case if this video gets in.

Callie confronts Jamie outside. He didn’t know about the video but she snaps that him not knowing is his go-to line. She finds it hard to believe that he’s so in the dark about what’s happening on his team. He admits he’s naïve but she knew the witnesses were going to testify and walked right into the trap. She points out that he admits it was a trap. She then snaps that considering his ethical fluidity, he’s landed the right job. She then storms away from him.

In "Anticipation", Callie and Mariana theorize over who sent her Christian Matthews's arrest records since it had to be someone at the DA’s office. They’re the only ones who would have access to an expunged record. Mariana thinks it was Jamie, as anyone else would have sent it straight to the office instead.

In court, Judge Martinez is ready to rule on the video when Kathleen stands to interject as new information has come to life. She believes the prosecution cut a deal with Christian Matthews to keep the video a secret until he was on the stand. Rothman objects vehemently. Kathleen empties her theory to the judge; the DA’s office brokered a deal for Christian to keep the video a secret until the defense learned of it on the stand, in exchange for them getting rid of the drug dealing charge. The pair begin to argue and the judge reminds them of the severity of the charges. Kathleen needs proof but Kathleen notes that the information was anonymous. Jamie wants to address the court and Nicolette questions what he’s doing.

Jamie takes the front of the court while everyone watches. Jamie notes that the allegations are a desperate low blow as they would have found the video themselves if they did their due diligence. If Kathleen can offer any proof besides anonymous allegations, the judge should allow it into evidence. Kathleen wants to ask Cristian on the stand if he made a deal. Judge Martinez agrees to allow this. Rothman doesn’t want to delay so in the interest of expediency he agrees to drop the video. The Judge accepts it but will not indulge any dirty tricks in these proceedings. The defense celebrates while Callie watches Jamie.

Callie talks to Jamie after the court is no longer in session, asking if he still thinks he’s on the right side. He still thinks Tommy did it but she thought he was having a crisis of conscience. She remembers their talk. He has the same look on his face now but she lies that it was nothing. Kathleen asks Callie if she thinks he’s the one who slipped the arrest record to her but she isn’t sure. Kathleen notes that Callie still believes in Jamie which means she must still care about him.

In Blindside,

In Closing Arguments, Callie questions Tommy about the nature of his relationship with Zack. He admits they were involved romantically but wasn’t jealous that Zack replaced him as a quarterback because he knew Zack was better than him. They did fight at the party but not over that, but because Katie was flirting with Zack. He wanted Tommy to break up with her and it upset them both. They made up after and Tommy denies any involvement with the death. Rothman tells Jamie to interview Tommy since he can rile Callie up. Jamie refuses and states that if he doesn’t have a choice then Rothman should fire him. Rothman decides to cross-examine Tommy himself. Rothman confronts Tommy for lying but Tommy calmly states that everything he’s said that day is true. Rothman calls him out for lying over the fight, the nature of their lying, and his lie to Katie about him secretly hooking up with Zack. Rothman presses that Zack wanted Tommy to break up with Katie because he was tired of them pretending. He presses that Tommy murdered Zack but Tommy shouts that he loved Zack. Rothman asks why Tommy wasn’t at his funeral and accuses Tommy of not going because he killed the Smith family’s son. Tommy lashes out at Rothman telling him to shut up. He then breaks down in tears. Rothman asks one final question about his explosive temper. Kathleen objects so Rothman withdraws and takes a seat. Kathleen crosses again and asks Tommy if he needs to take a break. He assures her that he’s okay. Kathleen asks why he didn’t go to Zack’s family. Tommy didn’t go out of respect for the family. They knew the police suspected him and he didn’t want to make things harder for them. Kathleen asks what he did instead and instructs him to tell the jury what he did. Tommy drove around to the places they loved, listened to the playlist Zack made him and kept wishing he was alive. That they were in those places together and they would suddenly be together so it was all a bad dream. He breaks down that Zack is gone now. Kathleen thanks him for taking the stand and being courageous enough to do it. Kathleen emotionally states that the defense rests.

The jurors fill the courtroom once again. The FBI agents wait in the back row for Kathleen, who exchanges a look with Callie. The jury has come to a verdict so the Judge reminds everyone to stay calm with the verdict’s reading. The defense rises and faces the jury. The jury states their verdict while Jamie and Callie exchange a look. He gives her a small smile.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", the jury came to a verdict of not guilty, which both surprises and disappoints Jamie. Outside, Jamie gets a coffee when he bumps into Callie. He congratulates her but believes there's more to the story. There was a moment when Tommy seemed coached on something, and he doesn't trust anyone who can cry on cue. The feds arrived looking for Kathleen. She has 24 hours before they issue an arrest warrant for both Kathleen and Callie.

Jamie and Callie sit at the bar as they talk about ending up on opposite sides of the case. He thinks the universe keeps pushing them together. She's been thinking about how she can be a little "my way or the highway" and held everyone to a standard. She realizes they exist in the gray. She tells Jamie that she's learned she has to do things she doesn't feel good about for a client. She apologizes for how she handled his situation with the Anwei account and betraying his trust. He's learned that betraying personal ethics isn't always justified. He still loves her and she still loves him, too. They hold hands and she admits she can't jump from one relationship to another, as she needs to figure out herself and what she's doing first. He understands and supports her, as he has his own soul searching to do. She's been thinking if this is as good as it will get for her, and it might not be. Maybe she can have the moon and the stars if she finds the courage to reach for them. She might need to make big life changes to do that. He asks her how big, and she admits they're big.


Callie Adams Foster

Main article: Callie and Jamie

Jamie and Callie first met when Eliza's family came to meet the Foster family for Brandon and Eliza's engagement party. They had friendly bickering due to their opposing stances in both politics and social standing. Jamie mentioned that he worked for the "big bad corporation" while Callie's main interest was to change the large corporation's agendas. They continued to bicker as well as flirt until they arrived in Turks. The pair grew closer there until they eventually kissed, with Jamie suggesting that she take the job in LA, hinting at the fact that he would be there as well. When she arrived in LA they began a friendship that quickly turned romantic, with them escalating to a serious relationship where they lived together. Their relationship fell apart, however, when Callie stole his legal documents when she learned his firm was representing Anwei, an account that planned to convert low income apartments into another prison. After warning the tenants, they agreed that she should move out and they eventually ended their relationship. Later, it is revealed that he is the new Deputy District Attorney who works with him on a case. He refuses to compromise when another deputy offered to help her. He asked if she is trying to get him fired again. He is later seen at a restaurant with Nicolette on a date, when Callie runs into them. Callie flirts with someone to make him jealous and it works as he walks over. When they meet later he says he wants them to remain cordial for the sake of their professional careers, but doesn't want to be her friend. He also explains that her boss, Kathleen Gale is being investigated by the FBI, and she blows up in response. He is seen at the DA's office multiple times regarding multiple cases. He was put on a specific case to intimidate and distract Callie. When Kathleene was arrested before the defense can present their argument, she asks Callie to argue and for that Jamie was opposing her. They get into a heated debate in court while presenting the argument and after they leave the court room he warns her Kathleen is in deep trouble. Callie later asks him to meet and they meet in his office where he explains the charges against Kathleen Gale.

Notes and Trivia

  • Jamie is the older brother of Carter and Eliza Hunter.
  • He was a lawyer who worked with a law firm based in Los Angeles before being forced to leave.
  • He is first seen in Good Trouble giving Callie some much-needed advice about her job and a complicated work situation.
  • Jamie helped Jazmin find a lawyer who specializes in transgender casework.
  • During a challenge for Davia's birthday party, he danced shirtless with a go-go dancer.
  • Jamie is the anonymous buyer of Gael's art piece from "The Eight".


Jamie Hunter has a photo gallery.


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