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Jack Michael Downey was a recurring character in The Fosters. Jack was a quirky foster teenage adolescent who Callie and Jude met. He first appeared in Season 3 in the episode First Impressions.

He was portrayed by Tanner Buchanan.


Jack lived in a privatized foster home after meeting with Callie and Jude Adams Foster. In his new home, he experienced bullying physical violence from other boys. Callie tried help him get out of his foster home with the help of Justina Marks. During this, Jack befriends Jude and finds comfort in his company, since he had no friends before. Soon after, Jack's group home closed, and he temporarily stayed with the Fosters.

During his stay, Jude struggles with breakup with Connor Stevens. Jack comforts Jude, assuring him that it's okay to release his emotions. The two then end up sharing a kiss. Jack later confesses to Callie that he is not gay, and only kissed Jude to make him feel better.

Sometime later, Jack was to be placed in a new foster home. While packing his things, Jude says that he is glad Jack kissed him, because Jude learned although he is no longer with Connor, he will eventually be okay. Jude gave Jack a pre-paid phone so that they could keep in touch.

Not long after, Stef receives a call from work regarding a domestic disturbance, which leads her to the abusive foster home Callie and Jude originally lived in before being taken in by Stef and Lena. Once Stef arrests Jim Pearson, she goes into the kitchen and discovers a body covered with a sheet. Stef steps on a familiar pair of glasses as she approaches, and upon lifts the sheet, she realizes the body is Jack. Stef looks for a pulse, but cannot find it and quietly covers his body, tears falling down her face.

After dreaming about Jack, Jude gets Lena to contact Jack's aunt. Jude learns that Jack's ashes were still at the crematorium, and he brings them back to plant under Frankie's tree in the backyard.


Jack was a shy boy who did not like to tell other people when everything went wrong in his life, because he thought everything would be worse. He was somewhat socially awkward and enjoyed video games.


Appearances (6/101)

Season 3 (5/20)

Season 4 (1/20)


  • Jack was shot and killed in The Show by his foster father, Jim Pearson, the same man who was the last foster parent of both Callie and Jude before they were fostered, and later adopted, by the Adams-Foster family.
  • Jack and Jude shared a kiss after the latter broke up with Connor Stevens. However, Jack later confided in Callie that he thought he shouldn’t have kissed Jude because he isn't gay. Whether this was true or not was never confirmed.
  • In Kingdom Come, Callie hallucinates Jack when Justina Marks launches Fost and Found. Seeing this, Callie exposed Justina's role in Jack's death.


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