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It's Lonely Out in Space is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on March 30, 2022.


Mariana uses intel from the Revitalize Beauty girls to help the FCGs land brands. Gael struggles to balance Yuri’s needs with Isabella’s. Food truck shenanigans bring Dennis and Isabella closer. Joaquin asks Kelly about Diana Graham.


The Revitalize Beauty girls discuss their next brand target, Riot Face, so Mariana texts the FCG's telling them who to speak with from the company. The FCG's pitch their app, with this routine continuing onto Veganique and Glow Fille, with Bulk Beauty landing all three brands. The BB girls celebrate with drinks and send Mariana a photo of them celebrating while she's alone at a quiet office.

Once at The Coterie, Mariana knocks on each roommates door but doesn't get an answer from anyone. She eats alone in the kitchen while she scrolls through Instagram. Callie calls, but Mariana declines the call. Joaquin arrives and she invites him to eat with her if he wants, ignoring a voicemail notification from Callie. The room in awkward for a moment until Mariana asks about his sister, with him admitting that they used to be close until they grew apart. She admits that people do grow apart. She asks if he's ever had to go undercover for a job, with him stating he's a reporter not a spy. He asks if there's a reason for her asking, but she was just thinking it might be isolating to have to pretend you're someone you're not. Being undercover is probably very lonely. He agrees that it probably would be, and she adds that it's easy to get sucked in and forget why you're there. He puts the food away and recommends she call her sister back if she doesn't want to grow apart. After he leaves, Mariana dismisses the voicemail notification.

Gael visits Isabella who is looking cribs that convert into toddler beds. Yuri calls, as he's in the office and needs Gael to come in. They need to sell a painting to a collector. He reminds Gael that he has a debt to pay, forcing Gael to agree to the random meeting. Gael apologizes to Isabella as he needs to go, with Isabella noting that he spends a lot of time with Yuri and questions his working hours. She relents that they have time to shop for cribs. However, she doesn't know if the Dennis job will work as he isn't making enough to justify her salary, so she might have to reconsider moving to Santa Barbara.

Joaquin is in the bathroom as Kelly brushes her teeth, and she tries to brush her teeth sexily but ends up gagging on the mouthwash. Joaquin tries to floss without looking at her. Kelly asks if he has a preference for waxed or unwaxed floss. Joaquin mentions that a friend of a friend used to live there, Diana Graham, asking if Kelly remembers her. Kelly does remember her but doesn't have any contact information for her. Diana just up and moved one day, though Alice might know. Kelly than shows him her favorite stall as it has the best water pressure. She doesn't share that information with just anyone, and gropes his bicep. He than leaves the bathroom while she remains flustered.

Dennis and Isabella serve customers until Craig from the Fat Boys truck asks Isabella to move her truck out of his spot. Dennis reminds him that it's first come first serve. Craig asks if the Toast Truck has access to a bathroom with their Chili toast on the menu. Dennis realizes what the man is doing, and Craig simply states that he doesn't write the health codes. Dennis and Isabella are forced to close up for the day. Isabella wants to get more social media engagement with TikTok, but Dennis believes that word of mouth will work. Gael calls Isabella to see if their doctors appointment is confirmed, which it is. She admits it isn't going great and explains the health code violations. Gael has an idea for her to park the truck in front of the studio as they can use their bathroom if anyone asks.

Revitalize Beauty tries to pitch their app to a potential buyer. Mariana recalls a conversation with Liza, in which Liza informs Mariana that Bulk Beauty landed Glow Fille. Liza finds it odd that Mariana's old partners are signing the same deals they're scouting. Mariana doesn't find it weird since their companies are identical. Liza asks what she thinks they're doing wrong, with Mariana recommending she talk to the project manager - who is Liza. Liza accepts that responsibility but calls Mariana's performance disappointing. She hasn't set any pitches or contributed much in the pitches they do set. She threatens to fire Mariana if she doesn't see improvement soon. Now, in the pitch, Mariana chimes in to correctly pitch the idea to Marcienne. One of the RB girls even claps, with the representative agreeing to sign with them.

Joaquin examines his post-it notes and calls massage therapists until he can book for Diana Graham. He finally finds the right place, and looks at the photo of Diana on the massage website.

Dennis and Isabella serve their customers happily. In the studio, Yuri drunkenly unloads on Gael and coerces him into having some wine. Before Gael can drink it, Isabella arrives with a Toast Truck customer who needs to use the bathroom. Yuri compliments Isabella and shakes her hand. While the patron uses the bathroom, Isabella explains they are getting their steps in and were in the neighborhood. Yuri remarks that she has a pregnancy glow, which is similar to what his ex-wife had. Dennis arrives with another patron who needs to use the bathroom too, even though it's occupied by Isabella's friend. Dennis sneaks out to get back to work, with Isabella trying to cover that the whole group are friends. When Elaine leaves, Isabella tries to leave too but Yuri has her wait. He touches her stomach and remarks on the wonder of life. He puts his head against her stomach until Gael pulls him away. Once everyone leaves, Gael promises Yuri he can explain, but the man has an idea for a painting now.

Liza opens another bottle of champagne while the team toasts to their "MVP", Mariana. Liza is pleased with Mariana and expects her to keep up the good work. Mariana makes a toast to more days like today. Ava and Raisa are happy to have Mariana join the team.

Dennis tallies up that they are $10 in the black, but she reminds him about her idea, which he brushes off again. Isabella spots Gael and hurries to him, apologizing as that is the first time a customer has asked to use the bathroom. Yuri was none-the-wiser and he got inspired for the collector appointment the next day. He can't make it to her appointment but she can handle it by herself. He thanks her for understanding. She returns to the truck with plans to call a coche for the OBGYN appointment, now that Gael can't come. She's emotional over the appointment as she's been nervous ever since the scare earlier in the pregnancy. Dennis offers to take her, and she appreciates the offer, calling him her angel.

Joaquin waits for Diana outside the massage parlor and acts as though they know each other through Kelly. Diana, however, doesn't know who he is and tries to dismiss him. He is persistent and asks about Jenna Perez. She doesn't know who he is or what he wants, but threatens to call security if he shows up again.

Yuri asks Gael about the relationship between Dennis and Isabella, with GAel noting that nothing is going on as they work together. Yuri tells him to watch out for the relationship. His former best friend - the best man at his wedding - has taken over the father figure for his daughter. His kid now loves him more than Yuri. He advises Gael to keep Isabella close, because whether it's Dennis or someone else, the mother of his child will meet someone new. When that happens, he has to ask what will happen to the "baby daddy". Yuri asks for his opinion on the piece, but then calls it awful and pours wine on it.

The Revitalize Beauty girls are drunk in the office. They discuss the difficulties of being women in tech, and how happy they are that Jackie liked their pitch. In fact, they originally pitched an idea for sustainable household cleaning products, until Jackie mentioned beauty products. Jackie already had the code as she was developing something similar anyway. The girls made some tweaks but are thankful to Jackie for getting them out of the male-dominated tech world. They sympathize with Mariana's time at Speckulate. Liza adds that Jackie gave her a chance too, and that's why she's hard on the girls. Everything is riding on them succeeding, and she thinks Mariana can be their secret weapon.

Mariana tells the BB girls that Liza is getting suspicious, and they suggest letting Revitalize land one out of four brands. Their constant questions prove overwhelming for Mariana. Now, Mariana declines Liza's offer for refill. The girls commend Mariana for great work and want to hang out more. Mariana leaves the office and leans against the elevator sleepily. When the doors open, Evan is inside the elevator. They share a ride with small talk, their hands nearly touching as she reminisces about their "meetings" in the Speckulate elevator. She asks if he has a problem working for a company that steals ideas, with him pointing out that she doesn't have a problem with it either. He notices her getting emotional but she claims to be fine. He stops her from leaving to ensure she's okay, holding her hand as he does. He reminds her that she can talk to him, but she doesn't need too as she's fine. She pulls her hand away and leaves the lobby.

Gael is making Ramen when Isabella and Dennis arrive laughing. Isabella tells Gael about the food truck that stole their spot that morning. Since they park in the same lot, the pair took spray paint to the side of the truck. They tee-pee the truck and end up getting into a spraying fest with one another. Now, Isabella and Dennis cheers to being petty and karma being a trifling bitch. Gael asks about her checkup which went well. Dennis leaves to make a shopping list for tomorrow.

Once Dennis is gone, Isabella remarks that their baby is the size of an apple now. He apologizes for bailing on things lately but she understands as he had to work. She reveals that Dennis went with her to the doctor and was in the room with her. She asks if that's a problem and he admits that he would have left work if he knew Dennis was going. She points out that he didn't mind when she was going by herself. He points out that she clearly wasn't okay going alone. She thinks that should have been obvious. She's questioning her choice to stay as Gael is the only reason she did, as he wanted to be part of the pregnancy. But he'd rather hang out drinking with Yuri than actually participating. If it weren't for Dennis she would feel alone. Gael is just trying to save money so he can take care of the baby. He knows she's right and that he should be spending more time with her. He promises to do so in the future.

Joaquin struggles to write when Mariana returns intoxicated. He asks if she's okay and she claims that she is. She head sup the stairs as she's going for a swim. He follows her to the roof where she's swimming in just her undergarments. He watches her swim and then emerge from the pool. They meet halfway and look at one another. He covers her shoulders with a towel, remarking on the chilly weather. She thanks him for the towel and heads back inside with her clothing.

Dennis tells Isabella about hiring a booker to hold their spot in the morning. Isabella appreciates and enjoys the job, but she can't keep letting him pay her when he's not making a profit or working with her ideas. She doesn't understand why he doesn't want to do everything he can to make the truck a success. He doesn't want to look foolish in front of his former friends who will pity him for being in a food truck after the high life he had before. She looks around for the people from his past but doesn't see them. She remarks they are in the rearview mirror while the Toast Truck is in the future, pointing out the vandalized truck as proof that he's a very silly person.

Yuri shows the collector the new painting, thinking it's his best work yet. Last night, Gael painted the entire piece by himself. Yuri stumbled in after and Gael explains he was inspired by one of Yuri's sketches. All he has to do is sign his name on the painting. Yuri does just that on the bottom corner. The collector requests it be delivered to his residence and gives Yuri the check. Gael remarks that his share of the painting they just sold should pay off the advance he was owed, and now that they're square, he'll return to his normal hours.

Isabella records Dennis singing and playing his guitar and promoting the Toast Truck. She cheers for him and even partakes in a portion of it.

Kelly arrives at Joaquin's loft in a sexy outfit. He ignores her advances and asks if she ever saw Diana with Jenna, showing her a picture of his sister. Kelly asks if it's a trick question as the woman is Diana.

Dennis asks Isabella how the video is doing and the likes are pouring in with the comments praising him as "#ToastDaddy". He remarks the some of the comments are just weird.

Mariana meets the RB girls and Jackie, who congratulates her on closing Marcienne. Jackie is glad to see her %100 onboard. They have a mentorship group where the mentor can help the team fill in any gaps the project manager might not be seeing. Their new mentor is Evan Speck, and the encounter is awkward. Jackie interrupts his speech as they want the team to use Evan thoroughly. Mariana asks to have a word with Evan by herself. She asks why he agreed tot his, and he admits that Jackie asked him. He has other business with the Hollis Group and it doesn't behoove him to say no. She tells him to go for it as he always does. She hopes he isn't nursing any false hopes about them, and he walks away.



Guest Starring


  • Shannon Hollander as Ava
  • Annamarie Kasper as Raisa
  • Ian Bratschie as Craig
  • Tamara Whatley as Beatrize
  • Rae Jones as Elaine
  • Andy Gates as Dan
  • Michael Shen as Collector

Notes and Trivia

  • Mariana's team at Revitalize Beauty mentioned they were going to call her "The Closer". This is a nod to the seven season criminal drama show, The Closer, which spawned its own spin-off, notably without the main lead, Major Crimes. The latter series aired for six seasons.
  • Approximately one-week has passed since the events of "Turn and Face the Strange" as Gael and Isabella's unborn daughter is now the size of an apple (15-weeks in utero).




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