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This article is about the Good Trouble character. You may be looking for Isabella Gutierrez Foster, a character in The Fosters.

Isabella Tavez is a recurring character in seasons two and three and a main character in season four of the FreeForm series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Priscilla Quintana.

Isabella is a sexy, charming, outgoing aspiring actress/model who seems very confident but is really desperate to be liked. With her friendly personality and good looks, she is sure to shake things up at The Coterie.


Isabella is an only child. Her parents used to travel a lot so she was raised by a revolving door of nannies.


Isabella is charming, sensual, flirtatious and outgoing. She is aware of her beauty and uses it to her advantage in seducing others. While she seems very confident, Isabella is desperate to be liked and accepted by others.

Physical Appearance

Isabella is a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, with shoulder-length brown hair cut into a shag, an oval-shaped face, brown eyes, and plump lips. She has a slim build and accentuates her figure with slim-fitting clothing.

Throughout Series

Season 2

Season 3

In Capoeira, Isabella catches Alice taking clothes from Mariana's wardrobe and pieces together that Mariana is avoiding her. Isabella tries to convince Alice that she didn't sleep with Raj, as the note from Trap Heals was about her former roommate's boyfriend and not Mariana's. She regrets the relationship and would never do that to a friend again, begging Alice to believe her as she cries on her shoulder.

That afternoon, Davia is giving Isabella the cold shoulder despite Isabella’s claim that she didn’t do what Mariana accused her of doing. Davia confronts Isabella about having sex with Raj and doesn't think she has the right to refuse to move out. Mariana sees a message from Isabella confronting Raj about telling Mariana they had sex. She hurries into the Coterie only to find that Isabella has moved out.

That night, Mariana toasts to Callie moving back in, with Gael asking about Isabella. In a flashback, Isabella visits Gael as she’s lonely and they’re both single. He accepts her wine bottle and they have sex. In the present, Gael asks Mariana why Isabella moved out, to which Mariana lies that Isabella just left and didn’t leave a note.

In She's Back, Isabella arrives at the Coterie and passes a resident, remembering her time spent in the complex. She goes to Gael’s loft and is reminded of the night they spent together. He invites her inside. Callie interrupts and is surprised to see Isabella is there too. He tells her that they should talk later, so Callie leaves. Isabella tells Gael that she’s pregnant with his baby and she plans to have the baby. She doesn’t expect anything but thought he should know. He wants to help if the baby is his, and she states that it is.

In Knocked Down, Isabella goes to the doctor as the nurse listens to the baby’s heartbeat. She concludes that Isabella is 9-10 weeks pregnant. The doctor asks Gael how he feels, calling him "dad" for the first time. The nurse asks Isabella if this is her first pregnancy. Gael watches nervously as he flashes back to his conversation with Callie in which he suggests a paternity test. He felt awkward asking as he doesn’t want Isabella to think he doesn’t believe her. She thinks he has a right to know. At the doctor’s office, Isabella asks about a paternity test. The nurse says a test can be done for $1700 with results coming within a week. The ultrasound is printed off and the nurse leaves to gather information. Isabella tells Gael that she knows he’s the father and wants him to know it too. She assures him she’ll pay for the test but he offers to pay half. Since her parents cut her off, she agrees. They didn’t want Isabella to have the baby and when she refused, they decided not to support her. She looks at the ultrasound as the nurse returns to ask about her home address. Isabella admits she’s staying in a hotel but also doesn’t have an emergency contact. Gael offers to be her emergency contact.

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In the car, Gael tells Isabella that he and Callie are together again. She doesn’t want to be accused of getting between another couple but he’s sure she won’t. Isabella isn’t sure that everyone else is happy to see her. She promises to get her own job and apartment as she doesn’t want the baby to be a burden. Isabella doesn’t think she was completely honest when she said she didn’t want anything from Gael. She needs a friend. They return to his loft to find Callie trying to pose sexily on Gael’s bed. Callie sits up hurriedly and covers herself with the blanket. Isabella leaves to give them privacy, with Gael explaining to Callie that Isabella doesn’t have anyone so he invited her to live in his pool loft.

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In Shame, Gael tells The Coterie residents that Isabella is back, but lies that she's in-between jobs and needed a place to stay. The next morning, Isabella sneaks downstairs to the kitchen where she finds Mariana. She blurts out that she didn’t sleep with Raj, but it doesn’t change anything for Mariana. Isabella apologizes for getting closer than she should have. She understands why Mariana can’t forgive her as she’s the reason they broke up. Mariana remembers Evan and admits that Isabella wasn’t the reason. Isabella presses that she’s trying to be a better person. Mariana appreciates the apology and understands losing friends because she betrayed some too. She apologizes for assuming Isabella was wrong. Mariana offers Isabella liquor and asks about her relationship with Gael. Isabella takes the glass but doesn’t drink it. She brushes it off as not drinking and Mariana realizes that the other part of her being here is a pregnancy.

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Gael calls another Coterie meeting with Isabella present. He tells them that she’s pregnant with his child. She’s going to stay as long as she needs to. The group is quiet for a moment before everyone assures him that they’re supportive of them. Callie assures Isabella that she is always welcomed here. Malika is thrilled to have a Coterie baby. Kelly offers to babysit but everyone brings up the raccoon incident. Mariana whispers to Callie that she knew about Isabella’s pregnancy, and knew that Callie knew, but didn’t say anything because she’s the new Mariana now. Dennis emotionally shares that he had a son who died at the age of six. He’s kept it to himself because he couldn’t talk about it or handle it. He needs to move through it and declares everyone here is his family and he can’t hide anymore. They assure Dennis they’ve got him. Kelly apologizes for what she said about his loft. She then stands, offering a hug. Malika is touched as she never does that. Dennis chuckles and stands up, hugging Kelly. It isn’t long before it turns into a group Coterie hug. Mariana invites Isabella into the hug.

In Making a Metamour, Callie and Gael are having shower sex when Isabella runs into the bathroom to vomit. Callie tells Gael to check on Isabella, and he does. Isabella has morning sickness, so Gael offers her ginger tea which she accepts. Isabella asks if Gael is going to turn off the water in the shower. Callie does, and Isabella awkwardly realizes what she interrupted. She tells Gael to finish his shower, but he shrugs it off and leaves. Once Gael is gone, Isabella whispers an apology through the shower curtain. Callie, mortified, puts her head in her hands.

Mariana comes home to find Isabella eating ice cream as everything makes her nauseous. Mariana jokes that she’s not craving anchovies, which makes Isabella gag. Her morning sickness is all day now. Isabella asks if Callie said anything about this morning and brushes it off when Mariana doesn’t know anything. Isabella wants to do something nice for Gael and Callie but needs Mariana’s help. She happily agrees. That afternoon, Callie and Mariana walk up the Coterie steps as Callie frets over being late for work. Mariana notes she has an appointment with the love doctor. Mariana takes Callie to the roof, where Isabella has planned a breakfast for Callie and Gael to spend time together.

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In Lunar New Year, Alice tells The Coterie group that the house has to be spotless to clean out the bad energy and let the good energy inside. Gael stops Isabella from using a cleaning supply that has toxic chemicals. He stops Isabella from climbing a ladder, and using a box cutter since it's sharp. The Coterie Group gathers for drinks while Gael monitors Isabella’s water intake. She has 48 more ounces to go, which Mariana notes are a lot of water. Kelly notes that their baby will be born in the year of the Ox; they’ll be earnest and honest like this crowd. Callie asks Gael to elaborate on the pregnant women needing more water. He offers a refill which Callie says yes to but he takes Isabella’s instead.

Later, a drunk Callie calls a group meeting to talk about their living situation problem. She has a proposition that will solve everything, though no one realized there was a problem. Callie happily says that Isabella will move in with Mariana, Gael will move back to his loft, and she will move in with him. The trio hesitantly agrees as Callie giggles to drink more. The next morning, Callie rushes into the bathroom to vomit. Isabella asks if she’s okay and Callie states she had too much to drink. Isabella is just hiding from Gael as he’s smothering her. Callie noticed that and they chuckled. Isabella asks if she wants to start the move today or tomorrow. Callie looks at her incredulously.

She calls another meeting with Gael and Isabella to tell him that she isn’t ready to move in together. But Callie doesn’t want to spend more time together. Isabella wants less time with Gael as she’s feelings mothered. She appreciates it but there is a time when she needs him to be that guy, which is not now. Gael apologizes as he didn’t mean to smother her. He hears them both. Isabella thinks she should stay with Mariana a few nights a week so Callie and Gael can hang in his loft together. She’s craving a bacon and cheese sandwich anyway, and Gael starts to critique her choice but stops instead, telling her it’s a good idea. When Isabella leaves, Gael tells Callie that he wants his family to meet Isabella before Callie to avoid the confusion.

In Anticipation, Izabella is folding laundry when Gael comes to see her. He didn’t tell his family about Callie to help them with life-altering information. They do want to meet Isabella. She asks how he feels about that, and he is worried about his parents respecting boundaries. Isabella emotionally says that at least his parents care. She sent her parents a copy of the ultrasound but they never responded. Her parents' love was always conditional and Isabella thinks it might be best if they aren’t in her life or their baby’s. Gael wants her to meet his family but also wants Isabella to respect his boundaries, which she agrees to.

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At the Martinez household, Mrs. Martinez tells everyone that dinner will be ready soon and is happy to meet Spencer, Jazmin’s boyfriend, for the first time. Hugo is grateful for the rum. Mrs. Martinez asks Isabella about her family history, learning that she is a third-generation Argentinian and doesn’t keep up with traditions. Hugo asks how her parents feel about everything so Isabella gives Gael a look. He gives her a nod so she admits that they aren’t supportive. Hugo thinks they’re probably just concerned for her, but Isabella clarifies that they don’t want her to have the baby. Hugo asks Spencer what he does for a living. He’s in the engineering business as he designs AC ducts for industrial companies.

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Jazmine asks Gael how he thinks it’s going with Isabella and their parents. He feels guilty as he asked Isabella to respect his boundaries with his parents so she’s keeping them away, which isn’t fair. Her parents cut her off so she needs parental support and doesn’t think it’s fair to ask Isabella to not form a relationship with them. The Martinez and company finish dinner, with Mrs. Martinez asking if Isabella lives alone. Gael admits she’s living in his loft while he crashes with a friend. Isabella is getting a job to get her own place, but Hugo doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be pregnant and alone. Mrs. Martinez wonders if she’ll be up all night doing feedings with no help, but Gael will figure it out with her. He holds her hand as Mrs. Martinez assures Isabella that she will be there too. Gael leaves that up to Isabella if she’s comfortable with that. Isabella welcomes all the help while Mrs. Martinez wants to throw a baby shower. Jazmin tells them not to overwhelm Isabella, but they’re just excited the family is having a baby. Jazmin then reveals they are also having a wedding because she and Spencer are engaged. Everyone is thrilled over the announcements, especially Rafael who thinks they are blessed.

In Blindside, The Coterie residents prepare for another day as they care for the children that stayed the night. Davia helps the eldest with homework, Mariana braids the youngest girl’s hair, Alice makes pancakes, while Kelly remarks that it does take a village even if they’ve reached their crazy limit. Isabella teaches the youngest boy to tie his shoes while Gael helps. Callie watches and remembers meeting Gael’s mom. She is polite to Mrs. Martinez and smiles. When Isabella arrives, Mrs. Martinez is ecstatic and tells Isabella to call her Adriana. This is an offer she doesn’t extend to Callie. Isabella offers to come back but Adriana came to see her as she had a gift for the baby. Now, Mariana asks Callie if she’s okay but Callie brushes her off and leaves. Alice asks who is cleaning up after this and everyone scatters for their daily errands. Isabella mentions that she has a doctor's appointment.

In the afternoon, Gael stops by his loft to grab a few things and sees Isabella pasting the first ultrasound photo in the pregnancy journal Adriana gave her. He assures her it isn’t cheesy so she apologizes for Adriana showing up but makes sure Adriana will call next time. Gael tells her it isn’t her fault but appreciates it. Isabella reveals that she has a friend in Santa Barbara who she used to work for and he said she could come back to work at his restaurant and live in his guest house. Isabella's thinking of taking the offer so she’ll be out of Gael's loft with her income. He reminds her that she isn’t in the way but Isabella knows she is a little bit. She plans to move back to LA when her due date gets closer since there’s no reason they need to live in the same city while she’s pregnant.

That night, Isabella sobs as she runs down the stairs, pulling on a sweater. Dennis asks what’s going on and she tearfully states that she’s cramping and spotting. Isabella's not sure what’s wrong so she’s going to the ER. He calmly but firmly tells her to slow down and asks where Gael is. She states that he’s with Callie but she doesn’t want to interrupt. She’s going to drive herself but Dennis refuses and states that he’s taking her. He repeats that it’s okay as he walks her out of The Coterie.

In Closing Arguments, Gael helps Isabella to bed but she just wants to rest. He helps her take off her shoes so she can curl up on the bed. He leaves to talk with Callie outside, but returns to sit by Isabella’s side. She began to sob as she was scared she would lose the baby. Gael reassures her that she and the baby are going to be fine. He apologizes for not being there but Isabella tells him it’s fine as she didn’t want to interrupt his date with Callie. She’s glad Dennis called him and so is he. Callie watches from outside the loft. Later, Callie fills Mariana in and explains that Isabella's blood pressure was just elevated so she’s on bed rest. That night, Gael visits Isabella to talk about how involved he’ll be with the pregnancy and baby. He doesn’t want her to go to Santa Barbara after what happened and for her not to worry she’s taking him from anyone or anything else. Isabella asks about Callie and he tells her they broke up. He holds Isabella's hand and admits that he wants her to stay.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Gael recalls an emotional conversation with Isabella who is considering leaving - her new job would offer a free place to live. She doesn't feel right living in his loft anymore. The next day, Isabella comes downstairs to a frustrated Dennis. Neither of them are into journaling, though she's keeping a pregnancy journal for the baby. The baby is the size of a lemon now. He is having a soft opening for his food truck, which she's invited to, and he's coming up with the food costs. She offers to help as she has restaurant experience. She helps him reduce waste for his menu.

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The next day, Isabella stands in Alice's loft where she gets to stay for free. Gael tells Isabella she can stay for free and doesn't have to leave for Santa Barbara. She appreciates it but needs a job to save for the baby too. Santa Barbara really is not that far anyway. During Dennis's food truck opening, Isabella helps Dennis prepare and give out food. Isabella is leaving for the night when Gael stops her. She was offered a job by Dennis and he's thrilled as she gets to stay. He remarks that it does take a village, and she admits she's lucky to be a part of this one.

In "Kiss Me and Smile For Me", Dennis and Isabella arrive, with Stef greeting Dennis happily with a hug. Callie introduces Isabella to the moms, as they explain she's moved back in and is pregnant. Stef thinks Dennis is the father, but they correct that an arriving Gael is the father. Gael greets the moms as Callie asks where they want to go to dinner. They propose a kids friendly pizza place, but Stef wants to have a grown-up dinner. Isabella offers to watch Ka'amaya as she used to have princess parties. Later, Dennis and Isabella laugh as they cook, but Gael watches from the counter. The Coterie crew sit for dinner and compliment Isabella and Dennis on dinner.

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", Gael visits Isabella who is looking cribs that convert into toddler beds. Yuri calls, as he's in the office and needs Gael to come in. They need to sell a painting to a collector. He reminds Gael that he has a debt to pay, forcing Gael to agree to the random meeting. Gael apologizes to Isabella as he needs to go, with Isabella noting that he spends a lot of time with Yuri and questions his working hours. She relents that they have time to shop for cribs. However, she doesn't know if the Dennis job will work as he isn't making enough to justify her salary, so she might have to reconsider moving to Santa Barbara.

Dennis and Isabella serve customers until Craig from the Fat Boys truck asks Isabella to move her truck out of his spot. Dennis reminds him that it's first come first serve. Craig asks if the Toast Truck has access to a bathroom with their Chili toast on the menu. Dennis realizes what the man is doing, and Craig simply states that he doesn't write the health codes. Dennis and Isabella are forced to close up for the day. Isabella wants to get more social media engagement with TikTok, but Dennis believes that word of mouth will work. Gael calls Isabella to see if their doctors appointment is confirmed, which it is. She admits it isn't going great and explains the health code violations. Gael has an idea for her to park the truck in front of the studio as they can use their bathroom if anyone asks.

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Dennis and Isabella serve their customers happily. In the studio, Yuri drunkenly unloads on Gael and coerces him into having some wine. Before Gael can drink it, Isabella arrives with a Toast Truck customer who needs to use the bathroom. Yuri compliments Isabella and shakes her hand. While the patron uses the bathroom, Isabella explains they are getting their steps in and were in the neighborhood. Yuri remarks that she has a pregnancy glow, which is similar to what his ex-wife had. Dennis arrives with another patron who needs to use the bathroom too, even though it's occupied by Isabella's friend. Dennis sneaks out to get back to work, with Isabella trying to cover that the whole group are friends. When Elaine leaves, Isabella tries to leave too but Yuri has her wait. He touches her stomach and remarks on the wonder of life. He puts his head against her stomach until Gael pulls him away. Once everyone leaves, Gael promises Yuri he can explain, but the man has an idea for a painting now.

Dennis tallies up that they are $10 in the black, but she reminds him about her idea, which he brushes off again. Isabella spots Gael and hurries to him, apologizing as that is the first time a customer has asked to use the bathroom. Yuri was none-the-wiser and he got inspired for the collector appointment the next day. He can't make it to her appointment but she can handle it by herself. He thanks her for understanding. She returns to the truck with plans to call a coche for the OBGYN appointment, now that Gael can't come. She's emotional over the appointment as she's been nervous ever since the scare earlier in the pregnancy. Dennis offers to take her, and she appreciates the offer, calling him her angel.

Gael is making Ramen when Isabella and Dennis arrive laughing. Isabella tells Gael about the food truck that stole their spot that morning. Since they park in the same lot, the pair took spray paint to the side of the truck. They tee-pee the truck and end up getting into a spraying fest with one another. Now, Isabella and Dennis cheers to being petty and karma being a trifling bitch. Gael asks about her checkup which went well. Dennis leaves to make a shopping list for tomorrow.

Once Dennis is gone, Isabella remarks that their baby is the size of an apple now. He apologizes for bailing on things lately but she understands as he had to work. She reveals that Dennis went with her to the doctor and was in the room with her. She asks if that's a problem and he admits that he would have left work if he knew Dennis was going. She points out that he didn't mind when she was going by herself. He points out that she clearly wasn't okay going alone. She thinks that should have been obvious. She's questioning her choice to stay as Gael is the only reason she did, as he wanted to be part of the pregnancy. But he'd rather hang out drinking with Yuri than actually participating. If it weren't for Dennis she would feel alone. Gael is just trying to save money so he can take care of the baby. He knows she's right and that he should be spending more time with her. He promises to do so in the future.

Dennis tells Isabella about hiring a booker to hold their spot in the morning. Isabella appreciates and enjoys the job, but she can't keep letting him pay her when he's not making a profit or working with her ideas. She doesn't understand why he doesn't want to do everything he can to make the truck a success. He doesn't want to look foolish in front of his former friends who will pity him for being in a food truck after the high life he had before. She looks around for the people from his past but doesn't see them. She remarks they are in the rearview mirror while the Toast Truck is in the future, pointing out the vandalized truck as proof that he's a very silly person.

Later, Isabella records Dennis singing and playing his guitar and promoting the Toast Truck. She cheers for him and even partakes in a portion of it. Dennis asks Isabella how the video is doing and the likes are pouring in with the comments praising him as "#ToastDaddy". He remarks the some of the comments are just weird.

In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", Isabella and Gael attend a baby basics class where the struggle to change diapers, swaddle, and make a carrier out of a blanket. The lady warns Isabella not to burp so hard. She talks with the pregnant moms and learns she's behind on pre-school applications. The nurse calls them in to discuss birthing plans.

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Back at The Coterie, Gael and Isabella practice swaddling techniques on a stuffed bear. Isabella comments that the moms are perfect and he wonders if that's why she let them think he's her husband. Isabella didn't want them to think she's an unwed mother who got knocked up on a one night stand. Gael doesn't mind them thinking that and reminds her that he's a committed partner in this too. He brings up their birth plan and they decide on doing a home birth at The Coterie.

Isabella stands in the maternity ward looking at the babies when Dennis joins her. She couldn't help herself, and she asks if the food is ready to bring up to the children's ward. He talks about how perfect Jacob was and how it was the happiest day of his life. They leave to get the food when he sees Jennifer and Nathan leaving the ward with a newborn baby boy. He remembers Jennifer telling him about her pregnancy and impending marriage to Nathan. He flashes back to reading Jacob bedtime stories. Jennifer asks how he is and he congratulates her on the baby. She congratulates him too and Isabella thanks her. The pair leave and Isabella asks Dennis if that was his ex-wife, and he says it was. She suggests getting the food but he can't do it right now. She understands that he's hurting but he can't turn his back on them. He offers her double time and she tries desperately to convince him to stay but he leaves rather emotionally. Isabella delivers the food to the families and kids who are happy to see it. She encourages everyone to eat and, as she's picking up the coolers, Dennis offers to help her. A man thanks them for the food as it does mean the world to everyone.

Dennis and Isabella are in The Coterie and she talks to him about his ex with a new baby. He admits that Jen was the only person who knew what they went through and how hard it was to grieve, but now she's moved on. Isabella reminds him that a new baby doesn't mean she isn't still grieving. Dennis just feels more alone now. She blames herself for being the ward. He tells her about the emergency C-section that Jennifer and how supportive everyone was there. He commends the staff there and suggests them if she's considering a hospital birth. He thanks her for being there for him and she assures him she won't tell anyone about Jennifer. They share a hug, unaware the Gael lurks in the stairwell watching them.

Gael emerges when Dennis is gone, and she tells him everything was wonderful. She's proud of Dennis for what he's done. Gael read about doulas for their home birth, and she mentions talking to Dennis about the birth. She wants to do a hospital birth in case something goes wrong, and he agrees to whatever she wants to do. He was also thinking they should get their own place since The Coterie isn't baby-proofed. Alice will be back soon and they have to figure out something. He thinks living together would be best for the first year or so. She appreciates his offer but reminds him of what he said about the baby being surrounded by love at The Coterie. She asks if she can think about it and he agrees.

In "Something Unpredictable, But in the End It's Right", Isabella tells Davia and Gael that Dennis's birthday is coming up. She wants to throw him a party but Davia doesn't think he'd like it. Isabella disagrees and offers to do everything. Gael suggests that the women work together. Isabella was a 90s surprise party with karaoke. Davia thinks it's an awful idea as he'd hate both of those. Later, Gael and Isabella greet Alice and Sumi at The Coterie but are surprised to see Alice back so soon. Alice explains that Margaret canceled her tour for a movie. Isabella will move out of the loft ASAP, but Alice tells her it's fine as she's moving in with Sumi. They hold hands up as they say they're back together.

Dennis works at the food truck as he watches a shy boy scared of ordering and a mom trying to encourage him. He joins them and offers his pizza toast, with the boy agreeing to try it. The family orders and she thanks him. Isabella asks what the conversation was about and he tells her that he used to struggle with social anxiety. Isabella is glad he got over that.

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Now, the night of the party, Isabella is dressed as a Fem-bot from Austin Powers. She tells everyone that Dennis is on his way and to hide. Dennis goes to the roof to an empty area before everyone jumps out and surprises him. He appears overwhelmed for a moment before he admits to loving it. He hugs Isabella and everyone wishes him a happy birthday. As the crew take turns with karaoke, Isabella and Dennis together for a few songs before Isabella takes the stage to sing. When Gael does karaoke, he seems to sing his chosen song to Isabella who enjoys the song. At some point in the evening, she gave Dennis his costume which is from The Big Lebowski.

The Coterie crew sits for dinner. Dennis thanks the girls for the party and everyone for celebrating with him. The girls ask about Callie, and Mariana admits they've been busy and haven't had the chance to talk. Dennis asks that she tell Callie they miss her. Malika wants to cherish these moments since they'll all move out eventually. Isabella admits that she and Gael are thinking of moving out for a year since The Coterie isn't baby-proof. Everyone offers to do their part to make The Coterie safer, with Mariana offering to move lofts so they can live downstairs. Dennis tells them that the first nine months when their baby isn't walking and having extra hands around a newborn is good. Isabella remarks that's a good hand and she loves the idea of aunties and uncles being around. As a future auntie, Alice toasts Dennis for his birthday. Kelly gives Dennis a bottle of champagne that came for him and reads the card, which congratulates him on the new baby. The card is from Jennifer. He emotionally admits that they ran into Jennifer who has a new baby and how she mistook Isabella for being with Dennis. Gael thinks it's a good assumption since Dennis is so involved and tells them to just tell him when the baby is coming so he can show up. He storms away from the dinner.

Isabella follows Gael and he makes an outburst over her spending time with Dennis. He accuses her of wishing Dennis was the baby's father. He demands to know why she's looking at babies in the maternity ward together, or why she didn't correct his ex. She admits it was an awkward moment and couldn't imagine the pain he felt seeing his ex-wife with a baby boy. She is clear on who the father is and who she wants to do this with. She's scared of being a terrible mom and he assures her that she won't be. He apologizes as he's insecure because they're not a couple. He's worried about what will happen when she meets someone new and there's a new man in their baby's life. She returns the question wondering what will happen when their daughter has a cool step-mom. He jokes about step-moms being evil and needing to brush up on her bedtime stories. She makes a promise to always put each other first no matter who comes into their lives as they are the parents of their child. They share a close hug.

In "I Don't Belong Here", Isabella and Gael return to his loft from their trip to the super store. They have to put their purchase together and she pulls a rule that he can't speak until she says his name or lose. They try to put the crib together which proves to be a bit harder than she thought. She tosses meatballs at him to see if he can catch them and win to speak. They set up half the crib before she concedes to calling his name. They wrestle over the meatballs playfully and share a moment. She answers a call from her doctor and questions if things are okay with the baby.

She and Gael wait in the doctors office. Dr. Bailian delivers some news - the fetal DNA test shows a high risk for Trisomy 13. It's a chromosomal disorder associated with severe intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities. Isabella questions if it can be a false positive and Dr. Bailain reassures her that it's possible. The test is a screening not a diagnosis. There's another test called an amniocentesis which Isabella believes is dangerous. Bailian assures Isabella it comes with a less than 1% risk of harming the baby. It's the only way to know for sure if their daughter has it. If she does, more than 90% of babies with Trisomy 13 die within their first year of life or never able to leave the hospital. The news hits them hard.

They return to the half-finished crib. They don't know if they can finish it. Isabella is worried they might not have a baby to bring home. He tries to soothe her worries as the baby might not have it. She's tired and wants to be alone. She returns later that evening with mugs for both of them. She apologizes for her behavior earlier and he sympathizes with her fear. He can barely breathe with not knowing. He's putting the crib together as an act of faith to hold onto hope things are going to be okay. By building the crib he's not giving up. She wants to have faith too but can't. That's why she has him to lean on. She's never had that as he parents were so in love with each other they never any room for her. No matter who she tried to be they never loved her. He remarks that her parents suck. He's here for her, too, not just the baby. If he believes the baby is okay then she will too. They decide to finish the crib together.

By morning, the crib is set up and the parents are asleep on the bed. Isabella answers a call from the doctor so Gael answers for her. He thanks the doctor for the great news than hangs up. He tells Isabella that the baby doesn't have it and is going to be okay. Their baby is healthy so she hugs him happily.

In "That's Me in the Spotlight", Gael washes out his brushes when Isabella visits him. Her parents called as they want to have dinner. She doesn't know if it's good or not as they might have come around. She doesn't want to get too excited but finds herself being excited anyway. He joins her enthusiasm.

That night, Isabella waits for her parents outside of the restaurant and greets them. Once they sit down, Bianca admits that she didn't like the way they handled things, and considering Isabella has decided to keep the baby, they needed to talk in-person. They're going to buy her a condo anywhere she wants, within reason. She thanks them profusely. He believes she shouldn't throw money away on rent. She should always have a roof over her head. She thanks him but Bianca pulls her hand away as there's a condition. They've thought a lot about it and, since it's too late for an abortion, they want her to give the baby up for adoption. She refuses to give up her baby. Bianca presses that it's a lifetime commitment that Isabella is completely unprepared for, especially alone. Isabella isn't alone as she and Gael are co-parenting. Marc points out that Gael is a starving artist she had a one-night stand with, as he's not going to take care of her or stick around. There's no guarantee he'll stay, or what will happen when he starts a family with someone he loves, and she can't think of herself but the baby - what's best for it. Isabella knows she's what's best for her and is keeping her. If that's what she insists on doing then they don't plan to be involved in the baby's life, she'll be financially cut-off, and if Isabella gets overwhelmed they won't step-in to help. She understands and leaves to their surprise as she's not having dinner.

Gael sits on his bed looking at the roses. Isabella comes in looking upset. He asks about dinner and she admits they want her to give the baby up for adoption. Gael gets angry and she reveals they think she'll be a bad mom and that he'll leave her when he meets someone else. She feels like an idiot for thinking they would love her or support her when they never have or will. He calls them the idiots that she doesn't need. He won't leave her and gives her the roses. She questions the gesture. He realizes when he thought they'd lose the babe that she didn't want to lose him either. He's happy to know her through all of this. He think he's in love with her. He doesn't want to put her on the spot. She loves him too. She kisses him and they continue to kiss.

Isabella and Gael attend Davia's burlesque show where they have a nice time and applaud for Davia, Luca, and the other performers. Afterward, they return to Gael's apartment where they fall asleep. She's awake when her phone rings. She flashes back to leaving the restaurant. Her parents negative statements haunt her. She sees their car and gets a pole that she uses to smash their windshield until it's shattered completely. She then smashes out the rest of their windows. Now, Isabella ignores the call from her father.



  • Mariana Adams Foster - Mariana told Alice she needed a new roommate and was referred to Isabella. When Isabella arrived for the introduction, they were wearing the same shirt. They quickly bonded over their mutual love for Grey's Anatomy and even had the same favorite episode - the plane crash. Mariana liked Isabella so much she disregarded her references and approved her. Isabella moved in shortly after. They bonded for the first time when Mariana vented about her boss and boyfriend. Their friendship soon dissolved due to a dispute over Raj and Isabella quietly and quickly moved out before Marianna could confront her. They reconciled when Isabella moves back into The Coterie, now pregnant with Gael's baby.
  • Dennis Cooper - Dennis and Isabella became friends during her pregnancy, and he helped her to the hospital when she feared she was having a miscarriage. His support continued after her scare, and she helped him cut costs for his food truck, later helping him open it. He appreciated it so much that he gave her a job working with him. Their friendship has since grown and they interact the most with one another, as she leans on him for support in her pregnancy and impending parenthood, while he begins to open up about his fears, hopes, and grief.
  • Raj Patil - Isabella was introduced to Raj through Mariana, Raj's girlfriend and Isabella's then-roommate. The pair were attracted to one another and resulted in Raj thinking about her in scandalous situations, which he felt guilty over because of his relationship with Mariana. Mariana began to suspect something was happening between Isabella and Raj, though she was conflicted when Isabella leaves an anonymous note on the tree in "Trap Heals" claiming to have slept with her roommate's boyfriend. Isabella claimed it wasn't about Raj, but instead a former roommate's boyfriend, Mariana viewed the claim as dubious. Nevertheless, Isabella messaged him about having told Mariana they had sex, something he didn't actually tell Mariana. The pair never crossed a boundary and, after Mariana ended things with Raj, ceased to be friends altogether.


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  • Gael Martinez - Isabella initially met Gael through a working app. She requested help moving her boxes into storage and was randomly paired with Gael. She flirted with him and even found a way to request him to be her helper again. Isabella propositioned him with sex, however, he turned her down as he still wasn't over his previous relationship. While initially humiliated, Isabella understood and asked him to help install locks on her windows and doors. Gael later helped her move into The Coterie. After moving in, the two became single and lonely so Isabella approached him one night with a bottle of wine and a proposition. He accepted and they had sex, though she moved out of The Coterie the following after a dispute with Mariana. She returned a few weeks later to tell him of her pregnancy with his child and that she planned to keep it. Gael and Isabella since became a platonic co-parenting unit, preparing to have their daughter together at The Coterie.

Notes and Trivia

  • Isabella played Accident Victim #3 on Grey's Anatomy. She had one line that was ultimately cut.
    • Her favorite episode is the plane crash. This is ironic as it is widely believed to be the saddest and most impactful episode of the series.
  • She owns the same shirt as Mariana.
  • Isabella had an imaginary friend named Gary, who was a unicorn.
  • She is the first main character in Good Trouble to be pregnant.


Isabella Tavez has a photo gallery.


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