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Isabella is a recurring character in the FreeForm series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Priscilla Quintana.

Isabella is a sexy, charming, outgoing aspiring actress/model who seems very confident but is really desperate to be liked. With her friendly personality and good looks, she is sure to shake things up at The Coterie.


Isabella is an only child. Her parents used to travel a lot so she was raised by a few nannies but only had one at a time.


Isabella is charming, sensual, flirtatious and outgoing. She is aware of her beauty and uses it to her advantage in seducing others. While she seems very confident, Isabella is desperate to be liked and accepted by others.

Physical Appearance

Isabella is a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, with shoulder-length brown hair cut into a shag, an oval-shaped face, brown eyes, and plump lips. She has a slim build and accentuates her figure with slim-fitting clothing.

Throughout Series

Season 3

In Capoeira, Isabella catches Alice taking clothes from Mariana's clothes and pieces together that Mariana is avoiding her. Isabella tries to convince Alice that she didn't sleep with Raj, as the note from Trap Heals was about her former roommates boyfriend and not Mariana. She regrets the relationship and would never do that to a friend again, begging Alice to believe her as she cries on her shoulder.

That afternoon, Davia is giving Isabella the cold shoulder despite Isabella’s claim that she didn’t do what Mariana accused her of doing. Davia confronts Isabella about having sex with Raj. Davia doesn't think Isabella has the right to refuse to move out. Mariana sees a message from Isabella confronting Raj about telling Mariana they had sex. She hurries into the Coterie only to find that Isabella has moved out.

That night, Mariana toasts to Callie moving back in, with Gael asking about Isabella. In a flashback, Isabella visits Gael as she’s lonely and they’re both single. He accepts her wine bottle and they have sex. In the present, Gael asks Mariana why Isabella moved out, to which Mariana lies that Isabella just left and didn’t leave a note.



  • Mariana Adams Foster - Mariana told Alice she needed a new roommate and was referred to Isabella. When Isabella arrived for the introduction, they were wearing the same shirt. They quickly bonded over their mutual love for Grey's Anatomy and even had the same favorite episode - the plane crash. Mariana liked Isabella so much she disregarded her references and approved her. Isabella moved in shortly after. They bonded for the first time when Mariana vented about her boss and boyfriend. Their relationship soon dissolved due to a dispute and Isabella quietly and quickly moved out before Marianna could confront her.
  • Gael Martinez - Isabella initially met Gael through a working app. She requested help moving her boxes into storage and was randomly paired with Gael. She flirted with him and even found a way to request him to be her helper again. Isabella propositioned him with sex, however, he turned her down as he still wasn't over his previous relationship. While initially humiliated, Isabella understood and asked him to help install locks on her windows and doors. Gael helped her move into The Coterie. After moving in, the two became single and lonely so Isabella approached him one night with a bottle of wine and a proposition. He accepted and they had sex, though she moved out of the Coterie afterwards due to a dispute with Mariana. She returned a few weeks later to tell him of her pregnancy with his child and that she planned to keep it. Gael promised to be there for her if her child was also his.
  • Raj Patil - Isabella was introduced to Raj through Mariana, Raj's girlfriend. The pair have an attraction to one another that has resulted in Raj thinking about her in scandalous situations, which he feels guilty over with his relationship with Mariana. Mariana began to suspect something was happening between Isabella and Raj, though she is left conflicted when Isabella leaves an anonymous note on the tree in "Trap Heals" claiming to have slept with her roommates boyfriend. Although Isabella claimed it wasn't about Raj, but instead a former roommate's boyfriend, her claim is dubious. Nevertheless, she messaged him about having told Mariana they had sex, something he didn't actually tell Mariana.

Notes and Trivia

  • Isabella played Accident Victim #3 on Grey's Anatomy. She had one line that was ultimately cut.
    • Her favorite episode is the plane crash. This is ironic as it is widely believed to be the saddest and most impactful episode of the series.
  • She owns the same shirt as Mariana.
  • Isabella had an imaginary friend named Gary, who was a unicorn.



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