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If You Only Knew is the sixteenth episode in Season 2 of The Fosters. This episode aired on February 16, 2015. It is the thirty-seventh episode overall.


Hiding a secret, Callie helps Daphne prepare for an official visit with her daughter, but both fear they will be recognized for their past actions. Things go awry when Brandon's band play a 'pharm' party. With Mariana's urging, Stef and Lena consider Ana's proposal. Jesus is offered an opportunity to attend a top-rated wrestling school.


Main Cast

Recurring Guest


  • Jack DePew as Jasper
  • David L. King as Quinn's Attorney
  • Chare'ya Wright as Tasha
  • Shaw Jones as EMT #1
  • Antoinette Rose as Drugged Girl
  • Thai Douglas as Cop #1
  • Jason Tobias as Bouncer
  • Matthew Bustillos as Guy #1
  • Colin Sneed as Band Member #1
  • Jonny Grissom as Band Member #2
  • Shane Prewitt as Band Member #3
  • Landon Boyte as Band Member #4


  • The episode title, If You Only Knew, is most likely referring to Stef and Lena not knowing about about Callie's role in the kidnapping of Daphne's daughter, Tasha.
  • Callie is still on probation.
  • Mariana starts wearing contacts and then eye glasses. It is shown that her sight is not very good.
  • Lou tells Brandon that she is not used to people caring about her like he does. It is implied that Lou is not raised under great circumstances.

Featured Music

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  • Are You Living by General Ghost (Jesus meets with Dan Cruz, they talk about Flintwood, the school athletic programs then Dan offers him a scholarship; Mariana tries to put in her new contacts when Brandon comes into the bathroom to talk.)
  • Wild for You by Sleep Machine (Stef and Lena talk about having an adult night with all the children out of the house for the night; Brandon thanks Lou for giving him money then she apologizes for not being more supportive of him.)
  • Nothing Will Ever Get Any Better by Unwed Teenage Mothers (Mariana arrives at the "pharm" party and runs into a crotchety bouncer, Mat helps her get in; UTM performs; Brandon & Lou watch UTM when the pharm bowl is passed around Lou takes some of the pills.)
  • Whose Girl Are You by Unwed Teenage Mothers (UTM perform again; Mariana and Brandon talk about the party and not talking drugs when Mat arrives for him and Brandon to set up; Mariana and Mat talk before she runs to bathroom after having eye problems.)
  • Top of the Rock by Amigaman (Amigaman play at the party; Mariana searches for the restroom and ask the bouncer for help, he directs to behind the dumpsters as the warehouse doesn't have bathrooms.)
  • Light Years Away by Someone's Little Sister (Mariana begins to call Brandon or Mat when she hears Someone's Little Sister begin to play; SLS preforms; Mariana searches for a way out of the storage unit when she finds a girl passed out.)
  • Cross Fire by Someone's Little Sister (Someone's Little Sister plays when Lou begins to feel the effect of the pills and begins giggle convulsively; Mariana continues to try get out of the storage unit when druggie girl beings seizing.)
  • A Stranger Love (De Lux Cover) by Classixx (The DJ deejays at the party; Callie tells Brandon that Mariana called her then introduces him to Rafael as Mat arrives look for Mariana when the police raid the warehouse.)
  • Worlds Apart by Joshua Radin (Callie and Rafael talk out the house about her situation with Lena, Stef and Robert and her lying; Lena and Stef discuss Jesus and Flintwood when Callie comes in to tell them she wants to live with Robert.)


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