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Idyllwild is the ninth episode in Season 3 of The Fosters. It aired on August 10th, 2015. It is the fifty-first episode overall.


The family heads to Idyllwild for Brandon's music competition where long-held feelings are revealed and life-changing secrets are unveiled. Callie finds herself in danger of being hurt when she questions Carmen and Brooke's motives directly. Mike witnesses an unexpected connection that may support Stef's theory for finding the hit-and-run driver.


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  • Brandon wins the Idyllwild competition and is selected to play at Disney Hall. 
  • Stef finds out about Lena and Monte's kiss.
  • Mariana admits to Mat that she lost her virginity to someone else. 
  • Carmen admits that Brooke actually did punch her. However, Brooke is blackmailing her by threatening to reveal she took drugs; Therefore, she is unable to apply to the army due to drug testing.
  • Callie secretly records Carmen admitting to lying about Rita assaulting her and sends it to Rita despite Carmen's threat of ruining Callie's chances of adoption by the Adams-Fosters by telling Callie's social worker about her secretly kissing Brandon while on probation in season 2.
  • Callie and Brandon strongly believe Callie won't be adopted.
  • Brallie (Brandon and Callie) have sex at the end of the episode.
  • It is revealed that Monte and Jenna have had sex.
  • It is revealed that Mat is also a virgin.


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