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Hostile Acts is the third episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on ABC Family on June 17, 2013. This episode was written by David Ehrman and directed by Melanie Mayron.


In the episode, the Fosters cope with a crowded house but when Mike suggests that Brandon come live with him, Stef argues that it's not Brandon's decision, resulting in a heated argument with her son. Meanwhile, Lexi and Jesus resolve to end their budding relationship but find that their attraction to one another may be too hard to resist. Callie openly disapproves of Mariana letting Jesus take the fall for stealing his pills but when Timothy, Callie's teacher, gives her an assignment to write about guilt in a journal, it drudges up her own dark secrets and a mysterious name from her past.


Brandon talking with Jude.

Jesus is still in trouble for the pill issue, and Lena is on his case to do his school work and performance. Mariana is also still holding a gruge regarding his constant interactions with Lexi. Lena also was helping Jude study for his proficiency exam so that he could stay in the same school with all of the other kids. Brandon approached his mother, Stef, while Lena was tutoring Jude, and explained that he was interested in living with his father. Stef refused to allow Brandon to live with his father, which started an argument. Brandon stormed out of the house because his mother was being unreasonable and he believed that she doesn't allow anyone to challenge her.

Meanwhile, Mariana was explaining to Callie in their room that she was selling the pills for her birth mother.

Brandon returned after suddenly storming out.

Brandon eventually returned, and Stef allowed him to make his own decision about where he wanted to live. Jesus confronted Brandon after his conversation with Stef and talked about the decision with Brandon. Jesus wished him luck and understood that making a decision for himself was important.

Callie getting help from Mr. Timothy.

Next day, Callie was in class and couldn't think of what to write for her assignment. The teacher suggested she and another student stay after school with him to find inspiration. Stef and Mike were on the job when Stef reprimanded him for blindsiding her. Mike explained to Stef that it was not about revenge against her, rather it was about regret. He expressed that he has grown as a person and wants to do something right for once.

Callie and Brandon talking after school.

Callie also sat down with Brandon to make sure that he wasn't thinking of moving out because of her and Jude. Brandon assured her his decision was about him being where he felt he belonged. Mariana finally thanked Jesus for taking the blame for the pill selling. Jesus, after leaving his sister, saw Lexi and admired her from afar. He was supposed to meet her, but he backed out because of Mariana. The two eventually caught up on the beach, and Jesus explained he thought they should not continue their courtship because of Mariana. Callie and Wyatt, with the help of their teacher, eventually began writing the assignment. Mike also came over to the house to grab Brandon for dinner. Callie was continuing her writing in her and Mariana's room.

Brandon watch the game with his father.

While Brandon and Mike were making dinner, Brandon began to realize things about his father like his father had a sort of artistic side when he saw a model navy ship. The two were watching TV and Brandon told his father he wanted to stay longer and would text his mother for permission

Lena arranged a game night for the family, and Brandon's girlfriend, Talya, showed up. Talya was again passive-aggressive with Callie. During the game, Brandon strolled in and told everyone he was going to move in with his father. Stef, on the verge of tears, left the table under the pretense of getting more tea.

As Brandon was packing up to leave, Callie went to return his guitar, and Brandon explained it was a gift. Callie and Brandon seemed to have some tension. Jesus went to talk to Brandon as he packed, and he explained the truth about the pills.

Lena, Callie, and Mariana talkign about Callie accuses Mariana for looking at her journal.

As Jesus was talking to Brandon, Callie accused Mariana of reading her journal assignment. Lena intervened during the argument. Callie told Lena she should get to know her daughter better. Jude confronted his sister and told her to get along with Mariana. Callie was silent, and Jude eventually found out that Liam was the subject of the journal. Callie, once at school, ripped the pages of the journal out and put them in a trash bin. Her peer did the same. At the same time, Jude handed in his test to Lena. Lena was grading it and realized Jude wasn't going to pass, and changed an answer to be right, so he would pass with a grade 65. Then the episode changed to Lexi and Jesus who were embracing each other in the bathroom and kissing.

Stef encouraged Brandon to make hs own choice.

Later in the night, Brandon was playing basketball in the driveway, Lena encouraged Stef to talk to him, and rebuked her for pouting. Lena told Stef that she had no right to feel guilty and act hurt. Stef talked to Brandon and apologized, then encouraged him to carve his own path. Mariana sincerely explained to Callie that she didn't read her journal. Then Brandon went to his father's home in tears and told him he couldn't move in with him. His father told him to do what he felt was what he wanted, and then they hugged. While they were hugging, Brandon saw a piano. His father told him he rented it for him. His father said he was welcome to come play anytime and Brandon cried more deeply. The episode then cut to all the kids with Lena and Stef watching a movie. Jude explained he had to write a story for school and needed a villain's name. Everyone offered ideas. Talya offered her suggestion of Liam, then Jude and Callie realized that Talya was the one who read the journal entry.


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Title Reference

The title is a reference to a remark that Mr. Timothy made about your hostile acts.

Featured Music

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  • Celebrate the Days by The Rassle (This song is heard during the opening montage.)
  • Can't Go Back Now by The Weepies (Callie talks to Brandon about his decision to move in with his dad; Mariana talks to Jesus about taking the fall for her; Lexi waits for Jessi at the beach.)
  • July by BOY (Callie finally starts to write in her journal.)
  • Cross That Line by Joshua Radin (As Lena crosses the line of parent and teacher and changes an answer on Jude's school entry test; as Jesus crosses the line between Mariana and himself and kisses her friend.)
  • Family Name by Peter Bradley Adams (This song is heard when the family watches a movie together.)



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