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Got Your Back is the third webisode in the Girls United web series. This episode lasts 4:29 minutes.


Callie and Kiara have a heart-to-heart conversation about their personal lives, leading to Callie to realize a shocking secret about one of the girls in the house.


While Callie sits outside while thinking about when she found blood stains on Becka's shirt while washing clothes with Gabi, Kiara comes out to confront her about who the pregnancy test belongs to, Callie reveals she isn't pregnant. Although Kiara doesn't seem to believe it's so, Callie reveals that she was sexually assaulted, Kiara relates to her as she admits to being raped, while also revealing that she was pregnant and she had an abortion. The two continue to converse and share personal struggles. Later, Callie goes to Becka's room, because she knows that Becka was the one that stole the knife, not Gabi. Due to the fact that Callie saw blood stains on her shirt, she knows that she has been cutting herself and attempting suicide. Becka seems very angered about Callie trying to confront her, Callie tells her that Becka has to tell Michelle about the knife or she will. While Becka feels like she doesn't have her back, Callie worries about her safety and the dangers of suicide, believing that's having her back. Therefore, Becka puts the knife out and walks away from Callie.


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The Fosters Girls United - Webisode 3 - Got Your Back