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These guidelines are an official policy on the Good Trouble Wiki and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

This guideline details how users should conduct themselves and what is suitable or unsuitable for this wiki.


Wikis are about working together to create a positive community for everyone. This takes care, tolerance, and understanding. If you have a disagreement with a fellow user, try to resolve the conflict together, or ask an admin for help.

  • Harassment, cyber-bullying, and rudeness are not tolerated here. This behavior will result in an immediate ban. If you see a user harassing someone, please do not engage the user. Instead, contact the active admins for help so the user can be blocked.
  • Privacy is important. Please think twice before adding personal information to your user profiles, such as your real name, address, photos of yourself, or your wiki password. As Johnny is learning, once something is on the internet you can’t take it back!
  • The same goes for how you communicate with other users. Do not request other users’ personal information. Remember that many users might be under eighteen (18).
  • Hate speech such as homophobic language, ethnic slurs, and religious hate are prohibited. This includes any content or comments that encourage hatred, violence, or disparages other based on their race, gender, sexuality, country of origin, or religion.
  • Swearing within reason is permitted. Remember that some users are underage, so keep all conversations, comments, and content PG-13.
  • Communicate with one another! Help build a positive environment that you can share with others. Talk to other users, participate in Discussions, be active in the comments, and share your knowledge.
  • Help each other! If a user makes a poor edit, reach out to them, and politely tell them how they can improve. Support a user who is being harassed or bullied, by leaving them a supportive message. Spread joy, not hate.


Be sure to follow The Fosters and Good Trouble Layout Guide while editing or adding content.

  • All content added to the wiki must be legal. Any content depicting illegal content will be removed.
  • Spamming is prohibited. This is when you create a page (or multiple pages) with only a handful of random letters, spam the comment sections with the same information, or messaging a user repeatedly.
  • Vandalism is prohibited. This is when you edit a page for the sole purpose of inserting nonsense, gibberish, or hateful content. If you spot vandalism, try to restore the page, or ask an admin to do that for you. Also, please do not ignore the spam and edit around it. Admins and Content Moderators have additional tools that help them revert vandalism and spam quickly.
  • Before leaving a hyperlink ([[ ]]) please ensure that the page you’re linking too already exists. Failing to create the hyperlink will lead to what is called a broken red link, which makes the page unattractive. It also redirects a user to a blank page – which no one likes! Instead, create the page you are linking too either before you leave the link, or directly after.
  • All content on pages should reflect what happens on-screen.
    • Always write in third-person point of view (Callie is released from juvie) instead of first-person point of view (We see Callie being released from juvie). Oftentimes, first-person point of view is used in blogs and not wikis.
    • Do not add upcoming content to character/location pages. This includes headings or plots for the upcoming season(s) of Good Trouble. If it hasn’t happened yet for the characters, it shouldn’t be on the page.
    • Make sure all content that you add is confirmed. Mysteries and cliffhangers are meant to confuse us, make us question things. Don’t add your theories to character pages. You may express them to your hearts content in the comments, Discussions, your blog page, or with other users!
  • Please limit profanity. If the characters on the series wouldn't say it neither should you.
  • Do not erase material from pages unless you are positive the information you are removing is false. An exception to this is if the content is flagrantly incorrect or has poor grammar/spelling that you cannot decipher.
  • Do not add false, inappropriate, or "fanon" content on pages. You an instead direct your fanon to either your personal blog or Discussions.
  • Please keep all pages you create relevant to The Fosters" universe.
  • At this time, the wiki does not need any more categories. If you think a category should be created, please ask an admin before creating it.
  • Please do not remove templates from pages or remove sections of templates, even if the sections appear to be unused. They remain there in case the information is revealed later, and saves time if/when the information is revealed.
  • Please refer to an admin before renaming or moving pages.
  • When creating pages, make sure that it has substantial information before leaving it.


Warring is classified as the act of going back and forth with another user over a topic, which creates a toxic or inefficient environment. There is a big difference between having a healthy debate and warring with another user.

Ship Warring

This is classified as adding negative or biased information about an opposing ship solely because you don’t like them. Instead of adding your hate for another ship, work with other users to help improve your ships content. Many of these arguments will take place in the comment sections, so if you see a ship war, please contact an active admin.

Edit Warring

This is classified as two users who edit a page back-to-back to remove the others content or implant their opinions. This can be as simple as feuding over which image should be featured in an infobox, leading to multiple changes within a few minutes, to users removing paragraphs of information as they disagree with the content.

This situation happens often and can be easily resolved between the two users. If you find yourself in a frustrating editing war, reach out to the other user and try to reach a peaceful resolution. If you don’t think you can reach a resolution, please contact an active admin for help. They will serve as unbiased third-party. Do not attack the other user for disagreeing with your edits.


Good Trouble Guidelines

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