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Girls United was a five part 3-5 minute webisode series. The webisodes were uploaded to the ABC Family Website & Youtube Channel on February 4, 2014 following the Family Day episode.


Gabi has run away from the group and the Girls United counselor, Michelle Walters, is giving her 24 hours to return to the home before contacting Gabi's parole officer. Callie, Kiara, Carmen, Becka, and Daphne reflect on their recent interactions with Gabi and theorize why she's run away.



Image Episode Title Length
Runbabyrun.png 1 Run Baby Run 4:36
When one of the girls goes missing, the others form their own theories about her disappearance.
Stabintheback.png 2 Stab in the Back 3:48
Callie and Kiara go and ask questions to the other girls. Meanwhile one of the girls reveals an interesting theory.
Gotyourback.png 3 Got Your Back 4:29
Kiara and Callie bond over their past. A revelation is made involving one of the girls at the house.
Scorpionkings.png 4 Scorpion Kings 2:54
Gabi's dad comes to the group home and starts asking questions. The girls talk about rival gangs and a surprise appearance is made at the end.
Unitedwesave.png 5 United We Stand 5:15
Gabi returns and reveals her journey away from the house. She reveals a shocking truth that brings the girls closer together.