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Gael and Bryan also referred to as Bryael is the romantic pairing between Gael Martinez and Bryan.

Bryan and Gael started out as non-exclusive partners who were free to see and date other people per the agreement of their non-exclusivity. They later began an exclusive relationship in "Byte Club".


Bryan and Gael have been in a non-exclusive romantic relationship for presumably, a few months. They are close and often hang out in Gael's loft, though this changes when Callie moves into the Coterie. Gael begins seeing Callie which sparks jealousy in Bryan, who really likes Gael. After Gael and Callie call things off, Bryan asks him to be his exclusive boyfriend, to which Gael accepts.


First Relationship (Romantic)

  • Started: Before DTLA
    • DTLA: Made out and had sex in Gael's rooftop loft.
    • The Coterie: Bryan was Gael's date for the Coterie party and they danced, drank, and made out with one another. Gael told Callie that he and Bryan are in a non-exclusive relationship.
    • Swipe Right: Bryan admitted to Gael that he no longer wanted to share him with Callie or other romantic partners, and wanted to be exclusive. He then left the Coterie to give Gael time to think about it.
  • Exclusivity: Between "Swipe Right" and "Byte Club", as mentioned by Davia to Callie.
  • Ended: Broken Arted



Bryan: I'm not your date tonight.
Gael: You could be.
- "The Coterie"

Gael: It's not a competition.
Bryan: But if it was I would totally win, right?
- Bryan and Gael

Gael: You've had your worried face on all night.
Bryan: Just worried about work.
Gael: No, that's a more pointed face. This is your sad worried face.
Bryan: You analyze my faces?
Gael: I love your faces.
- Gael knows Bryan's faces

Bryan: You know I’d be happy to take some hot pictures of you. In fact, I may already have some. Oh wait, those might be too x-rated.
Gael: Yeah and for your eyes only.
- "Swipe Right"

Bryan cares about my feelings. He doesn't just sneak up here in the middle of the night to use me for sex.
- Gael to Callie

Gael: I never should've agreed to be exclusive. Sorry.
Bryan: It's her, isn't it?
Gael: No. We're not right for each other. We both know it.
Bryan: Don't tell me what I know. You were shut off from the start. Until you figure that out, the only thing I do know is that you won't be right for anyone.