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Art doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. It can be just fun.
Gael in Whoosh, Pow, Bang

Gael Martinez is a major character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Tommy Martinez.

Gael is a socially conscious and politically active artist who lives at The Coterie. His professional lived ebbs and flows greatly, drifting from a graphic designer at Speckulate to following his dreams of interning for a professional artist.


Gael Martinez is the youngest child of Hugo and Mrs. Martinez, and the younger brother of Jazmin Martinez. Gael was raised in an old-fashioned and strict Latin family and community, where being different wasn't accepted or encouraged. From a young age, Gael was aware of his feeling towards both men and women. He repressed his feelings towards men because of his family and the community's strict beliefs. Gael had a passion for art from the time he was a young child.

He was also close to his older sister, Jazmin. Gael may have been the first family member Jazmin told she was transgender. He was accepting of her identity and came out as bisexual to her. When Jazmin was turned away by their family, Gael maintained a close relationship with his sister. The siblings eventually drifted apart physically but remained in touch over the phone.

About a year before "DTLA", Gael rekindled his relationship with Jazmin after seeing her at the Pride March. He was later hired as a graphic designer for Speckulate and moved into The Coterie.


A passionate and flirtatious artist, Gael is known for his easygoing yet playboy antics. He loves art and design.

Physical Appearance

Gael is an attractive young man in his early twenties, with curly brown hair and almond-shaped brown eyes. He has the shadow of a neatly trimmed beard and thick eyebrows. He has a tall yet athletic physique standing just over six-feet.

Throughout Series

Season 1

Gael is introduced as the attractive friend of Mariana who recommended The Coterie to her as a place to live. He hits it off with Callie on her first night at the apartment, and they talk about art and life. He shows her his art and they flirt back and forth before having sex. When Callie learned that Gael is the guy that Mariana works with and has a crush on, she visits Gael to call off their hookup. This results in them having sex again, but this time, Callie is certain that the affair has to end. That night while at the pool, Mariana and Callie witness Gael making out with a man in his loft. While the girls feel awkward after witnessing Gael, Callie, much to his surprise, stated that it wasn't an issue, and they restarted their casual non-exclusive relationship. They later broke up after realizing that neither one of them were able to focus on their professional careers while being distracted with one another.

Season 2

Season 3

In Capoeira, Gael and Callie pour wine with her apologizing for not telling him that Jamie bought his art piece. He accepts her apology. Gael apologizes for the things he said, as being with her wasn’t a mistake. He asks her if things between her and Jamie are over. She explains things are complicated. Gael has sex with someone in his loft.

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The next day, Gael visits Davia in her room, taking her by surprise as she was expecting Dennis. He asks if she’s seen Dennis but she hasn't yet. He shows her the mural he made over Jacob’s photo on Dennis' wall, but admits that he feels conflicted about whether or not he did the right thing. He elaborates that he hasn't been able to reach Dennis all day, nor has anyone else seen him. Davia tells Gael not to worry yet and he reluctantly agrees.

That night, the group toasts to Callie passing the bar and having a new job with a defense attorney. Gael and Callie exchange a look that Mariana asks about, though Callie claims that nothing happened between them. Mariana toasts to Callie moving in as well, with Gael asking about Isabella. In a flashback, Isabella visits Gael as she’s lonely and they’re both single. He accepts her wine bottle and they have sex. Gael asks Mariana why she moved out, to which Mariana lies that Isabella just left and didn’t leave a note. Alice proposes having a family dinner which makes everyone realize that Malika isn’t there.

In Arraignment Day, Davia sulks in the Coterie kitchen just as Gael comes down. She admits that her principal is observing her class and if he doesn’t approve her for a third-year teacher they won’t pay for her masters. He jokes about her quarter-life crisis but knows she’ll be great. She hasn’t heard from Dennis as she’s trying to give him space. Gael knows Dennis is lucky to have a friend like her.

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Mariana heads to the sit-in and is confronted by a group of white supremacists who call her racial slurs and intimidate her. Gael appears and records the protestors which continue as they chant for DA Hanson’s re-election and continue to scream “All Lives Matter” to Gael and Mariana. Gael helps Mariana retreat into the courtroom, forming a shield of sorts around her. Later, he records the white supremacist's again when they breach the courthouse to advocate for Malika being kept in prison.

Alice and Kelly arrive at the sit-in. Kelly tells Alice to do her act here instead and rallies the group to listen, and they decide to listen. Gael and Kelly help Alice onto a ledge where she is recorded by Dyonte and Gael. She gives her performance which everyone seems to love. Later, Gael and Dyonte make an ad shining a light on DA Hanson’s racial politics and that Malika is not a threat to society. They show footage of DA Hanson ignoring the community leaders and refusing to acknowledge their petition. They show footage of the women Malika released, and the bigots cheering for Hanson. The security guard unchains Malika to take her somewhere else.

In the kitchen, the Coterie group is saddened over their loss when they are joined by the BLM leaders. Malika enters a few moments later as everyone claps for her return. She thanks them for their help, and the video that Gael and Dyonte made was enough for DA Hanson to drop the charges. Gael leaves to tell Mariana and Callie that Malika is back with her charges dropped. He than celebrates with everyone over their victory.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Gael’s friends from art school text him about their big breaks making him sulk. Davia arrives ready for wine though he isn’t ready to talk. She opens up about struggling with the restorative justice program which he is familiar with, as he did that in art school. Kelly brings in a huge set of balloons forcing her to lie to Gael and Davia that it’s her birthday since the Byte Club girls are still there. Alice, Davia, and Gael sing happy birthday to Mariana as Callie walks in, though the girls leave to talk alone.

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Gael shows the teens Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffiti art and how he put his feelings into his art. Gael admits to relating to the need to put his feelings into art since he wasn’t good at putting his feelings into words. Davia thought instead of a talking circle they would try the art, though a girl is reluctant to draw he assures her she can do it. The teens excitedly look at the materials.

Davia helps Gael cleanup while they talk about his art, with him feeling as though he’s fallen behind his friends. He didn’t do an internship because he needed to get a job to pay off his student loans. She asks if he can do the internship now with him knowing of someone who is looking. She assures him that everyone is on their timeline so it doesn’t matter how fast they get there, just that they do.

Gael arrives for his new internship and meets Gideon, Yuri’s intern who he fires when Gael arrives. He is doing a project about the aurora borealis and wants to use Norsemen tools for his project, instructing Gael to get them. He then asks Gideon why he hasn’t left yet. Gael is visibly surprised by Yuri's abrasive attitude.

In Because, Men, Davia watches the clock during restorative justice when Matt walks in. She tells him Gael is late so they haven’t started yet. He tells her about his awkward happy birthday for Principal Solomon though he brought her one of the cupcakes. Gael arrives in a hurry so Davia briefly introduces him to Matt, while the female students. Jessie and Nyah, ogle Gael from afar, remarking that they got kicked out of class solely to see Gael. Matt leaves while Gael vents about his internship as Yuri is making him do errands during the day, even though the internship is supposed to be at night. Davia suggests telling him, no but Gael can’t, as he has to pay his dues. He also brought her lunch that she left on the counter. Her students begin to whisper about Davia being too fat for Gael, as they believe the two are dating. Andre defends Davia which leads to an argument in the classroom, and Davia angrily tells them to stop before leaving emotional. Gael watches in surprise.

Davia is crying on her bed when Gael enters to see if she’s okay. She lies that she’s fine but he doesn't’ believe that, understanding why the students got to her. She claims it’s not about the students but Dennis. She’s adit to being in love with him and that he returned the sentiment so they had sex, then he left. She fears that after they had sex he realized he doesn’t love her like that. She points out the thin girls he’s dated in the past so Gael assures her that she’s beautiful and sexy. She finds it hard to believe him since he’s hot, so he shows her the video of Davia singing about loving her body that they recorded. She admits to thinking she was past everything but then she heard her mother telling her that she could have any guy if she lost weight or to be thankful someone loves her even if they’re married. She’s struggling to be a body-positive girl. Gael reminds her that she’s also human and that Dennis rattled her confidence even if he didn’t mean to. She doesn't want to tell him how she feels as she doesn’t want to hurt him more, but Gael reminds her that she doesn’t have to be tough or always protect Dennis’s feelings. She thanks him for that and for helping with the kids. She then returns the advice by telling him not to work 12 hours a day for free even if he is paying his dues, as it isn’t fair.

Yuri is painting on the floor when Gael arrives so he tells him to check the list of things for tomorrow. Gael tells him he isn’t available during the day, stressing that the job was for five hours a day, so he’s been teaching the kids restorative justice through art at a middle school. Yuri offers to talk to the kids about being a famous artist, which Gael agrees with. He asks if Gael at least paints if he doesn’t do errands, so he tells Gael to paint the canvases identically to him and mimic his style for the backgrounds.

In New Moon, Alice, Callie, Davia, Gael, and Mariana emerge on the roof and compliment the beauty. Matt arrives and compliments the view on the roof, to which she looks to Gael and insinuates a relationship between them. Gael stops her from getting a drink as they aren’t supposed to drink as it will cloud their intentions. Matt is confused about what the ceremony is for, with Kelly chiming in that she thought they were watching New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga. Gael clarifies that they are setting intentions and goals so Kelly bails just as Dyonte and Isaac arrive. Davia, Matt, and Gael talk awkwardly and she leaves them alone to talk. Matt adds that Davia is great which Gael agrees with.

Davia and Gael talk about Callie and how he wants someone serious and committed. He asks how things are with Matt and admits to thinking Matt is cute and that he would date him. In the present, Davia smiles at Matt and Gael. Malika plans to burn the notes in a metal pot so Gael excuses himself to find a pan. Davia notes that they are both writing a lot of intentions and that’s another thing Matt and Gael have in common. Callie looks under the bed and sees glowing eyes, causing her to scream and hide in a closet. She screams for help and Gael rushes to her aid worriedly. The creature makes noise so she pulls him into the closet and worries that it might get someone else, or that it already got Mariana.

Gael goes to the bathroom and finds Mariana and Raj. Raj points out that raccoons can carry rabies.

Callie and Gael erupt from the closet covered in coats, hats, and scarves which surprises Davia and Matt. Gael instructs them to hide in their loft until they can trap the creature, which surprises Callie as she thought they were going to kill it. Davia reminds them they are in downtown LA not the wilderness so it might be a fat squirrel. They see a raccoon and everyone runs off screaming.

Gael, Alice, and Callie leap into the dining room to capture the raccoon. The trio stalks the halls and finds the creature drinking a beer bottle. It retreats into the trash can so Gael flips it upside down to trap it, but it begins to move the can so Alice puts a pile of books on it. Kelly emerges to ask what is going on and scares everyone.

Animal control arrives but Callie, Alice, and Gael turn them away. Kelly emerges with a raccoon and thanks to them, but she needs to find Lucy. Malika, Dyonte, and Isaac dart through the Coterie screaming about the raccoon in the pool until they see Kelly holding the raccoon. Kelly is looking after the creatures for a traveling animal show and gives Ethel to Gael and Callie compliments that Ethel and Gael have the same eyes.

Callie and Gael laugh over him using Mariana’s heels to scare the raccoon. He compliments their teamwork skills which she agrees with. He remarks that it’s fun having fun with her, which she agrees with. He then goes to bed while she stays up by the pool.

In Trust, Gael shows Davia and her students Yuri’s art. He warns Andre that even if he doesn’t get the art that he should still be respectful. He remembers Yuri berating him for not getting a stiff bristle brush. He warns Davia that Yuri is in a bad mood. Yuri arrives to make art with the group.

Yuri guides the students as they paint and Andre asks why Yuri became an artist, to which he admits that he sucked at school but they should stay in class and listen to Davia. She thanks Yuri for his help and applauds his work before noting that Gael is talented. She recalls being in his loft as he tries to work on his own paintings but he doesn’t have an in with any of the galleries. She recommends asking Yuri but he notes that the artist has to ask him, he can’t ask the artist. In the present, Yuri remarks that he’s never seen Gael’s work.

Yuri compliments the student’s art and Andre asks what gets art into a museum. He explains that critics review his work. He asks them to critique his work, which makes Gael and Davia nervous. Jesse remarks that she doesn’t get it which Andre agrees with. Yuri explains it isn’t about what it means but how it makes them feel, to which they admit to not feeling anything about the painting. Yuri understands as art is subjective. Davia and the class left after thanking Yuri. Gael thanks Yuri for helping and he is appreciative, but then picks up a knife and slices open his painting before storming away.

Gael talks to Yuri about his art, as Yuri hasn’t been able to paint anything since his wife left two years ago. He was a terrible husband but a decent father, and having the kids there reminded him of his wife and daughter. He hadn’t felt inspiration since she left but Gael recommends channeling everything he feels into his work and do it for her. Yuri appreciates the attempts to cheer him out, as he knows he can be kind of an asshole. He offers to come to look at Gael’s work tomorrow.

Gael can’t decide which painting to show Yuri and Davia tries to help him choose. He thanks her for helping him get there. Yuri calls to say that he isn’t coming and needs Gael at the studio now as he’s working on new pieces. Gael visits Yuri who has finally unlocked his inspiration but needs Gael to execute his sketch. Gael remarks that there isn’t much to go on, so Yuri tells him to prove he is a talented artist.

In Driver's Seat, The Coterie group plays a game that Kelly invented, with nearly everyone being confused. Gael compliments her on the game being specific, with help from Callie. Mariana tells Callie that she got their mom a candle of the month subscription, remembering Callie turning down all her ideas so Mariana lies that there was a pop-up sale. Tony arrives to check out the Coterie as he is picking up Callie for a real-life outing, which earns boos from Alice and Kelly. Davia tells Gael to make his move before someone else does. He then has to leave when Yuri texts him.

He arrives at Yuri’s place to look at the painting Yuri asked him to paint. Yuri is enraged as it isn’t exactly what he wanted as Gael took liberties. He believes he placed too much faith in Gael and demands that he put it in storage now that he’ll only have four new works, thanks to Gael.

Yuri’s art gallery showing arrives, and Gael takes Callie a drink when he remembers bumping into Davia as they leave the Coterie. Callie is getting ready when Mariana enters and compliments her appearance. Davia wonders why Gael is playing coy but he just doesn’t want to get hurt again nor does he know what she wants. Davia tells Gael to take a risk. At the gallery, Callie and Gael complement each other as he admits there are a ton of important people there. Callie tells him to go introduce himself as Yuri walks over. He calls one of the influencers to meet Gael.

Davia remembers talking to Gael before she left for her date and him for the gallery. She admitted to being nervous about going out with someone else when she's still talking with Dennis, but Gael assures he that Matt is a good guy and she should give him a chance.

Callie reapplies her lipstick as Gael brings her a bottle of wine to celebrate by the pool. He is excited about all the artists he met that night. He’s surprised Yuri was so effusive after the meltdown, so Gael is planning to get Yuri to see his work so he can get a letter of recommendation and have a show. He apologizes for abandoning Callie al knight but she assures him that it’s fine. He remembers seeing Callie and Yuri together at the showcase. Yuri approaches Gael later and compliments Callie, and after ensuring that Gael isn’t interested in her, Yuri asks permission to get Callie's number. Gael tells Callie that Yuri wanted his number and she asks if he would be okay with her dating his boss, to which he claims that if that’s what she wants he wouldn’t want to stand in the way. She tells him that she’s not interested in dating with the hectic nature of work. She then leaves to finish some work. They hug goodnight as she goes back to her apartment.

Gael arrives to see two artists admiring the painting he made which is worth 50,000 as soon as Yuri signs it. Yuri arrives and signs his name on the painting without another word to Gael. That morning, Kelly asks Alice if there are any apartments available as her friend is looking. Alice claims that one might be opening up soon, telling a curious Davia that it’s Dennis’s loft. Now emotional, Davia tells an inquisitive Gael that she didn’t know about that.

That night, Gael nervously paces his loft before sending Callie a "you up?" text message.

In She's Back, Isabella arrives at the Coterie and passes a resident, remembering her time spent in the complex. She goes to Gael’s loft and is reminded of the night they spent together. He invites her inside.

Callie holds the elevator for Gael and he stands next to her. Callie tells Gael that she texted him back, to which he lies that he fell asleep and figured out what he wanted to talk about. She asks what his plans are today to which he remarks that he’s quitting his internship. Gael arrives at Yuri’s loft to talk with him, and Yuri gives him 5,000 dollars for his part in the painting. Gael is annoyed over it but Yuri reminds him that his name in the corner got it sold, but there could be more money, trips to Europe, and more in the future if he stays.

He goes to the middle school to teach art, when probation officers arrive to arrest Andre Johnson for his third strike as Andre was supposed to be in Math class. Andre refuses as his Math teacher is the one who told him to come here. Davia tells the probation officers that Andre shouldn’t be in trouble. Principal Solomon is unhappy that the teacher went behind his back with the restorative justice program, but Davia argues that it is helping them, especially through art. Dan reminds them the core test is coming up, which Jordan thinks would make a great extra credit class but Dan worries that it will cost too much money. Gael offers to donate his supplies and time but Dan isn’t too involved. Jordan shows him the drawings the students have made, and Dan approves it as a pilot course for now but if the test doesn’t go well he’s pulling it. He warns that the teachers and Andre are on thin ice, to which Andre leaves for calls. The teachers celebrate.

Davia dismisses her class and Andre thanks her for standing up for him. He is really happy about the after-school program but they need the cops out of the school. He knows nothing has been happening so they started a petition, and refuse to take the common core test if they don’t take the cops out of the school. He’s tired of coming to school and being afraid. He wants to take a stand for justice and themselves just like she taught them. He knows if they all sing it they can’t take them all out. He knows it’s a lot to ask of her to sign it, but gives her a sheet just in case. Davia looks at the petition while Gael remarks that Andre isn’t selling his soul. Gael goes to Yuri’s to tell him the truth.

Davia and Gael talk in his loft the night before and she encourages him to quit since he’s being taken advantage of. He thinks it’s stupid to walk away after being given five thousand dollars, and toast to selling their souls.

Gael’s dream isn’t to have Yuri sign his name onto his creations and give the check back. Yuri asks if Callie responded to him wanting her number, to which Gael remarks that he isn’t her type. Callie goes to Gael’s loft in response to his text asking to meet, and Isabella is there too. He tells her that they should talk later, so Callie leaves.

Gael apologizes to Callie about Isabella being in his loft as he wasn’t expecting her. Callie asks why she was there.

Isabella tells Gael that she’s pregnant with his baby and she plans to have the baby. She doesn’t expect anything but thought he should know. He wants to help if the baby is his.

Gael tells Callie what Isabella said and she asks what he plans to do. He can’t let Isabella do this alone.

In Knocked Down,

In Shame,

In Making a Metamour,

In Picks and Strikes,

In Lunar New Year,

In Opening Statements,

In Anticipation,

In Blindside,

In Closing Arguments, Gael helps Isabella to bed but she just wants to rest. He helps her take off her shoes so she can curl up on the bed. He leaves to talk with Callie outside, apologizing for their dinner but she tells him to take care of Isabella. He thanks her and heads back into the loft to sit by Isabella’s side. She began to sob as she was scared she would lose the baby. He reassures her that she and the baby are going to be fine. He apologizes for not being there but she tells him it’s fine as she didn’t want to interrupt his date with Callie. She’s glad Dennis called him and so is he. Unbeknownst to either of them, Callie watches from outside the loft.

The next day, Gael talks to Davia about Isabella’s job offer as he worries he won’t be there if something else happens. His relationship with Callie is complicated as he’s worried about both women when he’s with the other. He doesn’t know how to juggle it all when the baby comes. Davia tells him that if he really loves Callie he needs to split his time and affection between them and be okay with that. Gael asks if she’s chosen between Matt and Dennis. He visits Isabella to discuss how involved he’ll be with the pregnancy and baby. He doesn’t want her to go to Santa Barbara after what happened and for her not to worry she’s taking him from anyone or anything else. She asks about Callie.

Earlier that evening, Callie goes to the roof to meet with Gael. She asks about Isabella who is sleeping after the traumatic scare. He asks about the trial and she’s waiting on the verdict but isn’t sure how it will go. She asks what he wanted to talk about and he looks at her tearfully. He says he’s going to be a father and doesn’t know how to do that part-time. He wants to be the partner she deserves but isn’t capable of doing both. She knows that too and tells him that when he shines his light on someone it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world because he gives everything he has. She knows the light needs to be on Isabella and the baby. They cry together as it’s hard but they both know it’s right. They share a hug. Now, Gael tells Isabella that he wants her to stay and the hold hands.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Gael, Davia, and Mariana are trying to fan the remains of a burnt bagel when Sumi uses the fire extinguisher. Kelly is bitter she didn't get chosen for interim manager. Sumi has ideas for things to replace as she's upping the rent on the new loft. Gael recalls an emotional conversation with Isabella who is considering leaving - her new job would offer a free place to live. She doesn't feel right living in his loft anymore. In the present, Gael decides to take the new loft for $1,850. Sumi tells him that he has to apply, and if his credit checks out, she'll need first, last, and one months full deposit. Gael admits to Davia that he doesn't have the money for the loft, but will ask Yuri for an advance. He knows she made a choice and she's happy with it.

Gael enters Yuri's loft and barely misses a paint bottle being launched across the room. Yuri is having a full meltdown, complete with kicking brushes and destroying furniture. He hasn't seen his daughter in two years and she bailed on seeing him for the summer to spend time with her friends. He regrets losing his daughter to Australia. Gael can't imagine not seeing his kid, so Yuri tells him not to let Isabella leave for the pregnancy, as she might never come back.

Gael greets Sumi and gives her the money for the loft. However, Sumi already leased the loft which hurts Gael's feelings. Sumi has an idea that might work. Flashing sideways, Isabella stands in Alice's loft where she gets to stay for free. Meanwhile, Sumi tells Alice she's $5,550 richer, as she sublet her loft to Isabella, with Gael paying for it, to fix her money problem. Now, Gael tells Isabella she can stay for free and doesn't have to leave for Santa Barbara. She appreciates it but needs a job to save for the baby too. Santa Barbara really is not that far anyway.

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Once at Dennis's food truck opening, Isabella is leaving for the night when Gael stops her. She was offered a job by Dennis and he's thrilled as she gets to stay. He remarks that it does take a village, and she admits she's lucky to be a part of this one. Gael, now alone, thanks Dennis for hiring Isabella. Dennis remarks that Isabella is good and saved his ass. Gael asks about Davia, so Dennis admits she was right about needing to get himself together, but once he does, he'll see what's meant to be. The music comes on and the groups begin to dance together.

In "Kiss Me and Smile For Me", Callie and Mariana's moms and brother Jude visit the Coterie. The moms meet Isabella, mistaking Dennis as the father of her child. They correct that an arriving Gael is the father. Gael greets the moms as Callie asks where they want to go to dinner. They propose a kids friendly pizza place, but Stef wants to have a grown-up dinner. Isabella offers to watch Ka'amaya as she used to have princess parties. Lena isn't thrilled with leaving Ka'maya, though Stef interjects that Lena leaves her all the time when she goes to Sacramento. Lena counters that it's different as she leaves her with Stef, who wanted to have a grown-up conversation tonight. Dennis was going to cook dinner and Davia hears as she enters. Davia is thrilled to see the moms and so is Malika. Malika greets Ka'maya happily and they all agree to attend dinner. Callie will text Jude that they're staying in.

Dennis and Isabella laugh as they cook, but Gael watches from the counter. Davia and Dennis have an awkward interaction in the counter as he tells he that she can invite Matt but she claims he already had plans. Davia asks to talk with Gael in her loft.

Davia becomes emotional as she tells Gael that Matt dumped her and he hugs her tightly. She didn't tell anyone because she's embarrassed as he ripped the rug out from under her. She needed to tell someone but wants it to stay between them. He agrees to keep her secret. They hear screaming and laughing and run out to find Alice in the dining room. Alice happily hugs everyone, including the moms. Later, Joaquin talks to Gael in the bathroom about his rooftop loft and when he moved in.

Callie sits on the steps as Gael walks over to ask how she's doing. She has a lot of goodbyes to do, and Gael tells her that goodbyes are just a chance to say hello again. She remarks on their journey together, but he knows it isn't the end. He wants her in his life forever, and they hold hands.

Callie clinks her glass to call everyone together. She is going to try to talk without crying. She thanks them for the going away party. Callie had no idea that she was moving into a communal living space. After sharing a bathroom with four siblings, the thought of sharing one other with a dozen strangers was a nightmare. But she had no idea how lucky she was that her sister tricked her into moving here. When you leave the family that you were born into or adopted into, you go out in the world and make a chosen family of friends. She will never find a better chosen family than them. Callie loves them all so much and thanks them for letting her be part of The Coterie. They clap for her and then Malika turns the music back on and they all dance together happily. Callie and Mariana embrace as they dance, then Callie hugs Malika and Alice. She smiles happily.

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", Gael visits Isabella who is looking cribs that convert into toddler beds. Yuri calls, as he's in the office and needs Gael to come in. They need to sell a painting to a collector. He reminds Gael that he has a debt to pay, forcing Gael to agree to the random meeting. Gael apologizes to Isabella as he needs to go, with Isabella noting that he spends a lot of time with Yuri and questions his working hours. She relents that they have time to shop for cribs. However, she doesn't know if the Dennis job will work as he isn't making enough to justify her salary, so she might have to reconsider moving to Santa Barbara.

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Gael calls Isabella to see if their doctors appointment is confirmed, which it is. She admits it isn't going great and explains the health code violations. Gael has an idea for her to park the truck in front of the studio as they can use their bathroom if anyone asks. Yuri drunkenly unloads on Gael and coerces him into having some wine. Before Gael can drink it, Isabella arrives with a Toast Truck customer who needs to use the bathroom. Yuri compliments Isabella and shakes her hand. While the patron uses the bathroom, Isabella explains they are getting their steps in and were in the neighborhood. Yuri remarks that she has a pregnancy glow, which is similar to what his ex-wife had. Dennis arrives with another patron who needs to use the bathroom too, even though it's occupied by Isabella's friend. Dennis sneaks out to get back to work, with Isabella trying to cover that the whole group are friends. When Elaine leaves, Isabella tries to leave too but Yuri has her wait. He touches her stomach and remarks on the wonder of life. He puts his head against her stomach until Gael pulls him away. Once everyone leaves, Gael promises Yuri he can explain, but the man has an idea for a painting now.

When the food truck is closing up, Isabella spots Gael and hurries to him, apologizing as that is the first time a customer has asked to use the bathroom. Yuri was none-the-wiser and he got inspired for the collector appointment the next day. He can't make it to her appointment but she can handle it by herself. He thanks her for understanding.

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Once back inside, Yuri asks Gael about the relationship between Dennis and Isabella, with Gael noting that nothing is going on as they work together. Yuri tells him to watch out for the relationship. His former best friend - the best man at his wedding - has taken over the father figure for his daughter. His kid now loves him more than Yuri. He advises Gael to keep Isabella close, because whether it's Dennis or someone else, the mother of his child will meet someone new. When that happens, he has to ask what will happen to the "baby daddy". Yuri asks for his opinion on the piece, but then calls it awful and pours wine on it.

Back at The Coterie, Gael is making Ramen when Isabella and Dennis arrive laughing. Isabella tells Gael about the food truck that stole their spot that morning. Since they park in the same lot, the pair took spray paint to the side of the truck. They tee-pee the truck and end up getting into a spraying fest with one another. Now, Isabella and Dennis cheers to being petty and karma being a trifling bitch. Gael asks about her checkup which went well. Dennis leaves to make a shopping list for tomorrow.

Once Dennis is gone, Isabella remarks that their baby is the size of an apple now. He apologizes for bailing on things lately but she understands as he had to work. She reveals that Dennis went with her to the doctor and was in the room with her. She asks if that's a problem and he admits that he would have left work if he knew Dennis was going. She points out that he didn't mind when she was going by herself. He points out that she clearly wasn't okay going alone. She thinks that should have been obvious. She's questioning her choice to stay as Gael is the only reason she did, as he wanted to be part of the pregnancy. But he'd rather hang out drinking with Yuri than actually participating. If it weren't for Dennis she would feel alone. Gael is just trying to save money so he can take care of the baby. He knows she's right and that he should be spending more time with her. He promises to do so in the future.

The next day, Yuri shows the collector the new painting, thinking it's his best work yet. Last night, Gael painted the entire piece by himself. Yuri stumbled in after and Gael explains he was inspired by one of Yuri's sketches. All he has to do is sign his name on the painting. Yuri does just that on the bottom corner. The collector requests it be delivered to his residence and gives Yuri the check. Gael remarks that his share of the painting they just sold should pay off the advance he was owed, and now that they're square, he'll return to his normal hours.

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In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", Davia asks Gael to user specific words to describe her, as she hopes to figure out her burlesque name. Later, Isabella and Gael attend a baby basics class where they struggle to change diapers, swaddle, and make a carrier out of a blanket. The lady even warns Isabella not to burp so hard. Isabella talks with the pregnant moms and learns she's behind on pre-school applications. She also doesn't correct them when they refer to Gael as her husband. The teacher calls them back into the classroom to discuss birthing plans.

GT 405 Promo3.jpg

Once back at The Coterie, Gael and Isabella practice swaddling techniques on a stuffed bear. Isabella comments that the moms at the class are perfect and he wonders if that's why she let them think he's her husband. Isabella didn't want them to think she's an unwed mother who got knocked up on a one night stand. Gael doesn't mind them thinking he's her husband and reminds her that even though they aren't married or together, he's a committed partner in the pregnancy. He brings up their birth plan and they decide on doing a home birth at The Coterie.

The next evening, Gael eavesdropped on a conversation between Dennis and Isabella in the kitchen. Gael emerges when Dennis leaves, and she tells him everything was wonderful at the hospital. She's proud of Dennis for what he's done with the truck. Gael read about doulas for their home birth, but she mentions talking to Dennis about the birth. She wants to do a hospital birth just in case something goes wrong, and he agrees to whatever she wants to do. He was also thinking they should get their own place since The Coterie isn't baby-proofed. Alice will be back soon and they have to figure out something. He thinks living together would be best for the first year or so. She appreciates his offer but reminds him of what he said about the baby being surrounded by love at The Coterie. She asks if she can think about it and he agrees.

In "Something Unpredictable, But in the End It's Right", Isabella tells Davia and Gael that Dennis's birthday is coming up. She wants to throw him a party but Davia doesn't think he'd like it. Isabella disagrees and offers to do everything. Gael suggests that the women work together. Isabella was a 90s surprise party with karaoke. Davia thinks it's an awful idea as he'd hate both of those. Gael attends the event as Brad Pitt from Fight Club.

In a flashback, Gael and Isabella greet Alice and Sumi at The Coterie but are surprised to see Alice back so soon. Alice explains that Margaret canceled her tour for a movie. Isabella will move out of the loft ASAP, but Alice tells her it's fine as she's moving in with Sumi. They hold hands up as they say they're back together.

Gael finds Davia sitting by herself. He compliments the party but Davia believes that Isabella is Dennis's person now. She doesn't feel like she knows him anymore, and Gael thinks that's her fault for keeping him away. Isabella takes the stage for karaoke followed by Dyonte, Joaquin, Angelica, and Gael. Dennis is working when he watches a married couple arguing about schools. Dennis remembers arguing with Claire about working all the time and neither being happy. He watches Isabella, who is watching Gael sing.

The Coterie crew sits for dinner. Dennis thanks the girls for the party and everyone for celebrating with him. The girls ask about Callie, and Mariana admits they've been busy and haven't had the chance to talk. Dennis asks that she tell Callie they miss her. Malika wants to cherish these moments since they'll all move out eventually. Isabella admits that she and Gael are thinking of moving out for a year since The Coterie isn't baby-proof. Everyone offers to do their part to make The Coterie safer, with Mariana offering to move lofts so they can live downstairs. Dennis tells them that the first nine months when their baby isn't walking and having extra hands around a newborn is good. Isabella remarks that's a good hand and she loves the idea of aunties and uncles being around. As a future auntie, Alice toasts Dennis for his birthday. Kelly gives Dennis a bottle of champagne that came for him and reads the card, which congratulates him on the new baby. The card is from Jennifer. He emotionally admits that they ran into Jennifer who has a new baby and how she mistook Isabella for being with Dennis. Gael thinks it's a good assumption since Dennis is so involved and tells them to just tell him when the baby is coming so he can show up. He storms away from the dinner.

Isabella follows Gael and he makes an outburst over her spending time with Dennis. He accuses her of wishing Dennis was the baby's father. He demands to know why she's looking at babies in the maternity ward together, or why she didn't correct his ex. She admits it was an awkward moment and couldn't imagine the pain he felt seeing his ex-wife with a baby boy. She is clear on who the father is and who she wants to do this with. She's scared of being a terrible mom and he assures her that she won't be. He apologizes as he's insecure because they're not a couple. He's worried about what will happen when she meets someone new and there's a new man in their baby's life. She returns the question wondering what will happen when their daughter has a cool step-mom. He jokes about step-moms being evil and needing to brush up on her bedtime stories. She makes a promise to always put each other first no matter who comes into their lives as they are the parents of their child. They share a close hug.

Gael apologizes to Dennis as he wasn't thinking about Dennis's feelings over Jennifer and the baby. He was insecure and petty. Dennis apologizes for overstepping but he was trying to be supportive of Gael as his best friend. They embrace as Davia calls Dennis to the stage for a Davia and Dennis duet.

In "I Don't Belong Here", Isabella and Gael return to his loft from their trip to the super store. They have to put their purchase together and she pulls a rule that he can't speak until she says his name or lose. They try to put the crib together which proves to be a bit harder than she thought. She tosses meatballs at him to see if he can catch them and win to speak. They set up half the crib before she concedes to calling his name. They wrestle over the meatballs playfully and share a moment. She answers a call from her doctor and questions if things are okay with the baby.

That head to the doctor's office where Dr. Bailian delivers some news - the fetal DNA test shows a high risk for Trisomy 13. It's a chromosomal disorder associated with severe intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities. Isabella questions if it can be a false positive and Dr. Bailain reassures her that it's possible. The test is a screening not a diagnosis. There's another test called an amniocentesis which Isabella believes is dangerous. Bailian assures Isabella it comes with a less than 1% risk of harming the baby. It's the only way to know for sure if their daughter has it. If she does, more than 90% of babies with Trisomy 13 die within their first year of life or never able to leave the hospital. The news hits them hard.

Gael and Isabella return to the half-finished crib. They don't know if they can finish it. Isabella is worried they might not have a baby to bring home. He tries to soothe her worries as the baby might not have it. She's tired and wants to be alone.

In the kitchen, Mariana asks the group if they've noticed Davia's lost a lot of weight lately. Gael thinks it's been gradual, but is worried when she points out the last post was about her eating disorder. They question what they should do, if anything, and Kelly has noticed her sneaking out with a bag. Davia arrives and notices the tension but they brush it off. She calls them weird then retreats to her room.

Gael struggles to put the crib together but does anyway. Isabella returns with mugs for both of them. She apologizes for her behavior earlier and he sympathizes with her fear. He can barely breathe with not knowing. He's putting the crib together as an act of faith to hold onto hope things are going to be okay. By building the crib he's not giving up. She wants to have faith too but can't. That's why she has him to lean on. She's never had that as he parents were so in love with each other they never any room for her. No matter who she tried to be they never loved her. He remarks that her parents suck. He's here for her, too, not just the baby. If he believes the baby is okay then she will too. They decide to finish the crib together.

By morning, the crib is set up and the parents are asleep on the bed. Isabella answers a call from the doctor so Gael answers for her. He thanks the doctor for the great news than hangs up. He tells Isabella that the baby doesn't have it and is going to be okay. Their baby is healthy so she hugs him happily.

Back at The Coterie, Davia talks to the crew about the comments on her Instagram post. She doesn't need help they think she needs - she needs trust. She was letting secrecy and shame keep her rom showing her happy and healthy choices. She has lost weight and has been keeping a secret, but not what they think. She's joined a Burlesque group and they've been practicing for a big performance. She invites them all to join. Kelly thinks she's badass and the group agrees. They give her a group hug.

Davia adds lotion to her legs when Gael walks in and begins stripping dramatically. He came to tease her and is proud of her. He cant' wait to see her show. He reveals they had a baby scare and he was scared of losing both the baby and Isabella. He can't imagine is life without Isabella now. Davia asks what that means as it could be more than friends, which he thinks is possible.

In "That's Me in the Spotlight", Gael washes out his brushes when Isabella visits him. Her parents called as they want to have dinner. She doesn't know if it's good or not as they might have come around. She doesn't want to get too excited but finds herself being excited anyway. He joins her enthusiasm.

Davia eats when Gael arrives with roses - he plans to tell her how he feels. He sees her change and asks if she doesn't approve. She's just cautious because she doesn't trust Isabella. Gael thinks it's because of Isabella's relationship with Dennis, as it's obvious that Davia loves him. She deflects back onto him. He has such a big heart and wants him to be careful as Isabella's been sketchy in the past. He can't rush into a commitment just because there's a baby. He quietly leaves the room to go back upstairs.

Gael sits on his bed looking at the roses. Isabella comes in looking upset. He asks about dinner and she admits they want her to give the baby up for adoption. Gael gets angry and she reveals they think she'll be a bad mom and that he'll leave her when he meets someone else. She feels like an idiot for thinking they would love her or support her when they never have or will. He calls them the idiots that she doesn't need. He won't leave her and gives her the roses. She questions the gesture. He realizes when he thought they'd lose the babe that she didn't want to lose him either. He's happy to know her through all of this. He think he's in love with her. He doesn't want to put her on the spot. She loves him too. She kisses him and they continue to kiss. They attend Davia's burlesque show and have a good time together. They return to his loft where he falls asleep.



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  • Jazmin Martinez - Jazmin is Gael's older sister, who he has looked out for since they were kids. They are very close but often don't see eye-to-eye due to their differing personalities. Gael is more of a lover than a fighter, while Jazmin is the opposite and speaks up when things seemed unfair. She borrowed money from him after she lost her initial job. He lent her money to help her get back on her feet. He also helped get her in touch with Jamie Hunter, a lawyer friend of Callie's, after she was unfairly fired for being transgender. At the end of the day, no matter their disagreements, he is fiercely protective of her, as seen in "Imposter" when he went toe-to-toe with a bigoted caterer to protect her honor. Jazmin also only speaks positively about her brother, though she admits that he can be naïve at times.


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  • Callie Adams Foster - (Callie and Gael) Callie moved into the apartment complex that Gael was residing in, and they instantly had a connection. They met on her first night at the apartment and bonded over their mutual love for art, political activism, and shared a basic connection. Gael showed her his art and they had sex in his loft. They began a rocky on-and-off again relationship, initially being non-exclusive before a series of events led her to break up with him to become a committed girlfriend to Jamie Hunter. After their individual relationships ended, they found their way back to one another, wanting to reignite what was still lingering between them. They faced issues when Gael's one-night-stand revealed her pregnancy with his child. While Callie did her best to accept this fact, she didn't want to come second in his life and knew it wasn't fair to ask him to not make Isabella and the unborn child a priority. They broke up on mutual terms and she moved out of The Coterie, which separated them physically.
  • Isabella Tavez - Gael initially met Isabella through a working app. She requested help moving her boxes into storage and was randomly paired with Gael. She flirted with him and even found a way to request him to be her helper again. Isabella propositioned him with sex, however, he turned her down as he still wasn't over his previous relationship. While initially humiliated, Isabella understood and asked him to help install locks on her windows and doors. Gael later helped her move into The Coterie. After moving in, the two became single and lonely so Isabella approached him one night with a bottle of wine and a proposition. He accepted and they had sex, though she moved out of The Coterie afterwards due to a dispute with Mariana. She returned a few weeks later to tell him of her pregnancy with his child and that she planned to keep it. Gael promised to be there for her and let her move into his loft. She didn't want to cause problems in his relationship with Callie, and even planned a private romantic date for the duo. Gael and Isabella have since become a platonic co-parenting unit, preparing to have their daughter together at The Coterie. As the pregnancy continues, the pair only grow closer, and when struck with the news they could lose their daughter to a genetic condition, Gael realizes he doesn't want to lose Isabella either. Once knowing the baby is okay, Gael prepares to confess he feelings, and does so with roses after Isabella's emotional day with her parents. She reciprocates so they begin a relationship.
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  • Bryan - (Gael and Bryan) Bryan and Gael were originally non-exclusive boyfriends. It is unknown how they met, but neither one of them were ready to partake in an exclusive relationship when they met. When Gael met Callie, the new resident at The Coterie, things began to change. Bryan became competitive and vied for Gael's attention, hoping to beat out Callie for Gael's affections. In "Swipe Right", Bryan admits that he wants a committed relationship with Gael and doesn't want to share him with anyone. Bryan leaves The Coterie to give Gael time to think about what he wants.
  • Elijah Adrieux -


Notes and Trivia

  • Gael is a graphic designer and a freelancer.
  • He worked at Speckulate alongside Mariana Adams Foster, and was the person who recommended The Coterie to her.
  • He is bisexual and had romantic and physical relationships with both men and women.
    • Gael was closeted from his old-fashioned parents who struggled to accept his transgender sister, Jazmin.
  • He is a talented artist that can paint, sculpt, draw, and mold.


Gael Martinez has a photo gallery.


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