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Gabriel "Gabe" Duncroft is a character on The Fosters. He is the former partner of Ana Gutierrez, and the biological father of Jesus and Mariana. He is portrayed by Brandon Quinn.

Jesus, at first, worked under Gabe who had no idea who he was. When Gabe found out, he told Jesus to stay away because Gabe "can't legally be around him" due to his conviction as a sex offender but eventually he is able to get off of the list and is no longer a registered sex offender.


According to Ana, her twins were conceived during a one-night stand she had with Gabriel, but they were actually in a relationship while this happened. Ana's parents, however, did not approve of their daughter's relationship with Gabe, which is why they turned him into the police. He was eventually convicted as a sex offender, because of having intercourse with Ana while she was 15 and he was 18 and had to spend six years in jail as a result.

Gabriel has never finished high school. Gabriel used to be a drug dealer, but he eventually accepted a job as a construction worker, which he works into this day. He once inflicted a wound on himself, that had to sew with 15 stitches because he had been distracted by a colleague he was talking to.


If and When

When Jesus is told by Adriana that his biological father's name is Gabriel and that he works on a construction site, himself and Nick set out in search of him. At the described site, Nick points out that a foreman looks like he might be Jesus' and Mariana's father. Jesus initially refuses to approach the foreman, but later does when he pretends to be in search of work (albeit introducing himself under a wrong name). The foreman clarifies that he is not Gabriel, but that the latter does indeed work on the site. Jesus looks into his father's eyes for the first time, when his first task is to assist Gabriel with his work.

Under Water

Jesus continues to work with Gabriel. The former is visibly fascinated by his father, and attempts to find out as much about him as he can, to an extent where Gabe has to stonewall his questions, because they are distracting him.
Gabriel presents Jesus with a toolbelt the next time at work. The boy then finally reveals himself to be Gabriel's son. The latter badly receives this information. He tells Jesus, that he is forbidden from being around him, and instructs him to quit his job and never return to the construction site.
At home, Jesus lets Mariana in on having met their birth-father. She researches him online and learns that Gabriel was convicted for "lewd or lascivious acts with a minor" around the time herself and Jesus must have been conceived, implying that Gabriel was sent to jail for having sex with Ana, which had resulted in the twins.

Minor Offenses

Jesus learns of the reasons why his father was sentenced to jail but assumes that his father is a pedophile. He seeks out Gabe against the latter's instructions to return the toolbelt, and say that he wants nothing to do with him.
When Jesus acts deeply saddened after learning of his father being a sex-offender, Mariana's tells Lena and Steff that he has been seeing Gabe. They forbid the twins to ever meet him again, because of the potential danger the convicted sex-offender might pose. Stef, however, continues to look through his record, and do further research.
Lena and Stef have Ana tell the truth about Gabriel to the twins. She explains, that Gabriel used to deal drugs, and that (like Adriana said) she was actually in a relationship with him, but that she lied to not have Jesus and Mariana think that drugs are the sole reason they exist. She also claims to not have known that Gabe was convicted as a sex-offender, and assumes that her parents (who had been against their relationship) must have set that up, because he had been 18, and she had been 15 while they were dating, which makes him far from a paedophile.
The following day, Jesus seeks out Gabe to apologize, but the latter does not accept it, and declines forming a relationship with his son.


Jesus is so upset by his father's rejection that he begins drinking alcohol in high doses. When Jesus, while intoxicated, seeks out Gabe once more, the latter has to bring him home to his mothers. He explains that Jesus' company can cause him trouble, so he asks Lena and Stef to get him to stop seeking it. Mariana walks in the door while they are talking, so daughter and father meet each other for the first time.

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