Francesca "Frankie" Adams Foster was Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster's baby.

She was conceived with Timothy's insemination, thus making him the biological father. She started to develop in Adoption Day, but sadly died in Mother at twenty weeks gestation due to pregnancy complications. 


Francesca was conceived in Adoption Day. Her biological conceivement was Lena's idea, who deeply wanted a biological child of her own. Stef and Lena used Timothy's semen to become pregnant. The pregnancy progressed and Lena started to show around Truth Be Told.

The baby's health was questioned as Lena fainted and her blood pressure was notably high in Mother, being prescribes blood pressure pill to try to bring it down. However, matters took a turn for the worst when Lena eventually ended up in the hospital to find out she has preeclampsia, a known complication in pregnancy caused by stress. Her doctor ordered to deliver the baby early as her current condition will prove to only worsen her health, possibly even cost Lena her life. 

Lena eventually, albeit reluctantly, followed through with the early delivery. Despite being aware of the baby's low chances of survival due to only being 20 weeks into development, Lena still had faith that the baby would pull through and be okay - even if it took a miracle. Unfortunately, Francesca did not survive and died shortly after the delivery, devastating the Foster family. Lena gave her lost baby the name Francesca when a little girl unexpectedly wandered into her hospital room and gave her a stuffed unicorn toy named Frankie, as well as in honor of Stef's deceased father. The Foster family gave her a private burial and funeral service with a cherry tree marked in her honor and memory, promising she will always be remembered.

Her death would continue to haunt the Foster family, with her mothers Lena and Stef both significantly impacted by her death; having private moments where they each wept over her loss. When Mariana later wants to adopt her unborn half sister, whom her birth mother Ana was pregnant with, they were both reluctant to accept the offer since they were still mourning the loss of Frankie. Lena confides in Monte about this issue, and this causes distress when Stef finds out how Lena feels from Monte. 

Physical Appearance

Although she was never seen physically, she appeared in Lena's dream. Francesca was imagined as African-American, like Lena, also with her dark and curly hair.


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