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First Impressions is the eleventh episode in Season 3 of The Fosters. It premiered on January 25, 2016. It was the fifty-third episode.


As the third season of “The Fosters” continues, former foster teen Callie is now officially adopted into the Adams Foster family. She must put aside any romantic feelings for Brandon and does so by throwing herself into her “Fost and Found” website, even drawing the interest of an investor (guest star Kelli Williams, “Detective McLean: Ties That Bind,” “Army Wives”). After his performance at Disney Hall, Brandon is approached by a recruiter from Juilliard. Mariana launches her campaign to run for junior class president while Jesus tries to hide the reason why he doesn’t want to go back to wrestling school. When Mike discovers a secret his foster son, AJ (guest star Tom Williamson, “The Goldbergs”), is keeping, he is torn about what to do with the information. Jude must face the fact that his boyfriend has decided to move away, and a serious medical issue for Stef results in a clash of opinion between her wife, Lena, and her mother, Sharon (guest star Annie Potts, “Ghostbusters”). Meanwhile, Sharon introduces the family to her liberal-minded friend, Will (guest star Rob Morrow, “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” upcoming “American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson”).


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The Fosters - 3x11 Mariana & Jesus Returns Monday, January 25 at 8pm 7c on Freeform!


The Fosters - 3x11 Sneak Peek Lexi Returns Returns Monday, January 25 at 8pm 7c on Freeform!


The Fosters - 3x11 Sneak Peek Mike Returns Monday, January 25 at 8pm 7c on Freeform!


He Fosters - 3x11 Sneak Peek Jesus & Lexi Returns Monday, January 25 at 8pm 7c on Freeform!


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