My whole life I've had trouble connecting people. When I was kid they called it Asperger's now they just say I'm on the spectrum. I don't always pick up social cues, humor, why people like to talk on the phone. Things of that nature. I'm not even sure there is someone out there for me.
Evan to Mariana[1]

Evan Speck is a recurring character in the FreeForm series, Good Trouble. He is portrayed by T.J. Linnard.

Evan is a technological genius with obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety. He is the CEO and founder of the startup tech company, Speckulate.


Evan had a complex childhood. He struggled with social anxiety, germaphobia, and being on the Autism spectrum. He was always different from other children his age. On the first day of Kindergarten, he stood by the door out of fear that someone would try to talk to him and he wouldn't be able to leave.[2] Another occasion was when he had a crush on a girl. She was walking his way when he became incapacitated by fear and threw himself down a garbage chute to avoid her. He ended up in a dumpster outside, which aggravated his germophobia.[3]

In or around 2014, Evan founded a tech start-up company that he named after himself and called Speckulate.


Evan is a brilliant intellectual with a coder brain, who is inventive and enjoys creating and designing apps. He is a deep thinker which causes him to be lost in thought, and his mind drifts from place to place especially while Mariana was talking to him. He seems to have an odd memory, as he can't remember names unless he relates them to something else that he already knows about.

He suffers from crippling social anxiety, a condition that he's had his entire life. This causes him to be unsure of how to act, an issue that he confides in Mariana about. Evan doesn't seem to be sexist as he even asks Angela about Mariana's app idea, and doesn't overlook her like many others in the company do. He uses magnetic bullets that help him concentrate and focus. Evan has a good heart with a positive outlook on life, with a sense of humor that is often shadowed by his awkward persona.

Physical Appearance

Tall and built, Evan has well-groomed and trimmed blonde hair with a neatly kept beard. He wears relaxed casual clothing that always looks perfect and well put together. He often fidgets with things such as magnetic bullets or his hands while speaking to someone.

Throughout Series


Season 1 (6/13)

Season 2 (15/18)


Notes and Trivia

  • Evan's company, Speckulate, stemmed from his last name.
  • He uses magnetic bullets to calm his nerves and help him focus on what is going on around him.
  • Evan doesn't have many friends as most of his employees are nervous around him while other people avoid interacting with him. He also avoids interacting with others due to having severe social anxiety.
  • Evan seems to have taken a liking to Mariana, as he has gone out of his way to communicate with her on more than one occasion. Angela and Josh both agree that Evan's interest in Mariana is more than professional.
  • He is germophobic.
  • Evan has an online shopping assistant named Shiela and multiple closets.



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