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Emma Hunton is an American actress (born August 26, 1991). She currently portrays Davia Moss in Good Trouble.

Early Life


Emma began professionally acting and singing while on Broadway. She is well-known for her role as Elphaba on the 1st National Tour of Wicked. She made her first appearance in scripted television in 1999 when she appeared on, Angel. She is known for her role in Happy Endings as well. In 2019, Emma portrays Davia Moss in the Freeform series, Good Trouble.



  • Emma is best known for her performances on Broadway, as a talented singer and actress.
  • She holds the record for being the youngest Elphaba in an English-language production. She is also the second youngest in the world.
  • Emma has acted alongside The Fosters star, Ashley Argota in their lab, Headless.
  • She is married to Chef Ryan Duval, and is sometimes referred to as, "Emma Duval".
  • In 2012, she sang a duet with the now-famous pop star, Ariana Grande.