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Elliot Fletcher is an American actor, known for his work in MTV's comedy series Faking It, Freeform (formerly ABC Family)'s The Fosters and Showtime's Shameless.

Early life

Fletcher was assigned female at birth and raised in Los Angeles, California, by his parents, actors Julia Fletcher and John DeMita, he has two brothers, Connor and Drew. He came out to his parents as transgender in 2013, during his senior year of high school.

Fletcher joined the cast of Faking It as Noah, the show's first transgender character, in early 2016. In April 2016, it was announced that Fletcher would be joining the cast of The Fosters in a recurring guest-starring role as Aaron, an "attractive and intriguing law student" and potential romantic interest of Callie (Maia Mitchell). Fletcher originally considered auditioning for the role of Cole on The Fosters, but decided against it. The role was later filled by Fletcher's close friend Tom Phelan.

Elliot also appeared in season 7 and then became a recurring cast member in season 8 of the Showtime TV show Shameless. He plays Trevor, a trans man who works for an organization that helps find homes for runaways and homeless teens. He then befriends and gets into a relationship with Ian Gallagher.

In 2017, transgender actors and actresses including Fletcher (with the help of GLAAD and ScreenCrush) were part of a filmed letter to Hollywood written by Jen Richards, asking for more and improved roles for transgender people.




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