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Elena Gutierrez is the wife of Victor Gutierrez, the mother Ana Gutierrez, and the grandmother of Mariana Adams Foster, Jesus Adams Foster, Isabella Gutierrez, and Adriana Gutierrez. She first appeared in Not That Kind of Girl.

Elena is portrayed by Marlene Forte.


Elena is married to Victor Gutierrez. They have three sons and a daughter named Ana Gutierrez. As a teenager, Ana began rebelling and using drugs. Victor and Elena worked hard to help and forgive their daughter, including getting her boyfriend, Gabriel Duncroft, arrested for statutory rape.

Elena and Victor soon found out that Ana had two children, Mariana and Jesus, but the twins were already adopted. When they confronted Ana, she angrily claimed it was a good thing Elena and Victor never met their grandchildren, since they wouldn't ruin the twins' lives like they did her's. As a result, Victor and Elena completely cut off contact with Ana.

Physical Appearance

Elena has short brown hair and black eyes. When she is not in uniform, she dresses casually.


Elena deeply loves her family and will do anything for them. She and Victor gave Ana multiple second chances when she became a drug addict in hope that their daughter would eventually turn her life around. However, Elena and Victor were unable to forgive Ana upon learning she hid Mariana and Jesus' existence from them.

Ultimately though, Elena and Victor took Ana in after she became sober and a mother to a third child, Isabella. While Elena is sometimes distrustful of Ana even after this (such as suspecting Ana was using again when in reality she was struggling with PPD), she still works hard to move on from the past.


Not That Kind of Girl

Mariana visits her grandparents' bakery to go meet them. She meets Victor at the front desk, then Elena comes out from the back asking who it is. Victor says that Mariana came asking for a job and asked her to leave. Mariana turns around and leave the store.

The End of the Beginning

Mariana comes to the bakery again, but this time with Jesus. She confronts Elena and Victor about Ana and gives them the letter. On their way out, Mariana thanks Elena and Victor for the Christmas presents.

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  • Elena and her family are Catholic.
  • She and her husband run a family-owned bakery.



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