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Dyonte Davis is a recurring character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Marcus Emanuel Mitchell.

Dyonte is a polyamorous activist and organizer with a strong sense of purpose, a nurturing spirit and a sly, playful sense of humor who works with Malika.[1]



Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

Season 3

In Capoeira, Malika and Dyonte walk down the street as they chat. They decide to play hopscotch, and they are both pretty good, though Dyonte lands poorly from a roll. They tease one another playfully. They finish picking up the posters for the “#FreeMalika” movement. She is overwhelmed and begins to panic as she’s scared. He reminds her that they have a team and are powerful enough to fight for her, as she isn’t alone and has to trust them. Malika knows they can’t promise she’ll stay out of jail. She crouches to the ground emotionally but Dyonte assures her they have her back.

The next day, Dyonte attends Malika's trail hearing where the prosecutor pushes to raise bail to $250,000 due to BLM having international contacts that make Malika a flight risk. Until the bail is paid, Malika is taken into custody despite the astonishment of Dyonte and Melina. The bailiff arrests Malika, who remembers her sparring session with Dyonte where he taught her capoeira, a type of self-defense that makes her a difficult opponent and a difficult opponent. She remembers that she can handle things thanks to his speech, and tells him in the court that she’s got this.

In Arraignment Day, BLM lawyer arrives in the courthouse without Malika. She explains that Malika asked them to use the funds to release the other women in the cells instead of herself as they need it more. Dyonte thinks it’s cool but Dom is angered that his sister is going to jail. The white supremacists arrive to advocate that Malika should be in jail, with Gael and Dyonte instantly recording the confrontation.

The Coterie group is saddened over their loss when they are joined by the BLM leaders. Malika enters a few moments later as everyone claps for her return. She thanks them for their help, and the video that Gael and Dyonte made was enough for DA Hanson to drop the charges. Isaac arrives and hugs her as they kiss, with him feeling bad for not being there sooner.

In Because, Men, Malika texts with Dyonte as Isaac walks in asking what she’s smiling at, leading her to admit that she’s competing with Dyonte. At DPN, the woman in charge tells Dyonte and Malika about the yearly intern mini-campaigns that compliment the work of DPN. She then tells them about the town hall meeting coming up as they have to make an average of 50 calls per person. Malika bets Dyonte that she can raise 100 people to his 50, leading to them striking up a competition, though the award of the competition is left unclear.

Dyonte arrives at Malika's room to find her covered in glittering makeup while Kiara remarks that Malika needed a man to come to her rescue. Dyonte, Nisa, and Shine play in the pool while Malika folds towels and Kiara sulks at the balcony.

Malika and Dyonte drink by the pool as she thanks him for helping her today. He’s just glad she called and she teases that if she couldn’t make calls today he couldn’t either. She admits to seeing herself in Kiara and tells Dyonte about being in foster care, which he relates as he moved around a lot. He thinks she should talk to someone in therapy as the job can bring up past trauma. He sees a couples counselor so she calls him out on trying to get her to be his side piece. He does like Malika and compliments her greatly then reveals that he’s in a polyamorous relationship. His girlfriend has another boyfriend so he asks why Malika has been flirting back.

Malika arrives at Dignity and Power to find Dyonte making calls already. The lady in charge asks how everything is going with Dyonte happily saying he got his fifty. Malika asks for an extension as she had to watch a friend's children, apologizing for not meeting the deadline. The woman understands as supporting people in the system is what they do. Malika got an idea about how women in prison don’t have enough support so she wants to fund a child care program for one they have to work or make court appearances. The woman approves the campaign. Dyonte thinks it’s a great idea and wants to help support her. He gives her the numbers of therapists but Malika is adamant that the campaign is all the therapy she needs.

In Help, Malika meets with single mothers at DPN for her child care program and suffers flashbacks to her childhood and mother. The women each ask for help, with Malika thanking the last woman for telling her story as the lady leaves. Dyonte asks if Malika is okay to which she claims she is and leaves abruptly.

That night, Dyonte asks Malika if she’s ready for a break but she isn’t as there’s too much left to do. He jokes that she needs to eat but she snaps at him that she’s fine, but apologizes a moment later. He wants to make sure they’re okay as he didn’t mean to cross a line the other night but she assures him they’re fine, she just wants to get the work done as it means a lot to her. He tells her not to stay too late before leaving.

Malika films a testimonial about her mother and her childhood after her father was arrested. Dyonte turns off the camera and tells her the testimony was powerful and brave. Malika thanks him for his help and apologizes for her attitude the last few days. She then accepts the therapist’s number that he recommended.

In New Moon, The group sits around a circle of candles and crystals as they take part in a cleansing ritual. Callie remembers Mariana asking if she still has feelings for Gael. Davia remembers her conversation with Dennis where she asks if he wants her to wait for him. Malka remembers Dyonte telling her that she can love more than one person. Isaac recalls Malika inviting him to the new moon ceremony and her inviting Dyonte which he says is cool.

Malika sets up the crystal circle as she remembers Dyonte giving her a crystal that prompts health and healing. They joke about her relationships needing protection but he just noticed the crystal on her desk and wanted to get her something. She wants to return to her spiritual practices to charge her crystals during a new moon, which he points out is coming up soon. Dyonte and Isaac arrive at the same time as they met in the elevator.

Malika explains the new moon. She remembers talking to Dyonte about his girlfriend since he finished This Is Us without her. Malika asks about the girlfriend who is named Tanya, and he admits that he was jealous at first until he realized they can love more than one person and shouldn’t deny having intimate connections with others. She asks if he’s interested in another girlfriend which he could be. Callie remembers kissing Gael and Mariana telling her that Gael might be the right guy all along. Davia remembers kissing Dennis, while Alice remembers kissing Callie, and Malika remembers learning capoeira with Dyonte. She stops the hand holding abruptly and has everyone write down their intentions.

Eventually, all that’s left around the circle are Malika, Dyonte, and Isaac, who assure her that they are going to follow through with the rest of the ritual. She points out the next thing is a cleansing ritual in the pool which they are down for. Malika and Dyonte float Isaac in the pool, alternating between the trio as they perform the cleansing ritual. She adjusts her hands on both their backs. A raccoon falls into the pool and scares Malika, Isaac, and Dyonte, who swim frantically to the edge.

Malika, Dyonte, and Isaac dart through the Coterie screaming about the raccoon in the pool until they see Kelly holding the raccoon. Kelly is looking after the creatures for a traveling animal show. As things unwind later that evening, Malika wonders what the raccoon appearing could mean and the boys joke about the pool needing to be drained. Isaac asks where Dyonte’s girlfriend is and learns the relationship isn’t exclusive as they are poly.

In "She's Back", Malika talks to Dyonte about her telling Isaac that she lied about not wanting to be in a relationship with him. Malika doesn’t assume the feeling is mutual but he assures her it isn’t. Malika wants to be with Isaac too, which Dyonte understands. Isaac leaves the therapy session. Malika admits to Dyonte that she hasn’t heard from Isaac since. If Isaac can’t do it then she can’t either.

The next night, Malika sits by the pool and is joined by Dyonte. She remembers meeting with Isaac and him not being cool with either option - lose her or be okay with her dating Dyonte. He needs to take a break to think it over. She kisses Dyonte and then cries which confuses him. She notes that if it weren’t for Dyonte she wouldn’t be losing Isaac, and the only way she can prove how much she loves him is not to see Dyonte anymore. The kiss was just goodbye. She apologizes then leaves.

In "Making a Metamour", Malika and Dyonte try to get signatures for budget reform as they want to reallocate the budgets to other issues. They want people to imagine healing justice instead of prison justice. She had told Dyonte that Isaac left the country for business. He apologizes as it must have hurt. She thinks Isaac could have stayed to work things out. He asks what this means for them, and Malika chooses to move on with her life with Dyonte. The pair have sex in her apartment. On the streets, Malika and Dyonte kiss. He invites her to drinks with Tanya - his other girlfriend. He explains it would be a metamour date - your partner’s partner date. It would just be Malika and Tanya to eliminate secrecy from the dynamic to ensure everyone likes each other. Malika is okay with meeting her.

Dyonte and Malika make out in her room when he gets a hedgehog emoji from Tanya which means she needs emotional support. Dyonte explains that Tanya has been through stuff with her family. Malika understands that Tanya is his primary and that he should be with her.

Malika catches a basketball from Dyonte, and they play around for a bit. He apologizes for the other night for bailing. It didn't happen often, but she promises they are fine. She admits the newness is a challenge as everything is happening faster for her than she thought. Meeting Tanya wasn’t ready for her even though it went great. She was afraid to do Poly wrong. Dyonte assures her as there’s no wrong way to do anything, and they can slow it down. Tanya arrives as she’s working with DPN now. She was inspired by what Malika said and is there for marketing on the projects. Tanya happily hugs Malika.

In "Lunar New Year", Dyonte, Malika, and Tanya toast to being friends and the Lunar New Year in her room. They sit awkwardly before Malika pours another for everyone. They toast again and down another shot. Malika and Tanya watch a snoring Dyonte who has passed out. They decide to wait until dinner to wake him. Later, Dyonte joins them on the roof and asks about their discussions.

While laying in bed together, Dyonte was surprised Malika asked him to stay as he thought she wanted to slow down. Earlier, Malika drank with Tanya to finish their chat. Malika admits that she did want her to come but partly because she wanted Tanya to be her buffer. Malika is scared to get close to Dyonte because she got hurt in her last relationship. She’s scared of that happening again. Now, Malika tells Dyonte that the past is like Nian; it terrorizes you but the new year is a time to start over. She wants to start over and they kiss.

In "Opening Statements", Malika makes her case to the DPN manager about how women are being held in jails for weeks or months before even having a trial. She wants to expand her campaign to offer more services but has to raise money. The manager notes that Malika can apply for a grant. She then tells Dyonte that he needs to decide on his mini-campaign. They can only hire one of them for the full-time position.

Malika talks to Dyonte about the campaign and wants to help him figure out his plan. He wants to do a mini-campaign about rest, but it sounds trivial compared to Malika’s. Malika reminds him that people need permission to rest. He states that rest isn’t an award but a right. He wants to fund it and she tells him to apply for the grant. By both of them applying, they’ll double their chances of the money coming to DPN. He happily kisses her. She can’t hang out with him as she’s working late since she fell behind on bills. He understands so she asks how he affords to live. Dyonte is only getting by because Tanya supports them while he works the unpaid internship.

The next day, Malika answers a call from Dyonte who just wanted to say hi before her shift. He’s working on the essay grant too. She offers to look at it after her shift so he agrees to send it over later. Malika writes her application as Dyonte sends her an email with the PDF he wrote. She pours over it and rewrites large portions of it. She ends up making him perfect while forgetting about hers until late the next morning. She had to drink coffee to stay awake. The application is due at 9 am with her not having enough time to read through hers completely before submitting. Later, Malika and Dyonte look over their emails in anticipation. Dyonte gets his email that he got the grant.

Malika waits tables just as Dyonte walks in. He wanted to surprise her. He wants to talk about the grant more as he doesn’t think they should apply for the same grant again. Malika thinks he should just write his essay alone next time. She’s mad she didn’t get it but he counters that she offered to help. She retorts that he knew she was working two jobs while his bills are being paid by someone else. She did want to help him but she let down the women who needed the money. She knows people need rest but she stayed up all night and is exhausted. She wants someone to support her so she doesn’t have to work two jobs. Dyonte knows he has the benefit of two relationships and that she needs rest. He offers to give her a massage until she falls asleep then slips out. He wants to support her. Anjelica interrupts to give her a rose to cheer her up and they exchange playful banter. Malika thanks her for the rose as Dyonte looks at her intrigued.

In "Blindside", Malika remembers tucking the kids in before going with Dyonte to relax as they talk about the kids. She asks if he wants kids someday and he does. She thinks she does too but doesn’t know how poly people have kids. He thinks it’s the same as anyone else. In a stable polyamorous home, there are more loving parents to care for the kid in a positive way. Malika wonders if he and Tanya talk about having kids or if everyone involved will have a say in having children. Dyonte admits that he and Tanya do talk about it and they will cross that bridge when they come to it. Malika brings up other partners and asks the rules on being interested in other people. She wonders when she should tell him about seeing someone but he leaves that up to her. He then asks her but she doesn’t know yet so they kiss. The next day, Dyonte, Tanya, and Malika feed the kids dinner just as Yvonne arrives. The kids flock to Yvonne who has been let out. Her phone wasn’t charged or she would have called. Malika happily realizes her friend’s contact panned out.

In "Closing Arguments", Dyonte arrives at DPN now that he has a bunch of vendors to sing on for his rest campaign at a festival. He is happy that people are understanding his campaign. Malika praises his idea but he knows something is off with her. She admits that she got a job offer. Dyonte hopes that Malika isn’t considering it which surprises her. He tells her not to trust politicians as their jobs become dependent on maintaining the status quo. DPN Manager walks over and asks what’s going on. Malika remembers the job offer that DPN Manager gave her. She is honest about the other job offer from Morales who is passionate about funding her mini-campaign with public money. DPN Manager finds the offer interesting while Malika just wants to make sure Dyonte doesn’t think he came in second. DPN Manager promises not to say anything until Malika decides. Now, Dyonte wants Malika to avoid the dark side. DPN Manager reminds Malika that the government works slowly and they win very few of their fights. It can take years to come to fruition, but having someone on the inside advocating every day isn’t a bad thing. Dyonte asks what will happen if Malika gets the job at DPN but she doesn’t know.

Malika goes to work the next morning to see the DPN Manager talking with Dyonte in her office. Malika sits at her desk and Dyonte joins her. He admits that Imani, the DPN Manager, just offered him the paid position at DPN. Malika tells him not to be sorry as it’s good news. Malika has decided to take the job with Lucia. He hates that she’s taking the job as a consultant. She insists she’s not as they both get to do their work.

Dyonte wants to meet Anjelica but Malika wants to wait until they know where it’s going. He has to leave for an early day but she’s happy he stayed for the important part. They kiss and agree to disagree on her new job. He tells her goodnight as he leaves. She turns around just as Isaac rides the elevator up. He says her name and she turns around in surprise.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Dyonte sends Malika flowers to wish her good luck for her first day of work. He attends Dennis's food truck opening and kisses Malika hello. She introduces him to her girlfriend Angelica, and the pair are friendly towards one another. The trio dance together when the music comes on.

In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", Malika and Dyonte sit by the pool as they eat food together and try to catch up. She reveals that Lucia's reading her proposal for the women's center. He asks about Angelica, so Malika tells Dyonte that Angelica is good. She ignores a text from Angelica telling her to have fun with the girls.


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