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Douro is an upscale bar located in downtown Los Angeles. It is a common meeting place for law clerks and twenty-something-year-olds.


Season 1

In Swipe Right, Alice, Malika, Davia, and Mariana planned to have their Shipper dates at Douro. When the dates went south, the women convened in the bathrooms to talk. Malika met and bantered with Isaac at the bar. The duo later played basketball in the parking lot before returning to the bar to have sex on the countertop. Mariana, on the other hand, was saved from a narcissistic date by Eli, whom she hung out with at the bar throughout the night. Davia and Alice both kept their dates isolated to the booths.

In Byte Club, Callie, Jesus, Mariana, Davia, Dennis, and Rebecca are seen at the bar. Jesus and Rebecca talk and flirt by the counter of the bar, before he invites her back to his group. They sit in a lounge area where things are awkward due to Rebecca and Callie working together and having different views. They sit in a group of booths that is in front of a large book shelf. Later in the night, Jamie Hunter arrives so he and Callie ultimately make out in the bathroom.

Season 3

In Trust, Malika is tending bar when her friends arrive, and she confides in them about her relationship issues with Isaac whilst serving them.

In Driver's Seat, Alice and Mariana go to Douro for their "friend date", which Mariana teaches Alice how to be assertive on her dates and cares less about what other people want, and more about what she wants. They order a few rounds of drinks while in attendance.

Season 4


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