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"Mariana. I decided to move in with Jamie. I'll cover my part of the rent for the rest of the lease, or... Until you find a new roommate. I'll get the rest of my stuff this weekend."
Callie letter to Mariana

Disruptions is the eighth episode and Summer finale of Season 2 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on August 6, 2019.


Following multiple confrontations in her life, Callie decides to make a change. Gael learns something unexpected about Elijah from the group commissioning his new art project. Meanwhile, Mariana gets the real story about what happened with the female former engineer.[1]


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  • "Disruptions" is the Season 2 Summer finale.[2]
  • Mariana learns the truth about Amanda from Angela and advises her to tell Evan the truth. When Angela brings up helping Mariana with the salary information, Mariana agrees not to press the issue further.
    • Evan is being sued for wrongful termination by Amanda. He believes that Amanda quit because of something inappropriate he said or did without even realizing it. Mariana makes him promise not to fire Angela before telling him the truth about what happened with Amanda.
  • Evan deletes his dating app after thinking he doesn't relate to people.
  • Alice books her first solo comedy night at the comedy club but asks Joey not to come.
  • Malika goes undercover at the Wiltmore Hotel using the alias Michelle Green.
  • Denis tells Davia that he and Jennifer are going to attempt to work things out between the two of them. Davia misinterprets this as them getting back together when it was really to be amicable in their finalized divorce.
  • Joey gifts business cards to Alice as a symbol that they believe in her.
  • Callie throws out her favorite mug after seeing the Coterie women making fun of her in the group chat. Davia then takes the mug for herself.
  • Callie leaves the loft for Jamie's, even though it's not a "Raj night".
  • Isaac invites Malika to meet his family and suggests she bring Dom if he wants to come.
  • Gael's commission is pulled after news of Elijah paying for his art review surfaces online.
  • Lindsay kisses Alice before she goes on stage.
  • Mariana is asked by Kendra Zahir to step down from her position as team leader for her app, pending an investigation into who leaked the men's salaries online. Kendra also fires Angela after learning that she buried sexual harassment complaints made against Josh.
  • Lindsay tells Alice that Joey was having an affair with their girlfriend, which caused them to break up.
  • Gael breaks up with Elijah.
  • Jennifer tells Dennis she's pregnant and planning to marry Nathan.
  • Dennis' mural is a portrait of his son, Jacob.
  • Callie moves out of the Coterie and in with Jamie.



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