Declan Rivers is a recurring character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. He first appeared in the season 5 episode Invisible.

Declan is portrayed by Tyler Alvarez.

Physical Appearance

Declan is a handsome young man that has short dark brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin.


Declan is very laid back and chill, but when it comes to his fans, he can be rude.


Invisible Hashtag IWasMadeInAmerica Scars Giving Up the Ghost Declan and Taylor briefly appear when Jude shows his gaming videos to Caleb. Makeover Many Roads

Appearances (6/101)

Season 5 (6/22)


  • It is clear that Declan has a crush on Jude.


Declan: "I’m used to getting what I want."


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