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I want to do something that inspires me to love my body...and to feel powerful and confident and like I deserve to be here. So here I am.
Davia in "Meet the New Boss"

Davia Moss is a major character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Emma Hunton.

Davia is an outspoken school teacher who lives at The Coterie. She is a body-positive social media influencer primarily on Instagram.


"You don't think I wish that she could just see me? Not how I look or what I eat? She's the most insecure self-loathing person I've ever known and she's projected that on me my whole life. Which is why I became anorexic. And by the way, you can be too skinny, okay? I was ninety pounds. I had to go into a hospital and get fed with a tube. I don't wanna tell my mom what I really think about her because it will only hurt her. I don't wanna make her feel how she makes me feel."
Davia to Dennis

Davia Moss was born and raised in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Davia was always a curvy girl. Her mother would often fat-shamed her and belittled her physical appearance which contributed to the mental and physical disorders she developed later in life. Davia was diagnosed with anorexia as a young teen, but received therapy for her issues and went into remission during an unknown period.

In high school, Davia met Jeff Maxwell and was best friends with him, though she always had a crush on him. After high school, Davia sang at Jeff's wedding to another woman, Lily, and the pair remained friends. She later moved to downtown Los Angeles where she became a tenant at The Coterie. Davia then became a grade school teacher with a side-job as a body-positive Instagram influencer.

For her 24th birthday, she made everyone in The Coterie group wear "Davia t-shirts", and the year before, everyone wore Davia masks.


Davia is outspoken, loud, and strong-willed. She preaches body positivity as someone who used to have anorexia but grew to love her curves and natural figure. She is against bullying but is also hypocritical in that aspect as she degrades and teases many members of The Coterie. Her harsh demeanor, quick-wit, and defense mechanisms all stem from a place of crushing insecurity.

At the same time, she has a thick skin and doesn't let internet trolls bother her, except when the comments come from her mother. She is also very judgmental and disguises her judgmental behavior behind the façade of "telling it like it is". She cares deeply about those she views as her friends, which is evident when she protects Bryan's dignity by calling Gael out on not being in a committed relationship with anyone. This later proves to be hypocritical after her relationship with Jeff, a married man, is revealed to The Coterie. While Davia has fluctuating moods and can be incredibly self-centered, she has a big heart and cares deeply for everyone around her - especially her students.

Physical Appearance

"50% fashionista, 50% whatever the hell I think looks good on me."

Davia is of petite height with a curvy body and wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes. She wears conservative clothing that primarily shows-off her chest and shoulders.

Throughout Series

Season 1

Davia is first seen in the communal bathroom of The Coterie, getting ready in the mirror. Only her back is seen, and she is topless with only white underwear on. Later, she is seen at the table eating with her fellow residents. Alice introduces Davia as, "body-positive Instagram user" and a teacher. Davia proudly states that she teaches young women that a healthy body doesn't necessarily mean a skinny or perfect body, and states that she struggled with Anorexia when she was younger.

Season 2

Season 3

In Capoeira, Davia and Dennis have sex following their proclamation of having feelings for one another. They proceed to plan their first date later that day. That afternoon, Davia is giving Isabella the cold shoulder despite Isabella’s claim that she didn’t do what Mariana accused. Davia confronts Isabella about sleeping with Raj and the fact she doesn’t have the right to refuse to move out. She takes the sandwich she made and leaves the kitchen.

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That evening, she prepares for her date with Dennis. Gael enters to ask if she’s seen Dennis. Gael shows Davia the mural he made over Jacob’s mural, though he feels conflicted if he did the right thing as he can’t reach Dennis. She tells him not to worry but when she gets back to her apartment she calls Dennis worriedly. She goes to the grief support group in search of Dennis, though she doesn’t see him. She sits in on the meeting and the lady in charge can tell something is wrong.

At the Coterie, Davia gets a call from Dennis who is in Malibu Canyon to get away from the mural and his negative feelings. She had broken down in the grief counseling as she thinks Dennis realized his conflicting feelings for her and left. The counselor tells Davia that she can’t fix Dennis and must be as kind and empathetic toward herself as she is toward him. In the present, Dennis admits that he isn’t going to hurt himself but also can’t come back to the Coterie until he finds a way through his grief. He can’t be the man for Davia until he can do that. She understands but makes him promise not to disappear and keep in contact with her.

That night, Davia celebrates with the Coterie over Callie having passed the bar. Alice asks her if she's okay, to which she claims she's fine and that Dennis is just out of town.

In Arraignment Day, Davia sulks in the kitchen as she remembers being approached by a fellow teacher about the equity committee meeting that she missed. Davia is hesitant to attend more meetings with her performance review coming up and the committee not being a school-sanctioned event. She wants to wait until she has job security before getting involved. The teacher understands that it’s hard to be an ally when she has something to lose. Davia sulks as Gael comes down. She admits that her principal is observing her class and if he doesn’t approve her for a third-year teacher they won’t pay for her masters. He jokes about her quarter-life crisis but knows she’ll be great. She hasn’t heard from Dennis as she’s trying to give him space. Gael knows Dennis is lucky to have a friend like her. She remembers them having sex.

Davia teaches class but none of her students can answer her question except Andre, who comments as he sits that she’s his favorite teacher. When class is dismissed, the principal tells Davia that she did a great job and will be recommended for the third year. She is later present at Malika's sit-in protest at the courthouse, and again, when Malika is freed from prison and celebrates with the Coterie group.

Davia meets with Jordan who is protesting as one of the diversion students was arrested and put in juvie. Davia remembers a meeting with Andre’s mother who is enraged over the alleged infractions. She panics that the arrested student was Andre, but it’s Javier Cruz. Davia promises Andre’s mother to do what she can to make sure he doesn't get another strike. Davia returns to her desk, but ultimately changes her mind and stands with Jordan in a press conference.

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In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Davia meets with her fellow teachers at The Coterie where they decide to try a better approach to conflict resolution for restorative justice. She doesn’t understand what it means, so fellow teacher Matt explains it’s just a different way of approaching misbehavior. Davia uses the tools when Andre and a fellow student arrive in her classroom after being caught fighting. Matt helps Davia clean up, asking about how she feels about communal living since he lives alone with a cat. As Davia faces the four students, things get out of hand when they begin throwing the ball at each other.

At school, Davia eavesdrops on Matt talking with his students and how easily he relates to them. At the Coterie, Gael’s friends from art school text him about their big breaks making him sulk. Davia arrives ready for wine though he isn’t ready to talk. She opens up about struggling with the restorative justice program which he is familiar with, as he did that in art school. Kelly brings in a huge set of balloons forcing her to lie to Gael and Davia that it’s her birthday since the Byte Club girls are still there. Alice, Davia, and Gael sing happy birthday to Mariana.

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Gael shows the teens Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffiti art and how he put his feelings into his art. Gael admits to relating to the need to put his feelings into art since he wasn’t good at putting his feelings into words. Davia thought instead of a talking circle they would try the art, though a girl is reluctant to draw he assures her she can do it. The teens excitedly look at the materials just as Matt comes to the door, though Davia closes her door and brushes him off.

Davia helps Gael cleanup while they talk about his art, with him feeling as though he’s fallen behind his friends. He didn’t do an internship because he needed to get a job to pay off his student loans. She asks if he can do the internship now with him knowing of someone who is looking. She assures him that everyone is on their timeline so it doesn’t matter how fast they get there, just that they do.

She rounds a corner and runs into Matt and drops her brushes. He makes a corny joke though she apologizes for being rude earlier. Still, his humorous remarks keep things light. She admits to failing her first attempt and bringing Gael in for help, which she thinks is cheating. He assures her it’s not and admits that he doesn’t play Minecraft or any video games, he merely watched influencers on YouTube. Principal Solomon walks by and suggests she check her email which informs her that her contract has been renewed. She is ecstatic alongside Matt, who thinks they should get drinks to celebrate.

Davia takes a photo of herself with champagne and a black dress, texting Dennis that she got her third year but wishes he were there to celebrate. She hesitates as she remembers refusing Matt’s offer for drinks due to her complicated relationship with Dennis. Matt understands that a girl like Davia isn’t single, but thinks whoever she is dating - guy, girl, or person - that they’re lucky. She also remembers Dennis telling her he isn’t coming back to the Coterie. In the present, Davia alters her text to Dennis to just say she got her third year.

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In Closing Arguments, Dennis tells Davia that he has all his certificates for The Toast Truck as it’s all about the things you can make from toast. She remarks that he had her at bread. He rather emotionally admits that while he was at the hospital he visited the children’s ward for the first time since Jacob’s death. He had to go because he wanted to face the memories and be okay. He saw the parents eating crappy food out of vending machines and remembered starving when Jacob was admitted so many times. He’s decided to park the truck outside of the hospital once a week and bring the meals up to parents of sick kids to bring them comfort. Davia thinks it’s amazing. He knows grief makes people pull back and isolate when he really needs to reach out to others. She’s proud of him and how far he’s come. He tells her that she’s a big part of the reason why he could do it and why he’s still here.

Gael talks to Davia about Isabella’s job offer as he worries he won’t be there if something else happens. His relationship with Callie is complicated as he’s worried about both women when he’s with the other. He doesn’t know how to juggle it all when the baby comes. Davia tells him that if he really loves Callie he needs to split his time and affection between them and be okay with that. Gael asks if she’s chosen between Matt and Dennis.

That night, The Coterie group attends Alice's CBTV performance. They perform their intended skits for the crowds while Davia watches Dennis laugh. She envisions herself singing on the stage as she remembers her moments with Dennis. Him coming to her in the night, spooning him, singing together, comforting one another, and then her moments with Mat. From their first meeting to dancing in the kitchen. She remembers fighting with Dennis over him wanting to be left alone and her refusal. She remembers kissing Matt in the kitchen, holding his hand after she revealed her disorder, seeing Dennis in the kitchen when he came back, and playing footsie with Matt under the table. Now, she smiles surely. After the showcase, Davia visits Dennis as she’s come to a decision and knows what she wants.

Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Gael, Davia, and Mariana are trying to fan the remains of a burnt bagel when Sumi uses the fire extinguisher. Once alone, Gael admits to Davia that he doesn't have the money for to sublet a second loft for Isabella, but will ask Yuri for an advance. He knows she made a choice and she's happy with it.

After work, Davia asks Malika about her first day, which was boring as she had HR paperwork to fill out. She offers tea but Malika also needs advice. She tells her about Isaac and the monogamous offer. Davia reminds her that she doesn't need to be grateful and has the right to explore what she wants. Malika feels abandoned by Isaac. Davia wonders if she can forgive him for leaving, admitting that she forgave Dennis.

Dennis serves food from his food truck when Davia arrives. Flashing back to The Coterie, Davia is happy that Dennis is ready to live again. It also made her realize that he doesn't need her anymore - which was the foundation of their relationship. She wanted to save him but he saved himself. She wants to be wanted, not needed. She loves him so much and will always support him, and he returns the sentiment. She goes to leave when he pulls her in for a hug. Now, Davia arrives at the food truck opening. She asks if he's okay and he is.

Davia prepares for bed when she video chats with Matt, who is in San Francisco for a conference. She isn't confused about Dennis and wants him. He also had time to think and really believes she's still in love with him. He doesn't want to be the rebound guy and doesn't want to set himself up to get his heart broken. He wants someone who doesn't need to take weeks to figure things out, but someone who knows.

In "Kiss Me and Smile For Me", Callie and Mariana's moms and brother Jude visit The Coterie, much to Davia's glee. That evening, Davia and Dennis have an awkward interaction in the counter as he tells he that she can invite Matt but she claims he already had plans. Davia asks to talk with Gael in her loft. Davia becomes emotional as she tells Gael that Matt dumped her and he hugs her tightly. She didn't tell anyone because she's embarrassed as he ripped the rug out from under her. She needed to tell someone but wants it to stay between them. He agrees to keep her secret. They hear screaming and laughing and run out to find Alice in the dining room. Alice happily hugs everyone, including the moms.

Later in the night, Davia adds Callie to the Coterie Biatches group chat, citing that it is better late than never. Davia admits this means they can't talk about her anymore. She then admits everyone's going to miss her, and Callie returns the sentiment so they hug.

In "Meet the New Boss", Davia answers a call from Teach From America where the woman tells Davia her school is firing her for showing a student her personal Instagram, and a video called "Fat Bitch". As a result, Davia has violated her morality clause and the school has chosen to terminate her. The next day, she clears out her classroom when Jordan arrives, telling her that everyone on the ethics committee is sad to see her go. She calls her a champion who won't be forgotten. She remembers watches the students play, the meetings with Gael, Andre getting his voice, and meeting Matt for the first time. Davia collects her box and leaves the classroom.

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Dennis sees Davia with her box and she begins to cry. He takes the box and asks what happened. She can’t talk about it with Dennis. She ultimately does, as they sit together as she confides about her insecurities about not being enough. She feels shame over herself and her body now that the video is her reason for being fired. He brings up singing with her as she out-heckles a heckler. She needs to learn to defend herself and see this as an opportunity to pause, reassess what she wants, and see what else is out there. She asks why he’s being nice and he’s just being her friend as she said. He asks why she was reluctant to talk to him, and he realizes it’s because she thinks she still needs to take care of him. He has her close her eyes.

Davia is in bed when Kelly enters as she has a caller. She finds Andre waiting in the breakfast area. He thinks her getting fired is bullshit. She doesn’t want this to discourage him as he can still accomplish everything he wants. Andre admits that she supported him and changed things for him more than any other teacher has. She’s a real one and he thanks her for everything. They hug after she assures him that he can reach out to her at any time, though the other students and teachers can help him.

Davia performs a burlesque show with confidence. Flashing back, Dennis has Davia close her eyes and picture what she can do instead. He asks what the outrageous exuberant, “I am Davia Moss” thing she can imagine. She opens her eyes, finally picturing that thing, which is the burlesque show. She performs it for a woman and admits she has dance experience. She likes that the woman is looking for dancers of all sizes. She also wants to do something that inspires her to love her body, feel powerful, confident, and as though she deserves to be there.

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In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", the burlesque director instructs Davia and the rest of the dancers to form their burlesque names and suggests they look to their friends for help by asking them what word, animal, or drink describes them best. Davia asks Malika who chooses fierce, Kelly chooses angry, Mariana chooses assertive, and Dennis chooses unstoppable. She asks around for animal, food, and language, finding their answers to be unhelpful.

Luca sneaks into The Coterie late at night and into the bathroom, though Davia hears the commotion and comes out of her room. She doesn't see anyone and begins clearing up the living room to practice for her burlesque show. Luca watches the dancing from behind a corner.

The next day, Davia dances for the director and some of the dancers clap. She explains her burlesque name is Cotton Candy, with the woman noting that nothing seem to true to her. She wants to see more of the "fat bitch" persona from her audition tape. Davia returns to The Coterie, defeated, and sees Luca performing her choreography in the living room. Davia watches him and asks how he knows her dance. He nervously explains the situation and how he wants to be a dancer. What she did last night was beautiful. She remarks that at least he likes it, as the director dislikes the dance. She thought her persona was the alter ego of herself and wants to explore other parts of outside of the fat bitch she presents as online. Luca doesn't think anyone should tell her what's true to her. People think they know the whole story but no one does. He likes that he can disappear into a character with dance as long he owns it.

The next rehearsal, Davia dances again for the director - she didn't change anything. She came to celebrate her body, sexuality, explore different sides of herself. She's more than just one thing and believes in both herself and the character, so she's sticking with Cotton Candy. The director reveals that's what she wanted. When Davia comes home, she tries to thank Luca for his help but he's already gone.

In "Something Unpredictable, But in the End It's Right", Isabella tells Davia and Gael that Dennis's birthday is coming up. She wants to throw him a party but Davia doesn't think he'd like it. Isabella disagrees and offers to do everything. Gael suggests that the women work together. Isabella was a 90s surprise party with karaoke. Davia thinks it's an awful idea as he'd hate both of those. Later, Dennis sings and dances on stage at The Coterie while Davia watches in confusion.

Isabella tells everyone that Dennis is on his way. Davia makes snide comments to Gael about Isabella's costume. She later greets Malika as both Angelica and Dyonte are at the party. Malika tells Davia about the situation and is happy to see Angelica and Dyonte getting along. Davia asks if things are serious and they might be. She joins their light-hearted conversation. She learns that Dyonte and Tanya split up. Isabella tells everyone that Dennis is coming and they all hide. Dennis goes to the roof to an empty area before everyone jumps out and surprises him. He is struck with social anxiety and appears overwhelmed for a moment. Davia is worried before he admits to loving it. He hugs Isabella and everyone wishes him a happy birthday. Davia emotionally watches the event.

Dennis and Davia talk with him not knowing who she is, which is a recurring theme. He admits Isabella picked out his Big Lebowski costume. He thanks her for the party and she apologizes for the karaoke but he loves it. He invites her to do karaoke and she initially disagrees. She later sings but watches Dennis and Isabella dancing.

Gael finds Davia sitting by herself. He compliments the party and Davia admits that Isabella is his person now. She doesn't feel like she knows him anymore, and Gael thinks that's her fault for keeping him away.

The Coterie crew sits for dinner. Dennis thanks the girls for the party and everyone for celebrating with him. The girls ask about Callie, and Mariana admits they've been busy and haven't had the chance to talk. Dennis asks that she tell Callie they miss her. Malika wants to cherish these moments since they'll all move out eventually. Isabella admits that she and Gael are thinking of moving out for a year since The Coterie isn't baby-proof. Everyone offers to do their part to make The Coterie safer, with Mariana offering to move lofts so they can live downstairs. Dennis tells them that the first nine months when their baby isn't walking and having extra hands around a newborn is good. Isabella remarks that's a good hand and she loves the idea of aunties and uncles being around. As a future auntie, Alice toasts Dennis for his birthday. Kelly gives Dennis a bottle of champagne that came for him and reads the card, which congratulates him on the new baby. The card is from Jennifer. He emotionally admits that they ran into Jennifer who has a new baby and how she mistook Isabella for being with Dennis. Gael thinks it's a good assumption since Dennis is so involved and tells them to just tell him when the baby is coming so he can show up. He storms away from the dinner.

Dennis is at the table when Davia arrives, apologizing for the intense blow-up. Dennis admits that he might have overstepped. Davia bets that it was Isabella who overstepped as she tends to get between people. Dennis asks who Isabella got between. Davia mentions Raj and Mariana then her and Dennis. She planned the party with Isabella and fought her at every turn because she was sure Dennis would hate all of it. She doesn't know Dennis anymore and thinks Isabella is his person now. Dennis confesses that he doesn't like surprises or karaoke as he struggled through the whole evening. Other than their kindness he finds being the center of attention exhausting. He takes off his fake fat stomach and tosses it aside. She's happy but tries to apologize for his misery. She admits that Matt dumped her. Dennis did want Davia, not just needed her. He needs to learn to be happy before he can make anyone else happy. He tried to enjoy tonight but is grateful that he isn't turning 40 as the man he was, but the man he is today with all of them. They hold hands over the table.

Dennis and Davia sing karaoke together happily as she steals his sunglasses. The pair sing another duet as the projector plays images of Dennis throughout his life behind them.

In "Take These Chances", Davia approaches Joaquin over his recent article about Luca being unhoused. She didn't know he was homeless, clarifying that she met Luca when he crashed at Joaquin's. Alice overhears and asks who crashed and when. Alice reminds Joaquin that overnight guests have to be approved by the manager, which Kelly finds funny as the rules are never enforced there. Alice loudly tells everyone she's bringing back the chore chart and community services, late fees, and 10 minute caps on showers. She sees a cluster of ants and angrily shouts about having them. Davia asks Joaquin if he can get in touch with Luca, who suggests an encampment near Skid Row. Dennis refuses to let Davia go alone so she agrees to let him come.

Davia shows Luca's photo around Skid Row but doesn't have any luck. Dennis assures Davia that he's there to help. She hopes to find him by the afternoon for the job. He inquires about the job, and Davia flashes back to practicing Burlesque. The director, Desi, applauds them for getting it together and relays that Jessie had to drop out so she's auditioning new dancers. Davia asks if the auditions are for women only. Dennis is confused over the Burlesque dancing and she admits that it was after she got fired. She did it to be proud of herself. She didn't want Luca to miss the opportunity. Dennis admits she's a good person. Alice sends Davia and Dennis a photo of a a peanut butter covered spoon and the waste from Dennis's food truck, telling them to do better.

Davia wants to help Luca out if she can as he's a nice guy. She spots Luca from across the street and sprints over. She sees that he's been beat up and learns that a guy has been harassing him. She also introduces him to Dennis. Luca is on his way out of town but Davia has an opportunity for him to dance so he has to stay.

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Luca is on stage when he performs a routine for Davia, the director Desi, and Dennis. His gymnastic skills add to his dancing performance, causing everyone to applaud and cheer when he's done. That night, Davia shows Luca a studio space beneath The Coterie where he can stay for a while. He'll be safe there and they can help him with food or anything else he needs. Luca asks why they're helping him. Davia knows what it's like to be alone, they all do, and they live at The Coterie to be a community. Luca thanks them as no one's been this kind to him before. She hugs him happily before offering to get him a phone tomorrow, bidding him goodnight.

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In "I Don't Belong Here", Desi cues the beginning of Davia and Luca's routine together. Desi is impressed with Luca picking up the routine so fast. They all give him props and he thanks them for having him. Desi is proud of everyone and needs her guest lists for the show - they get two comps. Davia commends Luca for killing it. He's lucky to have a great partner. As they break, Luca tells Davia she can have his comps as he won't invite anyone. She's keeping her job on the down-low for now. Luca remembers her talking about her life going poorly lately. She was fired for posting a video clapping back about her weight. She also got dumped and wanted to feel empowered and sexy. He calls her sexy and powerful and beautiful. He sent her pictures of her rehearsing as she looked amazing. Davia realizes that she does look amazing and thanks him.

Mariana asks the group if they've noticed Davia's lost a lot of weight lately. Gael thinks it's been gradual, but is worried when she points out the last post was about her eating disorder. They question what they should do, if anything, and Kelly has noticed her sneaking out with a bag. Davia arrives and notices the tension but they brush it off. She calls them weird then retreats to her room. Once in her loft, Davia checks her Instagram and sees the comments ridiculing her for losing weight, setting a bad example for those in recovery, and showing concern for her. She deletes the post.

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The dancers practice but Davia's heart isn't in it anymore. Desi asks Luca for the money for the costumes which is $200 by tomorrow. Luca says it won't be a problem. Davia approaches Desi about having to quit. She can't do it anymore. Desi saw the comments on her Instagram posts and sits with her. She's been through recovery from an eating disorder and part of the reason she's doing an all-size show. Recovering is about restoring mind or body, but also relationships, and trust of others and oneself. Hiding from the world or quitting isn't what people who trust themselves do.

Back at The Coterie, Davia talks to the crew about the comments on her Instagram post. She doesn't need help they think she needs - she needs trust. She was letting secrecy and shame keep her rom showing her happy and healthy choices. She has lost weight and has been keeping a secret, but not what they think. She's joined a Burlesque group and they've been practicing for a big performance. She invites them all to join. Kelly thinks she's badass and the group agrees. They give her a group hug.

Davia visits Luca with nourishments but notices something is wrong. He doesn't have the money for the costumes. She offers to pay so he can pay her bac later. He doesn't feel comfortable depending on people as when things are too good to be real it usually is. He's not supposed to living there but she has plans to fix that. She understands not wanting to depend on anyone, but at some point, they have to accept help. He's safe there and can trust that it's real.

Davia adds lotion to her legs when Gael walks in and begins stripping dramatically. He came to tease her and is proud of her. He can't wait to see her show. He reveals they had a baby scare and he was scared of losing both the baby and Isabella. He can't imagine is life without Isabella now. Davia asks what that means as it could be more than friends, which he thinks is possible.

In "That's Me in the Spotlight", Davia is stretching when Desi asks if she's seen Luca. Flashing back, Davia grills Kelly about throwing Luca out. She didn't know he was a friend of Davia's but she doesn't see how that matters as he might not have been dangerous. She can't contact him as he left his phone behind. Now, Luca arrives at the theater. Davia apologizes to Luca and offers her loft as a place to stay. He assures her he's fine but is going to leave after the show. He gives her the money for the costumes so he doesn't need to be in debt to anyone.

They rehearse for Desi and the other dancers. When he raises her back up from a dip she envisions Dennis which makes her stumble backwards. Desi gives her a break. Luca, worried, asks if he messes her up but she assures him he didn't. She's starting to get nervous with her Coterie friends coming. He correctly guesses that she's worried about Dennis because of their history. She admits they have fraught history along with her worries of what he's going to think of the show. He assumes she still has feelings and she'll always having feelings but doesn't want to be with him. He wonders why she cares what Dennis thinks then.

Davia eats when Gael arrives with roses - he plans to tell Isabella how he feels. He sees Davia's mood change and asks if she doesn't approve. She's just cautious because she doesn't trust Isabella. Gael thinks it's because of Isabella's relationship with Dennis, as it's obvious that Davia loves him. She deflects back onto him. He has such a big heart and wants him to be careful as Isabella's been sketchy in the past. He can't rush into a commitment just because there's a baby. He quietly leaves the room to go back upstairs.

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Davia prepares to go on the stage. Luca asks how she's doing so she admits her nerves. He reminds her why she got into the show and not to give that way. She shouldn't dance for anyone else but herself. The curtain rises as the show begins with Davia in a cage on a hoop. She dances inside the cage seductively. By her next fashion change, she's with Luca approaching from opposite sides of the stage to join in the middle. Dennis watches the scene unfold. The third fashion change brings another dance with the girls using giant fans made out of feathers, while Luca dances around and with them. The song ends and the whole crowd cheers.

After, Alice compliments Davia for being amazing and brae. Davia admits he almost quit as the dancing pictures she posted made her want to hide and give up. Alice asks why she didn't, with Davia realizing that the fear is crippling when she doesn't face it. Luca compliments Davia for killing it and she returns the sentiment. She danced for herself which was because of him. She doesn't want him to leave town but he might not have a choice. He was harassed by a guy who wants Luca to pay to beg on his street, despite Luca not having any money to spare. They begin to fight as the man beats Luca up, throwing him to the ground before kicking him. He takes money from Luca's bag then leaves. Luca realizes the man dropped his wallet and steals it, along with the cash. He throws the wallet in the dumpster but stops. He counters out over a hundred dollars which he gives to a homeless family. Luca doesn't think he can stay in town anymore, with Davia offering her loft until they can figure something out.

Davia and Dennis return to The Coterie and stand outside her door. She asks for his opinion on the show. The exchange sultry looks. He thinks it's the most goddamn Davia Moss thing she could have done.



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  • Bonnie Moss - Davia's relationship with her mother is very complicated, primarily due to Bonnie's constant criticism of Davia's weight. Bonnie believes that beauty is something that can be obtained through surgeries and being skinny. She also thinks that no man will want her, or her daughter if they are overweight and aren't the picture of "beauty". Davia, however, believes in loving the body people were given and gaining self-confidence based on your pre-existing weight or looks. When Bonnie comes to visit, she often shames Davia for eating and even goes as far as to create a troll page that leaves crass comments on Davia's Instagram posts. Even after their confrontation, Davia still suffers from doubt in her self-confidence because of her mother's comments. She is reminded of how her mother used to tell her that she could get any guy she wants if she "would just lose weight" or to "be lucky any man wants you even if he's married". Davia carries this trauma with her into all of her relationships, but works hard to overcome it.


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  • Dennis Cooper - (Davia and Dennis) Their relationship was initially skin-deep as they didn't know each other. Davia would often antagonize and ridicule Dennis for his life choices and behaviors, especially his relationships with younger women. Dennis, for the most part, ignored Davia and her remarks. They started to develop an authentic friendship in during her birthday parties in "Re-Birthday". They formed a notable friendship between "Vitamin C" and "Percussions". Davia eventually developed romantic feelings for Dennis and planned to tell him how she felt when a miscommunication halted her and made her reconsider her feelings. After a while of being friends, Dennis finally admitted his feelings for her and they became a couple, though after they had sex he fled the Coterie to work through his unresolved issues around his sons death. While he didn't directly mean to hurt Davia, she feared that part of his leaving had to do with him realizing he didn't love her physically and only wanted skinny women. He assures her this wasn't the case and opened up about his crippling grief and learning to move through it instead of around it. They eventually broke up as he didn't have plans to return and told Alice Kwan that he wasn't planning on renewing his lease. Davia began to date a co-worker, at which point, Dennis returned. The pair are currently not in a relationship as she can't depend on him.
  • Matt Gordon -


  • Gael Martinez - Gael and Davia grew close during Dennis's time away as he was the only one who knew about Dennis's son, and therefore, was the only person she could talk too about her feelings. They became best friends and each others sounding board.
  • Luca -

Notes and Trivia

  • Davia is a school teacher.
  • She is a body-positive Instagram influencer that targets young women and teaches them how to love their bodies.
  • She used to have Anorexia until she learned that a healthy body does not have to be a skinny body.
  • She was featured in the top-ten body-positive influencers list.
  • Her Instagram handle is @DavieBohme.
  • Davia is a very talented singer, and sang for the first time during a duet with Dennis in "Imposter".
  • Davia's birthday was celebrated in "Re-Birthday".
  • For her birthday she created a series of "Drivia" questions for each team to figure out.
  • Her favorite daiquiri flavors are strawberry and kiwi.
  • Her favorite butt-burner is served at "Las Perales".
  • Davia having majored in musical theatre in college is likely a nod to Emma Hunton's work on Broadway.


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Davia: Yeah, well, feminism doesn't bring all the boys to the yard.[2]

Davia: Sorry I went postal on your boss. I was in a pissed off mood.
Mariana: It's okay. Trolls got to get to you at some point, right?
Davia: It wasn't them. Veglover, the polite troller, that's my mother. Even when I was a kid and got bullied she always asked what I did to deserve it. It doesn't bother me that she thinks I'm fat, I just wish for once in my life she would stand up for me.[3]

Davia: I see these girls that I teach starving themselves. I used to be anorexic. And I want them to love their full figures and see that a healthy body doesn't have to be a skinny body.

Davia (to Mariana): All of my friends at home are married and a few of them are the good kind of pregnant. On purpose. I just don't know what I'm doing here.[4]

Dennis about Davia: So, you can dish it out, but you can't take it? All you do Davia is judge under the guise of calling it like it is or saying what everyone else is thinking. I can guarantee you that no one here feels sorry that your married boyfriend won't leave his wife.[5]

Davia's birthday pledge: This is going to be more than just my birthday. This is going to be my rebirth day. Because I'm making big changes, you know now that it's over with Jeff I am going to start respecting myself. I mean, I deserve a boyfriend who isn't married, right? I'm going to be a quarter-century old. This is going to be the year of me! Even those all my birthdays are important, this rebirth day is going to be the biggest and best of all.[6]

Davia to Dennis: That is not for you to decide. Or to judge. Especially when you go around hiding who you are all the time. You don't get to tell me to keep your secrets and then force me into some sort of confrontation with my mother. I mean, look at me, Dennis! She knows I actually eat. I don't wanna be myself around my mother because it hurts.[7]

You don't think I wish that she could just see me? Not how I look or what I eat? She's the most insecure self-loathing person I've ever known and she's projected that on me my whole life. Which is why I became anorexic. And by the way, you can be too skinny, okay? I was ninety pounds. I had to go into a hospital and get fed with a tube. I don't wanna tell my mom what I really think about her because it will only hurt her. I don't wanna make her feel how she makes me feel.[8]


Davia Moss has a photo gallery.


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