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Daria is a recurring character on The Fosters. She is Connor's ex-girlfriend and controlling best friend of Taylor. She is in the same grade as Connor, Taylor, and Jude. She appears to be girly, fashionable and used to getting her way in everything. She makes her first appearance in Light of Day.

Daria is portrayed by Madison Pettis.


Not much, if anything, is known about her background or family life. All that is known is that she is best friends with Taylor, despite their clashing personalities and argumentative ways. However, it appears that the two have been very close for quite some time.

Physical Appearance

Daria is a young African-American girl with curly dark brown hair. She dresses in a very girly and fashionable manner. 


While Daria is a smart and strong-willed young woman, she is seen to be controlling of her best friend. She also always wants everything in her life to go her way.


Light of Day

After Jude is convinced by Connor to switch lab partners so that Connor can be partnered with Daria, his new girlfriend, she can be seen giggling and smiling with Taylor as she looks over at him. She then approaches Connor and begins enjoying his company. As Jude and Taylor make conversation, Taylor says how Connor and Daria started dating "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. Jude sneaks a peek at Daria and Connor who are both laughing with each other.

During lunch, Jude looks for a spot to sit. Daria notices him and calls out to him. She invites him to join her, Taylor, and Connor for lunch. She talks about a new movie coming out based on a book she enjoyed and convinces everyone to attend the movie as a double date. Daria then leaves to go to the bathroom while dragging Taylor in tow with her.

At the movies, Daria suggests sitting in the back claiming that if people talk during the movie, then "it's quieter in the back". Daria sits on the end and Connor next to her and Jude and Taylor beside them. She claims she needs to sit on the end because she's claustrophobic, but Taylor buts in that Daria "has a small bladder". Daria, embarrassed, says she "just drinks a lot of liquids" before casually saying it is good for you. When Jude and Connor share a flirtatious moment together during the movie by secretly holding hands, Taylor and Daria are oblivious to it - simply watching the movie.

Now Hear This

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At school, Daria and Connor make out. Taylor tries helping a disdained Jude out by telling him how she pretends to be watching "a super boring documentary on the mating rituals of meerkats" and eventually, to her, it's like they're not even there. However, she interrupts the couple with a loud, "Hey!". Taylor then asks if they would like to go on a double date to the fair before it closed after the weekend.

Daria says that she and Connor already have plans to go to the pier, but insists Taylor and Jude go together themselves. However, Connor cuts this suggestion off with, "The fair sounds fun!", bringing Daria to look at him in confusion. Jude says he can't go since he has family plans all weekend and claims that they are going camping. Connor brings up that Jude and his family just came back from camping. Jude snaps that they're going again and leaves. Daria and everyone seem to look confused at Jude's outburst.

Justify the Means

Daria, Taylor, Connor, and Jude sneak out to teepee a girl's house. She is seen having fun as the group teepee's the house and runs off to avoid getting caught by the family that lives there. Later, she and Connor leave the group. Taylor remarks to Jude how they could be having sex, shocking Jude. She says they currently aren't, but adds that Daria wants to lose her virginity. Connor and Daria soon arrive back on the scene where Jude and Taylor stand up.

When Taylor brings up how her father has "tons of booze" and proposes that they all break in and steal some. Daria tries remarking how Taylor has a key and can't break into her own house. Taylor appears annoyed with her before urging the group to go get "get drunk and make out". Daria smiles coyly at Connor, unaware of him grinning at Jude.

After the two "break into" Taylor's house, she and Taylor go the house bar and grab a bottle of whiskey. She watches Connor and Jude take turns drinking it before Taylor's dad hears the noise and shouts out. Taylor says how that is her dad and tells them to hurry and get out. The kids try to flee from the house, only for her father to run out of the bedroom and shoot at them.


Three weeks have passed since season two and, at some point during this, Connor has broken up with Daria. However, he hasn't given her an explanation as to why. At school, Daria has signed her and Taylor up for an after-school activity. One day at school, she and Taylor come up and see Connor, who says hi to them. Daria, emotional, demands to know why he broke up with her. Connor doesn't have an answer, and she tells him to just forget it and storms off.

Later, at the Anchor Beach party, she and Taylor are seen sitting beside each other. They watch as Connor deals with a rude male classmate making a comment on his newfound relationship with Jude, openly admitting to dating Jude and getting him to back off. Daria, in deep relief, says she knew she wasn't the reason Connor broke up with her. Taylor, seeing how upset Jude is to have his relationship exposed to their schoolmates, snaps at her to shut up. Taylor intervenes as Jude assumes Connor told - revealing herself as the one who told everyone. Daria is with her as she explains herself.

Jude is visibly hurt at learning this, as Taylor insists how she sincerely thought to be helping as she assumed Connor didn't want to come out. Hence, she figured if everyone knew about Connor then no one would care since it was him. Daria backs her up by saying how no one at school cares if Jude and Connor are gay. Despite this, Jude is still upset before taking off in a huff.

Appearances (6/101)

Season 2 (3/21)

Season 3 (1/20)

Season 4 (2/20)


Connor Stevens

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Main article: Caria

It is unknown how the two met, although presumably through school, and sometime before Light of Day in season 2. Daria's best friend, Taylor, remarks on how the two started dating "like five minutes ago", but "are OTP" according to Daria. Daria is shown to be very much into the relationship, always being affectionate to Connor, while he appears to seemingly reciprocate it. However, unknown to Daria, Connor later implies that he is only using the relationship as a cover to keep hanging out with Jude since his father was no longer opposed to him hanging out with Jude after he began a relationship with her. This is somewhat confirmed in Not That Kind of Girl when Connor is confronted by his dad about sneaking out to supposedly meet Daria, only for Connor to admit that he had snuck out in order to spend time with Jude, not her.

He later broke up with her between the season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere, although not initially giving her a reason why. She is shown to be devastated over the breakup, crying and begging to know why he ended their relationship when it appeared that everything was going fine. When she later learns Connor identified as gay and had since started a relationship with Jude, she is shown to not hold a grudge against him - only expressing relief that she wasn't the reason that the relationship didn't work out.


  • She was used as a beard by Connor so that he could spend time with Jude. When she discovered Connor identified as gay, she was instantly relieved to know that she herself wasn't the reason he broke up with her.
  • Daria has been best friends with Taylor for an implied long time despite it appearing that they are complete polar opposites of each other. 


Justify the Means
Connor: "Hey!"
(Jude and Taylor stand up)
Jude: "I should go home."
Connor: "Wait, weren't we gonna-"
Jude: "We're not."
Taylor: "Come on. My dad has tons of booze. Let's break in and steal some."
Daria: "You can't break into your own house."
Taylor: "Well, he thinks I'm spending the night at your house. So, it's kind of like breaking in."
Daria: "Except you have a key."
Taylor: "Why do you gotta take the fun out of everything?"

(Connor and Jude are confronted by a male classmate about their relationship )
Jude: "You got it?"
Connor: "Yeah."
Male classmate: "Okay, wait, wait! So, you guys are gay for each other?"
Connor: "Yeah, so what? You have something you want to say about it?"
(Daria and Taylor watch from a distance)
Male classmate: "Nah, man. It's all good. I just heard and I thought-"
Connor: "You thought what?"
Male classmate: "Nothing, man. It's cool."
Connor: "Then get out of my face!"
(Male classmate leaves)
Daria (who is nearby watching with Taylor): "I knew it wasn't me!"
Taylor: "Shut up, Daria!"
Jude: "I thought we weren't going to say anything!"
Taylor: "Don't be mad at Connor! It wasn't him. It was me."
Connor: "What?"
Taylor: "Well, I thought I was helping. I thought you were the one who didn't wanna come out. So, I figured nobody was gonna care. I'm sorry."
Daria: "It's not like anybody cares if you're gay."
Jude: "I'm not gay! Okay?!"
(Jude storms off)
Connor: "Wait, Jude! Jude!"



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