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You didn't have much in common with us either, but we're all friends.
Daphne to Callie in "Kids in the Hall"

Daphne Keene is a recurring character on The Fosters and a main character on its web series spinoff, Girls United.

She was first introduced in "Pilot" when she beat Callie up when learning of her release. She was seen again as one of the girls living the group home,  Girls United, and formed a surprising friendship with Callie Adams Foster. Daphne is also a teen mother, but lost her daughter, Tasha, upon entering the foster system. In "Many Roads", Daphne seems to have regained custody of Tasha.

Daphne is portrayed by Daffany Clark.


Daphne was put into foster care when her mom wasn't able to take care of her. She was sent to juvie for gangs and drugs. She has a toddler-aged daughter named Tasha, whom she gave birth to as a young teenager, but lost custody of her as a result of the foster system.

Daphne had fully intended getting Tasha back once straightening out her own life. However, as a result of being away from her daughter for so long, Tasha soon came to see her foster mother and father as her real parents. This leads to Daphne realizing that because of a large amount of lost time with her daughter, she has lost the role of being Tasha's mother, much to her heartbreak.

Physical Appearance

Daphne has brown eyes and brown hair. In season 1, she had cornrows for her hair. During season 2 when she's going to see Tasha for the first time, she removes them.



Callie was all set to get out when Daphne and a few others beat her up.

House and Home

She returns when Callie was sent to live at Girls United.

Things Unsaid

Daphne tells Callie to hurry with her chore, the van will be picking them up soon. Daphne walks away, so Callie retrieves a phone she’s been hiding under the house. Later Daphne finds Callie just before Rita and saves Callie from getting caught with Brandon. Daphne tells Callie things are even between them now.

Daphne tells Callie that she’s getting out in two weeks thanks to the Independent Living Program. Daphne informs Callie that she has to do well at the group home for a while before she can apply for the program. Then, Daphne surprises Callie by sharing that she has a two-year-old daughter that she hopes to get back from foster care one day.

Family Day

Daphne is able to move into her new apartment as part of the independent living program, Callie finds a phone and attempts to use it before Rita catches her.

Us Against The World

Don't Let Go


Adoption Day

Daphne is among the girls coming to support Jude and Callie getting adopted.

Things Unknown

Callie and Daphne work together at Not A Burger Stand.

Take Me Out

Truth Be Told

Someone's Little Sister

Christmas Past

Light of Day

If You Only Knew

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This

Daphne tells the two detectives the truth about when she kidnapped Tasha but did not tell them about Callie and Brandon helping her with it.

It's My Party

Daphne comes to Callie's birthday party.





Daphne and Callie are talking with lawyers in order for Daphne to get Tasha back. They extend the time to another month before Tasha is given back to Daphne. Calloe talks with Justina Marks for Daphne to get a high-paying job. Later at the park, Callie is taking pictures of Daphne and Tasha playing together before Tasha has to be returned. After she is, Callie walks with Daphne and tells her the good news about finding her a good enough job to get Tasha back.

Kingdom Come

Daphne is working at the office and helps Callie look through Justina's stuff.

Potential Energy

Daphne does not appear, but Daphne texts Callie about the posts on the Fost and Found app during the school lockdown.


Once again, Daphne is texting Mariana all of Justina's security questions to get into her Fost and Found account.

Diamond in the Rough

Callie, Daphne, and a few other girls from Girls United try to get more signatures.

Who Knows

Daphne and Callie find the phone Diamond hid so she wouldn't get caught.

Until Tomorrow


Wyatt mentions to Mariana that he used to live with Daphne for a while.

Many Roads

Daphne is seen with her daughter Tasha waving to Callie at her graduation.

Run Baby Run

Daphne is seen cleaning up when Kiara comes running through saying she has found a positive pregnancy test in the garbage.

Stab in the Back

Daphne said it's not her pregnancy test since she already has a child.

Scorpion Kings

Daphne was seen in the garden outside the group home with Becka and Carmen talking about planting plants.

United We Stand

Appearances (29/101)

The Fosters

Season 1 (9/21)

Season 2 (9/21)

Season 3 (7/20)

Season 4 (3/20)

Season 5 (1/22)

Girls United

Season 1


  • During the Pilot, Daphne was originally known as "Girl #1." She had no official name. Her character wasn't called Daphne until House and Home when she became a more established character.



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