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Corey is the former foster child of the Adams Foster household. Stef and Lena planned to adopt him, despite all of their other children having just graduated from high school. However, Corey ultimately decided to go back to his biological mother instead.


Corey was born to a drug addict mother who often neglected him and left him alone. He was put into child services, and eventually placed with the Adams Foster family. He remained with them for about a year, and the couple was even planning to adopt the child.

Physical Appearance

Corey is a slender young boy with a bright, big smile. He has brown eyes and curly black hair. He has a relaxed and very casual sense of style, only dressing-up when the occasion calls for it.

The Fosters

Season 5

In Meet the Fosters, Corey is introduced by Stef and Lena as their newest foster son. He seems to be close to Jesus as the pair are tease-fighting at the dinner table.

In Turks & Caicos, despite Corey originally planning to go with the Adams Fosters family to Turks for Brandon's wedding, he is unable to after his adoption plans fall through. He is forced to stay in San Diego with close family friends, while the rest of his family attend the wedding. When the family lands, they facetime Corey and show him the hotel that they're staying at, which excites him.

In Where the Heart Is, Corey spends time with his biological mother after everyone returns home from the wedding. He then decides to move back in with his mother, saying a tearful goodbye to her foster moms, who promise to always be there for him no matter what. He tells them that he loves them and thanks them for taking in him, before leaving with his social worker and his mother.

Good Trouble

Season 3

In Klompendansen, Corey joins Stef and Lena as they attend Brandon and Eliza's going away party at the Hunter's. Once they arrive, Diane Hunter informs them that they have to dress-up. He emerges from his room to Stef and Lena's, wearing a Dutch costume which he isn’t too happy about. He remarks that he knows he has to wear the costume for Brandon and Eliza.

Later, Mariana spots Corey, causing everyone to hug each other. The Adams Fosters and Hunters emerge from a tour to find that Jamie has arrived. Jamie makes his rounds with hugs, remembering Corey from Brandon and Eliza’s engagement party, giving the child a high-five. Corey joins everyone at the table for food, but remains quiet throughout the conversations.

After the first round of food, Jude sees Corey alone talking to someone on the phone and asks if he’s okay, as Corey is visibly upset. The families sit down at the table again as more food is served. Jude tells his moms they should talk to Corey since his little sister is going into foster care. The moms tell Corey to join them for dessert, as the boy has isolated himself.

Lena and Stef change out of their costumes and kiss just as Corey enters. Stef and Corey agree that he looks much better without the Dutch clothing. They tell him that they know about his sister, and Lena invites him to sit between them. He explains that his younger sister, Ka’maya, is living with her Grandmother who can’t take care of her anymore. Ka’maya isn’t his mom's kid, so the foster system won’t let Ka’maya live with Corey and his mom. He explains that he didn’t tell them because he didn't want them to feel as though he were asking them to take her in, because he’s not. The moms exchange a look and later decide to consider fostering Ka'maya.

Stef, Lena, and Corey sit outside with him introducing Ka’maya to the moms. Ka’maya shows them her finger which has a purple band-aid, and Stef tells her that her favorite color is purple too. Lena compliments Ka’maya’s pigtails, and the girl returns the compliment, commenting on Lena’s big hair. Stef laughs that it gets bigger every day and the moms share a kiss, while Corey smiles as his sister.

When the night is over and Stef, Lena, Callie, Mariana, and Corey are outside, the sisters hug Stef and Lena, then Corey. As they leave, Stef tells them to text when they get home. Stef whispers to Lena that she’s looking forward to dealing with four-year-old problems and kisses her cheek. Corey waves goodbye to the car as Callie and Mariana leave.


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