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Contact is the third episode of Season 5 of The Fosters. It is the eighty-fifth episode overall. It aired on July 25, 2017.


Callie and Aaron go on their first official date. Mariana and Jude spearhead an underground school newspaper. Noah and Jude question their compatibility, while Brandon and Grace take their relationship to the next level. The moms have their new neighbors over for a family dinner party.


Callie and Aaron are watching Carmella's roller derby game with Mariana. Mariana finds out they have a junior team for Latinas. Lena and Monte have proved to the board of education that Monte was still the rightful principal at the time of the vote to make Anchor Beach private. Therefore, Drew's vote was invalid. The board of education is trying to find ways to fire Monte, and they are coming for Lena next. Mariana, Jude, Taylor, Noah, and others have created a new unofficial school newspaper after the official one was shut down by Drew after Mariana hacked into it and put in articles about what really happened the night of the protest. Callie decides not to join because she can't get in any more trouble. They first come to school early to slip the newspaper into lockers, only to find that Drew and the school board had security cameras installed. Mariana then convinces a few boys from the STEAM club to help her pilot a drone to drop the newspapers onto the lunch area while piloting the drone from far away. The drone malfunctions and gets stuck in a tree. Drew sees a "PROPERTY OF ANCHOR BEACH STEAM CLUB" label on the drone and suspends them. He says that if one more incident happens, prom will be canceled too. Mariana then stops trying because everybody (in the STEAM club and beyond) already hates her. Mariana decides to channel her aggression into the roller derby team (see first sentence) but forges Lena's signature on the permission slip. She does this because Lena & Stef do not like contact sports. The Fosters invite the new neighbors over for dinner, in which the wife happens to be Stef's first girlfriend. They talk about all the fun things that she and Stef did together in high school, which makes Lena a little jealous. Mariana has a crush on the new neighbor's kid, and she does not hide it. She knows he plays football, so she tries to show off her new knowledge of the sport. This leads into them discussing why they didn't choose Anchor Beach, because of their lack of football. Lena responds that Stef and Lena don't really believe in contact sports because you could really injure yourself. Jesus has an outburst and yells that you don't have to play a sport to hurt yourself and ruin your life. Meanwhile, Brandon is hooking up with Grace when she asks to "study" over text. One time she texts Brandon asking if he wants to jam with her and Brandon assumes she means hook up but she actually wants to play music. Grace asks him to leave. Afer Callie gives Brandon a pet-talk saying that he shouldn't quit playing music after what happened at Julliard, Brandon shows up at her apartment and starts playing guitar while singing an apology song. Grace then joins in and they have seemed to have made up. Also, Emma is ghosting Jesus while at her robotics competion. Callie and Aaron go on a date where Callie is distressed because Aaron planned everything. When they get home, Callie tells Aaron that she was uncomforatable because she doesn't like suprises and likes being in control. They end up kissing and presumably making up. Noah and Jude are in his room. Noah confronts Jude about how he is playing video gmes on his phone all the time, but Jude then replies that Noah is high all the time. They make a deal that for one week, Jude won't play games on his phone, and Noah won't get high. Later, Jude is seen doing some late-night gaming. Lena, Stef, and the new neighbors are having coffee after dinner and discussing Jesus. Since the wife is a doctor, she points out how she thinks that they should send Jesus to school with a classroom aide. Stef thinksthis is a good idea, but Lena doesn't agree.


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